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A complete upper body workout routine to tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders, back, chest and abs!
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15 minute low intensity warm up of choice
I like to do 15% incline walking on treadmill at 3mph

SUPERSET | 2 sets
10 wide grip overhand row
10 underhand row

SUPERSET | 2 sets
10 cable lat pull down
12 rear delt pull

SUPERSET | 3 sets
12-15 lateral raise
12 upright row

TRI-SET | 2 sets
8 incline close grip press
10 neutral grip skullcrusher
10 chest fly

SUPERSET | 2 sets
10 bicep 1&1/2 curl
12 overhand tricep press down

ABS | 2 sets
20 cable crunches

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Black Angel
Black Angel 28 days ago
Hey everyone can someone plz help me I can’t afford a trainer , I’ve been working out at the gym for almost two months and I lift only 2 kg for each hand , should I be lifting more ?
Kelelo Month ago
I’m a beginner and I really wanna do these but I’m not familiar with gym equipment so I’m scared 😭
Priyanka patel
Priyanka patel 2 months ago
Is this workout increase my upper body bcz my upper body is slim 😥
Bikini Fit
Bikini Fit 4 months ago
Such a good little workout thanks girl! xo
sk bashir
sk bashir 4 months ago
You are looking gorgeous
Okamillxx 5 months ago
Girl ur workout had me so sore I couldn’t go to the gym next day lol
memecatto 6 months ago
0:55 super set 2:30 super set 4:03 5:06 tri set 7:35 9:24 abs
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 6 months ago
Love that green set you have on where can I get it?
Janina Nina
Janina Nina 8 months ago
your body is so beautiful :)
Angela Kaiser
Angela Kaiser 9 months ago
I would love to see more workouts here!
Z z
Z z 9 months ago
I love your workout outfit! Where did you get it?
Stephanie Funaro
Stephanie Funaro 10 months ago
Does it matter too much what order you do these sets? My gym is usually super busy so it is not always a good idea to give up your bench because there probably won’t be another one available later lol.
Axelle Bosch
Axelle Bosch 10 months ago
I freakin' love your mood. You got me cracking up guuurl! DAYUM miss sunshine!
Celeste Rodriguez
Celeste Rodriguez 10 months ago
Gonna try this workout later ! Upper body day 🤩
Elena Lisman
Elena Lisman 10 months ago
thank you for this!! gonna try it today :)
Alexandra P
Alexandra P 11 months ago
Like who on earth is this excited about upper body!🤨
Sandra Zayadi
Sandra Zayadi 11 months ago
Okay but why you gotta be so cute doughh 🤧
fahnaka franklin
fahnaka franklin 11 months ago
My husband also attended the high, high school musical was filmed. He too hasn’t watch the movie.
Zoe Dolphin
Zoe Dolphin Year ago
So I injured my hip and for now have to skip leg day :( which sucks for me legs is my fave and sometimes all i do haha , had no idea what to do as i hate upper body its so weak, but I found this video while looking for inspiration so glad i did , I completed this work out in the gym today and loved it
Haiya Mirza
Haiya Mirza Year ago
I didn’t understand a thing ... u should have worked out your upper body and showing the exercises instead of talking that much
Insha Year ago
I'm so unproductive and it shows on my upper body..
ScreenWorld Year ago
Is it okay for a guy to get fitness advice from a girl
Alyssa Tajanlangit
Alyssa Tajanlangit Year ago
You are incredible! First time I am looking on youtube for gym exercises and I’m glad I found ur channel first. 🙏🏼
Karen Greenwood
Karen Greenwood Year ago
I have anxiety about going to the free weights room. Everyone looks super toned and fit and Im just starting out on my journey at the age of 58. I keep doing the same thing on the machines but after watching your videos Ive decided to venture into the finding you on here I am going to venture into the room of testosterone this afternoon lol,
A Norris
A Norris Year ago
I’m doing those with dumbbells
Bethan Holly
Bethan Holly Year ago
This whole workout took me 20 minutes. Am I doing something wrong or does that sound right?? I'm getti g worried that I'm not doi g any of these properly as the most it's taken me so far was half an hour each on a legs then a shoulder one 😳
cocono5 Year ago
I did this workout yesterday and my arms hurt so bad I had to get up in the middle of the night to take some Tylenol.😬
Juanita Gonzalez Botero
Juanita Gonzalez Botero Year ago
It would be really nice if in the video you'll put the name of the excersice and the reps so I can take a screen shoot and have the pics of the excersices 😊 great video
Ss M Cc
Ss M Cc Year ago
😭😭😭😭 so cool and beautiful
Marilyn Miura
