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2 simple, quick and easy meal prep recipes to help you eat healthy throughout the week.
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Spicy Chickpea Quinoa Bowls
6 servings | I did 3 servings of 1C chickpea mixture
1 cup uncooked quinoa
2 cups vegetable broth
1 Tbsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 onion, chopped
2 (15 oz) cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 (15 oz) can diced tomatoes
1 Tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp. cumin
½ tsp. red pepper flakes (or more if you like a lot of heat!)
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
Fresh cilantro, garnish (optional)

Thai Turkey Lettuce Wrap (but I did a bowl)
1/4 cup peanut butter
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 onion finely chopped
3 cloves garlic minced
1 tablespoon Thai red curry paste
1 lb lean ground turkey
1 cup carrots shredded
To serve
7 oz Better Romaine Leaf
green onions to garnish
peanuts to garnish

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Summer Fugler
Summer Fugler Month ago
I'm literally sitting here thinking I need to start meal prepping while I'm eating an entire bag of tortilla chips 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Anorexia Recovery
Anorexia Recovery 4 months ago
I love your what ı eat in a DAY 😍
Ashley Cosio
Ashley Cosio 7 months ago
I love this editing!! Does anyone know what software she uses??
Nizza 10 months ago
How much calories is per meal?
Bridget Bedford
Bridget Bedford 10 months ago
I swear we have the same taste buds- never stop these vids plssssss
Agathe vallat
Agathe vallat 10 months ago
Made this yesterday and it tasted amazing!!! So easy to make aswell literally took me max 20 mins
lif3isadanc3flo0r 10 months ago
Question, for the added greens do you take them out to reheat the meals or do they stay in the container?
Monique Joy
Monique Joy 10 months ago
Please do more meal prep and recipes this really helps me out amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hollie H
Hollie H 11 months ago
I cook quinoa and brown rice together and find that nicer to eat than just quinoa
Amanda B
Amanda B Year ago
Hey Whitney can you tell me what your macros would be on the turkey Thai bowl
Katherine de Guzman
Katherine de Guzman Year ago
I cook my quinoa with Chicken Seasoning and water
Sindee Kaye
Sindee Kaye Year ago
Thanks for the great tips! I’m on my way to the store right now! I’m making both of these!!!! BTW, you are gorgeous!!!!👍🏼♥️
Samantha Chichearo
Samantha Chichearo Year ago
i made the chickpeas & they are amazing!!
kralola Year ago
I made the Thai Peanut Curry and it was so good! Replaced the turkey with lean ground chicken breast and added some chili powder and fish sauce for taste. Will definitely make again!
Camryn Garcia
Camryn Garcia Year ago
Love ya whit! Tried so hard to buy an outfit off of gymshark but when it came to checking out my items got taken out of my cart when I was ready to pay bc they were sold out but still supporting u at heart😪💕
emmaaazing23 Year ago
I’m trying these for shhhuuurrrr lol thanks Whit! Loved the dance party section!
Elizabeth Gausin
Elizabeth Gausin Year ago
Love your videos! You helped me so much on my fitness journey before.. now I'm a new mom trying to get back into the groove! 🤞
Beautyyazz Year ago
Hey Do you freeze this food?
Kim Hawkins
Kim Hawkins Year ago
Girrrrl! I had to tell you that the Simply Elizabeth granola is amazing! You mentioned it on another video and I tried it and now I’m hooked! Thank you! 💕
Anic van de Nes
Anic van de Nes Year ago
Pro tip: buy a wok. You’re welcome.
Emily Mason
Emily Mason Year ago
I’m so obsessed with the spicy chickpea recipe😍😍😍 I make it atleast 3 times a month!!
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller Year ago
Loved this video!! More more girl!! Maybe a snack prep or breakfast prep soon?
Emily Bingham
Emily Bingham Year ago
That top's color is so gorgeous on you!
remarkabul Year ago
Love series'ssss like this💖💖💖💖💖💖
Stephanie Alvarez
Stephanie Alvarez Year ago
Please do more videos like this! Really enjoyed it!!
K Channel
K Channel Year ago
Invite Jesus into your life and heart Sister 💕
Lauren Binge
Lauren Binge Year ago
I finally made the chickpea dish for my family and we all love it
Vanessa Schamer
Vanessa Schamer Year ago
Bring on the plant based lady!!! All my support :)
alyssa.12318 Year ago
the quinoa and chickpea meal is delicious!!
Azalea Damoree
Azalea Damoree Year ago
Don’t feel guilty for not being plant based whit!
