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Full day of eating full of quick, simple and easy meal recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even some meal prep ideas!
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Roughly 1 cup hashbrowns cooked on skillet
3 eggs scrambled
1 gluten free english muffin toasted
Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel season
Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Sprinkle of cheese

Post Workout Shake: use code WHITNEY for free shipping over $50 www.alaninu.com/whitney

1 potato in air fryer at 400 degrees for 15 minutes
sprayed with olive oil and topped with garlic and onion powder, pepper
skillet: zucchini, yellow squash, red bell pepper, onion, beyond meat fiesta, pinto beans

roast veggies of choice at 425 degrees for 25-30 minutes. I did butternut squash, brussel sprouts and red onion topped with olive oil, garlic and onion powder and then a tinch of cayenne
cooked the beyond burgers with garlic and onion powder, pepper and pink Himalayan salt in air fryer at 375 for roughly 10-12 minutes flipping halfway through,
mashed potatoes: after bringing water to a boil, add potatoes and 1-2 cloves of smashed garlic and boil 12-15 minutes until soft. Drain and return to pot. Drizzle with olive oil and add 1-2 tbsp of butter and mush with fork until desired texture is reached.

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Julie Joseph
Julie Joseph Month ago
You can use water to sauté your veggies and save around 300-400 calories for your faves.
John Robinson
John Robinson 2 months ago
What’s wrong with La for a place to live.
John Robinson
John Robinson 2 months ago
Whitney can you please address why you live in Utah? Please tell
RBz Wellness
RBz Wellness 5 months ago
Great meal ideas, look yummy!
Gabrielal Paliotti
Gabrielal Paliotti 5 months ago
Anyone else realize her breakfast plate looks like a face
MaKayla Alderson
MaKayla Alderson 6 months ago
Hey girl! Where’s your pink swimsuit from! 🤗🤗
Tia McIntosh
Tia McIntosh 7 months ago
What is the song at 5:30 called?? ☺️ such cute background music!
Francesca Panarelli
Francesca Panarelli 4 days ago
Opus Orange - Nothing but time
Danielle Centurion
Danielle Centurion 8 months ago
I just started watching your videos this week & you've inspired me tremendously!
Julianne Noland
Julianne Noland 8 months ago
I’ve been considering buying an air fryer and an instantpot. I’ve seen you use them in a few of your full day of eating videos. Do they both work really well? Love your channel Whitney your amazing 😁💕
Teresa M
Teresa M 8 months ago
I love your channel. Just new here and your so real. What kind of every day knife is that? I’m looking for a new one
james carr
james carr 9 months ago
A gluten free granola i have everyday is (udis almond butter with clusters) s Soooo good!!! I totally recommend it!🤤🤤
Hairpalace Winzig
Hairpalace Winzig 9 months ago
Why D3 without K2 Sweety? you need K2 so that your body can absorb the D3
Christina McCarty
Christina McCarty 9 months ago
I'm terrified to eat that much in a day. I try to eat as healthy as possible but I'm barely maintaining my weight and definitely not losing 😭
Dini Krasniqi
Dini Krasniqi 9 months ago
psoriasis comes from dairy products!
Ladieeelikeee __
Ladieeelikeee __ 9 months ago
Finally something easy and healthy and doesn‘t starve me omgggg😍🙏🏼😩😂
Sarah Luthy
Sarah Luthy 9 months ago
“Slowly introducing eggs back into my diet” *eats 3 eggs for breakfast* haha
Idk 10 months ago
I love that you have a pet named Indy too 😭 I just love everything about your videos and YOU. Utah girl here 👋🏼 living in California though.
Almorov 10 months ago
I’d just like to say thank you so much for your content. I’ve been trying to get back into working out, and watching your positive videos is so helpful when I’m feeling down about progress or just eating❤️❤️ Thanks!!
