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Whitney Simmons

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Get ready with me featuring my everyday makeup routine with a Q&A!
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Brooke Leone
Brooke Leone 3 months ago
Hey Whit! Is your fuzzy black jacket from gym shark? ❤️ BTW thanks for always crackin me up!
Tiffany O'Donnell
Tiffany O'Donnell 3 months ago
Lately I have been so stressed/down and these videos have just really helped with my mood and escaping..thanks Whit for brightening the internet with your positive vibes
Amber Laureano
Amber Laureano 3 months ago
All of your videos put me in such a good mood . Thank you for your content 🥰
Vanessa Yurrita
Vanessa Yurrita 5 months ago
Thank you Withney! I related when you talked about the days that are not so great and being in a relationship where you dont feel secure! I hope I can find someone good for me someday!
Vanessa Yurrita
Vanessa Yurrita 5 months ago
Thank you Withney! I related when you talked about the days that are not so great and being in a relationship where you dont feel secure! I hope I can find someone good for me someday!
Janelle Cepeda
Janelle Cepeda 7 months ago
love the foundation , which color is it?
Lemongrass Coconut
Lemongrass Coconut 7 months ago
I just love you so much!
BlueLizzyLove 8 months ago
Super late finding your channel but so glad that I did. You seem like such a genuine soul and you’re hilarious 😂 thanks for all the positivity! Now to binge your vids 💕
Angel Girl
Angel Girl 9 months ago
Ur dog is very cute i also have a catoo he is my life bcoz he loves me unconditionally good to hear that u love ur pup
Sam Arneson
Sam Arneson 9 months ago
Love how I happened to be watching this exactly one year after whit uploaded it ❤️
Kaitlyn Hasty
Kaitlyn Hasty 9 months ago
I watch your videos just to lift my crack me up! So down to earth, so real, SO hilarious 😂
Wendy G
Wendy G 10 months ago
It took me 18 years to find my shade.. so me... 😂😂😂😂
Bethany Elaine
Bethany Elaine 10 months ago
You truly are a rockstar. I love your thanks for just being so honest. I have so much respect for you.
Monica Ruiz
Monica Ruiz Year ago
Does anyone know that bronzer brush!!!!! I need it!!
H D Year ago
Where did you get your hoodie?
Anna Anderson
Anna Anderson Year ago
Girl - feel you on the Invisalign. I have been in them for 2 years with just a bit to go. Had them during my wedding and obv. I didn't wear the trays but the brackets were truly invisible - major plus! But on vacation? Girl forget about it! So ready to be done, if I can do it you can do it!
Juliana Lamar
Juliana Lamar Year ago
whitney, love your chanel. you are so funny and real. love you, keep it real girl!!
Noeli Cruz
Noeli Cruz Year ago
What jacket is that
Vitoria Forte
Vitoria Forte Year ago
Thank you for being you, love you whit
Becky Bushland
Becky Bushland Year ago
You are amazing Whitney! You are so positive. Your videos always makes me laugh , thank you!
Nikki Wable
Nikki Wable Year ago
awwww you are so cute girl and you help me keep going, damn I love loved your makeup
Myranda Rosenbaum
Myranda Rosenbaum Year ago
I found you recently and you are too relatable. Thank you for being a USpostsr.
Katie Mcfarling
Katie Mcfarling Year ago
Please do a makeup collection! ❤️🙌🏽
Britney Ford
Britney Ford Year ago
New skin care routine 💕💕💕💕please
Catherine Ooi
Catherine Ooi Year ago
Hands down my favourite look on you everrrr
Tamika Smith
Tamika Smith Year ago
I love love love your personality!!!!
France Rioux
France Rioux Year ago
A high fat low carb diet like the ketogenic is what really helped my dry skin and psoriasis, but very hard to stick with!
Julissa DC
Julissa DC Year ago
omg you without make up look super good
Evelyn Zapeta
Evelyn Zapeta Year ago
Are you Mormon !?
Astha Aldrin
Astha Aldrin Year ago
I really felt that story about creeps at the gym!!
Smurph 52
Smurph 52 Year ago
Old habits die hard 😂😂😂 what a pos
Aida Lee
Aida Lee Year ago
I love this video and the story of its a beautiful day to be alive ❤️🙌🏼 also I don’t think you realize that maybe some people don’t hear I love you so I am so happy for your gratitude to your fans and the energy you send out! Love love love fit tips with whit!
Gabrielle Nguyen
Gabrielle Nguyen Year ago
love your videos!!
