ALL OF MY CURRENT FAVORITE THINGS *can't live without them* lol

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Whitney Simmons

5 months ago

IT'S A MONTHLY FAVORITES but a bit late lol... my current favorite beauty, fitness and workout clothes. All adsense from this video will be donated to BLM.
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Top I’m wearing
Static Nails
Pampas Grass
Mascara Primer
Brow Flick in shade brown
Boy Brow + Flick (in brown) for the cash monay saving combo
Cream Bronzer
Adapt Ombre Seamless
FLEX baby
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Libby 🤍🤍 libbychristensen?igshid=1qozuqw06ru4s
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Nyree Smith
Nyree Smith 5 months ago
Really have been enjoying the Tula kit. That sunscreen makes my whole life GLOW!
Ashlee Alderson
Ashlee Alderson 5 months ago
@Whitney Simmons My boyfriend bought me the kit to surprise me because I was like I want it so bad but I can't purchase it atm and its going to sell out in probably thirty seconds and when he gave it to me I literally like, balled my eyes out and washed my face right away. That little pimple popper gel whatever ??? AMAZING. The sunscreen ??? AMAZING. I mean. I have no words. what a man. what a kit. Ilysm wow the SHIIIIIINE
Leesa George
Leesa George 5 months ago
I love Whitney soooo much ❤️🥰
Nyree Smith
Nyree Smith 5 months ago
@Diana Avalos it's instant girl. Immediately after putting it on you'll be glowing. And it doesn't take much at all. I highly recommend the sunscreen!
Diana Avalos
Diana Avalos 5 months ago
I want to try it!! Was it an instant glow or after a few days into it? In always curious cause I don’t know much about makeup and skincare except for what Whit teaches!
Dayana Ramirez
Dayana Ramirez 5 months ago
Omg yes yes yes ! And I went running the other day & there was no sweat in my eye 🙊
A House
A House 14 days ago
BLM is a terrorist hate group. GO RESEARCH!
Amanda Fielden
Amanda Fielden Month ago
Where are the vases from?!
Julie Zhu
Julie Zhu 2 months ago
where is the amazon bag link
Tona Bolding
Tona Bolding 2 months ago
Kara Rios
Kara Rios 2 months ago
Favorites videos are my freaking favorite!!
Catalina Lee
Catalina Lee 2 months ago
I immediately bought that bag 😭
Kandiliciouz Vlogs
Kandiliciouz Vlogs 2 months ago
Ur haul vids r my favorite to watch , legit addicting I’m like I need all this stuff lol
Christian Weedman
Christian Weedman 2 months ago
Did she forget preworkout or did I miss a part?
sariebou 3 months ago
All your apparel is sold out. 😞
Jordan Burrow
Jordan Burrow 3 months ago
Fav booty band?? Love you girl!
Heather House
Heather House 3 months ago
I make my own "press on" nails. I order full cover nails, in any shape you want, from etsy. I pick out the sizes to fit my fingers, sticky tack them to some cardboard, then paint them in any color/design that I want. Once they're dry, I just glue them on, so I dont have to worry about wet nails. The secret is to buff the surface of your nails which allows the nail glue to adhere better. Everyone always asks where I get my nails done! Lol!
SimplyShellaby 3 months ago
I was saying oh my heckin Bob and now I remember where I got it from 🤣 my family thinks I’m weird now . They are like who’s BOB!
Angelique 3 months ago
Holy heckenbob...The subtitles though🤭I'm dead....🤣 "...I'll end up going back and getting my DIP nails..." did not translate to dip nails. Let's just leave it at that🤣🤭
alesia 3 months ago
you just make me feel happy and positive thank you 🙏🏻 💕
Cici Cavalcante
Cici Cavalcante 3 months ago
Hahahahahaha I love you
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 3 months ago
Free the Girls is my favourite non-profit organization! They support survivors of human trafficking! Check them out 💗
Audrey Thomas
Audrey Thomas 3 months ago
Ohhh the laughs you bring. 😂 Phew!