Maritza Rodriguez
Maritza Rodriguez 10 months ago
LEARNING from your videos. Why did you eggs for about a year? I'm curious
AJ Geeb
AJ Geeb 10 months ago
I'm happy to hear that you eat the same thing almost every day. I have the same issue, it's easy, balanced and easy to prep but everyone keeps telling me I should mix it up. Lemme do what works for me 😭
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover 10 months ago
You should share the nutrition values to your videos 👏👏👏👏
Katie Frizzell
Katie Frizzell 11 months ago
Mash your potatoes with your hand mixer
LESLIE CHAVEZ 11 months ago
Hi what time do you eat?
Janet Dungan
Janet Dungan 11 months ago
you never said what flavor your pre workout drink was
Janet Dungan
Janet Dungan 11 months ago
no ketchup
Kaitlyn Seagraves
Kaitlyn Seagraves 11 months ago
I’d LOVE an update about the gluten!!! Been curious about it myself but it’s a huge jump to make because it’s in everything 😭
LESLIE CHAVEZ 11 months ago
Hi what time do you eat? Any snacks? Thx I appreciate your ideas how long do you exercise?
Maria Villalobos
Maria Villalobos Year ago
I have psoriasis as well. I read that a plant based diet is the best for psoriasis . To avoid gluten and eggs also .
Kaitlyn Davidson
Kaitlyn Davidson Year ago
Safe + Fair granola is THE BEST!! Love the blueberry cinnamon and the birthday cake flavors! I get mine at Hy-Vee I the health market, but they are online too!
Chelsea Year ago
My fav GF granola is called Autumn's Gold, I get mine off Amazon and it is freaking DELISH!!
Alexis Elemen
Alexis Elemen Year ago
That breakfast looks BOMB
alina wolf
alina wolf Year ago
Don't you have a job , like it takes time you workouts , food , how you manage to live this lifestyle ?
Debbie Murphy
Debbie Murphy Year ago
Those brows though 😍🙌🏼
SkinnyKICK Lemon Cayenne Water Drink Mix
SkinnyKICK Lemon Cayenne Water Drink Mix Year ago
LOVE! We eat the same thing for the most part every day too! Any fav sauces or extra to spice it up???
Brittany Paffrath
Brittany Paffrath Year ago
Whitney!! You inspired me to create a youtube channel and helped me lose weight. Would love it if you checked out my first video I just uploaded about my fitness transformation :)
Laura W
Laura W Year ago
I wish they still had that shaker bottle I’m obsessed 😫😫
cutecheerfreak1 Year ago
Do what works for your symptoms of psoriasis, but just so you know it’s an autoimmune disorder. So nothing you are doing or eating it causing it! Don’t blame yourself at all. If a certain lifestyle or diet helps your flare ups and stress that’s all you can do. Good luck girl ❤️
Jordyn Hale
Jordyn Hale Year ago
what do you use to curl your hair?????
Maya Year ago
u r so cute, energetic, and your plans are realistic. ily!
PrettyXo Year ago
Girl you’re freaking gorgeous no doubt but those eyebrows remind me of your dogs idk why lol
DaughterofAslan16 Year ago
Beyond Burger is not healthy! Otherwise good video 👌🏻
Jessica DiazGuerrero
Jessica DiazGuerrero Year ago
Are you still doing IF?
Gardenbug C
Gardenbug C Year ago
Husband has had psoriasis his entire life, especially on his hands and knees. Disappeared completely after he started taking K2+D3 by ZHOU AND Turmeric & Ginger by Vimerson Health. Not sure which one caused it to go away as he started taking them both at the same time. I'm amazed at how soft his hands are now after years of rough patches and deep cracks. Good luck!
Lori Bell
Lori Bell Year ago
Hi Whitney! I recently just found your channel and I’m so happy that I did! I love it!! I’ve been watching all of your videos, thanks so much for sharing so much awesome information!! I have psoriasis too. What have you found to be the most helpful in keeping it under control. Does cutting out gluten seem to work? What else? Please help! I’m changing my diet and trying to live a healthier lifestyle for many reasons but that’s a big one. 😊
Roxana Rodríguez
Roxana Rodríguez Year ago
Just so funny girl! Love ya
Rachel P
Rachel P Year ago
I just found your channel an I’m obsessed!