Karina Lindsey
Karina Lindsey Year ago
Hahaha “Invisalign diet” preach girl! I know that’s the truth!
jacqueline rose
jacqueline rose Year ago
I just found your channel and where have I been without you?! You are HILARIOUS!! 😍
Cherrysnoww Year ago
Haha it’s like Chandler talking to Monica about his work 😂
Kelly M
Kelly M Year ago
I know this is an old video and I’m just watching it now but JUST WHEN I THOUGHT YOU COULDN’T BE ANY MORE AMAZING you got real about how sad and unfair it is for people to leave their dogs at home for 8+ hours while they work. I couldn’t agree more, get a pet sitter or dog walker or SOMETHING! But like you said you need money for those things. Pet rant aside, I love you so much and now I have Ariana grande stuck in my head too
Rachel Boyle
Rachel Boyle Year ago
Oh my gosh..... I just found you! Where have you been my whole life? Thank you for making USposts content. You are amazing.
Eveling Mayorga
Eveling Mayorga Year ago
I thought your sister had/has a USposts channel
Megg’s Channel
Megg’s Channel Year ago
Your dogs are perfection ❤️
Brianna Sabol
Brianna Sabol Year ago
Hi Whit. Is that the light bronzer??
independent Year ago
Laughed so hard when you couldn't open the oil 😂😂
Maggie Scarborough
Maggie Scarborough Year ago
Your answer to the question at 14:00 made me cry. 😭 I love you and your videos. You've been such an inspiration in my fitness journey and in life. 🥰
Caelan Dane
Caelan Dane Year ago
Randomly woke up at 2:30, couldn’t fall back asleep, and I’m so glad I watched this.
Gabby Davis
Gabby Davis Year ago
You and Moriah Elizabeth have a similar personality
Tara Stevenson
Tara Stevenson Year ago
Have you tried eliminating gluten for your psoriasis?
Louise Hickey
Louise Hickey Year ago
Stick out the invisalign! They changed my life, the eating thing is annoying but it is SO WORTH IT!
Heather S
Heather S Year ago
Just found your channel!! Love it,, you’re hilarious 😂
Angelique Aragon
Angelique Aragon Year ago
"listen it's 2019 sir how about we kick that habit to the curb" haha OH MY GOODNESSSSS LOVE YOU WHIT!
I Liqu
I Liqu Year ago
OMG! I I can’t believe you have psoriasis so do I! This is so relatable about celery juice, I tried it and i saw small changes but couldn’t be consistent with it due to traveling and being busy!! Love ur videos keep inspiring!!
Hoo Me
Hoo Me Year ago
Whit’s “spicy” day is my everyday 😂😂 Love ur videos but I’m still clueless on how to start lifting to begin a healthier lifestyle
Lillea Lopez
Lillea Lopez Year ago
I am so happy to know that I’m not the only 25 year old women who still loves Taylor Swift. I sing everyday in my car and my 12 year old niece thinks I have issues. I’m especially addicted to her very 1st album, it’s my favorite album ever!
maryinthemiddle Year ago
Can you please do a video just on your teeth? They've always been so white and I NEED to know your secrets.
At Home With Winter
At Home With Winter Year ago
It’s 1am and I am still on a whitney binge watch....
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller Year ago
Omg just stumbled upon your channel- BEST MOMENT EVERRRR!!! Subscribed and bell is on!!!! Ps your dogs are Adorbs!!!!
DreaLynnX Year ago
2 years and still obsessed with your channel ❤️
Jada Wood
Jada Wood Year ago
Okay for the dog - make sure you have money put back! My puppy (10 months at the time) had a prolapse (I’ll let you look that up on your own because 😷) and it ended up being a $600 surgery. Thankfully my boyfriend and I had the money put back
Jessica Sibori
Jessica Sibori Year ago
Girl i know you’ve answered SO many times what kind of dog you have but I’ve legit been going through everything (USposts and insta) trying to find out what dog you have and i. Just. Can’t. Find. It. It’s driving me bonkers lol ... please tell me what Breed Indy and navy are ?
Amanda Humphreys
Amanda Humphreys Year ago
What curling iron do you use?
Melanie Fowler
Melanie Fowler Year ago
It’s a beautiful day to be alive because so far I’ve lost 13lbs!!!! I am trying so hard to get fit and healthy! Thanks for the motivation :) IG: melligurl89
Amanda Keister
Amanda Keister Year ago
Whitney DO you take a protein powder? Which one and how much?
Dina Nooh
Dina Nooh Year ago
your highlight is poppin girl!
Alyssa Ramirez
Alyssa Ramirez Year ago
What editing app do you use for your videos??
Caroline Rohal
Caroline Rohal Year ago
you struggling to open the oil bottle genuinely SENT me. i need that as a gif lmao
Sammi Davila
Sammi Davila Year ago
thank you for emphasizing the importance of being prepared to take on a puppy, its so important!
Carly Liz Fit
Carly Liz Fit Year ago
Hey girl, I had severe psoriasis and did a few things and honestly haven’t had it in over 6 years now.
Carly Liz Fit
Carly Liz Fit Year ago
Okay I can’t find an email for you anywhere so I’ll send you a message on Instagram. Carlylizfit
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
And it was eczema? I haven’t heard of an autoimmune disease (psoriasis) healing like that and not coming back. Can you tell me what you did?
