5 months ago
Compass & Coastline: Coastal Travel Blog
Compass & Coastline: Coastal Travel Blog 3 hours ago
Congrats Whitney! Gorgeous gym and you deserve it
Jetsetting with Jenny
Jetsetting with Jenny 3 hours ago
It’s so amazing that you are doing this for your subscribers and truly you’re family for a lot of us 💕
Monica Guajardo
Monica Guajardo 3 hours ago
OG over here🙋🏽‍♀️ You ignited my love for fitness and living a healthy life style I had no idea the gym would become not only good for me physically but it’s so much more now my mental health has never been better! So a huge thank you for sharing and showing that the gym can be so much more than for fitness. I’m currently in school and just applied for the surgical tech program here in Colorado! I never thought I could go this far in college but its sooo expensive especially Colorado cost of living is insane but it’s beautiful and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else I’m here alone living with a wonderful roommate working at the hospital grinding it out to continue to live here and design the life I want to live💕
Melanie Sunnerberg
Melanie Sunnerberg 3 hours ago
Little did she know... they would be engaged 4 years later(:
Emma Ferguson
Emma Ferguson 3 hours ago
I love when you talk about your doggies!!
Cassidy kempton
Cassidy kempton 4 hours ago
You are such an AMAZING person ♥️
Liz Edmond
Liz Edmond 4 hours ago
WHITNEY!! I have been with you from the beginning!! An OG!! Since you were workin in the office and goin to the other gym! Before Whitmas even started!! And you are STILL my FAVORITE you tube gal, lady, INSPIRATION if you will! Your personality is THE BEST EVER!!! Love ya girl!!! And LOVE the new sweaters!! I bought take care of yourself and be kind because Whitney HOW DO I PICK!! I want to do both 😂😂😂 your awesome
Raya McGill
Raya McGill 4 hours ago
Literally never stop making these tiktok videos im obsessed
Loren Ash
Loren Ash 4 hours ago
Whitmas is the best time of year <3 also, I love how you use your platform to support other women on the grind!! Amazing.
noWam 4 hours ago
I’m here for the 3rd year I can’t believe it🙀😇💗💗🤩
Payton Roberts
Payton Roberts 5 hours ago
Entered the giveaway! Thank you so much for this opportunity Whitney! Looking forward to Whitmas!! 🥳💗💗
Aesha Patel
Aesha Patel 5 hours ago
you don't have a mug! Whaaat
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith 5 hours ago
That was fun! Thank you! :-) Yes, I have been here since you started girl!!! Love you ! :-*
Catherine McKenzie
Catherine McKenzie 5 hours ago
This is honestly a Christmas miracle giveaway because it provides an opportunity for education & financial help! I myself am a first generation college student who still has a large sum of loans from undergrad. I worked all through college saving every cent to major in accounting at Radford University in Virginia and can honestly say I don't regret taking out loans for the experience of getting away from home to learn, grow, and find my independence as a young woman. God opened a door and I ran straight through it without looking back! I have big dreams and I've always wanted to help people understand the numbers and better ways to manage money, especially small businesses during this time! My grandma always said understanding numbers was my gift from God (I know it sounds corny) and that my gift can help so many people (or small businesses)! I'm now in grad school and it's hard to save up and pay out of pocket, especially when I still have my student loans. I'm thankful everyday that I had the opportunity to go to school and I think it's really amazing you & Alani Nu are teaming up to give the gift of education!
Julia 6 hours ago
I'm sorry, you don't own even 1 mug?!?!?!?
Lauren Glasel
Lauren Glasel 6 hours ago
Yay for Whitmans!!!!
Nicole Janis
Nicole Janis 6 hours ago
Beautiful!!!! I actually didn’t know your bought that house I thought you were renting! Jealous and totally want one now hahah
Yazmin Guzman
Yazmin Guzman 6 hours ago
Is no one going to talk about how she threw her egg shells in the sink?????
Corina Miller
Corina Miller 7 hours ago
Genuinely curious how you don't have a mug 😂 I think I'll try the first dessert!
Jackie Dell
Jackie Dell 7 hours ago
I’m watching on my phone and when Whit said “hey Siri” it triggered my siri 😂 anyone else??
Heather Caudill
Heather Caudill 7 hours ago
Your videos make me happy! Thanks Whit 🙂
Taylor Bires
Taylor Bires 8 hours ago
OG subscriber over here! love these gf snack options 😊
Tamzin Smith
Tamzin Smith 9 hours ago
Been working 4 years of nightshift as an essential worker, straight out of high school and next year will be my 3rd year doing my business degree. Time, money.... It's all pretty hopeless right now
Kirsten Hellman
Kirsten Hellman 9 hours ago
Wow, great 👍🏻 HIIT workout! My heart rate kept up. I can’t wait try your strength training workouts.