Ashton Byrne
Ashton Byrne Year ago
I’m trying to lose my weight from my last baby. Potatoes are my favorite food and everyone constantly tells me I can’t eat them so this made me feel better lol
kristyn bryan
kristyn bryan Year ago
Daliangeli Padilla
Daliangeli Padilla Year ago
Just went to trader Joe's! I think I have an idea of meal plans. Couldn't find beefless ground beef but I found sausage! Excited. I need more help with tracking macros. Idk what how much of each thing I need to intake but I'm trying to gain weight since I'm like 113.
Sara Db
Sara Db Year ago
we Indians will never survive with those little food in the plate😆 i m from northeast India almost similar like the Chinese or Japanese but still we are habituated of eating a lot minimum 4 dishes at a time
Halle Chase
Halle Chase Year ago
Could you do a video on what you eat on an off day? like do you eat less or more when you don't work out?
James Cameron
James Cameron Year ago
I need to find an exact copy of you locally..Jeeezz..
Lynn Tastle
Lynn Tastle Year ago
Try Kind brand granola, it's GF. Not sure about macros tho! :-D
molly mazibuko
molly mazibuko Year ago
Where do you get your eggs container Whit?!
Berenice Espinoza
Berenice Espinoza Year ago
This music makes me feel like I'm in the Sims lol 1:27
Misty Mlack
Misty Mlack Year ago
Hey Whit !! Where did you buy the beyond the meat patties and beyond the meat fiesta ?
Andrea Skaliks
Andrea Skaliks Year ago
How do you determine how many macros? Also wow, someone who is eating healthy! Goals!
Claire Risbridger
Claire Risbridger Year ago
Where is your bikini from that you are wearing on the cover photo of this video?? 😊
Al Atts
Al Atts Year ago
You will find that will help your psoriasis a lot. Any food that causes inflammation like gluten or dairy. You should just eat real butter too, anything natural just way better.
Jacqueline Suezanne
Jacqueline Suezanne Year ago
Dear family don’t be surprised when I go around saying I’m gonna fork it. You can now thank my new favorite USpostsr! I’m so glad I clicked on this video now! You have such an amazing, funny, bubbly personality and I love for it! I’ve wanted to start USposts so bad but always put it off. Seeing you be yourself makes me want to do it even more!! 😭💕
Ngaihzuala Fenate
Ngaihzuala Fenate Year ago
What is your day job?
mathilda jansson
mathilda jansson Year ago
You should really get a potato masher! 😄 Gets life a lite bit easier. Love your what I eat in a day videos 🥰
Ina by Design
Ina by Design Year ago
I love your make up for your date night. Can you do a video of the make up you did please!!! Also I love you!!!! Thank you for doing what you do!!!!
Hailey Fuchs
Hailey Fuchs Year ago
Omg I love this! Please make a makeup tutorial on this look 💗💗
Ibolya Csernak
Ibolya Csernak Year ago
Love your channel! 🥰 Where are your plates from??
martaquintana19 Year ago
Can you attatch the link of your antiadherent pan please???
Krissany Desmarais
Krissany Desmarais Year ago
How do you know what your macros should be? I have a caloric deficit and it says I shouldn’t eat over 1300 calories even though I’m strength training 5 days a week and cardio 3 days a week. Just seems off
swag money
swag money Year ago
Ily 💓
Vivian Chang
Vivian Chang Year ago
Try hemp hearts granola from Trader Joe’s!
mhambrig Year ago
I know everyone is different, but what are you aiming towards for calories per day and macros? I’m struggling with eating enough (1700 cal) and am wondering if maybe it’s too much for me! Thank you ILYSM!
Laura Tompkins
Laura Tompkins Year ago
Amanda Ryman
Amanda Ryman Year ago
Why did you decide to stop doing the fasting ?
