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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

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Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
TO CLARIFY... the food I was eating is not the issue!! GIRL IF YOU WANT TO EAT EGG WHITES BECAUSE YOU LOVE EGG WHITES, ENJOY!! The issue in those old videos is the LITTLE amount of food I was eating and how unbalanced those meals were!! LOVE YOU thanks for being so supportive on this video I'M SHOOK lmao
Candice Provincial
Candice Provincial 2 months ago
My problem is that I can't get all the calories in that I need. Some days I just don't feel hungry and anything I try to eat makes me gag. It's getting better though I'm forcing myself to get at least 3 good high calorie meals in if I can and try to grab snacks if I can stomach it
Jackie Ramos
Jackie Ramos 2 months ago
I love your message but I do love watching your old videos too! Your eye shadow comment made me LOL!!
ALittleChatWithAsh 7 months ago
So I am watching you video and I am really overweight and I don't want to be too skinny because I know its not obtainable but I want to be much healthier than I am.
Anisha 7 months ago
If you don’t mind me asking what is your current weight at? @whitneysimmons
Julia K
Julia K Year ago
I would love to see a video about intuitive eating!!!
Ashley Copeland
Ashley Copeland 3 days ago
I know you'll probably never see this, Whitney, since this video is from last year, BUT... I'm there right now. I'm overweight and trying to lose nearly 25-35 pounds and it's hard not to focus on protein. The problem is, I'm still in a place where I want all of the unhealthy food constantly and don't pay attention sometimes to what I'm putting in my body. I hope one day I can have a healthy relationship with food as you do in addition to losing the unhealthy, extra weight. Thank you for all you do, I love your videos!
Mari Anna
Mari Anna 6 days ago
I'm not a fan of these fitness trends, a few years ago the goal was to be thin as possible, now we're shifting into the "thicc" trend, not a fan of that either. I'm naturally quite skinny, I don't gain weight easily, I don't gain muscle easily either, so I've decided, I just want to be as healthy as possible and strong enough so that I can do things I want to do and live my daily life without back pain for example after working on the computer every day.
Ashley Rae
Ashley Rae 10 days ago
At this point I can’t tell if what I’m doing is good for my body or borderline eating disorder. But my body is looking good so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Aurelija Griksaite
Aurelija Griksaite 14 days ago
Same story with me now
Melanie Czaplinski
Melanie Czaplinski 16 days ago
Omg I used to be the same! Was undereating, the lesser the better, that was my motto.. Just wanted to be skinny and now I just want to be healthy and glowy and fit and just happy!
Yvette Erasmus
Yvette Erasmus 22 days ago
I love you're shirt you're wearing.....its sooooo beautiful☺
MissPrettyN'Pink 25 days ago
Protein is needed to build muscle?
Lauren Love
Lauren Love 28 days ago
This video is soooo amazing to watch because I remember watching those original videos and following what you did EXACTLY. I was just starting my fitness journey and I was heavily influenced by other fitness influencers trying to shrink themselves.... and looking how much you have grown and I have grown makes me so happy 😭 loved you in 2016 and love you now!! (Vanilla protein and OJ was my jam for yearssss because of you haha)
Helena Vo
Helena Vo Month ago
When she whispered “there’s absolutely no way in heckin bob.... “ I’m dead 😂 love u Whitney ❤️❤️❤️
Danny Darling
Danny Darling Month ago
I AM OBSSESSED with your top at the beggining that green looking like amazon!!!!! Where did you get it also you inspire me!!! ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO BE ALIVE
Axelle Blanpain
Axelle Blanpain Month ago
I’m obsessed with your eye makeup look in this video 🖤 What is your eyeshadow? I love it ✨
ashley ray
ashley ray Month ago
I needed to hear this!! I always felt guilty if I had sweets or ate out during the week. I also had the same mindset where I needed to be restrictive with my diet to be skinny and get toned. Now I just want to be strong, thick, but get my abs back. I cant wait to be where you are in your life. Again thank you for making this video
Jay Month ago
Yeah there’s this “beautiful movement” of women wanting to stop being skinny & getting thick.... but now I’m weighing myself everyday hoping for the scale to go up, force feeding tf out of myself when I’m not hungry, constantly tracking my macros & making sure I hit these every day or I’m afraid of getting skinnier, I feel so ugly & I’m obsessed with getting bigger that I get so mad when I can’t reach all my calories because I feel ugly being skinny
El Alexander
El Alexander Month ago
I understand where you are going with this video, but (and I mean this in the most positive way) everyone starts somewhere. There is nothing wrong with any of this. It helped you learn and grow into who you are now. Many people are in this stage you show here and it's ok. We all have to experiment and find what works for us. Also, diets come in all shapes and sizes. I see a lot of fitness influencers lately jumping on the higher carb band wagon and shame the low carb/sugar diets. I personally am sticking with the low carb/sugar route because I have diabetic concerns. I see people packing in the carbs and advising it in their videos and I think wow, I'd be in a low-key sleeping coma for an hour after eating a normal portion of carbs like that. I think most important is that you listen to your own body and be open to ANY diet and lifestyle that works for you, not just what's in at the moment.
