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FITNESS Q&A! Question and Answer video answering your fitness questions.
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Rose 244
Rose 244 3 months ago
These dogs in the background😍
Ashley R
Ashley R 6 months ago
Hey Whitney! Obviously this is a smidgen late to the game... but I have a question for you: What is the length of an average workout for you? And how many minutes on average do you spend in the gym weekly? I'm changing up my workout routine and lifting heavier as able, and it's fun, but also challenging... I now do split workouts for muscle building. But as I learn more about the time and endurance certain exercises require through experience, sometimes I find that the workout I plan takes too long (mostly because of my rest breaks). I'm aware of the dangers of over-exercising and have no intentions of doing this, but sometimes... ya know... I'm winded and have low energy and it takes longer than planned--especially on leg day. Haha Of course I'm lowering the amount I do so I can fit it all in in a reasonable time (for me this is no more than an hour), but I'm also trying to build up my endurance so I dont have to take such long breaks either. I'm curious what your advice and experience is with this? Hopefully you see this! 😊
Steve O'Shea
Steve O'Shea 5 months ago
In a nutshell- as long as you need. You could blast through a workout session in an hour or you could be in the gym for two. Honestly, it's up to you. If you're focusing on each rep, your form and taking adequate rest time, the overall length of the session isn't too important. The important part is getting in good quality reps during the session. Hope this helps 👍🏽
nessasmiles 10 months ago
Really hope you see this! I recently started my journey, I’m 5 months in down 20 lbs mainly just changing how I eat and doing some workout. I recently started weight lifting and not doing very much cardio. I keep hearing that building muscle burns fat, but you need to be in a surplus to gain muscle, yet in a deficit to lose weight 🤦🏻‍♀️. Now I have no idea where I need to be going with this. I currently workout 6 days a week, mainly weight training, and I’m at a calorie deficit, will this get me to my goal? Or do I need to switch things up?
Steve O'Shea
Steve O'Shea 5 months ago
Congrats on the progress! Sorry I'm late to the party here but I hope this may answer your question. Yes you need a surplus to gain weight. Yes you need a deficit to lose weight. But, weight is made up of both fat and muscle. So, it is possible to lose fat while building muscle, if your diet is on point. It's a challenge but it can be done. If you're trying to build muscle while minimising the amount of fat you gain, then I recommend a slight surplus (100-200kcal above your TDEE). If you just want to cut down on fat then a deficit is the way to go. Whatever route you take, you need to be taking in an adequate amount of protein to allow for muscle recovery and growth. (1g/pound bodyweight per day as a recommendation). Hope this provides some clarity. Best of luck with the rest of your journey 👍🏽💪🏽😊
Wonderless Dream
Wonderless Dream Year ago
How much weight do you tend to gain trying to get that booty? What should you eat man I was trying to get a nice form and muscle but not gain fat with it I guess thats unrealistic?
Cindy Meyer
Cindy Meyer Year ago
Damn. That color makes u look RADIANT!!!
Victória Alves
Victória Alves Year ago
Akeila Wilson
Akeila Wilson Year ago
What is pre-workout?
ayesha gurung
ayesha gurung Year ago
I love the fact that she genuinely reads all the comment and leaves a little heart ❤️
Samantha Cameron
Samantha Cameron Year ago
I agree I love carbs too much too!!! Which veggies and fruits are FULL of. Could not live without them😃
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
Your dogs are so cute dogs lovably
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
My work out is different every day when I work out
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
I work out five days a week at home in my apartment
Chelsea McBroom
Chelsea McBroom Year ago
I live in Utah. If I pay you for a session, can I workout with you!?!?
samantha nadine
samantha nadine Year ago
im like months late, but im on keto BUT i do eat more carbs than you’re supposed to-ONLY because it gives me more energy since i workout AND ill end up burning it all off rather than it being stored as fat
Lizzie Barnes
Lizzie Barnes Year ago
I loveeee your hair! I kinda wanna see a tutorial... please (and also where is your jumper from?) x
Madelyn G
Madelyn G Year ago
I’ve been on a fitness journey since January and I’ve lost 7 pounds. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s a big deal to me because my entire life I’ve felt so bad about my body and now I’m actually doing something about it. At first I started working out to look better, but I also feel better now mentally and physically. ❤️
Catherine Chen
Catherine Chen Year ago
OMG! U sang 'what dreams are made of'😂😂😂
Ansley Toms
Ansley Toms Year ago
Is it possible to slim your stomach while keeping all the thicc you’ve gained? If so what workouts would be best?