Blair Berard
Blair Berard Year ago
Can I be you when I grow up lol
Tilor Harp
Tilor Harp Year ago
When she says, "break up" then huffs 😂
Kaylee Moore
Kaylee Moore Year ago
Your makeup is flawless 😍 you are flawless
Allex Clark
Allex Clark Year ago
Invisalign sucks! I work for an orthodontist that could get you in and out of braces in 12-18 months and have perrrrfect teeth :) Horsley orthodontics! We’re in south Jordan!
Dumbbell Blonde
Dumbbell Blonde Year ago
Ashley Nordman did the whole celery juice ordeal too and also saw zero changes.... I don't think you're alone with that.
Bailey Rachelle Easley
Bailey Rachelle Easley Year ago
✋🏼🤚🏼break up witcha gerfreeenn ✋🏼🤚🏼
Jamie Quick
Jamie Quick Year ago
I know most people who live in Utah are Mormon and I was curious if you are too?
Ashley Sheehan
Ashley Sheehan Year ago
Longtime fan. Question. She talks about an eyebrow lift. Does anyone know what she's talking about other than the cosmetic aurgery procedure. Im confused. Please help thanks yall x
Ashley Sheehan
Ashley Sheehan Year ago
Ashley Sheehan
Ashley Sheehan Year ago
@Whitney Simmons Thanks for the clarification- I knew you're not about that surgery life but couldnt find answers on Google. Your brows are on point that's why I was askin. Youre totes amazing girl. Enjoy the day 🌻
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Just posted about this on my story! It’s not a cosmetic procedure 😂😭 it’s exactly like a lash lift but for your brows! Makes your brow hairs stand straight up 👏🏼👏🏼
Erika Youngstrom
Erika Youngstrom Year ago
Where's the sweatshirt from!?
Clarissa's Life
Clarissa's Life Year ago
Love that this full makeup look was for the dentist 😂 Love you Whitney!
Laura Year ago
"listen, sir, can you please not their bums" LOL yes!
YouTube u
YouTube u Year ago
Ok what is her zodiac sign I need to know !!!!!!!!!! Hahha!!!!!
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Pisces ♓️
Brenda DeJesus
Brenda DeJesus Year ago
“ my younger brother is 12, he still lives at home” so immature... lol
Natalie Cash
Natalie Cash Year ago
Im so in love with you and your jacket, where is your jacket from?
Clarissa's Life
Clarissa's Life Year ago
Natalie Cash Gymshark!
Vlora Lake
Vlora Lake Year ago
What kind of mascara do you use?? I love your lashes 😍
Eden Marryshow
Eden Marryshow Year ago
Do you use self tanner? If so, what brand?
quartz queen
quartz queen Year ago
Where is this fantastic black hoodie from?!
Evie Elizer
Evie Elizer Year ago
The story tho had me ☠️☠️☠️😂😂
Rita Brito
Rita Brito Year ago
You are so beautiful! Do you actually wear this much make up on a regular basis? It seems like so much work!!
Deidre Lund
Deidre Lund Year ago
Love this video!!! Do you know when gymshark is going to get your jacket back in stock?
Jennifer T
Jennifer T Year ago
The creeper at the gym story omg lol !! When you were trying to copy how he did the pull down - that just cracked me up ahaha. The nerve to even say "Old habits die hard" ..........
Amanda Tomecko
Amanda Tomecko Year ago
Hey Whit, would you say you do 80/20 everyday, a few days a week or just once a week? I always wonder this :/
Sydney Blixt
Sydney Blixt Year ago
I love your positive energy! It always puts me in a good mood!! Love your videos!!
Yennni G
Yennni G Year ago
I love that you always say it’s a beautiful day to be alive, it really just puts you in a good mood. ❤️
Maria Almaguer
Maria Almaguer Year ago
Omg I love you Whit you definitely have the greatest personality ❤️❤️
lauren arris
lauren arris Year ago
you're so freaking funny, I love you!!!
S Traveller
S Traveller Year ago
I just love you Whit🤗😘 my favorite USpostsr evvver!
Jessica Fairley
Jessica Fairley Year ago
I love watching your videos soo much! You have inspired me to start my fitness journey. I have battled with my weight after high school for YEARS!! Ya girl was not having the boring runs around the neighborhood and I was always too embarrassed to go to the gym and use the equipment. After watching your videos, you helped me regain my confidence in myself and my ability to get healthy and fit. Thank you Whit!
Keilah Parand
Keilah Parand Year ago
The end is the best omg
Taryn Brand
Taryn Brand Year ago
You need a shirt or hat that says "have a cookie" lol
Kai Doll
Kai Doll Year ago
Hilarious but scary because when I was watching this video I was ALSO getting ready to go to the dentist!🧐😂 love ya girly!
Amanda Harner
Amanda Harner Year ago
Could you tell us what color your nails are?! I'm obsessed 😍
serenity 808
serenity 808 Year ago
Invisalign diet X)
A. Gill
A. Gill Year ago
“Until next time, I’ll see you next time” lol love it. ❤️
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