jod enderson
jod enderson Month ago
Great video
delia ma
delia ma Month ago
I have never in my life been restrictive of my food maybe to the point of being unhealthy but life is food u work for food u live for food. I totally didn't have two cups of orange juice, a cup of Ribena, two ice cream a macaroon, and a sprite within 3 hours... Hey that was one time okay don't judge (Edit I had steak and potatoes last night for dinner HEY I had a salad)
Lilly Blickensderfer
Lilly Blickensderfer Month ago
Do not be afraid of food "No food guilt!" Ssooo true. This is my goal, and I've gotten so better with this over the past 3 years, but I still could be nicer to myself sometimes. Its hard bc I'm 17 years old and I've always had a sweetooth, and my family openly judges me for anything that's "not healthy", and that I "shouldn't be eating". You know what's espicially wrong with this... they eat just the same thing too, none of them are health nuts and whenever they are trying to be healthy its all about the wrong things. So what I'm saying is that sometimes its hard for me to have no food guilt because of this. I have gotten so much better though and I can't wait to have my own place to make and eat the food I'd like - regardless of if it's "totally healthy" or not. If you resonate with my experience, you need to know that YOU GOT THIS!!! 😘🥑🍕
SunFlowers In Her Hair
SunFlowers In Her Hair 2 months ago
I dont want to be stick thin, but I dont want to be super thick either. I just incline walk 5-6 times a week for an hour and do weight training 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes and I try to eat an 80/20 diet and drink lots of water. Of course I want to look good but I really just want to maintain my health and youth by living a healthy lifestyle and being active
Sarah Stutzman
Sarah Stutzman 2 months ago
I started my journey three days ago and I am counting every calorie and measuring everything. I have done the on off thing for years, but this time I am sticking to it. I have diabetes and high pressure and it's time for a change. I am in the process of making healthy changes to the foods I do it, but I will say this. I am not afraid of carbs and I still eat them, but in moderation. Whitney, I found your channel before I started back on this journey and that is what made me do it. Every day after my work out my treat is sit down and watch some of your videos. Thank you so much for being here. You are making a difference more then you realize.
Trippy Siren
Trippy Siren Month ago
Ayyyy, diabuddy!
Kalie Carroll
Kalie Carroll 2 months ago
I love your personality Whit! You're so silly and authentic. Love that youre reflecting and showing your growth! You're mindset is beautiful
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee 2 months ago
You are so inspirational. Thank you so much whit
dayzfan4life01 2 months ago
Stumbled upon this at just the right time. I've found myself having a similar relationship with food lately and being as consumed by the thought of it as you were, same with weighing in everyday and never feeling good enough. This was the perfect message. Thank you!
Rhinestone aesthetics
Rhinestone aesthetics 2 months ago
I think the bigger issue is not the food choices, most of them were pretty nutrient dense foods. I think the issue is the low cals but more the mindset behind it. And everything really depends on your fitness goals.