Ashleigh Brown
Ashleigh Brown Year ago
Will you do a snack video?! This one is great btw!! I’m going to make these next week
Jody D
Jody D Year ago
GIRL... how do you not have 5 MILLION followers?? You are so dang cute and fun to watch - I'd watch all your vids even if I wasn't interested in any of your content LOL. I just recently subscribed and I love what you're creating. Also, this morning I woke up and was feeling sooo low energy. I looked out the window and thought.. IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO BE ALIVE!!! Changed my mood straight away. :)
Nicki D
Nicki D Year ago
Yaaaas now I know what I’m eating next week!! 💪🏼
Leah Luck
Leah Luck Year ago
Thank you for eating a more plant based diet! Even if it’s not perfect it’s still greatly appreciated 💚
The Freeze Dry Queen
The Freeze Dry Queen Year ago
I absolutely hate quinoa. I feel you. I’ve never had chickpeas like that.
Amanda Cobb
Amanda Cobb Year ago
would almond butter work? i’m allergic to peanuts sadly 😭
Alexis Burton
Alexis Burton Year ago
Amanda Cobb surely it would!
Jessie Swanson
Jessie Swanson Year ago
Where did you get your garlic mincer?
Sofie T
Sofie T Year ago
I like the Thai turkey recipe! Thank you. I will try it this weekend
Delaney Halsted
Delaney Halsted Year ago
Tiff Year ago
These are my favorite of your videos! Love the simple but tasty meals.
Zarah Year ago
Did I miss when the Thai paste is added?
R J Year ago
I love how you can’t get over your garlic mincer 😂
Amber Escobedo
Amber Escobedo Year ago
I came here to say that I was super skeptical of a chick pea recipe, but I tried it and GOOD GOSH. It was soo good! Thank you so much for this amazing recipe Whit. I will be making the second meal of this video when I get home from work, I am so excited. :)
Paige Liz
Paige Liz Year ago
Oh my god I made both. The Thai turkey is 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 I added some squeezable ginger I found in the produce section at Walmart to give it a little more dimension. I liked the chickpeas, but it’s something I definitely have to be in the mood for! I added shrimps for more protein.
Storm Ray
Storm Ray Year ago
I made the second recipe and I’ve never been so excited to eat something I meal prepped. I have such a hard time keeping my meal preps interesting but I love how simple the recipe was, thanks so much for posting it! Love you Whitney!
Always Hawa
Always Hawa Year ago
Couscous rice is similar to quinoa but I hate beans I’ll be using chicken in mine thanks for the recipe 🥰😘👍
Molly Whomp
Molly Whomp Year ago
Couldn’t help but notice.... your teeth are so white! 😍 please share with me your secret. Lol
Gabriella Antonia
Gabriella Antonia Year ago
THANK YOU! I needed these.
Gabby Alina
Gabby Alina Year ago
Your house/kitchen decor is so cute! Love it! 😍
Udo Loves Boba
Udo Loves Boba Year ago
Omg.... thankyou so effin much!!!! This video is EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!!! Recipe one, I will use african stew and instead of spinach, sautéed cabbage!
jas landia
jas landia Year ago
only one who can motivate me to be better!!!! thank you for that truly
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
I think I comment this on every video featuring your lid lol but amazon has a universal lid!!!
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
I like to meal plan but not meal prep. I like my food fresh
Nathalie Pena
Nathalie Pena Year ago
Just prepped the chickpea bowl! It was delicious :). Please more quick meal prep videos!!
Shiblaqbri Year ago
Where do you get your meal prep containers??
Lissa Rose
Lissa Rose Year ago
I need a healthy mac and cheese recipe so bad! I’m dying here 😭🤤 HELP!!
Lex Year ago
It’s targeted for kids but check out healthy Mac n cheese on “what’s up moms”
Graciela Guerrero
Graciela Guerrero Year ago
I am very pleasantly surprised at how delicious the garbanzo bean meal prep came out !
Maddie Blazer
Maddie Blazer Year ago
Do you have any videos on counting macros? Don’t know how much of what I should be eating to lose body fat
ATHENAM21 Year ago
Hey do more videos like this. What app are you using to calculate macros? You are perfect :)
daenei Year ago
Farro is a good substitute for quinoa..I like it much better and will eat it more so than if I had to eat quinoa several times a week..thanks for these ideas
Curlybrowngirl Year ago
Vegan over here! Love your plant based meal preps and loooovvvee your workouts! ❤️ exciting to hear your transitioning to plant based. You will feel the difference fo sure
Aggie454 Year ago
I did your first chickpea recipe right now, it was so simple and delicious! Thank you! :)
Hinata tsuki
Hinata tsuki Year ago
Am arab from saudi arabia and I love your channel and content so much and chikapeas is really good protien and carbs and minarls sours and make breast get bigger 🤗 . You inspair me to start make content
Rachael Hendricks
Rachael Hendricks Year ago
I had no idea you were transitioning to plant based!! this makes me love you even more! you go girl!
