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10 simple, easy and healthier food swaps to incorporate into your full day of eating!

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DANA SLZR 11 days ago
pls I need a swap for hot cheetos or takis 😭 I’m begging
Lucy Schoenberg
Lucy Schoenberg 22 days ago
Tip with noosa- add a spoonful of your favorite flavor to unsweetened Greek yogurt. Out of one pumpkin noosa, I get 4 servings. I use fage 2% for the Greek yogurt and then mix the noosa before take a scoop. It’s what I like and it’s a lot less sugar
Red Albatross
Red Albatross Month ago
Palm oil in peanut butter? Why? Peanut butter doesn't need any extra oil.
Julie Joseph
Julie Joseph Month ago
Olive oil is the same as ranch. Get rid of all oils. Plus oils are inflammatory
Alainnah 3 months ago
GIRL the working out is what i have trouble with! eating healthy is easy for me. i’m just lazy af 🤣
Hedda Skår Blokhin
Hedda Skår Blokhin 3 months ago
My favourite vegan yoghurts are from Alpro, they also have great high protein options
julia hall
julia hall 4 months ago
I love this video but on nutrition labels, carbs is a larger category that includes sugars, so if the label says 10g of sugar and 10g of carbs, it means the only carb is the sugar
Jen Collazo
Jen Collazo 4 months ago
Hi Whitney, love your videos! I like to make my own ranch dip, I just mix a packet of hidden valley ranch mix with a tub of Greek yogurt. It's amazing with veggies and packs a lot of protein!
خمسة ونسة
خمسة ونسة 4 months ago
I eat silk yogurt alternative so yummmmy
Ani Javardian
Ani Javardian 4 months ago
is a chalua or franks buffalo hot sauce swap necessary??
Hilary's Art
Hilary's Art 4 months ago
You are so charming tho, your eyes are beautiful
Brady Martin
Brady Martin 4 months ago
There’s way better sparkling water than spindrift 🤮
Aurelia 5 months ago
I make my own yogurt its so easy and saves so much money
colleen klopfer
colleen klopfer 5 months ago
Gurllllll I was crying while watching this and this is only part one!!! Cannot wait to see part 2. I love you guys, you're so adorable!
Sariga Chellissery
Sariga Chellissery 5 months ago
Radish noodles with pesto, yum!!
Victoria McDaniel
Victoria McDaniel 5 months ago
Try the almond breeze flips for vegan yogurt!
Chloe Caley
Chloe Caley 5 months ago
I recommend Greek Gods Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt. Pair it with some vanilla granola and a banana and it’s like candy😍
Metal Barbie
Metal Barbie 5 months ago
Finally a fitness youtuber that i have similar tastes with 🤣 I have the hardest time following a lot of meal prep videos or swaps because I'm so picky. New subscriber 🖤
Sofya Vlogs
Sofya Vlogs 6 months ago
Oat milk yogurt is also bomb and it has not that much sugar in it which is another great replacement
Haylee Fleming
Haylee Fleming 6 months ago
But she had a full bag of potato chips while telling us not to eat potato chips, and then the bag was empty in the other clip... hmmm something don’t add up 😂
tristan piper
tristan piper 6 months ago
I found plain almond milk yogurt disgusting but I tried Silk almond milk dark chocolate coconut yogurt and it is AMAZING!! If you don’t like coconut, wouldn’t recommend. All you taste is the coconut and it tastes so good
Victoria Shockley
Victoria Shockley 6 months ago
I went from soda to monster energy drinks
Planet Vegan
Planet Vegan 7 months ago
Gt’s Pure Cocoyo! Coconut yogurt. 😃
Lauren Pfeiffer
Lauren Pfeiffer 8 months ago
I'm new to watching you page and just started your workouts and I can't wait to see a difference! I make a hummus dip you would probably love... I use a large tub of plain hummus and layered with diced cucumber, diced tomatoes, reduced fat feta crumbles, and topped with chopped parsley! Once I made that I never went back to any other hummus! Also whole 30 has a ranch recipe that is amazing called dump ranch it called to use your choice of herbs so I use dill. Anyways love what your doing keep up the amazing work and thanks so much for being you!