Kayle Embree
Kayle Embree Year ago
Link where you get literally all of your sweaters bc they're perf
Haley Mosley
Haley Mosley Year ago
My goal is to FINALLY get my weight in control I’m not fat but I’m not comfortable in my own skin, we all have good days and bad! But i am so glad i found such a motivating and fun person to watch like whit💕💕
Callista Weiss
Callista Weiss Year ago
Lol I’m watching this a little late to the game, but my #1 resolution was to get out of my comfort zone! And honestly I looked back the other day and there’s been so many things that I’ve done and loved that pushed me to be uncomfortable for a little bit but so worth it 😊
Slav V.
Slav V. Year ago
weight training is da bomb!
lupitaa97 Year ago
Is there a way to build muscle and lose weight at the same time? As well are BCAA or EAA necessary?
Jennifer M.
Jennifer M. Year ago
Yup. Obsessed with you. You motivating me to go back to the gym
Kayleen Ponce
Kayleen Ponce Year ago
Could you do a video on how to understand the carb intake , I've learned that carbs arent bad but still struggling with how to eat them and the correct amount ! I know you are not a nutritionist but you seem to have the carb thing down and keto is not a life for me either!
Ernesta Lab
Ernesta Lab Year ago
I adore you!!!!!🌸
Cici Brooks
Cici Brooks Year ago
i think you would love crossfit. I've done it for two years now and it really fell under that category of "finding a type of working out that you love". it taught me everything i know about fitness. it's all about mental strength and being a "lifestyle", that you talk so much about, too which has carried over to so many other areas of my life. I'm in nursing school and find myself approaching times of stress like a crossfit mindset lol... now i'm trying to learn more about more isolated movements since most time i dont have time to go to the gym for a full hour plus travel time to and from the gym, so I'm trying to find how to build muscle with 30 min workouts at home or at my school gym where i can't really do crossfit workouts, and just doing crossfit when i can get to the gym. crossfit is a perfect mix between weightlifting and gymnastics, which you have experience with. you should give it a try!!! much loveeeee xx.
Megan Tucker
Megan Tucker Year ago
have you ever tried womens best products? can you review some if you have? LOVE LOVE LOVE your vids! so positive!
Drilona Saliu
Drilona Saliu Year ago
Whit what kind of camera do you use to shoot. Please help. Love you
Shiloh Morris
Shiloh Morris Year ago
What is this magical shampoo that makes your hair purple?? I need it!!
Rachel Sadler
Rachel Sadler Year ago
Just got a Miss Muscle Box great for little motivational treats!
frenchy2318 Year ago
“Do you even lift “ omg I love it. I tell me husband that all the time 😂😂😂... I use glove but still get some calluses. Comes with the territory 💁‍♀️💪🏻
LichxD Year ago
You had me at "do you even lift?" 💖🤣
Alyssa Ashlynn
Alyssa Ashlynn Year ago
I work at orange theory, you should really try a class, it is hit based I think you would like itt(: xoxo love your vids ❤️
Devin Sutliff
Devin Sutliff Year ago
I am trying so hard to get in shape and every time I feel discouraged I watch you 🥰 you are so positive and I LOVE IT!!
Emily Suvanvej
Emily Suvanvej Year ago
Omg you. are. my. favorite! So glad we have you in our lives.
Alejandra Hernandez
Alejandra Hernandez Year ago
I just wanted to know what kind of workouts are best for endurance? I have a heard time completing a workout sometimes, especially when attempting to incorporate weight lifting.
