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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

Monthly favorites video! My fitness, food and beauty favorites and must haves.
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Brianne Jackson
Brianne Jackson 6 months ago
And the smart sweets are at smiths!:)
Anita Cudiamat
Anita Cudiamat Year ago
You remind me of christen dominique! You both are so gorgeous
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Thompson Year ago
where is your bed frame from?
Kennedy Fontenot
Kennedy Fontenot Year ago
Girl your decorations are on point😍 where did you get your bed frame??
Paris Peng
Paris Peng Year ago
I have been a subscriber of you since 2017, I'm really happy to see that my girl gets a big success in fitness industry. Love you Whitney. Keep going.
jessicaheart262 Year ago
So which new curler you using ?!
bianchka Year ago
I never understand the thumbs down on any of whits videos. If somehow she’s not your cup of tea just don’t watch
Stephanie Grant
Stephanie Grant Year ago
There's 666 comments. Phew took care of that!
C - Roses
C - Roses Year ago
I was literally just going to start looking for new lip glosses to try now that it's summer! Totally want to try out these ones from Tarte now!! 😍🙌
Celia DeLorme
Celia DeLorme Year ago
Love your hair! 😍
Ciara Brannan
Ciara Brannan Year ago
Can I be you
Quinnyana Davis
Quinnyana Davis Year ago
Hey girly!!! I love your video you are such a positive inspiration!! I love your lipstick 💄
Elise Manninge
Elise Manninge Year ago
Hey Whitney, I have psoriasis aswell.. I use Diprosone 0.05% ointment. Its cleared it right up and I love it! You've probably used the USA equivalent but thought I'd mention it incase you haven't 😊
toure nadia
toure nadia Year ago
Thank you Whit for all your sharing. U are so generous and funny.
Abi Garcia
Abi Garcia Year ago
i fell asleep with my headphones on and somehow this Video started playing so the first thig I heard this morning was " its a beautiful day to be alive" YASSS
Kezia Petrelli
Kezia Petrelli Year ago
Not crazy about the middle part but if you love it do keep it :)
Sonya U
Sonya U Year ago
where is that star mirror from??
Lynn Ferguson
Lynn Ferguson Year ago
what eye makeup do you use? I love the pink look can you list what your wearing? thank you
V N Year ago
A day in the life pup edition 🐶🐶
Karina M
Karina M Year ago
I love love LOVE when you sing omg lol!!!
CBaby9191 Year ago
Elemis has good toners that don’t sting ☺️
Nick Y
Nick Y Year ago
Nick Y
Nick Y Year ago
warning for those with epilepsy NEVER go sugar free options especially stevia ! can trigger you even days after consumption
Vanessa Haldeman
Vanessa Haldeman Year ago
As freaking heckn bob 👌👌
Kristy Corder
Kristy Corder Year ago
Love your personality:)
Caelan Dane
Caelan Dane Year ago
I just wanna know where you got your outfit in the lil preview photo for the video...the word is escaping me...
Yennni G
Yennni G Year ago
OKAY this middle part wow 😍😍😍 you look stunning babe! ❤️
Shaun M
Shaun M Year ago
I like what your doing with your hair 🤓
Mackenzie Hill
Mackenzie Hill Year ago
enj0ythesiIence Year ago
“Listen, Linda....” 😂 PS LOVE the middle part in the hair!💜
Marykelly Santos
Marykelly Santos Year ago
We need a get ready with me video
Annie G.
Annie G. Year ago
I wish my name was Linda that way when Whit said "Listen Linda" I'd feel like we are actually just hangin out ya know?
wtfcaroline Year ago
YAY I'm also a biiiiiiiig fan of that toner (well, all Ole Henriksen products tbh) It made suuuuch a difference in my acne scaring. THEY ALMOST GONE AFTER ONE BOTTLE BABY
Guendoline A.
Guendoline A. Year ago
You always bring me in the BEST mood!! Love you with allll my heart and soul!
Naturallyashley86 Year ago
I love everything about your look.....but something about your cupids bow looks a bit off. Like you filled in the cupids bow, so your lips are just a straight line across? I dunno, maybe its just my eyes lol
Raven Year ago
i dont think this hairstyle is for your face type, the way u had it before fit u alot
Lindsay Waseta
Lindsay Waseta Year ago
Your personality 😆 I love watching your videos ! Seeing your hair and makeup and all the fun parts of your videos 😆 like yes girl 💕
Just Jim
Just Jim Year ago
I've eaten 7 cans of Chef Boyardee a day for 7 years and they had to put cinder blocks and jacks under my bed, which I haven't left in 5 years.