Angela Nix
Angela Nix 8 months ago
OMG, chips get me too
Jaime Accardi
Jaime Accardi 8 months ago
Yay! I've done almost all your swaps.I'm doing good .I need to get the coconut amino and some nutritional yeast everyone's talking about.other than the swap for the sour cream to yogurt I'm loving all of your swaps! Thank you, your awesome and beautiful in and out.god bless 😘💋
Jesús Montilla
Jesús Montilla 8 months ago
Swap rice for QUINOA!!!
Amelia Gifford
Amelia Gifford 8 months ago
Hi Whitney & fans! Fantastic video. A quick suggestion: I also love sparkling water but also caffeine. There is a sparkling water called Limitless that actually has some caffeine - a little less than a cup of coffee. I'm actually obsessed with them, they aren't a ton of caffeine which makes them an awesome slow build.
Kayla Melanie
Kayla Melanie 8 months ago
A REALLY good vegan yogurt is So Delicious. I'm personally not vegan, but my best friends family is and I love that yogurt, I like it more than any other yogurt. I don't get it that much though since it's kind of expensive.
Lea Marye
Lea Marye 8 months ago
they all need to sponsor you lol
Lea Marye
Lea Marye 8 months ago
seeing l these comments from a year ago saying they want an app now you have one 🥺🥺
whatahoot 8 months ago
What lipstick are you wearing in this video?
Myranda Rosenbaum
Myranda Rosenbaum 8 months ago
Maybe this is weird, but what do you do with all the bad food once you are done with it in a video? Do you eat it or throw it out?
Aizza Marin
Aizza Marin 8 months ago
Silk almond milk yogurt !!!
Lorin Jackson
Lorin Jackson 9 months ago
All the recommendations!
Holli Yargo
Holli Yargo 9 months ago
Most whole wheat pasta is just flour and eggs
Amy D
Amy D 9 months ago
Yes for more food swaps
Betsabet ortega
Betsabet ortega 9 months ago
I just stumbled on you're channel and let me tell you you have a follower for life😁 you are so helpful and I just love you're food swaps they are mindblowing 🤯 you are just AMAZING 👏👏👏 but seriously you are just wonderful 🥰
Jordyn Sophia
Jordyn Sophia 9 months ago
The best vegan yogurt brands are Coyo and Culina !
Mira Nagle
Mira Nagle 9 months ago
I just have to say you have a beautiful voice and I love your videos!
Julianne Noland
Julianne Noland 9 months ago
Do you know of any healthier alternative to Caesar dressing?
Matilde Ibba
Matilde Ibba 9 months ago
So strange listening that pasta has so many ingredients! Here in Italy pasta is only made of wheat and water 😁 but now I understand why the serving portions is lower there
Madison Smith
Madison Smith 9 months ago
Be careful with carbonated drinks! Consistent drinking of carbonated drinks has been linked to the development of osteoporosis.
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 9 months ago
Anyone know her lipstick brand/color?! I loveeeee the color!
klarissabbourne 9 months ago
Riviera vegan yogourt in the berry flavour!! You won't find anything better :)
mahrukh malik
mahrukh malik 9 months ago
Where’d you get your pink pullover ?
Stephanie Schlick
Stephanie Schlick 9 months ago
I’d love to see another video like this! Love it
Melissa Lugo
Melissa Lugo 9 months ago
I absolutely LOVE the So Delicious Rasberry coconut yogurt. It has a different texture than most yogurts but it is AMAZING!
Kelly Duvall
Kelly Duvall 9 months ago
Omg can someone link the shirt she is wearing?