LUNA A 3 months ago
I love your top where did you buy it ? Thanks
Camila Belle
Camila Belle 3 months ago
Thank you sooo much for your honesty and transparency with eating and your relationship with food, you are an inspiration and when you say " im proud of far ive come" GIRL ME TOO ! im proud of you !!
Isabelle Isabelle
Isabelle Isabelle 3 months ago
What is her hight?
hannah • 6 years ago
hannah • 6 years ago 3 months ago
i just deleted my macro app a couple days ago and i'm so happy! i didn't know you ate intuitively or had such a damaged past with fitness and i'm glad you fixed it❤️ ps premier protein is n a s t y
Shelby York
Shelby York 3 months ago
I just love seeing your mental health journey ❤️ what exactly changed your mindset to realize you weren’t eating enough?
Ella livorno
Ella livorno 3 months ago
why are there dislikes on this video..
Cait M
Cait M 4 months ago
This video made me realize I don't eat much at all. 😳 I am not a calorie counter but have IBS so can not imagine fitting that much food into my stomach.
Cathy 4 months ago
I truly appreciate you being so honest and forthcoming.
Haylie R. Wilson
Haylie R. Wilson 4 months ago
I used to be *obsessed* with working out and not eating lol and now that I’m actually eating healthy- I’m not miserable and I look even better and thin. Also- I’m a girl that freakin holds fat in her belly. But lol life is so not worth it and I’m just as skinny and beautiful now as I was starving myself Love love this video ❤️ being obsessed with being thin means never feeling thin
Femke Doorduyn
Femke Doorduyn 4 months ago
I used to unconsciously eat about 1000 cal. That was bad...
gina aponte
gina aponte 4 months ago
I used to be super restrictive when I started my fitness journey over the past 6 yrs my mindset has also changed and it blows me away to see pictures of my old self I look so sick. I'm proud of where I am now
Jamielee Stevenson
Jamielee Stevenson 4 months ago
You look like Caroline from love island💓
Jen Castellanos
Jen Castellanos 4 months ago
You're so wonderful 🥰 I used to be so afraid of carbs too.
Chelsea Steuwer
Chelsea Steuwer 4 months ago
I think its healthy to alternate eating styles and see what works for you. Its also healthy to eat as restrictive as you were every once in awhile as a cut. And then to change it up again. Really just gotta find what works for you and what type of look your going for. I went through a phase where I was very restrictive but I liked the way I looked. Then phase where I bulked up. Now im on a cut again.. So we will see what happens :)
Alissa Lykke
Alissa Lykke 4 months ago
It’s all personal growth!! Loved this video💗
Amber Dobbins
Amber Dobbins 5 months ago
Okay Whit 🙌🏽 Thank you, this video makes me feel so much better about the nachos I just ate. After all I kicked butt this morning with my workout. Carbs are good 👌🙌🏽😍
Sarah Eddie
Sarah Eddie 5 months ago
I followed whits 'what I eat in a days' to a T bqck in 2016 and felt so bad that I couldnt stick to it so it's such a good thing for me to see this and I'm so happy that whit is living that healthier mindset too 💜 we're all in this together
Liana P
Liana P 5 months ago
Appreciate this video!!! Very relatable.
Beverly Marsh
Beverly Marsh 5 months ago
I think you looked amazing back then, I dont think you were thin at all, i think you were really fit back then too, maybe a bit smaller but def not skinny! And I LOVE salads for dinner! ❤
Marina Saburova
Marina Saburova 5 months ago
oh yikes, my breakfast yesterday was 1 cup of egg whites and 1/4 cup kodiak cakes mix... but i felt full. Maybe cause i literally don't move in quarantine
Tanner 5 months ago
Damn... the title lied.
Christina V
Christina V 5 months ago
I hold my weight in my stomach too. And with 2 kids I can't get rid of it.
bigred 5 months ago
"Are you ok?" Love your sense of humor... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cassandra Mrsny
Cassandra Mrsny 5 months ago
This makes me so happy I could cry! I friggin love you and how you use your platform!!! Thank you. This is such an important message 🖤
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Whit. Girl, you look STUNNING! Holy heckinbob!
