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12 current healthy foods, snacks and groceries I purchase and eat every week!
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Judea Contreras
Judea Contreras 29 days ago
aren't all plain oats gluten free? I buy the giant one at whole foods for $5... it's like 30 servings
AndreaFalet Month ago
Julie Joseph
Julie Joseph Month ago
Try balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard on them. Mix it in a bowl. Then throw them in the air fryer. Yum.
Julie Joseph
Julie Joseph Month ago
Eggs are probably your reason for psoriasis. Follow Medical Medium’s podcast on eggs!
Soshi Fan
Soshi Fan 2 months ago
My newest favorite meal: Cauliflower enchiladas, roast a head of cauliflowers with whatever seasoning you want, enchilada sauce, the wrap, black beans and avocado and onion. Pop in oven for about 20 minutes. Delicious
Soshi Fan
Soshi Fan 2 months ago
Have you ever tried Korean fruits? Korean melon, Korean pear, ect..so yummy
Soshi Fan
Soshi Fan 2 months ago
I find grocery shopping to be the most important aspect to my healthy weight loss. I went from 205lbs to around 125-135lbs. I don’t really weigh myself anymore. I fill my fridge and pantry with healthy snacks and foods so when I’m hungry I’m reaching for the good stuff. If I want to splurge I’ll grab a small candy pack at the register or a small bag of chips or a pint of ice cream. These things make me happy and don’t hinder my lifestyle at all.
Soshi Fan
Soshi Fan 2 months ago
Awesome content, just found your channel a few days ago. These little tips and tricks are very helpful.
Maddie DeGeorge
Maddie DeGeorge 2 months ago
Updated video 2020!!!!
Giulia 2 months ago
As a vegetarian, figuring out how to season and cook veggies is HARD but sooooo satisfying! ☺️
Andrea Lewis
Andrea Lewis 3 months ago
Here to ask for an updated version 😍🙏🏻
Paula Queen
Paula Queen 4 months ago
You are sooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shana Moore
Shana Moore 6 months ago
oats don't even have gluten in them
Kd D
Kd D 6 months ago
Hummus my favorite too roasted red pepper
Stephanie Salan
Stephanie Salan 7 months ago
please always update this video. so helpful! and never stop whispering, lol
Jadena Mcdonald
Jadena Mcdonald 7 months ago
Have you tried vegan? I'm not vegan but thinking about it
Elle Lynn Brown
Elle Lynn Brown 8 months ago
okay this video just made me realize how much i am labeling foods as bad or good. I LOVE vans waffles and beyond burgers but i always feel slightly guilty when i eat them.... NOT ANYMORE cause Whitney eats them lol
Tala Russell
Tala Russell 8 months ago
Please list everything in the description too 😊 sometimes I’m already at the store or ordering and remember I wanted to try something & need to find it quickly.
Lea Marye
Lea Marye 8 months ago
Where does she even find this food I never see it anywhere until she sends me looking for it 😂 I’m still shook she recommended kodiak pancake/waffle mix a while back and I ate it every single day for breakfast for a year and a half 😂. Ps i love your videos + personality. The only youtuber that hasn’t changed with fame !!
Deanna Schroeder
Deanna Schroeder 8 months ago
LOVING all the cruelty free options you have added!
Jessica Russell
Jessica Russell 8 months ago
You are the cutest thing! ❤️
Jo Di
Jo Di 9 months ago
What do you use to whitening your teeth?
Loren Lynch
Loren Lynch 9 months ago
Shaved Brussel sprouts are my favorite! I shave them through my food processor and they keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Sautéed and mixed into scrambled eggs or on a rice bowl, so good!
Banshee Tylwyth
Banshee Tylwyth 9 months ago
After watching your videos I had to buy cucumbers!
