BOOTY GROWING & QUAD DEMOLISHING lol itssaaa leg workout

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Whitney Simmons

11 months ago

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10 minute incline walk on treadmill
5-10 minutes of glute activation of choice
1 warm up set of 15 hip thrusts
4 sets of 8 barbell hip thrusts
2 sets of 8-10 deficit reverse lunges
1 sets of 8-10 deficit reverse lunges into 8 deficit reverse lunge pulses each leg
superset: 3 sets
10 goblet squats
10 RDL’s
tri-set: 3 sets
10 single leg elevated glute bridge
10 single leg elevated glute bridge
10 elevated glute bridges
30 banded body weight hip thrusts
3 sets of 15: cable pull through

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Sweety Goswami
Sweety Goswami 5 hours ago
What do you eat or drink to grow muscles in booty! Pls can you let us know dear maam
Lemongrass Coconut
Lemongrass Coconut 6 days ago
I like your whispering personally
Rose 11 days ago
Not me standing up and practicing rdls after your explanation of focusing on moving your hips and realizing I’ve been doing them completely wrong 😐
Poojitha Month ago
But why do USpostsrs skip on weights? Like can we increase weights for 2nd and 3rd set? Or stick with same weight for all sets? 😅🤷
Poojitha 10 days ago
@Alexa's Paradise haha thankx. I personally like progressive overload. Cheers ❤
Alexa's Paradise
Alexa's Paradise 10 days ago
Hi obviously I am not whitney but...of course you can increase weights for your second and third sets! Some people will not increase because they might find themselves starting with an easy weight only to finish with what they know they can do versus pushing themselves to progressively overload when starting with the heavier weight. I hope that makes sense. xo
K B Month ago
I love your whispering!!! keep doing you gurl...
Nasimiyu Susan
Nasimiyu Susan Month ago
Thank you 😍💪💪
Michelle Brooks
Michelle Brooks Month ago
I love your whispers whitt!!
Ashley Elaine
Ashley Elaine Month ago
Four sets of eight damnn lmao I think my 5 sets of 20 be too much then 😂
Alexa's Paradise
Alexa's Paradise 10 days ago
def can increase your weight then - once you can hit 12-15 reps with a weight I would add weight! Maximize those booty gains!
Sanem Topal
Sanem Topal Month ago
how does she never sweat?!
Noor Sattar J
Noor Sattar J Month ago
Hi Whitney! You’re amazing ONE!! AND TWO thank you for all you do!
Jessiii Month ago
I didnt really get how heavy she lifts at hip thust
delia ma
delia ma 2 months ago
I love leg day but every day is a leg day for me soooo...
Emily Gordon
Emily Gordon 2 months ago
I LOVE youuuuuuuuuu!!!! ❤️ 👏 Keep whispering 👀🤣🤣🤣
Itsbeth Jolley
Itsbeth Jolley 2 months ago
Where do you get your preworkout. And what preworkout is ITV
christina redmond
christina redmond 2 months ago
commenting for me to use at the gym :) 3:26 ; 4:48 ; 5:50 ; 6:58 ; 7:58 ; 8:34 ; 9:49 ; 10:09 ; 10:54 ; 12:08
Real Body Fitness Academy
Real Body Fitness Academy 2 months ago
love it! Is there a cue that is your favourite?
Elizabeth Hossack
Elizabeth Hossack 2 months ago
I can't go the gym but I did these exercises with weights at home really appreciate that you don't use too many machines
Real Body Fitness Academy
Real Body Fitness Academy 2 months ago
Nice work!!!