Kate Lynn
Kate Lynn Year ago
I love your off the shoulder sweater in this video, so cute! Non-fitness related question on it, what kind of bra type thing do you wear underneath? Just curious because I have some similar style tops and have a hard time finding something comfortable to wear underneath that’s also still semi-supportive. Any suggestions would be amazing!
Maggie Gregory
Maggie Gregory Year ago
Use clarifying shampoo when you use too much purple shampoo. I also use it if my stylist tones my hair too much. I use Matrix total results shampoo, and I love it!!
Kim Year ago
Are there people with me on the lavender hair? May be a little oopsie but I like it on you!
Lacey Hall
Lacey Hall Year ago
So glad I found your channel!
Katelyn Hodo
Katelyn Hodo Year ago
okay so this is random .. but what are your top favorite tennis shoes that you would recommend? I stand up for 9.5 hours a day at work and I am a treadmill type of person and i am looking for some really good shoes for those purposes .. the one's i have currently are nice for standing but by the time i'm done on the treadmill me feet feel like they have been blistered on the bottoms and my back usually hurts ... i love your videos and your recommendations on fitness . thanks in advance!!!!
Beth Zuniga
Beth Zuniga Year ago
Kristinandthecroissants Year ago
What do you do when you feel like you had a half assed workout but you're too tired to keep pushing yourself?
Silvia Guillermo
Silvia Guillermo Year ago
can you do an updated suplement video?
Holly Snickerdoodles
Holly Snickerdoodles Year ago
GIRL pink is your color 😍😍😍 you look radiant
Tang-Ho Year ago
if u don't have calluses do u even lift brooooooo lmfaoooooo yas
Krystle Nicole
Krystle Nicole Year ago
It's not motivation, it's discipline!
Alyssa Carlisle
Alyssa Carlisle Year ago
I love you whitney!!!! My fav fitness person ever
Nayma Lugones
Nayma Lugones Year ago
Que ever happened to the salary juice ??
Nayma Lugones
Nayma Lugones Year ago
Do you still take it? Or did it do nothing for you? Please inform me !!!
Lennia Gaston
Lennia Gaston Year ago
Please note keto is not a no carb diet and there is a a wrong way and a right way to do keto. On the strictest form of keto it is 50 grams of total carbs and it is supposed to be good carbs through veggies. Also, if you work out it is suggested in the keto world that you up your carbs cause everyone is different so the first month it is finding the right ratio. The other think is key is not high protein it is moderate protein because protein can be turned into glucose so it differs from low carb high protein. The high fat portion is healthy fats if you do "dirty keto" you are eating lots of bacon, dairy, butter, uncured or cured meats like salami which are going to raise your cholesterol and is not good for you. If you do "clean keto" you work your way up to eating lots of vegetables I eat 12 cups an day now which I was nowhere near before and healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil etc. You get amazing benefits. My cholesterol has gone down, my blood sugar remains level and my numbers shock my doctor. Keto is also good for a lot of mental health issues but you have to do it right. If you do clean keto you will see that more than anything else you are eating veggies drizzled with a healthy oil and not a lot of oil since you have to stay within your calories. Also, keto will make you a scientist of your own body because you have to be tracking everything. I know keto gets a lot of flack and there is so much more I could go into but it's not bad and it is customizable for you. If you are doing it though do it the clean way you can lose weight on dirty keto but you won't be healthy. So clean keto is the way to go. Oh and if you workout on keto make sure to take it easy you don't have to go super hard in the gym to get results. Whitney you are amazing thank you for all the workouts I would be lost in the gym without you.
Emily Williams
Emily Williams Year ago
Hey look! A really sweet girl who's actually giving good advice and doesn't think she knows everything. I just found your channel (I've been following jamessmithpt on insta and learned so much) and Whitney you're awesome!!