SB. Yours Truly
SB. Yours Truly 9 months ago
Where do you do most of your shopping? Especially for the gluten free groceries
JessiRee 9 months ago
Dude I've had this thing with pears lately too!!!!😍😍😍 The yellow ripened ones are the best. 🙌
JessiRee 9 months ago
Literally as I type it.. you go Same. 🤣🤣
SuperAriesFireball 9 months ago
You gotta try an Asian Pear!! It literally tastes like a hybrid of an apple and a pear. Soooo yummy!
LynndaRella 9 months ago
You said “ok, Linda” and that’s my name so I was like, whoa🤣 I’m listening🤣🤣🤣
Frida Maczka
Frida Maczka 9 months ago
brussel sprouts are my jammmmmmmm 🤩🤩
Temmie Taft
Temmie Taft 9 months ago
I also find myself buying the same sort of staple items every week & my grocery items look similar to your!!
SoParaholic 9 months ago
Isn’t all oatmeal/oats gluten free? I guess maybe the flavored stuff has some additives?
Jessabelle 9 months ago
kayla singh
kayla singh 9 months ago
You and Savanah Wright are the same!!! Omg love you both💖
shahad Nashi
shahad Nashi 9 months ago
Thank u god for whitney ❤️
Caitlin Kornilov
Caitlin Kornilov 9 months ago
I absolutely love you!
Kristy Marie
Kristy Marie 9 months ago
Stop snapping so much!! Ah! Luv you though
Francis Fletcher
Francis Fletcher 9 months ago
Stop drinking almond milk it’s terrible for the environment and is killing millions of bees. There’s lots of alternatives. Love you tho! You’re video are awesome.
Sydney Wachtler
Sydney Wachtler 9 months ago
Regular oats are gluten free...the only concern would be contamination but yeah it’s basically just marketing
Monsi Time
Monsi Time 9 months ago
I love almond milk but stop buying it because the almond farmers use toooo much water to there crops, tons of pesticides and they use bees to pollinate there crops which btw they treat there bees poorly. Don't believe me, do your research. Save the water, save yourself and save the bees. 👍
Abby Rene
Abby Rene 10 months ago
I really like the gluten free Quaker oatmeal that I buy on amazon. You can get a 4 pound box of them
Cathy Ramos
Cathy Ramos 10 months ago
Love your energy baby girl
megan casiano
megan casiano 10 months ago
I’m a coconut milk kinda gal 🥥❤️
Angelina Noelle
Angelina Noelle 10 months ago
I love your lil edits 🥰 also you’re a bossss❣️
Kelvin Gonzalez
Kelvin Gonzalez 10 months ago
Whitney Simmons yes I know you mean when you talked about the cucumber fresh girl but I guess that's okay I guess I know exactly where you were going Bam Bam Bam let your homeboy fever hit you with that non-stop delicious just the way you like it. I know I would🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🍑🍑🍑🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎
Amber Fowler
Amber Fowler 10 months ago
You are such an inspiration! Got me back on my grind! Thanks for the constant motivation ❤️
Desire Kite
Desire Kite 10 months ago
As I start on my healthy lifestyle change I keep you in the back of my mind for motivation and love referring back to your channel for advice 🤍 Thank you for existing We all love you 🤍
RanndiMarie01 10 months ago
Have tried purple Brussels sprouts?! I went to Trader Joe’s recently and saw they had purple ones! They are slightly sweeter and so delicious!! 😋
coach bouthaina
coach bouthaina 10 months ago
U are so sweet
Stefanie G
Stefanie G 10 months ago
Lol cucumber
Alison Fernandezz
Alison Fernandezz 10 months ago
loveee it
Allie Gee
Allie Gee 10 months ago
You should try the gluten free bob red mills pancake mix! It's delicious!!!
Jenkins Journey
Jenkins Journey 10 months ago
Keep the whispering, it makes you stand out and never loose that positive energy. Great video, honest and too the point.
Elysia Quintanilla
Elysia Quintanilla 11 months ago
The hot italian sausages are INCREDIBLE! I feel the same about sausage, and when I tried the Beyond Meat links I lost my mind. I even got my bf hooked!
cheyanne robey
cheyanne robey 11 months ago
What lipstick are you wearing here??