Amanda Raygoza
Amanda Raygoza Year ago
Trader Joe’s toasted coconut granola is my fave and GLUTEN FREE😍😋
g z
g z Year ago
Is it me or is brittany dawn copying her ? Like the way she talks and hand gestures and talking..🤷‍♀️
Stop Looking
Stop Looking Year ago
Can we take a minute for how she ate potatoes for every meal?
Liz G
Liz G Year ago
I stopped eating gluten to help my eczema and it ended up taking about 6 months to go away. I have now been gluten and eczema free for about 8 years! Just want to warn you that it may not be an instant improvement.
Hannah Marie Beauty
Hannah Marie Beauty Year ago
Do you count your calories and macros?
Sabrina K
Sabrina K Year ago
So random but I have found out strawberries are to blame for my psoriasis😭 I was so sad but I can’t have them at all anymore!
Lori Remington
Lori Remington Year ago
what i eat for my snack at night is rice cakes with peanut butter on then put in freezer and top with honey
So do you still fast?
Natalie Plackemeier
Natalie Plackemeier Year ago
You inspire me so much! So glad I found your channel. I just started my own FITNESS channel as well and posted a video about my journey in sobriety and how my life has transformed. GO CHECK IT OUT EVERYONE!
JoyfulSelah Year ago
Mmmmmm! Food!Btw, what editor do you use now? I'm super new to USposts and just use a super simple editor. :D
Timothy Harris
Timothy Harris Year ago
pretty girl
Louise's Journey
Louise's Journey Year ago
I love your fdoe
Christina JAY
Christina JAY Year ago
What kind of dog does she have?
Krisbel Piñango
Krisbel Piñango Year ago
Try the Kind granola in dark chocolate flavor (red bag) it’s so damn good, gluten free and high protein 🥰
Ruoyi Li
Ruoyi Li Year ago
I like that you’re not pushing yourself too hard to eat clean. Don’t cut the fun part of life! And you gave me a lot of meal prep ideas. Thank you!
Kristina Sirel
Kristina Sirel Year ago
Why did you cut out eggs for a year?
Michelle Arellano
Michelle Arellano Year ago
I also have psoriasis and have found that certain foods trigger it. For me, I have to eat little to no gluten, and avoid dairy as much as possible 😭
Hannah Jayne
Hannah Jayne Year ago
I'm sure you've already received a ton of suggestions, but Try Purely Elizabeths Granola! I love the chocolate one! I am gluten free and dairy free and the struggle to find good food that's GF/DF is way too real!! Love you're videos, love you Girl! 💕💕💕
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
Eggs are like the only food that keeps me full in the morning
eely Year ago
are you vegetarian?
Mayerly Lara
Mayerly Lara Year ago
Awww this was so cute and helpful hahah. Your dogs are adorable!!!
Victoria Cofer
Victoria Cofer Year ago
KIND granola is THE best gluten free granola I’ve found! So many flavors too!
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas Year ago
Love the song choice!!! Are those flowers in your kitchen real or fake??
Madison Zuchora
Madison Zuchora Year ago
You used to do intermittent fasting.. why did you stop?
Mackaylie Sponseller
Mackaylie Sponseller Year ago
Uhm makeup routine??? Please
julie b
julie b Year ago
Whitney please dont everrrr changeeee!! You truly are an inspiration and soooo not boring! I love the realness!!
Lauren Adcock
Lauren Adcock Year ago
Been carrying my laptop all through my house as I clean and cook and chill today binge watching the heck out of you, and I'm in love. 2 things I thought about on this vid that were game changers for me in the kitchen-- I hate cutting garlic. I got the "OXO SteeL Garlic Press" on Amazon, AND I recently cut back on putting oil on my veggies when I roast them. I use the "AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mats" to cook them and it keeps them all steamy and lets them brown without oil and without them sticking to the pan.
Glam By Amy
Glam By Amy Year ago
Your whole vibe girl is just so inspiring and my mood always lifts when i watch your vids! Loved the meal ideas you came up with! ❤️
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