Katelyn Knight
Katelyn Knight 3 months ago
y'all gotta try Red Aspen press on nails!!!
Megan Butler
Megan Butler 3 months ago
Hi! Can you share what presets you use for Instagram :)
Maria S
Maria S 3 months ago
What is your plant is the background! Love it!!
Hailey Nelson
Hailey Nelson 4 months ago
does anyone know where the white shoes that she always wears are from??
Epiphany Johnican
Epiphany Johnican 4 months ago
Love that you’re supporting BLM!!! You’re a real one 💕
AngelaPlans 4 months ago
What’s the link to the shorts? Please anyone.
Valeria Estrada
Valeria Estrada 4 months ago
Veterans with PTSD organization ☺️
claire 4 months ago
if you add a clear topcoat on the press on nails the designs will last longer!! :)
Erin Drum
Erin Drum 4 months ago
YES! You should donate to Equal Justice Initiative! They are AMAZING. Whit, thank you for bringing voice to this and using your influence to bring change.
Andrea Greenhill
Andrea Greenhill 4 months ago
Amelia Williams
Amelia Williams 4 months ago
Girl!!! You live in Utah it’s everywhere!! For free:))) we got lbs of it for wedding decorations!
Georgia Tilton
Georgia Tilton 4 months ago
could you please do a video about Alani Nu and how you like to use it? I love your videos.
Melanie Lim
Melanie Lim 4 months ago
Pro tip: you can put a layer of top coat on press on nails to stop the designs from rubbing off!
Emily Breeden
Emily Breeden 4 months ago
Please please please do a makeup video showing how to apply. I’m trying to put more effort in my appearance haha
Christina Ashley
Christina Ashley 4 months ago
I work in a lab and have nitrile gloves on almost the entire day, but I really want cute nails 😭 do you think those press on nails would fall off really easily if I get them?
Nayla Leifson
Nayla Leifson 4 months ago
there is alot of cops dying since this "black lives matter" protesting has started even though we should be inside and distant but since they dont care about anyone else trying to prove it maybe give money to cops families, their doing their job protecting our communities and dying, not stealing and on drugs. now their lives matter to then right? no one seems to do all that for them. 🙄
Alyssa Campbell
Alyssa Campbell 4 months ago
Why doesn’t she use lash paradise anymore?!
Haley Langley
Haley Langley 4 months ago
What length of static nails do you buy? I'd prefer not to have to cut them down and they come in so many sizes but don't give a length description or picture for reference.
Melissa Barry
Melissa Barry 4 months ago
Black lives matter as an organization stands for the dissolution of the nuclear family and the destruction of America’s constitutional foundations. So thanks for that. As a proclaimed ‘christian’ you played yourself embarrassed the rest of us.
Claire Palmer
Claire Palmer 4 months ago
👌🏻💕Girl you seriously crack me up, I love your content, attitude and personality. You had me laughing on this one though with the whispers to the plants tho lol loveeee your channel
Hao Nguyen
Hao Nguyen 4 months ago
You’re completely right, pandemic or not, do not get dips nails at salons
Jasmin Mosqueda
Jasmin Mosqueda 4 months ago
You should do a current gym favs! ♥️
Sasha Ramsahai
Sasha Ramsahai 4 months ago
Wish it was Whitmas because I'm still working from home. I need videos to watch 🔥🔥🔥 H.F.F.
Charlotte Gallacher
Charlotte Gallacher 5 months ago
Whitney are you bringing your Alive app to Android or staying on iOS only? X
Taylor Berry
Taylor Berry 5 months ago
Does Whit have a GymShark code?
EmpreszJey 5 months ago
Lmao excuse me let me pick up my nail
mirandagrace27 5 months ago
I wasn't sure where to post this.... But would you be willing to do a battle of the bb creams!? I tried the YSL one that you (used to?) use, and I was curious about trying to the Thrive one if it is at all similar!!