Alexa M
Alexa M Year ago
Does anyone else feel like Whitney’s videos go by so fast I’m like wait nooooo I need more Whit 💕 I think she could film herself chit chatting eating a sammich and I would love it! It’s a beautiful day to be alive watching fit tips with Whit!
citychick Year ago
I ❤️ all of your videos so much 🔥
allisondear Year ago
omg yes I just switched over to the rose toner from Pixi a few weeks ago and I love it too! I recently read how witch hazel is not the best long term skin product?? Idk but my skins seems to be doing a lot better since I switched toners! :D Have you tried the new Ori line from Gymshark? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it in your next vid! The cropped sweater looks sooooo cute! :)
Barbara Fischer
Barbara Fischer Year ago
Your center part is looking good!
Mariah Spake
Mariah Spake Year ago
Tried that candy today. Lorddddd the most bitter candy I’ve ever had! Unfortunate that a lot of the healthy food alternatives you promote don’t taste very good. Bums me out
maria nunez
maria nunez Year ago
I need a skincare routine ! I don’t have one
Andrea Bautista
Andrea Bautista Year ago
Love your favorites videos, almost as much as what you eat in a day!! Any thoughts on carb cycling?
Amanda T
Amanda T Year ago
Whittttttt you look like an angel, look at that hair. And as always- makeup on POINT
Samantha Parker
Samantha Parker Year ago
Love you Wit ♡ so sweet and positive 😍😍😍
Achieve Keto
Achieve Keto Year ago
Thank you for a refreshing video
GorgeousxNightmare Year ago
Is that a Jeffree Star mirror? 💜 I’m super excited to try the smart sweets
Sanjna Bawa
Sanjna Bawa Year ago
Where did you get your necklace? It’s so cute🤩
Nicky B.
Nicky B. Year ago
Your eyebrows..ummmm.☣ out of control.🙉🙈🙊
Regan Davis
Regan Davis Year ago
Can you do more ab workouts?
Gurkovche Gu
Gurkovche Gu Year ago
I just eat 15 cookies watching this video.
Sonia H
Sonia H Year ago
Whitney I love you but really miss your videos that aren’t product related! More chit-chats and things that aren’t trying to promote stuff, I love your videos and you have so much lifestyle stuff to share with us !!
Aimeé Kendall
Aimeé Kendall Year ago
Hey whit love the video but what happened with the omre gymshark line?
Sophia Diepolder
Sophia Diepolder Year ago
Love the middle part 😍💘
Pamela Chaffee
Pamela Chaffee Year ago
Brooke Aspen
Brooke Aspen Year ago
You should try out Tammy Hembrows Saski collection! I feel like you’d look good in the pieces 👌🏻
Diana Reyes
Diana Reyes Year ago
Whitney why you need to upload this right when I get my paycheck 😭 take all my money 💵
Pure Joy Fitness
Pure Joy Fitness Year ago
I’ll have to try those smart sweets 😍 they look so yummy. So many things I want to try now haha.
MamaChelseaGus Year ago
In this video you remind me of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. Love it 💕
Annelies Blanckaert
Annelies Blanckaert Year ago
Love your hair!!
Selen Tofas
Selen Tofas Year ago
I swear I was on vacation and ate shitty stuff and back at home I had no motivation to start again with my healthy lifestyle but WHITNEY... DAAAAAMN WHITNEY ❤️ only a look on her beautiful face and body gave me enough enthusiasm to start again 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jillian Cockman
Jillian Cockman Year ago
can you do a favorite workout shoe review?!!
Valisastar Year ago
Do you have a discount code for gymshark?
Madison Rice
Madison Rice Year ago
That hairspray is UNREAL my all time fav
Rossy Linares
Rossy Linares Year ago
Your hair looks Amazing! I love watching your videos 😫 you inspire me so much!!!
Gabrielle Smith
Gabrielle Smith Year ago
You should sell a box of your favorites 👀👀👀👀👀
Nicole Cecchi
Nicole Cecchi Year ago
When you travel for work or just for fun how do you stay on track nutrition wise could we get a video on that?
Noel carter
Noel carter Year ago
Love the video!
Melissa Alvarez
Melissa Alvarez Year ago
Liliana Arias
Liliana Arias Year ago
Looooove the middle part!! ❤️
Elisa de los Reyes
Elisa de los Reyes Year ago
Love you, but a tad too much makeup. You are one of those girls that don’t need makeup for your beauty to shine.