Joe Onemanteam
Joe Onemanteam 2 months ago
Anne-Lise 2 months ago
Hey! What kind of glute band are you using? Do you recommend any specific brand? Thanks
Real Body Fitness Academy
Real Body Fitness Academy 2 months ago
Depends on the goal, the Glute loop is amazing and then there is peach bands which are much lighter bands
Almira Tanner
Almira Tanner 2 months ago
I just love you Whitney. Thank you for this amazing workout. More power to you!! ❤️❤️❤️
c hart
c hart 2 months ago
So I know you store your fat in your tummy so do i and i was just wondering what you noticed was the biggest ab game changer for you in the early stages of your fitness journey cause your abs are poppin now !!!♡
Reveca Soto
Reveca Soto 2 months ago
I’m single:)
Reveca Soto
Reveca Soto 2 months ago
I love your whispering!😂❤️
DJerain Ilang Ilang
DJerain Ilang Ilang 2 months ago
How long did it take you to achieve this body? You look really good!
Earthful Uma
Earthful Uma 2 months ago
yasss love this!
Dyanamic noctowel
Dyanamic noctowel 2 months ago
U look very stunning I love your eyes face everything and specially. Your ...Butt
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez 2 months ago
You’re so pretty
Amy Nicholls
Amy Nicholls 3 months ago
How long does all this take you to do in the gym Whitney? (Including warm up sets etc). Thanks! 🥰🇨🇦
hannah • 6 years ago
hannah • 6 years ago 3 months ago
omg i'm obsessed with upper body bc of you😂😂
Real Body Fitness Academy
Real Body Fitness Academy 2 months ago
haha yessss!!
Leach Ridlah
Leach Ridlah 3 months ago
So with the rdl and goblet squat superset do you rest between sets or not? Xx
Real Body Fitness Academy
Real Body Fitness Academy 2 months ago
if it's a superset, typically you go from one movement to the next without rest or very minimal and then rest before starting the super set again.
Alexis Carpenter
Alexis Carpenter 3 months ago
Could you tell me what booty band you use? Thanks
P .soo_
P .soo_ 3 months ago
The best thing about leg/booty workouts is that you don't need a gym at all. Just the weights with which you are comfortable with. Some resistance bands. A chair. A wall and your discipline and honesty while doing the workout. Loved this one! You have literally been a blessing for me for these past few weeks. Ik I joined the fam very late but hey better late than never!❤
Brenda Ganz
Brenda Ganz 4 months ago
Whitney, I enjoyed your video, super informative; I like that you demo the exercise and provide proper form and rationale behind exercise; I am def going to start working out with you; I just have one quick question bc really its been confusing me for sometime; how many times in a week am I suppose to work out booty especially to your itssaaa leg workout; I would love the answer to this perplexing question or if any one knows please inform
Rachael King
Rachael King 4 months ago
I just love her personality!!
JLee123 4 months ago
You have the same last name as me lol
Noa Indira
Noa Indira 4 months ago
Nice house
Ms. Autumne-Jae, TheHairstylingPodcaster
Ms. Autumne-Jae, TheHairstylingPodcaster 4 months ago
It literally took me until the END OF THE VIDEO to realize she is not in quarantine during this video! 😂I'm just sitting here wondering why does she have Xmas decorations up in July!?
Debbie T
Debbie T 4 months ago
Whitney, what kind of band are you using? It’s nice and thick..
Manjeet Kaur
Manjeet Kaur 4 months ago
How many times a week we have to do this workout????pls reply
Valentine Linke
Valentine Linke 4 months ago
Hey Gurl, I was wondering, how long to you take for a leg / booty workout ?
Courtney Lewandrowski
Courtney Lewandrowski 5 months ago
Love this so much! Found Whitney through instagram and have been doing her workouts for about 6 months. I love how she explains and give notes on each exercise on her USposts channel. Can't wait until the Alive app comes out for Android!!!
Sahar Malak
Sahar Malak 5 months ago
Hi Whitney iam so skinny and idk from where i start can u help me?
Veronique Antillon
Veronique Antillon 5 months ago
I love your attitude, Whitney! You're awesome
Krystal Kleven
Krystal Kleven 5 months ago
YO what gym is she going to. there is only fit and good looking people there lol
Irie Mabayo
Irie Mabayo 6 months ago
What kind of shoes did u use in these workout?