Kristine Fuglestad
Kristine Fuglestad 5 months ago
What size do you have in Your gymshark leggings and Crop top?🥰
sailorsoap 5 months ago
5 minutes talking about stick on cheap Dollarama nails. God damn son
UNRULY MARSHA 5 months ago
One of the many reasons why I love Whit
Sarah Hurley
Sarah Hurley 5 months ago
I love Pampas Grass! Be careful though, it’s evidently toxic to doggos ! Also used to be a myth you were a swinger back in the day lol 🥰
Sarah Hurley
Sarah Hurley 5 months ago
I love Pampas Grass! Be careful though, it’s evidently toxic to doggos ! Also used to be a myth you were a swinger back in the day lol 🥰
Elizabeth Lo
Elizabeth Lo 5 months ago
How did you first learn how to do makeup so well?
Rheann Veitch
Rheann Veitch 5 months ago
You are bomb
Yana Antonia
Yana Antonia 5 months ago
Ohhh, can’t wait for the new get ready with you ☺️
sarah 5 months ago
I'm a loser with all things makeup, so I dunno, but I wonder if you could put a topcoat on those nails so it doesn't scratch off?
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller 5 months ago
Where did those vases come from?? They’re gorgeous!
DearDiary Confessions
DearDiary Confessions 5 months ago
Can you do a makeup tutorial for the way you have your makeup in this video💜🦋
Giselle Mai
Giselle Mai 5 months ago
You're so positive. Your videos bring me so much joy!
Allysa Born
Allysa Born 5 months ago
I’m growing that grass in my landscape right now 😂
erin bublavy
erin bublavy 5 months ago
Animal hope and wellness foundation!! They help will rescuing animals all over who are hurt or abused. They also rescue dogs in the meat trade in Yulin. Please consider on helping the dogs 💕
Life of Lin
Life of Lin 5 months ago
Whitney, I have been a fan since you first started 4 years ago. From before gym shark, before Stephen, filming in your room till now. I always come back to watch your videos even if it’s been a while and I just want to say you’re such a big inspiration to my own channel. You’re so big on positivity and making good choices. Your authenticity with such a huge, growing platform is truly mindblowing. Thank you for not being a sellout and I hope to be as big as you one day. Thanks for existing, really. Wish you so much happiness 🙏🏻
G Smith
G Smith 5 months ago
Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation!🙏🏻🙏🏻
Kaleigh Link
Kaleigh Link 5 months ago
OKAY WHIT, i've made it 6 minutes into your video and already spent a buncha monaay. Can't wait for my new nails!!!
KEB Operations
KEB Operations 5 months ago
what blush are you wearing?!
Ashlee Alderson
Ashlee Alderson 5 months ago
How do you whiten your teeth?? lysm
User5739 5 months ago
What happened to lash paradise ??
Amelia Ramirez
Amelia Ramirez 5 months ago
So proud of you and this community!! So glad you are donating and educating yourself✨💗✨
Joh 5 months ago
Hey Whitney 😊 what’s your favourite perfume? I‘m searching for a new one and thought that you’ve got always so wonderful ideas and tips😊
Madelyn Sales
Madelyn Sales 5 months ago
Cierra Bleakly
Cierra Bleakly 5 months ago
where are your vases from?
M.Hads 5 months ago
Love you! Love your outfit! Love your necklaces and how you layered them! Also, i wonder if you put clear nail polish on top of the press-ons would protect the design.
Stephanie Walker
Stephanie Walker 5 months ago
Whitney girl can we get a "How to" video for those pop-on nails! I bought some and would love to see some tips and tricks for applying them. :)
Julia Shelzi
Julia Shelzi 5 months ago
Please don't stop having conversations regarding the BLM movement, even as people's attention shifts!
Libby Smith
Libby Smith 5 months ago
girrrrlll! the baby blue looks amazing on you!!!
amber larkins
amber larkins 5 months ago
Alive! For Android??😩😩😩
Sydney Palevich
Sydney Palevich 5 months ago
I want to get to this point in my life where I've found happiness like you have Whit
ness0388 5 months ago
Center for Trauma and Resilience could use donations. They are based in Denver which has been a big part of the movement and protests due to the recent killing of young man in Aurora Colorado named Elijah McClain. The organization offers therapeutic and translation services to victims of crime and trauma, especially serving many under-served populations and people of color. Thanks to many changing regulations, they have lost some funding and could really use even the smallest donations.