Mama Days
Mama Days Year ago
We love the whispers! Haha
Kristie rose
Kristie rose Year ago
Do these videos everyday. I'm taking notes bro
Caroline Anand
Caroline Anand Year ago
I used to enjoy your meal videos so much before..I no longer do!
Lauren Burrow
Lauren Burrow Year ago
Switch to Trader Joe’s almond milk! SO much better than Blue Diamond!
prettyeducatedmama Year ago
i love when you whisper✨
Jess Rene
Jess Rene Year ago
Hey Whitney Simmons I’m so obsessed with your matte lips they always look so smooth and not over drying I’ve been binge watching videos trying to find what color and brand you use what color do you use ? Btw I love you so much have been a susbriber forever your the best you and Nikki are the only you tubers I watch ever!!
tony neal
tony neal Year ago
I say ''fricker doddles''
Brenda Abruzzese
Brenda Abruzzese Year ago
Great video, I was gluten free for two years ,doctors thought it was my health and tummy trouble, went vegan all symptoms gone, and iI can eat gluten!❤
shana Burch
shana Burch Year ago
Thanks for your videos I get sick eating the same things so it’s good to see honest people sharing healthy things they eat.
Fawn Parker
Fawn Parker Year ago
I NEED that veggie peeler 😍😍
Michelle Year ago
Strawberries with cool whip is not healthy. Cool Whip is junk.
Pandas Rule
Pandas Rule Year ago
I’m glad I came across your channel , you actually inspired me to loose weight despite the fact I have lupus and already I lost 8 pounds ! Thank you so much to you and your videos
Jane Marie
Jane Marie Year ago
i go through random phases of getting obsessed with youtubers and right now i’m obsessed with you whitney! 😂 you’re so freaking adorable to watch !
Layla Darby
Layla Darby Year ago
Girl your the best, love your videos. ❤️
Dawn Martin
Dawn Martin Year ago
Whitney, u r hilarious I bet ur fun to go out and drink with sorry got off the subject but u crack me up!
Dawn Martin
Dawn Martin Year ago
all this healthy food is to exspensive for me the meat is anyway alternative video mabey? PLEASE WHITNEY!
Dawn Martin
Dawn Martin Year ago
hi, whit I use unsweetened almond milk in my oatmeal do u think thats okay to do instead of water?
Dawn Martin
Dawn Martin Year ago
nevermind i just saw the rest of ur video lol
Monica Martes
Monica Martes Year ago
Good things ❤🤗👍
Ed J
Ed J Year ago
You are better off making your own almond milk. There's only 7-9 almonds in one cup of almond milk/water.
Anne Rosenstand
Anne Rosenstand Year ago
Normal oats dosent contain gluten. So you could just by an ordinary bag of oats, add water and cook it. And then you have oatmeal 😊 I make mine in the microwave in the container that I eat it from so I have almost no cleaning to do ❤️ super easy!
Celise Sookhan
Celise Sookhan Year ago
hmm... maybe some of your merch should say Heck-n-Bob
andrea naomi
andrea naomi Year ago
skin 'em, chop 'em up (hahaha x'D)
Kristen Tanner
Kristen Tanner Year ago
Lol don’t be confused. The beyond burgers have flavor......
Amanda Logan
Amanda Logan Year ago
Hey girl, love the channel! Probably shouldn't eat cool whip it's all processed and never use a microwave!! Especially if you are being healthy! Good Luck!
Melanie N
Melanie N Year ago
As someone with celiac, thank you so much for the tip of where to find gf instant oatmeal!!!