Nathalia Forero
Nathalia Forero 5 months ago
The food guilt is the worst feeling ever. I still have those days and girl it’s so annoying I try not to care but it always affects me
Lily Rosenbaum
Lily Rosenbaum 5 months ago
where is your bikini from in the thumbnail?!
Sadia Kalam
Sadia Kalam 5 months ago
This is such an important video and mindset. I remember watching your videos back then and thinking wow, I wish I could look like her. I still don't, but I managed to lose 22lbs. I'm still working towards my goal weight very slowly and I'm consumed by the mindset you say your old self had. I have major food guilt, it ruins my mood when I eat too many calories and worst of all, I binge eat. I'm striving to achieve a healthier mindset and learn to fuel and embrace my body rather than force it into a certain shape. I'm nowhere near close to it but I'll try to remember this video next time I punish myself for slipping up.
Kam Coco
Kam Coco 5 months ago
Yes you’re telling fat people yo eat junk ???
Poppy Heap
Poppy Heap 5 months ago
Are you going to remove the old video? I feel like it might be best to take it down if you dont like the advice anymore as someone could follow it thinking you still eat that way? Love the change in mindset and how open you are about your persinal growth in fitness! X
BeingTee 5 months ago
Facts I use to be so into egg whites now I never buy egg whites 🤢
Sarah Squared
Sarah Squared 6 months ago
I know this is an older videotape be commenting on, but it’s just crazy because I used to watch these old videos (I remember ALL. THOSE. EGG WHITES!) and thought you were being so healthy and that was the right thing to do! Like it just made sense. And then the older I got I started learning more about food and what fuels your body, and not until now did I realize how restrictive you were. I love that you posted this & sharing with the world your mistakes and how you’ve grown and changed for the better. Always a positive message with you and I love love LOVE it! ❤️
Rhiannon Morgan
Rhiannon Morgan 6 months ago
Coming out of anorexia and just sitting with orthorexia for a while I think is working OK for me atm. At least im eating something, you know? Maybe then I can make baby steps towards 'scarier' foods. No point eating something that i will get stressed over and throw up. I really love the video though! You're a kind person 😋💝
Trippy Siren
Trippy Siren Month ago
Sending you all the love during your recovery process! 🧡
Ysabel Rodriguez
Ysabel Rodriguez 6 months ago
I just want to say thank you, I have lost about 70 pounds and I stopped kinda counting my macros and gained like 10 pounds back, but watching and hearing you say not to be afraid of carbs and it just really made me feel better because I’ve started to become anal about them and meeting them recently and this is just something I needed to hear and realize I need to be proud of myself instead thank you for inspiring me
Annalise Gallagher
Annalise Gallagher 6 months ago
I feel bad about the thicc movement because I know there are a lot of girls trying to build a butt and gain weight that find it hard. But if I were a teenager back in like 2012-2015 I would have hated my body. I've always had much bigger legs than the average girl, so hearing people call others that look like me "thicc" instead of fat really made me feel sexy with the legs that I have. Crazy how we went from thigh gaps (which are still beautiful if you have one!) to thick legs being the beauty standard.
Vanessa 6 months ago
You helped me alot. While I was watching how you ate in the past I realiced that I do the same bad decisions with food and have the exact goal. But you let me know that being skinny should not be the important goal. Being happy with how you look and feeling good while eating the food you love is way more important. Thank you very much. Now I feel definitly better and I eat more than before than back in the days
Grace Sanders
Grace Sanders 6 months ago
I AVIDLY followed these. I was high protein for at least a year, I drank Premier Proteins, ate egg whites and salsa, Halo Top, turkey sausage, I bought BCAAS, I started making protein shakes, I got Kodiak Cakes... I am blown away. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Food guilt is SO real for me. I realized literally a few days ago that I have an unhealthy relationship with food. Restricting myself makes me feel like I’m out of control and in control all at the same time.