Jacqueline Argueta
Jacqueline Argueta 11 hours ago
I just got accepted into my 1st choice nursing program and this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.
Hailey Forrest
Hailey Forrest 12 hours ago
Can you please name the brushes you used and what you used then for
Patricia Velazquez
Patricia Velazquez 13 hours ago
Wait!! You wash the egg shells down the sink???
Nellie N
Nellie N 13 hours ago
This side of you is EVERYTHING!🙌🙌 What a funny, silly ray of sunshine you are. The reason I fell in love with you years ago!😘❤
Kimberly R
Kimberly R 14 hours ago
OG!!!! You are the best!
Josie Hansen
Josie Hansen 14 hours ago
I love your top! Where is it from?
kayla 14 hours ago
You truly have the best personality. Thanks for being such a light gf ❤️
Merary De La Fuente
Merary De La Fuente 14 hours ago
Love you Whitney, you inspire daily to constantly work towards my goals! ✨
Marisa Curro
Marisa Curro 15 hours ago
uhmmmm how have I never noticed how BEAUTIFUL Indy's eyelashes are?! Gorgeous, keep up the great work Indy
The Davis Tribe
The Davis Tribe 15 hours ago
I’m an OG love you girl!!!
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson 15 hours ago
Wait.....why don’t you have a mug?! 🥸
Alejandra Mendoza
Alejandra Mendoza 15 hours ago
I’ve looked forward to Whitmas ever since I started following you 🥺 makes December that much better! 🤍
Sydney Noordsy
Sydney Noordsy 15 hours ago
Does anyone know where her sweater is from??
Desi C
Desi C 15 hours ago
Where is your necklace from! I love it!! 🤍
Katherine Hansen
Katherine Hansen 15 hours ago
OG Whitney subscriber here 👋🏻👋🏻
Savannah Pinion
Savannah Pinion 15 hours ago
My husband and I recently got married right before COVID 19 and then I got into graduate school to get my masters in speech language pathology. I began school in August 2020 but it has taken a toll due to my husbands pay cut at his job and me not working due to being in school full time. This scholarship would mean so much and help in a huge way! I attend ACU! My dream is to work at a VA hospital post graduation treating retired veterans.
Nanda Urbina - Fitness & Wellness After 40
Nanda Urbina - Fitness & Wellness After 40 15 hours ago
Girl I love you, but all the in and out camera plays give me a headache. Not trying to be negative. I totally love your stuff but I've notice the last videos have all these mind altering camera switches every few seconds it's so extra. Just food for thought. I still love ya stuff!
Alexis Saenz
Alexis Saenz 15 hours ago
I had my phone with me and when you (Whitney) said "hey Siri start the timer for 10 min", my phone began a timer for 10 min! Lol, just thought I'd share this because I was really creeped out 🥴 but laughed at the same time
Yvonne Dealba
Yvonne Dealba 16 hours ago
I love when women 😍
Alicia Alvarado
Alicia Alvarado 16 hours ago
Love these types of videos, you make it so easy to follow along. It keeps me motivated to keep pushing myself and not give up. Thank you for always posting amazing and creative content and workouts! xoxo 💖
olivia Anderson
olivia Anderson 16 hours ago
Whit is literally the reason why I feel confident to go to the gym and not do cardio alone, love this queen!!
Mary Lange
Mary Lange 16 hours ago
Whit! What are you wearing in this video? I'm OBSESSED with your outfit!
Claire Elizabeth Powers
Claire Elizabeth Powers 16 hours ago
A scholarship would change my LIFE
Suleima Arellano
Suleima Arellano 16 hours ago
Hey Whitney you may not see this message but I want to say thank you so much for working with ALANI NU for the scholarship giveaway. This is one of the greatest gifts any student can receive during these hard times, God bless you and your pups 💗
Leah Young
Leah Young 17 hours ago
I have so much debt from past schooling and I am single and live alone. It’s so incredibly difficult to get by. If I could win any of these to help pay towards my debt, I would cry. Even if I don’t, I’m so grateful that you and Alani Nu are doing this. What an incredible gift. 🥰
Emily Komornik
Emily Komornik 17 hours ago
Whitney I NEED you to know that my sweet angel baby, Miss Penny Lane, is also on a diet. She is a lil golden retriever and she also has the cutest lil fat pads to protect her uterus (same) but she doesn’t want me to show you. Please tell Indy Lu that Penny says it’s a LIFESTYLE not a DIET we love you xoxo
Umme Haniya
Umme Haniya 17 hours ago
Cries is silence for not having dumbbells
Sarah Orow
Sarah Orow 17 hours ago
The best time of year
Felicia J
Felicia J 17 hours ago
Those fruit pizzas are so cute!