Rachel Vela
Rachel Vela 5 months ago
If you donate directly to BLM it just goes to the DNC. So many better and other organizations you can donate to that actually go to the black community!
Courtney Gagner
Courtney Gagner 5 months ago
I've been wearing press-ons for over a year now and one time one fell off while I was working on a group project and I just had to awkwardly put it in my pocket😂no shame in the game
Path of the water witch
Path of the water witch 5 months ago
Love your Tula kit! Your recommendations never fail me ✨
Lady_ Liberty1977
Lady_ Liberty1977 5 months ago
Please do your research the BLM movement is ran by a communist sympathizer - big Maduro fan. Perhaps, you should donate your monies to a program that helps mentor single family homes in the black neighborhoods. I'm disappointed. You've lost a subscriber.
Emma Blankestijn
Emma Blankestijn 5 months ago
Bought two sets of static nails cuz of you❤️❤️
Cynthia Basu
Cynthia Basu 5 months ago
Just because I know how much you love your curl on your lashes. I recently got a lash lift and has changed the game!
Vicky M
Vicky M 5 months ago
I wonder if painting on a top coat for the press ons will make the designs last longer 🤔
mbalenhlebuthelezi1 5 months ago
Just.. Thank u Whitney
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 5 months ago
Definitely feel you!! Some of those things I can’t even live without 😂😂
Talina Lugo
Talina Lugo 5 months ago
Put a clear coat on top of the holographic nail to make them last longer
Brittney Triplett
Brittney Triplett 5 months ago
Where did you get the cute little beige circle vase? The one with a hole in the middle, sort of like a donut :P I MUST KNOW. That one is a cutie!
Naturallyashley86 5 months ago
I was actually disappointed with Static Nails and I was already a huge press on nails fan. It seems that the sets don’t come with enough varying sizes.....and all the base of the nails (The part you put closest to your nail bed) are all round and my nail beds are more square. Soooo they didn’t work for me.
Your Fit Fran
Your Fit Fran 5 months ago
Thank you so much for using your platform to educate others and donating to BLM!
Susan Ruby
Susan Ruby 5 months ago
It's called Pampas (pronounced just like Pampers diapers). It grows like a weed here in the San Francisco Bay Area and the grass leaves on it are like knives. You purchased the flower stalk from the Pampas grass shrub. I never knew the flowers were for sale.
silver_04 5 months ago
Whit, i think you know why were all here. Your bubbly warm kind personality is the reason we love you and watch all your videos religiously..You radiate so much light and positivity and i would love if you could talk about deeper topics like confidence, self esteem, mindset happiness self love- i feel like it would help me and so many others on this platform x
Isabel D'Onofrio
Isabel D'Onofrio 5 months ago
will she ever stop saying heckenbob
Abbie W
Abbie W 5 months ago
CEO of Heckin’ Bob
Kelly Marie
Kelly Marie 5 months ago
I died when you talked about your nail poppin off 🤣
Ivy Pham
Ivy Pham 5 months ago
I used to do nails and I enjoy them myself. ~HOWEVER, be very careful!!!!!!~ You don’t want to get water trapped underneath because it can cause mold and funky, unwanted growth.
Christa Grau
Christa Grau 5 months ago
Never thought I'd say this..but where the heck n Bob did the ads go? I'd gladly watch them for Whitney and the blm movement but they are removed? 😔 Love you Whitney!
Danny Cutajar
Danny Cutajar 5 months ago
Amazing video
Brenda Zamora
Brenda Zamora 5 months ago
Oh good grief
Alexia Pearah
Alexia Pearah 5 months ago
Question about the static nails: do they still last 1 1/2 to 2 weeks with doing dishes at home and obvious water damage from taking a shower?
Marykelly Santos
Marykelly Santos 5 months ago
I love how dramatic you are
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