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
I don’t wear makeup to please you. I wear it because I love. Said in this video I went for full glam 😂😂 let me live
Kelly Beth Mcgrath
Kelly Beth Mcgrath Year ago
Do you ever sell any of your old clothes? 😂
Kelly Beth Mcgrath
Kelly Beth Mcgrath Year ago
Come back to Snapchat 😭😭😭
Claire Sauzel
Claire Sauzel Year ago
Such a beauty 💛💛
cassandra l
cassandra l Year ago
Lmfao I howl every time u break out into song!. U get it girl ahahah
kayli weber
kayli weber Year ago
You should try the Kristin ess texture spray! I recently bought it and have loved it every time I’ve used it so far! My curls stay throughout the night which they usually fall out very easily
Taryn Brand
Taryn Brand Year ago
Ok but, is your red energy set bright red? Or like a burnt orange? I just got mine and definitely not bright red😕
Megan Marshall
Megan Marshall Year ago
What’s the new bigger curling iron you recently bought?
Megan Marshall
Megan Marshall Year ago
What’s the new bigger curling iron you recently bought?
Helen Kregear
Helen Kregear Year ago
Great video! I can always count on you to introduce me to the good stuff in fitness & beauty.
Carly Meade
Carly Meade Year ago
I was so excited to try this after hearing all of the amazing reviews and it broke me out in hives!! Sooooo disappointing. I wanted it to work for me like it worked for everyone else
Carly Meade
Carly Meade Year ago
The Ole Henrickson toner! The lady at Sephora said a bunch of people have returned them with the same problem and that she thinks it’s because of the AHAs
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Which product broke you out in hives?!
Amy Jensen
Amy Jensen Year ago
You rock the hell outta the middle part ! Love you Whit ❤️
Sarah Richter
Sarah Richter Year ago
I'm really loving the cutesy graphics and music you've been choosing lately... it's a new mood
SarahJessup Year ago
You should keep the centre part on your hair 🔥🔥🔥
neuroticgypsy Year ago
Whitney you are beautiful, have you ever thought about cutting your hair short like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct? If I was blonde, I would totally do it.
Brianna M
Brianna M Year ago
Favorite videos from whit makes my life complete 😍❤️
Brianna M
Brianna M Year ago
I always love your puppies napping in the back ground ☺️ Sweet baby’s 🐶 💗
Fiona Estrellado
Fiona Estrellado Year ago
Are the high rise flex leggings squat proof? 😍
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Yes!! The ventilation piece underneath the bum can sheer out when stretched but it’s super unnoticeable just wanted to give you the heads up 🥰
Sarah Hearts
Sarah Hearts Year ago
I am disappointed with the green leggings they’re see through. I love the mint green colour. I was mortified when I released at the gym! Haha
Sarah Hearts
Sarah Hearts Year ago
Whitney Simmons I’m still going to wear them, I LOVE mint green!! You’re just going to see my nude undies Hahahhaha Hahahhahah obviously not on leg day though hah 😘
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
I’ve never found a light colored seamless that’s squat proof 😩 I truly think it’s impossible 😂 I only wear them on upper body day!
Kaylee Kriese
Kaylee Kriese Year ago
Whitney! I'm looking for a good mascara! Any recommendations?
Bianca Olivarez
Bianca Olivarez Year ago
Missed your videos! ❤️
Catarina Fitensity Workouts
Catarina Fitensity Workouts Year ago
We want shopping haul for normal clothes! :D
Catarina Fitensity Workouts
Catarina Fitensity Workouts Year ago
hey whit! What video edition software do you use? :)
Irma Yunita
Irma Yunita Year ago
Saya suka sekali,,, Whitney saya dari indonesia
Jennie Mc health and wellness
Jennie Mc health and wellness Year ago
That hair and gym shark wear. Ok brb going to spend all my monies
Maddy Year ago
I love the middle part!!
Blankk Year ago
Love it babe! ❤️ and question: How come gymshark athletes arent doing new release reviews anymore?? 🤔
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
I can’t speak for anyone else but for myself, there haven’t been any new collections to review! Only new colors 🥰
Abbey Dean
Abbey Dean Year ago
Literally just ordered the cc cream cause your skin is glowing and I need that!! Next on the order list is definitely those glosses! They’re not a want but a need 💁🏻‍♀️🥰💸
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
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