Elle' Nelson
Elle' Nelson 17 hours ago
Whit!!! OMG I almost couldn't believe that you and Alani are giving away scholarships... I mean I can believe it because you're absolutely amazing.. but seriously I would be OVERWHELMED with gratitude, joy and freakin love for the entire universe. Long story cut very short- I moved over to England to play soccer (football over there:) and blimey I had one obstacle after another in life and ended up not being able to play.. but I was fortunate enough to get my masters degree in sport and exercise psychology. My passion is to help performance driven individuals (people in general:) be the best versions of themselves and reach their full potential in a holistic and healthy way. Because I went to University overseas I had a HEFTY academic cost.. and had to take out a loan to cover that and all living/travel expenses because I wasn't able to work... I'm working really REALLY hard now to try and pay of my loans so that I can SHATTER GLASS CEILINGS for women, start my own (affordable and well thought out) business and make an impact on the lives of others without the chains and clouds of debt :( I would love to be considered for one of the scholarships!!! <3 <3 <3
Karla Burton
Karla Burton 17 hours ago
You are so funny! 😂 Loved all of the recipes!
Maria M Zaragosa
Maria M Zaragosa 18 hours ago
I love you so much Whit! We’re all so incredibly lucky to have the chance for this opportunity!!!
Brittany Boyette
Brittany Boyette 18 hours ago
My story: I went to college and graduate being the first and only one in my family line to go to college and graduate. I started my career and worked non stop to get to the top...I was one step away from getting to the top when I found out I was pregnant with a very difficult pregnancy. In and out of the doctors weekly, urgent care, or emergency room, it did not stop. Then had my baby and 20 days after my baby was born my mother in law lost her life to cancer after her dream of having her grand baby. I got offered my dream job position and took it. It was a horrible experience and then lost my job after 5 months due to covid company layoffs. I cried my eyes out day in and out to the point I was crying in my sleep. But after months I realized that it wasn’t the company for me and after applying to several jobs with no response i still continue on my journey to make my daddy proud of his daughter. When people asked me what was my why for working so hard I always told them it was to make my daddy proud. In my story and journey it’s still not over, I’m not going to give up, I’m not going to cry anymore, I’m going to learn to love to enjoy the moment, bc it could be your last. This giveaway is a blessing and truly great giveaway. Thank you for helping women with their college educations and making their families proud.
Lorraine Harris
Lorraine Harris 18 hours ago
I forgot all about this scholarship! That's amazing to see a favorite USpostsr out here really giving back! Have a happy holidays Whitney :)
AshleyBichel 18 hours ago
For sure trying the peanut butter “crunch” cups! Yum, thanks for sharing. Been following you for some time now & Whitmas is one of my favorite times of the year🎄
AshleyBichel 18 hours ago
This is so awesome Whit! I also am gradually buying my own gym equipment to hopefully get my very own workout space at home!
Its NerdyPanda
Its NerdyPanda 18 hours ago
First off, I'M A OG BABBYYYY! ☺️🔥💕🙌🏻 Secondly, that's so amazing you and Alanis Nu teamed up for this opportunity 🥰 I'm currently doing mechanics in College and even though it's hard right now financially, Your videos and Insta stories have me getting me through day to day and I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH WHIT 🥺🥺🙏🏻❤️
Shannon Evans
Shannon Evans 18 hours ago
I just gotta say, I smiled every time I saw your engagement ring. Still so, SO happy for you two!! :D
Brielle Stankan
Brielle Stankan 18 hours ago
Hi!!! I am currently a freshman at High Point University!! I am a biology major on a Pre-Med track. I plan to be an OBGYN because I would love nothing more then to help women in any way that I can when I’m older! This scholarship would mean the world to me because I often question how I will be able to continue this path because of how financially demanding it is. I love you and think this is the sweetest thing you could do for people, you’re the best❤️
Kalie Berry
Kalie Berry 18 hours ago
I’m an OG 🙋🏼‍♀️ hot fire flames is still in my vocab
Rebekah Aubin
Rebekah Aubin 18 hours ago
You are so amazing! 🙏🏼 for a chance to win the scholarship! Also same I love treats and snacks, I’m a snack attacker!!