Melissa Camacho
Melissa Camacho 9 months ago
I am definitely doing the coconut aminos and the Greek yogurt. I can’t give up my jasmine rice tho
Teana Pacheco
Teana Pacheco 9 months ago
Part two please
Amanda Rogers
Amanda Rogers 9 months ago
So delicious coconut yogurt!!
Sherri Facciola
Sherri Facciola 9 months ago
Thank you. I have actually been using bolthouse dressings for awhile. They have many different ones. Not just Ranch. Tastes exactly the same.
Jasmine Gravador
Jasmine Gravador 9 months ago
I love your hair ☺️
moongoddess124 9 months ago
Yes! Please do a Swaps part 2! I am just starting my healthier me life style, and this information is very helpful!
A A 9 months ago
Super helpfull!!!! love it
BABYJam25 9 months ago
You convinced me on everything but lost me on soda...do a part 2
BABYJam25 9 months ago
I love popchips in crazy hot❤
julia burns
julia burns 9 months ago
i just went grocery shopping before i watched this video and now i’m pissed 😭
Caity&Baby 9 months ago
So delicious dairy free yogurt! Tasty!
Carolina Gonzalez
Carolina Gonzalez 9 months ago
The silk almond milk yogurts and the so delicious coconut milk ones are Both so good! I just wish they fortified them with protein so they had the same nutritional benefits as dairy yogurts :(
Dominique Dorflinger
Dominique Dorflinger 9 months ago
if you like coconut (like me) then i defenitly recomend so delicous
Kelsey Nicole
Kelsey Nicole 9 months ago
I wonder what she’s doing with her pre-swap item examples. I would totally do this video as an excuse to get just one more bottle of ranch, peanut butter, etc 😂
Yuki Nishimoto
Yuki Nishimoto 4 months ago
Kelsey Nicole obviously she already has them in her storage before she swapped for healthier versions....most of them u can tell were already used
Ari W.
Ari W. 9 months ago
this is an older video but my favorite vegan yogurt is the blueberry silk yogurt:)
Juliana Angulo
Juliana Angulo 10 months ago
Cocoyo is my favorite vegan yogurt. Comes in a glass jar.
Haley Jen
Haley Jen 10 months ago
I've been noticing that whenever I eat anything that seems to be high in sodium, I get a horrible stomach ache that can sometimes last for hours. Sadly I really like soy sauce especially in my easy, cheap veggie stir fry. Coconut aminos are totally going into my cart next time I'm at the store though
Katharyn Kay
Katharyn Kay 10 months ago
Lavva for vegan yogurt , low on sugar, and natural !! Get the plain one and mix it with some blueberries, or whatever fruits ... sooo goood !
My Swagg
My Swagg 10 months ago
I love you!!!! You don’t know how much you’ve helped me in my journey!!!! 😘
Kassandra Palafox
Kassandra Palafox 10 months ago
Part 2 !!
Samantha 10 months ago
i know this video is old, but she mentioned looking for a vegan yogurt. if anyone is still watching and is looking for a good high protein, lower sugar, non dairy yogurt.... kite hill greek style almond milk yogurt!! 11g protein and 0g added sugar in the unsweetened plain flavor which is the only one i've tried. they have a few other flavors i want to try. the unsweetened plain tastes a tiny bit almondy but the texture is spot on. i add a tiny bit of stevia and some peanut powder and i can't taste the almondy flavor
Kristi Garcia-Jones
Kristi Garcia-Jones 11 months ago
why is it so easy and fun to listen to and watch you??? These are terrific ideas. Thank you for the inspo. I am a BIG fan.
ally moore
ally moore Year ago
If you guys love pasta then try Banza noodles! It’s made out of chickpeas and tastes so good
A A Year ago
Great video!
Kara Year ago
New to your channel and let me say I am impressed with you. You're literally pushing me to plan my fitness goal (for reals) this time. Thank you! As a Musician who looks fit it can be tough. But moderation needs to be in all areas of my life not just one. Thanks again and new subscriber.