Viktoria Medvedeva
Viktoria Medvedeva 6 months ago
Am I the only one who thought her food before was perfectly fine? I don’t find it nasty at all, most of it I already eat so I got kind of offended when she kept saying that it’s nasty. Just me?
Libier Reynolds
Libier Reynolds 6 months ago
Thank you for this video and your positive influence for so many young ladies and women like me.
rooney toons
rooney toons 6 months ago
ok can I just say you look absolutely stunning and I love the glittery eyeshadow💗
Claire Palmer
Claire Palmer 6 months ago
I seriously love this video.. I’m also on the other side of my disordered eating/restrictive lifestyle and it feels so freeing to truly feel confident with your food freedom and inner happiness. I loveeeee seeing your progress and so proud of your growth girl. You’re doing amazing work ❤️
Marah Robinette
Marah Robinette 7 months ago
How tall is she?
Marlene Sophie
Marlene Sophie 7 months ago
You are really making me aware about how unhealthy my relationship with food is . Could you maybe make a video how you overcame your fear of food? :)
Maria Webber
Maria Webber 7 months ago
thank you for this video
Megan Hasenmueller
Megan Hasenmueller 7 months ago
I love this video and you!!!!
Kelly Byram
Kelly Byram 7 months ago
This is amazing! Thank you for doing this ❤️
caitlinggodfrey 7 months ago
I love this video!! You’re saying that the food isn’t unhealthy or bad, but the restrictive mindset is (!!) absolutely love a good food mindset, heck yeaaah!
xxsyl 7 months ago
love you whitney. its great that you’re helping girls out to be rid of the restrictive mindset you had, but i think its important to forgive your younger self. It was her who taught you all that you know today 💕
Michelle G
Michelle G 7 months ago
I love the way you look today! The beautiful look with healthy mindset. Thanks for being honest and open to talk about the “skinny” trends. It reminds me how pathetically it is to just pursues being super thin regardless being healthy or not.
Life with Allie
Life with Allie 7 months ago
What if you try truly try and you take these progress photos and then you don’t see the rewarding change you want to see what then? 😕
Tamara Cousineau
Tamara Cousineau 7 months ago
I usually don't comment on videos but I can definitely relate to everything you say! Thanks for your honesty. Restrictions... been there too!
Ling Yuan Leow
Ling Yuan Leow 7 months ago
seriously, your past photos are way better... you just wasted so much effort and time to change...
Saffy 7 months ago
Wow - stumbled across this video as I'm sitting at my kitchen table eating lunch. A cup of spinach, half a cucumber chopped on top, and lemon juice as my dressing. If this wasn't the wake up call I needed I don't know what is!
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris 7 months ago
Watching this video just makes me feel so much better! I have been trying to cut down and not eat as much and count my calories and that’s not the way forward for a health life style. Thank you 😊
505 7 months ago
I really loved this video but honestly these movements for body types is kind of stupid. I have a fast metabolism and I’m skinny, it’s hard because I feel the pressure to gain weight so hard but no matter how much I try, it’s not working. Every shape and size is beautiful.
Dulcie Archuleta
Dulcie Archuleta 7 months ago
Old Whitney looks like me now haha and that's fine because I actually need to lose weight
sara chen
sara chen 7 months ago
Makes sense bc I have been eating 1200kalories for a long time and I noticed that I was tired and hungry all the time. I’m 5ft 5. And weight 132pounds. And I think my body kinda just started to shut down because I stopped losing fat. Now I eat about 1700kalories and feel much better. (I’m not that active bc of quarantine but I still workout and when I do I burn not so much. About 300kalories)
E Wilson
E Wilson 7 months ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Just cried a little no lie. Watching you look back and realize how far you’ve com gives me hope that I can overcome the unhealthy relationship I have with food too! Love ya girl.
em thrives.
em thrives. 7 months ago
You've got this Erin (:
Madeline Audrey
Madeline Audrey 7 months ago
I used to eat like that, I only ate meat eggs or veggies
Brittany Cline
Brittany Cline 7 months ago
I relate to you so much. Thank you for your videos. I feel like happy health is right on the horizon.
em thrives.
em thrives. 7 months ago
That's awesome Brittany!