Taylor Easterling
Taylor Easterling 19 hours ago
“Since I birthed her and she came from heaven” Wow you’ve never spoken so directly from my soul! I always say I birthed my dogs, and my husband is like “shut up you weirdo no you didn’t” 😂
Bailey Taylor
Bailey Taylor 19 hours ago
I am a junior at Florida State University, going to be a DPT eventually ;) Finances are hard, especially being at a university compared to a community college. I would love to be able to to pay for the rest of my bachelors degree with this. It would be the best christmas present ever, I am very thankful to be able to go to school and be surrounded by motivating people like you. You ARE AMAZING! love you forever, you have truly helped me through so many tough times and you don't even know it!
Kendra Banks
Kendra Banks 19 hours ago
Such a wonderful human ♥
Julie Geck
Julie Geck 19 hours ago
OG here!!!!! I look forward to Whitmas every yearrrrrr - it is how I originally discovered your channel back in.... 2016?? 2015?? I don't even remember. I've been following your ALIVE app since march (quarantine bod you know) and I am so EXCITED to go to the gym and I feel confident with you in my pocket because I actually know what I'm doing!! I bought your Alani Nu colab (hello, had to set an alarm and click refresh on their website like 100 times to get that in my cartttt) I love everything you do. Truly you are one person on social media that spreads GOOD and POSITIVE vibes, you're not there to make your followers feel lesser then, or feel unworthy -- you SHOW us that we are worthy and we deserve love and respect and peace of mind. I honestly cant thank you enough for your positive impact in social media. It has changed my mindset. I went to school at UNLV in Las Vegas for Hotel Management. I was working my dream job at a big hotel corporation up until the pandemic shut the hotel down in March. Since then, I lost my job and I'm now working in retail just to make ends meet. I hustled for 5 years in college and got to my dream job just to have the world shut down and lose it all. 2020 has been a year of grieving, I am grieving loss of family members who have passed away this year, I am grieving losing my job and the security that it brought. I am grieving for students not able to experience prom / graduation / moving into the dorms / sorority recruitment etc. it breaks my heart for all those people who aren't able to experience the traditions of life. although, 2020 has also been an amazing year full of learning experiences and growth - and WE GOT ENGAGED! (I mean you got engaged and I got engaged!!!) I learned what I truly value in life, and how grateful I am for what I have..my fiancé, my family (near or far), my doggos, my warm home and a body that allows me to live my life freely. you taught me gratitude. I journal everyday and reflect on all the big or small things that I'm so grateful to have everyday. LONG STORY SHORT (jeeze Julie stop rambling) I love you. I love what you stand for. I love what you do for your followers. I love what you share with us. I appreciate you and your honesty, your glowing light and your positive outlook. Thank you for another year of Whitman and an amazing giveaway!
Sarah Christopher
Sarah Christopher 19 hours ago
I’m in college right now and winning one of these would literally be amazing😭✨love your vids so much 💓
Allie Mulvaney
Allie Mulvaney 19 hours ago
What a dreammmmy dream! We have a garage gym but this is another level! Prestige. 😍❤️
Kiri N
Kiri N 19 hours ago
He looks like baby Marky Mark 😳😂🤪
lucy castillo
lucy castillo 19 hours ago
Whitney lemme give you one of my mugs because hooooow do you not own a single mug ???? LMAO
lucy castillo
lucy castillo 19 hours ago
When she said she loves bananas and then said her favorite fruit is strawberries than said it was watermelon LMFAO. I love her
Sabrina Lou
Sabrina Lou 19 hours ago
Omg I would love to get back into school ! After 4 kids!
Natali 19 hours ago
Vegan! Yesss🥰😍
Natale Cristofani
Natale Cristofani 19 hours ago
bernard tarter
bernard tarter 19 hours ago
What happens to you IG pages
Renee Camins
Renee Camins 20 hours ago
I love watching Whitney bake 😂 I’ve been following you for roughly a two years since I started going to the gym. I am so excited for this first giveaway & will definitely be applying. I’m a nursing student and start my program in January. FAFSA really does me dirty in terms of financial aid and since I am under the age of 24, I’m still considered a dependent and my aid solely depends on my parents income. I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to college if it wasn’t because of loans, I still have 3 years of school left and roughly will be $100,000 in debt by the end. Bless you Whitney for helping out women & support their career 💗😩
Samantha Calvillo-Servin
Samantha Calvillo-Servin 20 hours ago
So so so excited 😭😭