VLOG! MEXICO with the boyfriend, packing up, eating healthy on the goooo!

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Whitney Simmons

8 months ago

Wanted to vlog some of my Cabo San Lucas vacation and pop in some things I do while working out while traveling and some healthy snacks I bring along with me xx
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Mama R
Mama R 9 days ago
Ok, you're always gorgeous (with and without makeup) but your birthday dinner look was 😍😍😍😍 Girl, you are a stunner!
Angielizet Ramos
Angielizet Ramos 22 days ago
Omg you both are beautiful love it 😍
Shauna Month ago
When you and Steven were just repeating "off to dinner" it cracked me up because it reminds me of me and my man... Personalities on point. LOL
Lilly Lu
Lilly Lu Month ago
I am in Melbourne
Bridget M
Bridget M 2 months ago
Uhm anyone else notice the shirtless cowboy in the gym? Haha 💕
ramaalmasri3 2 months ago
love you whitney
Kym Haldeman
Kym Haldeman 2 months ago
Where do you get your robes at?! They look SO comfortable!! Where do you buy that natural deodorant?!
DaniB 2 months ago
What resort is this?! 😍
Sandra Baack
Sandra Baack 3 months ago
WHAT'S THE NAME OF THIS RESORT OR PLACE THAT YOU STAYED AT? Love you and all your videos btw xo :)
Nicole Sparks
Nicole Sparks 4 months ago
Karli Robbins
Karli Robbins 5 months ago
What resort is this!?
Oello👽 5 months ago
This vlog is so fun! I love your bubbly personality! 💙Also you and Stefan are so freaking cute. 💙
Gwendolyn Wittman
Gwendolyn Wittman 5 months ago
Okay, where in the world did you get the cute outfit at the beginning of this video???? I love it!!!
Havannah Anthony
Havannah Anthony 5 months ago
I for real just said to myself “ok I need to stop watching Whitney and watch cancun videos for my trip” and I look up and see this video. Guess I don’t have to stop watching Whitney 😋
socaligirl 5 months ago
Where did u get the beach bag? So cute you can fit so much
Selena Garland
Selena Garland 5 months ago
Where did you get the toiletry bag? Also you always make me smile. I love your videos.
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Girl, I ALWAYS overpack! I can so relate. You never know how or what you're going to be feeling the day of. Gotta be prepared! I feel you!
Stephanie Pikulski
Stephanie Pikulski 5 months ago
Um what resort is this because it’s freaking gorgeous!
Sabrena Ness
Sabrena Ness 5 months ago
Where is the beach bag from
sarahpisciotta 6 months ago
Where is the fringe sun hat from?
Savanna Pierce
Savanna Pierce 7 months ago
Where is the giant straw beach bag from?!
Женя Бабакин
Женя Бабакин 7 months ago
А что с лицом?! Ааааа. Ужасссссс!
Alisa Sultan
Alisa Sultan 7 months ago
McKenzie Dunwald
McKenzie Dunwald 7 months ago
I just looked up what a "golden birthday" was and mine was last year T_T I missed it and I didn't even know
Eva Ruiz
Eva Ruiz 7 months ago
I love your sunglasses! Where from?
Elaine Gerald
Elaine Gerald 7 months ago
@whitneysimmons which resort is this? Looks amazing!
kelsey rodgers
kelsey rodgers 7 months ago
I want to know if those pjs and robes are a set! I love them. Where did you get them??
Kristina 7 months ago
Omg, Whitney and Nikki player Switch together 😭❤️Looove that. And love this vlog!! (Yes, I am behind on your videos, it's been a weird time lately, sorryyy). xx
Ayness Lee
Ayness Lee 7 months ago
I'm so envy that you were able to go on vacation while we were in quarantine here in China and not knowing when we can go on vacation again. (crying)
Joanna Izon
Joanna Izon 8 months ago
Does anyone know where she got her fluffy loungewear from?
Bree Williams
Bree Williams 8 months ago
I absolutely love this video! Where did you stay ? I would love to take my boyfriend there once this pandemic is done :(
Paige Victoria
Paige Victoria 8 months ago
I strive to be more like Whitney! She’s so happy!! Love you Whitney!!