Cassondra S
Cassondra S Year ago
My biggest struggle is my lower belly pooch. I've had 2 csections and was told I shouldn't do the typical exercises to get rid of it so I have no idea what to do that will actually be effective!
Ashley Michel
Ashley Michel Year ago
My New Years resolutions are to loose at least 50 pounds this year, to learn to deadlift, to run without getting winded, drink more water, to work out 3 to 5 times a week. So far, I’ve done 2 out of the 5 lol. I’m in the middle of trying to find a closer gym to my house so it will better motivate me, since the one I used to go to is like 15 minutes away.
Jessica Tiben
Jessica Tiben Year ago
Hey Whitney 👋, new to your channel! Trying to start a new healthy lifestyle plus feel good about my body. One of my biggest question is how to get a flat tummy ! ? All your help and tips would help tremendously.
Alejandra Atencio
Alejandra Atencio Year ago
I actually have started working out because of crossfit and now I just wanna tone my body and all of that so I don’t know what should I stick to lol
Gloria Melissa Campos
Gloria Melissa Campos Year ago
You are seriously the BEST fitness “guruuu you tuber” seriously when I started to workout a year ago I saw all your videos and get so motivated!! Keep up with this nice work! We need your WhitTips ❤️❤️ Love from MEXICO 🇲🇽
Better Face Masks
Better Face Masks Year ago
Can you add your amazon fav workout clothes to your amazon list
Sydney Davis
Sydney Davis Year ago
Eeek!! So happy you have a affiliate link with alaniu!!
Ros with 1 s
Ros with 1 s Year ago
Thanks for then gym motivation 💪
Leiy D Beauty
Leiy D Beauty Year ago
So I’ve restarted my fitness journey for the like 6th time in 7 years. So I started back in October and I have finally fallen in love with the gym. I use to love cardio and hare lifting and now I’m a lifting fool. I loooooove working out now. Every time I go up a weight I am pumped all over again!!!!
Ashley Stewart
Ashley Stewart Year ago
I did CrossFit for 2 1/2 years and I can say most women get hurt from the fast heavy weight movements. I currently can do upper body movements because I have a torn rotator cuff.
Mummy Williams
Mummy Williams Year ago
Right now im only hitting the gym once a week and doing home workouts for maybe another 4/5nights. Do you think i need a pre workout supplement?
Robin wienert
Robin wienert Year ago
When do you take all of your supplements do you use them all in one day?
Ellen Tate
Ellen Tate Year ago
Dear Whitney, I’m a 77 yr old woman who wants to have a body changing workout to fit me. I’m in pretty good health. Had bypass surgery a few years ago and the weight is coming back big time. I have no energy. I have to start somewhere. I’ve bee bed ridden two years now.
Kate Year ago
The most difficult part for me about health and fitness right now is eating healthy. I live on campus with four restaurants and two diners; all are very good and have delicious food but they aren’t all that good for you. Like the healthiest thing they all have is salad, and who wants a salad all the time? Idk I feel like I can’t eat good unless it’s me cooking for myself, and I live in a dorm room with a microwave and can’t cook for myself.
Munirah Mokhsin
Munirah Mokhsin Year ago
I went to the gym today, like finally after a year of being unhealthy BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT ❤❤
Tabitha Graham
Tabitha Graham Year ago
Woohoo! I love you so much more after you were singing a Lizzie McGuire song...
Sarah Year ago
Hey Whitney. My new years resolution was to complete a 12 week program :) i am halfway done and only missed 1 day!
Gail Elwell
Gail Elwell Year ago
Is Alani nu really 50 to 80 dollars
A. M. Lawmaster
A. M. Lawmaster Year ago
I’m sure someone already asked but does the preworkout you’re recommending in this video give your skin the itchies and tingles? I can’t stand that feeling.
Erica Scott
Erica Scott Year ago
Hi Whitney! I have very muscular thighs and a bigger lower body, what would you recommend doing to help slim my thighs and booty? thank you! 💕
Jasmin Rotan
Jasmin Rotan Year ago
Really REALLY needed this video Whit! Gaining weight(because I want muscle) has been a little discouraging since I started eating more. Thank you so much for talking about it!