Jewel C
Jewel C Year ago
I also don’t love cauliflower rice 🤢😫
Regan Elizabeth
Regan Elizabeth Year ago
Cashewgurt my fav!
Martinus Mouton
Martinus Mouton Year ago
I hate people like you you are saying that I am fat 😠😠
Vallery Brisson
Vallery Brisson Year ago
Girl you lost me at switching my pasta 😂
mayra t
mayra t Year ago
I love eating Skyr Yogurt... it has 4g of sugars per 100g. Is that bad?
Veronica Kost
Veronica Kost Year ago
I have all of these in my cupboard lol I love this !
datbadassoonplaya Year ago
Vegan yogurt- Greek Kite Hill. Regular kite hill (almond milk based) is usually in more groceries but is a bit more runny- the Greek version is sold at WF and is really amazing texturally, taste-wise, and has the most protein of any vegan yogurt I have seen
datbadassoonplaya Year ago
(and it comes in plain yogurt that can be used as the same swap of greek yogurt (sour cream etc)
Emma McLeod
Emma McLeod Year ago
Girl, this is the first video I’ve watched from you, and it’s SO refreshing to watch someone with so many great ideas but also so honest and funny. Subscribed!! :)
Colby.Garcie Muscles and mascara
Colby.Garcie Muscles and mascara Year ago
what color is on your lips?
GL TV lol
GL TV lol Year ago
She keeps lifting her arm so the world notices she’s wearing a a “logo” so tacky 😂😂😂😂 who the F wears an invisiline while making a video? She could’ve waited until she was done... this is for more attention. She just comes across like a dumb blonde
Adisson D
Adisson D Year ago
Im confused why you dont use these foods but you have both??
Kiley Rose
Kiley Rose Year ago
so delicious unsweetened or vanilla coconut yogurt!
Amanda Murphy
Amanda Murphy Year ago
Love this!!! ❤️
fayezh abedlatif
fayezh abedlatif Year ago
Yes please more like these videos , I love it
izabella moss
izabella moss Year ago
With the ranch there is also powder hidden valley ranch that you can mix with plain Greek yogurt, taste the same but is amazingggg
Michelle Year ago
There are many companies that make healthier chips. There are chips made with veggies, and some are made with beans. Try those instead of pop chips.
Chelsea Year ago
For vegan yogurt I'm obsessed with the brand Coyo in the 'vanilla bean' flavor! YUM
Melissa Suckow
Melissa Suckow Year ago
Ok so like you’re obsessed with ranch. I have a ketchup problem 😂 like chicken and ketchup is probably my favorite thing in this entire world. Besides cheesecake but that’s a cheat day 😂 so any recommendations for swapping out ketchup?
mariakoth Year ago
Also, for mayo lovers, two parts mayo-one part yogurt
Ed J
Ed J Year ago
Make your own yogurt using "grass-fed" "organic" Greek yogurt with ground flax/chia seed and strawberries your favorite fruit.
D'Anna Pope
D'Anna Pope Year ago
Am I the only one in the fitness world who hates yogurt and oatmeal etc ?! I’m such a texture person and the mushiness of things will make me gag! Someone help!😭
Lia Thompson
Lia Thompson Year ago
so delicious yogurt it pretty good. I use it for my overnight oats
Alexis Year ago
I buy fresh ground peanuts from Fresh Thyme I looove it
Vanessa AV
Vanessa AV Year ago
I love your personality, you always make me laugh!
Ben Herrera
Ben Herrera Year ago
Love me some Pop Chips since I have diabetes I have had to change my diet. Any more tips will be appreciated
MuitoAmiga Year ago
I learned something very valuable and I thank you for it 😉 I love soy sauce but I’m taking soy products out of my diet since I found out it’s a major trigger for my migraines. Knowing I can have coconut aminos in its place made me super happy. Also didn’t know about red lentil pasta, will definitely try that.
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