Real Body Fitness Academy
Real Body Fitness Academy 2 months ago
Nike metcons!
Linds N
Linds N 6 months ago
What shoes do you prefer for leg day?
FC 6 months ago
can you do a back to basics series per muscle group!
Zoey Grandberry
Zoey Grandberry 7 months ago
Is Mason still single??? 😂 (joking but serious haha)
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 7 months ago
I wish we had a gym like that one
Lily Plaza
Lily Plaza 8 months ago
You are so cute, funny and awesome! I love you!!!
joy garcia
joy garcia 8 months ago
I don't think your whispering is creepy at fact, I like your attitude! So real and positive.
Emily R
Emily R 8 months ago
I love the Romanian dead lift and the bridges my hamstrings are in fire these are my go to
Fatima Sayegh
Fatima Sayegh 8 months ago
Who else saw the stuffing of her bra🤣🤣🤣
Missy Xoxo
Missy Xoxo 8 months ago
Your body girl🔥u inspire me
Chantelle 8 months ago
How much weight is she using? Holy
Ana Siguenza
Ana Siguenza 8 months ago
This is my new favorite fitness channel! Thank you so much for making things easy and giving form tips. Also love your personality, so funny without trying too hard. ☺️
much_ expected
much_ expected 8 months ago
Did anybody make it through the triset? 👀
Divine Sol Tarot
Divine Sol Tarot 8 months ago
I’ve missed the workout videos. Had to revisit ❤️❤️❤️ doing this one today!!!
Amanda Zamora
Amanda Zamora 8 months ago
What gym is this is there one in orange county
Cansu Çakır
Cansu Çakır 9 months ago
Heyy Whitney, thanks for all your videos and I try to follow your workout routines but I'm confused about something so I'd be really really happy if you reply me :) How often did you do glutes workout per week in this process and how many grams protein did you take according to this plan? Thank you so much in advance. Have a nice day :)
edelynagustinmusic 9 months ago
"here's my buttcrack" 😂
Don Bies
Don Bies 9 months ago
Are you Zac Efron's sister?
MegaFebee 9 months ago
Re watching her videos reminds me that I love to work out when IM in a slump
MudBeard 9 months ago
Im new to this channel but i gotta admit im really impressed with the info and detail on this channel. iv looked through a few videos and things like goblin squats, and rdl's is something iv never herd, but that could be because im a outta shape 6 foot 6 guy thats new'ish to the gym (Im just trying to lose some weight) I tend to do 30-45 min of cardio before lifting weights but im learning allot from this channel (Thanks for that) Normaly i don't watch vlog channels but im enjoying this channel. A new subscriber.
Laura W
Laura W 9 months ago
I wish we were best friends and could work our together! Ugh I could use your motivation and skill!! 😩
Noemi Henriquez
Noemi Henriquez 9 months ago
I love your personality!
Vanessa-May Gavaris
Vanessa-May Gavaris 9 months ago
Kate 9 months ago
so this is why my booty won't grow.. :( I'll be dead for 2 weeks if I do all that. I barely do a 40min workout with warm up and cool down included. not to mention the weight used is for babies. and I'm still sore 3 days after. :(
E 9 months ago
Where are your white shoes from??? Loveeee
Erica Allen
Erica Allen 9 months ago
Hey whit! Not judging here, but how come you don't lift super heavy with the barbells for squats and dead lifts but you do lift heavy for the hip thrusts? I know you are super strong and probably could lift super heavy if you wanted to, so what's the benefit of lighter weights for those exercises? thanks!
Madie Lee
Madie Lee 9 months ago
I didn’t have cable pull trough machine so I did kettle bell swings and it still helped for anyone with the same issue
Kathryn Harris
Kathryn Harris 9 months ago
Hi everyone!! I'm a new youtuber looking to get some feedback on my first workout video! It's my FIRST one so i'm Super nervous!! I support all the other small youtubers out there!