Lorrissa McNack
Lorrissa McNack Year ago
I LOVE a crispy pear 🍐 😂
cutecheerfreak1 Year ago
Sausage is good and totally not disgusting at all lol I have to hard disagree with you there girl
Hunter S
Hunter S Year ago
Hey Whitney! The beyond meat isn’t as good for you as you’d think it is. Can you imagine how processed that can be? They genetically mutate things to taste like meat. If it was plant based, you’d be able to eat it without cooking it. On the package it says to not eat it without cooking it first. Interesting, huh? There’s been a lot of claims about the Beyond Meat burger and how they genetically modify foods to make them taste like meat, a lot of them having to do with carcinogens. Be safe Whitney! Everyone is just trying to make money, healthy or not. :)
Mikayla Rose
Mikayla Rose Year ago
Love this video! Just a tip if you don’t like the packaging for the oatmeal, you can easily make your own if you get all those ingredients in bulk and mix it together yourself! Saves money and packaging 😊
YoMinelyG Year ago
lol @ fact that im eating that same flavor hummus loool
Anika Syeda
Anika Syeda Year ago
Love u so much Whit! Notes: - Vans gluten free blueberry waffles - Trader Joe’s gluten free Oatmeal + cinnamon + fruit - Strawberries - Beyond meat beyond burgers (gluten and soy free) - Trader Joe’s garlic chipotle salsa - Almond milk - Too Good strawberry flavoured Greek yoghurt, sweetened w Stevia - Pears - Cucumber - Brussel sprouts - Butternut squash - Roasted red pepper hummus
Stormy Girl
Stormy Girl Year ago
I LOVE sausage!! But I’d try the meat alternative. Which store do you get yours?
Rj S
Rj S Year ago
Thank god I’m not the only one who thinks sausage is disgusting lol
E Mendoza
E Mendoza Year ago
Love your necklace. Where did you get it? Love your videos.
E Mendoza
E Mendoza Year ago
Lol. Just read it in your description box. Its beautiful!
annel escobar
annel escobar Year ago
Where do you grocery shop??
S RC Year ago
Bob's red Mill makes GF oatmeal... In steel cut, reg, as thick cut. I just made the steel cut in the crock pot. I doubled what the bag said and put it in the fridge after adding Maple syrup, cinnamon, and apples. You can do this in individual small containers to grab and go... Just throw some almond milk on it before you leave so that it's not too thick when you reheat. Also check out GF DF pancake and waffle recipes. I make a big batch and freeze them. They pop apart super easy and I throw them in the toaster. BTW a toaster oven is the same as an air fryer... Except you can fit a pizza in a large toaster oven😂. I use my toaster oven more than anything in my house...I can't stand to microwave certain left overs. 🤮
Arely Llamas
Arely Llamas Year ago
Aw you're so adorable
Ashley M
Ashley M Year ago
I'm confused as to why someone would give this video a thumbs down.. She's so sweet and adorable and funny. I love fruit and really enjoy a plant based burger too lol apples are my go to snack with peanut butter. I eat 12 apples a week hahaha blueberries are another love and I eat veggies everyday. Great tips Whit, I love anything veggie or fruits ;)
Lyndsey Saunders
Lyndsey Saunders Year ago
First video I'm ever watching of your channel and all I can think is "I like you!" 😂😂😂
Annie C
Annie C Year ago
Also the beyond burgers are delicious but agree. Definitely needs seasoning. They definitely reek on the stovetop.
Annie C
Annie C Year ago
I thought that was a straight up knife in the thumbnail 🤣🤣
Melissa M.
Melissa M. Year ago
Has cutting gluten helped with your psoriasis? My doctor once told me that it helps but I never tried it, so I would love to know if it helped you!
Kimani Auguste
Kimani Auguste Year ago
Love the whispering girl !!
DainaG23 Year ago
Roast your Brussels with some bacon and drizzle some good quality Caesar dressing and some Parmesan once done.. 🤤
Maya Rivers
Maya Rivers Year ago
You should try buying gluten free oatmeal online and they won’t be in the individual satchets
Elizabeth Hofman
Elizabeth Hofman Year ago
i thought oats were naturally gluten free
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