Kimba A.G.
Kimba A.G. 7 months ago
Thanks for this. I’m 32, I’ve only been lifting for 4 months. I had been feeling the pressure to learn how to track macros etc.. I know nothing about that... but after watching this I’m sticking to my way of eating, I eat plenty of whole healthy foods, veggies, fruit, carbs etc... Im getting stronger by the weeks but like u I also carry my weight around my tummy. Honestly I envy these fitness girls with tight toned flat tummies and maybe that will never be the case for me. So thanks for reminding me of the need to not restrict myself and as long as I’m intuitively eating to fuel my body I’m good. ❤️💪🏽☺️
Tamisha Denis
Tamisha Denis 7 months ago
I needed to see this during covid lock down 😈😊😇
Adrianna Marie Aka AD
Adrianna Marie Aka AD 7 months ago
I'm so proud of you. I remember watching those vids trying to figure out how to start a fitness journey. Funny thing is I was in an unhealthy mindset back then too. Thinking I had to do things a certain way. Girl I was tripping out on how do I count a macro 😂😂. Its great to come so far and it's great to see you come just as far. Thank you for being an example of growth and evolution of self love. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your truth. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Taylor-René Rowan
Taylor-René Rowan 7 months ago
I love you Whit!!!! I used to be the SAME WAY. I was down to 10% body fat and still unhappy with my legs! Working out, gaining MASS, and eating till your HEART'S CONTENT is my only goal now. LOVE YOU!!💘
Michelle Viloria
Michelle Viloria 8 months ago
ugh i love you and your energy! subscribed (: just got into working out again , i started at counting every calorie and starve myself if i went over that i just had to give up because i was so unhappy. thanks for sharing your perspectives and reminding people its okay to let yourself listen to your body instead of punishing it. !
em thrives.
em thrives. 7 months ago
YES!!! I hope you continue to take care Michelle
Olivia Dallape
Olivia Dallape 8 months ago
Ya I’m so glad I watched this, I think I am that person that is obsessed with hitting macros and I’m now trying to have a better relationship with food without under eating :) so I sincerely thank you, for this video
em thrives.
em thrives. 7 months ago
I love this Olivia!!!! Health is not being a slave to numbers
SFMonge 8 months ago
Am i the only one that really liked the bold eyeshadow and black top look that she roasted herself for?
caroline mcdonough
caroline mcdonough 8 months ago
plzzz tell what eyeshadow you're wearing!!! 😍😍😍😍
Madison Dinelli
Madison Dinelli 8 months ago
Omg this was one of the best videos 😂😂 you have no idea how much I can relate to this!!! This means the WORLD
Johngallagher89 X
Johngallagher89 X 8 months ago
I’m a fan of you
Jennifer Andrade
Jennifer Andrade 8 months ago
I'm so glad you reviewed this. I followed your workouts and eating regimen. Girl, I was so leaned out AF! I literally LAWLED at your present self is repulsed with egg-whites, because 2016 Me felt the same. I feel ya so hard on this video.
Shay Velasquez
Shay Velasquez 8 months ago
I literally can’t thank you enough for making this video! Reppin’ for all the girls who aren’t afraid to eat! Changing the perspective on what it means to be healthy! I love this 🤍🤍
Christina Hampton
Christina Hampton 8 months ago
As a woman with a health condition that prohibits weight loss, I work out to be strong and healthy. THIS video is the reason I subscribed.
em thrives.
em thrives. 7 months ago
I love that! Whitney really promotes health in a way that feels healthy to me
hannah jahn
hannah jahn 8 months ago
your makeup looks gorgeous in this video!!
alrblondie 8 months ago
Restricting certain food groups, fearful of carbs, anger at one's self for eating something on the "forbidden" list - yep that's me. Some I have control over, others I don't due to health issues and multiple food allergies. Fear of being sick and fat... I'm an old lady @ 41, compared to most who follow you. The struggle is real.
layray210 8 months ago
I needed this...
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