Tabitha Hayes
Tabitha Hayes 8 months ago
You should play animal crossing on your switch! 😍
Dr. KARAN 8 months ago
pls make a video on relationship advice. pls whitney we need it amidst the fuckbois ! 😔
Martha Villavicencio
Martha Villavicencio 8 months ago
Was glances on USposts and came across your workout videos. Then I started looking at your videos.. ...your soul and personality is so real and lovely. Continue inspiring all of us.💪 May God bless you 🙌
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie 8 months ago
Where did you book your trip through? And where did you guys stay? If love to take my mom on a trip
Luanne V
Luanne V 8 months ago
What hair waver does Whit use?💕
McSteamyfied 8 months ago
Where is your toiletry bag from ?
lilladycn 8 months ago
Is the Sarah’s Day deodorant also an antiperspirant?
Bryn Power
Bryn Power 8 months ago
Probably the best blog you’ve ever made! Happy late birthday !
Irene Giorgis
Irene Giorgis 8 months ago
U both so sweet and nice together 💓
Kara 8 months ago
Whitney your name should be Summer, you just shine!
Lexi 8 months ago
where did you get your beach bag from I LOVE IT!
kaits diary
kaits diary 8 months ago
good travelling,you have a good body and pretty to
kavitraa paramaguru
kavitraa paramaguru 8 months ago
Hey Whitney ! Greetings from Malaysia! - Can I ask what video editing tools you use to edit your videos ? :)
Ana C
Ana C 8 months ago
Where’s the big beach bag from?
Michaela Madden
Michaela Madden 8 months ago
Whit! do you still self tan before/on vacation? If so how does it work with swimming and being in the ocean and such!?
Karen Amador Vasallo
Karen Amador Vasallo 8 months ago
Where are your swimsuits from... especially the first one 😍
Katelyn Ha
Katelyn Ha 8 months ago
Girl can you do a makeup tutorial with the makeup look when you guys went out to dinner?! That bronzed look is gorgeous 😍🔥
Tanya Rogers
Tanya Rogers 8 months ago
Happy birthday beautiful!! 💗 hope you had an amazing getaway, love your channel always a ray of sunshine with your infectious smile and beautiful personality 😊 🌻🌈 xx
Rachel Quade
Rachel Quade 8 months ago
Did he get you the nintendo switch lite or the entire gaming system one? I have been thinking about getting one!!
Meriana Spicer
Meriana Spicer 8 months ago
What camera do you use to make your USposts videos?☺️
Aislinn Moreau
Aislinn Moreau 8 months ago
Where did you get your beach bag? I’m obsessed
Shanaz Nadine Ariandina
Shanaz Nadine Ariandina 8 months ago
You and Stephan are the ultimate couple goals. Happy belated birthday Whit❤️
Jennifer Lerch
Jennifer Lerch 8 months ago
best quote of the vlog: "me and stephan are always on sync with what we wanna do, which is nothinggggg"
Shannon Friesen
Shannon Friesen 8 months ago
Please make more hair tutorials! Those beachy waves at stunning
Zindee 8 months ago
That is literally the most beautiful room 😍😭
Coco B
Coco B 8 months ago
i absolutely love you personality, your positivity, your hair, just everything makes me so happy
Faithe Pangelinan
Faithe Pangelinan 8 months ago
Everything about this video I LOVE!!! So funny and cute! Love you whitttt! So happy you had an amazing birthday, you deserve it!!
Kaitlyn Norton
Kaitlyn Norton 8 months ago
Love love love your vlogs ❤️
Kayla Jacobs
Kayla Jacobs 8 months ago
Your skin looks amazing!
Sarah Congialdi
Sarah Congialdi 8 months ago
omg it's my golden year also!!!! except I can't do anything now with this coronavirus.. and lack of freaking money.. :'( like I haven't gone through enough in life.. and I can't even have a good freaking golden bday.. life.. is UGH
Amelia Ramirez
Amelia Ramirez 8 months ago
What was the song playing while she was working out? It was so good!
Loops 8 months ago
Hey Whitney, which resort was it in Cabo? It’s so pretty I’d like to go there someday.
Allycatb123 5 months ago
@Alvaro Delgado Waldorf Astoria in cabo!