Magaly Blanco
Magaly Blanco Year ago
"if u hate quinoa, dont eat quinoa girl" LOLOL i felt that
Jessey Hayashi
Jessey Hayashi Year ago
Could you talk about your portions and portion cups you use
Jessey Hayashi
Jessey Hayashi Year ago
Where do you get recipe ideas?
hothotheat3000 Year ago
Legit making the second meal now and my kitchen smells great! It really is simple to make. Thank you so much for all you do. You’re an inspiration, girl.
Stephanie L.
Stephanie L. Year ago
I always need new meal prep meals because your so right about eating the same thing everyday you just get sick of it ughh Thanks so much I'll let you know how it turns out! 😉
Alyssa Noelle
Alyssa Noelle Year ago
Do you eat the 2nd one cold since it’s prepped with the greens?
Aurora Serenity Sildatke
Aurora Serenity Sildatke Year ago
Thank you for including a vegan recipe! Would love to see more in the future!
Brittany McDermott
Brittany McDermott Year ago
Making this tonight tastes so good. Love the meal preps!!!
tg12331 Year ago
Quinoa is better when mixed with brown rice I think
Georgie M
Georgie M Year ago
Just meal prepped the chickpea quinoa bowls for the week, so tasty :)
Jenna Parikka
Jenna Parikka Year ago
Thank you so so sooo much for being clear about how much you have in one serving! I mean, it's one thing to make healthy meals, it's a whole other thing to know how much in one serving is healthy.. ;) Love your videos!
Hayley Todd
Hayley Todd Year ago
I made the Thai lettuce turkey wraps for this weeks meal prep SOO good! I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!
Ann Rucks
Ann Rucks Year ago
Can someone tell me where to get that garlic widget oh my god that is awesome
Brenda MG
Brenda MG Year ago
What can i put instead of the tomate paste? What are the macros for these meals? Thanks for video btw I love it 🥰
Tawni Fonner
Tawni Fonner Year ago
Literally contemplating what to do for meals this upcoming week and bam whit pops up and saves the day!!! Absolutely love these videos, save my life! 💕💕💕
Lauren Michelle
Lauren Michelle Year ago
Hey Whitney! These recipes looked really good but I was wondering if you could include a section on how you reheat them throughout the week to keep them tasting good? I think that would be really helpful, or even if you don't reheat them at all and they are still good!
Samantha Xiong
Samantha Xiong Year ago
Where do you get your containers ?? They’re so nice
Vintage.Heart_ Year ago
That turkey carrot onion mixture looks good enough to eat by itself
Marissa Tomasic
Marissa Tomasic Year ago
Prepped both of these meals today! They were SO yummy! Thanks for helping me add some variety to my meal prepping! I’ll definitely be keeping these on rotation!
Yessy Romero
Yessy Romero Year ago
Loved the recipes 😍 made them both for my meal prep this week ♥️ thanks for sharing they were both very Delishioso 🤗
Green Paw
Green Paw Year ago
You’re awesome 🌈
Carly Laspada
Carly Laspada Year ago
Please show us what you eat for snacks throughout the day!! I work 12 hour shifts at a hospital & I snack like crazy but it’s junk food that makes me feel like 💩 afterwards. I just don’t know what to buy!!
Corina Restrepo
Corina Restrepo Year ago
Love this ! Do you think it would taste good with ground chicken instead ?
Fatima H
Fatima H Year ago
Thank you for sharing!! I’m meal prepping this weekend and I might steal these!
DiannaArbic Year ago
I've been curious about trying out coconut aminos. Do they have a similar taste to a soy sauce or is it completely different? It's kinda pricey where I live so I don't want to purchase it and then I totally hate it :)
Luna Hanifa
Luna Hanifa Year ago
Where is the garlic press frm... I need one of those in my life
Katie Marie
Katie Marie Year ago
That chickpea recipe looks incredible
Sydney James
Sydney James Year ago
When are you posting workouts again😫
MsStar1983 Year ago
I just tried the Thai Turkey.... really yummy 👍👍👍
Molly Chapman
Molly Chapman Year ago
LOVE THIS! More please. I need easy meal prep ideas
Amanda Keister
Amanda Keister Year ago
Just curious Whitney! do you pull out the spinach when you warm up your plate?
Nataly Silva
Nataly Silva Year ago
These look sooo yummy! Love these videos!! And girl drop an eyebrow tut!!
MissAnonima1 Year ago
Hi Whitney, what would you consider your body shape to be? You mentioned once that you genetically store fat in your mid section which is one of the problems of the "apple" shape. Just curious.
Julie Santini
Julie Santini Year ago
Please please make a recipe book! Or post all the recipes online / grocery list !!
Notice Me Senpai
Notice Me Senpai Year ago
Do you eat soy? If so, you should try TVP. It reminds me so much of ground turkey, but it's plant based :)
Rebecca Olu
Rebecca Olu Year ago
Omg and the dinner meal looks delish too, yummmn! Can’t wait to try these two 😋
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