Mmmm M? Mfc
Mmmm M? Mfc 9 months ago
Can i growv my booty if am old
Pamela Chilet
Pamela Chilet 9 months ago
Holy cow!!!! I literally felt my butt growing after I was done with circuit and I didn’t even do the cable one! Thanks Whit!
Hanging with the Smiths
Hanging with the Smiths 9 months ago
Just did this workout, and it is hot fire flames! I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow, I can feel it already.
Melissa1P 9 months ago
Excited about this workout!
Katherine Libenson
Katherine Libenson 9 months ago
Watching this while stretching my legs after demolishing them yesterday
bailey elizabeth
bailey elizabeth 9 months ago
Anyone know where her resistance band is from? Gym Shark?
l01morales 9 months ago
Inner and outer thigh work out?
Lexie 9 months ago
I wish I would have watched this before doing the first workout for the alive app- so many great tips!
Darla Wilson
Darla Wilson 9 months ago
I’m usually pretty okay with my glute workouts... enough to still be able to walk to my car afterwards. But wow this was a killer
Sarah Sommer
Sarah Sommer 9 months ago
This is so unrelated buuuut, girl where can I find that bed frame? 👀 also, how am I just now finding your channel?? I’m going to try your tips and tricks after work!! Let’s do this!
jenny jacobo
jenny jacobo 9 months ago
The rhyme she did 😂😭👏😂😭👏
ethereal intoxicated canary
ethereal intoxicated canary 9 months ago
I am a figure skater and just a heads up to y'all: it makes you dummy thicc. We all have donk thanks to sit spins and jumps. I recommend.
sabina c
sabina c 9 months ago
love this. thank you
Alyssa Call
Alyssa Call 10 months ago
Wow, finally a channel where someone explains each exercise very well and someone who’s actually funny and not trying too hard! Love your channel! 🤩😍 you are great and freaking goals
Sophie Kemp
Sophie Kemp 10 months ago
does anyone know what shoes she wears? x
Ashley S
Ashley S 10 months ago
I am so very very thankful I stumbled upon your youtube channel about a month ago! I use to hate weight training but now thanks to you, I am absolutely loving it and your workouts!! You have completely changed the way I work out, how my body looks, and improved my mental health. I cant thank you enough for these fun, killer workouts. I especially love the booty growing, legs on fire kind of days!!!
Hannah Dawson
Hannah Dawson Month ago
Booty workouts are my fave too!
Hannah Sophia
Hannah Sophia 10 months ago
Where is the resistance band from?
Freddy B.
Freddy B. 10 months ago
You're Beautiful and Sexy
hannah combs
hannah combs 10 months ago
woah Hellooooo MASON
Stephanie Denisse Allen
Stephanie Denisse Allen 10 months ago
What shoes is she wearing?? Wish she had more gym outfit/shoes vidssss
Madison Eisenhart
Madison Eisenhart 10 months ago
Are machines not as good of a workout as free weights?
Liying Lu
Liying Lu 10 months ago
Your workout is awesome! And thank you so much for putting your workout details in the description box. 😊👍👍
Josephine Dinger
Josephine Dinger 10 months ago
Man...... Her activation is my whole workout
L 10 months ago
Does anyone know which bands she uses?
Bárbara Rodríguez
Bárbara Rodríguez 10 months ago
Girl I just love how you are able to explain the workouts soooo neatly! I'm an Android anxious lady waiting for the app 💛💓💛💓
Lexy s
Lexy s 10 months ago
I just love your videos your so cute “don’t look at my room” lol
Trevor Bicking
Trevor Bicking 10 months ago
To put into context, Whitney has 1.8 million followers, Tony Robbins the self help Guru only has 770k followers
Tracy Stumpf
Tracy Stumpf 10 months ago
Too big a butt is ugly though from a man's point of view
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