Maddy Crouch
Maddy Crouch Year ago
How do you break up your weekly gym routine? Is upper body always together or do you break up chest, arms, and back into separate days? I’m having difficulties finding a routine that works cause I’m so sore I can’t do any upper body again for 3 days😂
Sierra Lynn
Sierra Lynn Year ago
Oh and how do you feel about diet pills ??? To help drop weight in addition to eating good/working out???
Sierra Lynn
Sierra Lynn Year ago
Can you weight train to lose weight ? Hate cardio too.
Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca Rogers Year ago
Where the eye necklass from whit.... I NEEED ❤️❤️
Michele Kelly
Michele Kelly Year ago
My new years resolution was to be strong as well as flexible ughh it's hard girl lol to do medium to heavy weight and work on my split lol giirrlllll, it's a struggle!!
Discovermyview Year ago
OMG, you are so great!! "umm, if you don't have any callouses, do you even lift?!!" Says the super STRONG chic in the hot pink sweater! (Love it, btw, the sweater, I love all things girly!! :) ) Love your videos!
Kateri Avila
Kateri Avila Year ago
You are just such a ray of sunshine and an inspiration
Tammie Limon
Tammie Limon Year ago
Did you ever struggle with cellulite?! If so, what did you do to reduce it?
KetoinCanada Year ago
I appreciate your stance on keto! You do you is how we should all be!
Valinie Naraine
Valinie Naraine Year ago
Jerezzzzz...your videos and the information you share is amazing. It’s helped me so don’t even know! Please keep doing what you’re doing!
Janelle Richardson
Janelle Richardson Year ago
What lipstick are you wearing?! Love it love you
Catherine Gray
Catherine Gray Year ago
Hi Whitney! I’m kind of new to your channel (which I love btw ❤️ you are amazing) I was wondering if you had more information on pre workouts that don’t have caffeine? Thanks! Also my New Years resolution is to lose 50 pounds and I am hoping this will be the year it actually happens!!!
Tracey Thibault
Tracey Thibault Year ago
My goal is to lose weight 💪💪💪 and workout 💪💪💪more
Paul Lee
Paul Lee Year ago
Think i love this vlog a lot more than your dog.😀
Maddie Gerbig
Maddie Gerbig Year ago
Could you pretty please do a video explaining your proteins, bars, supplements, and when to consume them or when you take all of them? I struggle with understanding all the stuff you talk about and when would be the right time to consume it
Elaine Hollibaugh
Elaine Hollibaugh Year ago
How tall are you Whitney? I love your page!!!
Krystelle Short
Krystelle Short Year ago
Does Alaninu pre-workout have that super sour/bitter after taste like so many have? I find I can only drink most pre-workouts 2-3 times before they low-key start to make me gag because I can't deal with how sour they are or how bad the after taste is :(
Andrea Medina
Andrea Medina Year ago
Omg that Lizzie McGuire sing song moment gave me nostalgia
Nikki Hansen
Nikki Hansen Year ago
Girl!!!! Josiah cakes has a new brownie mix. Please try 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Mina Mirzaee
Mina Mirzaee Year ago
That color looks so gorgeous on you!
Alyssa Campbell
Alyssa Campbell Year ago
Could you share what lipstick you are wearing? It looks gorgeous on you!!
Athira Surendran
Athira Surendran Year ago
Girl I love you so much!! ❤️
Caridad Rios
Caridad Rios Year ago
Serious whitney withdrawals. I hate waiting for you to upload but it's always so worth it ♡
Ashley Thongrivong
Ashley Thongrivong Year ago
Wow brow goals 🔥😍😍😍
Mae Miller
Mae Miller Year ago
Annnnnd of course the pre workout is sold out 😂
aleesha taylor
aleesha taylor Year ago
Keto diet at 7:58
Wesley Woolfall
Wesley Woolfall Year ago
Hi morning =))
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