Alvaro Delgado
Alvaro Delgado 5 months ago
Loops I’d also like to know
Alyssa Lescano
Alyssa Lescano 8 months ago
Which resort did you guys stay at? Was just there last week! Stayed at Solmar! Feel like we have the same beach front strip!! ❤️❤️❤️
Brianna Sophia
Brianna Sophia 8 months ago
i love you
Isabelle Ngo
Isabelle Ngo 8 months ago
Where is that adorbs beach bag from?? 😍
Ada Snodgrass
Ada Snodgrass 8 months ago
Please more videos like this! I’m taking the health crisis very seriously, self isolating - etc but I need escapes like this that don’t mention what’s going on. I appreciate it ♥️
SuGaRlOvErCaNdY 8 months ago
I know she keeps her relationship pretty private but I wish they would do a small QA together but I respect.
Rebecca Matthews
Rebecca Matthews 8 months ago
Whitney! Love this 💕 What is the song in the background when you're at the resort gym??! Been trying to figure it out, but no matter how much I shizam it it can't figure it out!😭
Pamela Lopez
Pamela Lopez 8 months ago
More vlogs plz !!! 🥰
Kaelyn Say
Kaelyn Say 8 months ago
girlllll where is your necklace from with your and Stefans initials
cathy smith
cathy smith 8 months ago
whit at 15min.....oooooh girl your hair and face!!!! glowing and popping!! and beachy hair!! love
Melissa Moreno
Melissa Moreno 8 months ago
Why you didn’t do an all inclusive??? Mexico especially the Rivera maya. Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel is known for the all inclusive, you can pick a luxurious hotel and everything included way way way more affordable than buying meals separately.
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 8 months ago
Because we really wanted to stay at this resort
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 8 months ago
Awesome stuff 😍 have fun!!
Chelsey Beaulieu
Chelsey Beaulieu 8 months ago
My life depends on Whitney Simmons content 😭🙏🏻
Christina Glows
Christina Glows 8 months ago
you need to stuff medjool dates with those pistachios!! also happy belated! gosh you guys are soo cute
Yesenia Colon
Yesenia Colon 8 months ago
Omg where is that beach bag from that you showed us at 1:31? It's so cute I want to buy it!!
Brenda Farias
Brenda Farias 8 months ago
Absolutely stunning!! Everything!! What resort was this? 😍
Stephanie Cao
Stephanie Cao 8 months ago
i just freaken love Whitney!!! lol
Isabella Berkheimer
Isabella Berkheimer 8 months ago
I would love for you to do a video on all the psoriasis friendly things you love so much 😭😍❤️ for your fellow psoriasis sisters
Sav Masters
Sav Masters 8 months ago
Pleassse can you do a tutorial on your beach wave hair style what products you used
Brynley Carter
Brynley Carter 8 months ago
This is random but could you do healthy pizzas? Or would you say to just make your own pizza?
Olivia DeCell
Olivia DeCell 8 months ago
Amira H.
Amira H. 8 months ago
I love your Fitness content but seeing more of the other aspects of your life is super cool. Thanks for sharing! ❤️ Like this comment as a Pétition for more Vlogs!
Emely Julian
Emely Julian 8 months ago
Alli S
Alli S 8 months ago
what resort is this? it’s so beautiful!! & the nintendo switch gift was so cute! i loved this vlog 💞
VARISARA S. 8 months ago
you both deserve each other! You guys are so dang cute tgt
Misty Hagler
Misty Hagler 8 months ago
What resort is this?
Summer Goldman
Summer Goldman 8 months ago
Y’all crack me up! Me and my husband are also always in bed on vacay by 9! And we also love to do nothing and eat! 🤷‍♀️
Kendall Bremner
Kendall Bremner 8 months ago
I’m not sure if I missed it in the video.. but where/which resort is this in Cabo?? Would love to check it out!!! 🥺😍❤️
Erika Estrada
Erika Estrada 8 months ago
Where did you stay while in Cabo?? Looks beautiful 😍😍
William Patrie
William Patrie 8 months ago
All work and no play ,makes Whitney a dull girl,Not really she's hot.lol.🥰
Suzette R
Suzette R 8 months ago
Happy birthday beautiful !!💓
valerie heil
valerie heil 8 months ago
That dinner glow though... ooh!
M F 8 months ago
You're my favorite person ever! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
kathi Arias
kathi Arias 8 months ago
Happy Birthday !! Hope you had a great Birthday !!!
Megan Dikes
Megan Dikes 8 months ago
Stefan: “Pre shelled pistachios”😎
Megan Dikes
Megan Dikes 8 months ago
Plz share the place y’all stayed because ommgggeeee
Mara td24
Mara td24 8 months ago
When is he going to propose!!!!😩😩😩
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