Marilyn Miura Year ago
shut up and do the workout
Si Inday Pinay
Si Inday Pinay Year ago
Miss Whitney workout videos here on USposts cause it's easier to download and bring it to the Gym since don't have wifi there☺️
Ruzica Popovic
Ruzica Popovic Year ago
Hey, what's the difference between the first one with a different grip?
Pitzeflick Year ago
Is it better to do supersets or Trisets ?
Summer Raines
Summer Raines Year ago
You didn't add the tricep and bicep superset to the description. 😋
yasmeen bhd
yasmeen bhd Year ago
What about cardio before or after workout is it 10 minutes enough?
Ernesto Soto Herrera
Ernesto Soto Herrera Year ago
When you doing the DB Lateral raises you actually want your thumb to be at the top, not your pinky.
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker Year ago
YES love HSM. Love this video also fixing to do it at my gym! You’re an inspiration and hilarious💞
Kim T
Kim T Year ago
Totally agree chest fly is the hardest exercise for me.
Ebby C
Ebby C Year ago
That is suuuuch a nice gym. My gym is like a dungeon (honestly). Looks like someone dug out a hole in the ground and put gym equipment in it.
Giuseppe Dainotti
Giuseppe Dainotti Year ago
Her squeaky voice aahh so fkng annoying this is torture 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Fern Ben
Fern Ben Year ago
This was so good I subscribed
Monique Aviles
Monique Aviles Year ago
Once you started singing high school musical I subscribed. Loved this video and love high school musical lol
Bernice Cervantes
Bernice Cervantes Year ago
Can i do upper body every day?
cortenay Edwards
cortenay Edwards Year ago
This girl...I cant even LOL I freaking love herrr! Wish you lived near me we would be good friends..may not get a whole lot
Rihab L
Rihab L Year ago
Omg you never seen high school musical 😩😩😢 love u ❤️ gonna do this workout today
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson Year ago
Hey look hot be my girl
Marissa Year ago
just completed this workout and my upper body is TOASTEDDDD
Daisy Morse
Daisy Morse Year ago
Whitney, I'm new to your channel and I absolutely love your content! Your advise and examples are so helpful and they have made me more confident and excited to go to the gym. Thanks so much!
Katie McCaskill
Katie McCaskill Year ago
Dumb bell lateral raise is my LEAST favorite! Feels so weird! ;)
fjghjvhjfu Karin
fjghjvhjfu Karin Year ago
"What is you doin" I clicked that like button
MF Year ago
I just love your energy. It really motives me!
f i
f i Year ago
How did she get scars on her stomach and legs??
Joy Hills
Joy Hills Year ago
Giving this a try today! Can't wait :)
Nohely Rodriguez
Nohely Rodriguez Year ago
So I’m going to do this workout and her leg workout in the gym , hopefully it works because I need to get fir
independent Year ago
When you say you warm up on the treadmill is that all I need to do or do I stretch also? Just thinking about my upper body that's all. 🤔
Benito Camelas
Benito Camelas Year ago
What about how much weight you use ?
madaalbu Year ago
Can you do the exercises without a bench?
Moonhugsnharmony Year ago
just discovered you! so thankful for this. Im no longer pacing around the gym trying to figure out what to do next.
Catherine Anodeau
Catherine Anodeau Year ago
tell me ur secret about not being completely cover with sweat? koz me when I just woke up in bed and put my gym clothes on I started sweating like a pig lolll
Maelin Romero
Maelin Romero Year ago
Is this routine beginner friendly? I'm starting the gym tomorrow, plz respond.
Maelin Romero
Maelin Romero Year ago
Jazmin ParraDiaz Thankssss!
Jazmin ParraDiaz
Jazmin ParraDiaz Year ago
Maelin Romero start of with a lower weight and then work your way up and yess this is beginner friendly also don’t force yourself to complete all the sets even if you do 2 sets with 15 reps that’s still a good job done!
Lenka Tišlová
Lenka Tišlová Year ago
Try today! Quick and i am dieee! Girl, you awesome ❤️
Monica Thurston
Monica Thurston Year ago
My upper body is quaking (literally just did this today and oh my 🔥
Katie Korolenko
Katie Korolenko Year ago
the bicep curls hurt my wrist for some reason??? why
Kailyn Thurston
Kailyn Thurston Year ago
this workout is PERFECT for me right now. thanks so much!!
Rania Essameldin
Rania Essameldin Year ago
How many times a week should this workout be done, please?
OnlyHereToSupport Year ago
This is the workout I’m planning to do tomorrow!! 💪💪💪 I did the hot fire flames legs day today haha DAAAAAMN
Ava DeMoss
Ava DeMoss Year ago
I just did this workout and I liked it a lot. It was kind of hard to follow while actually at the gym, tho and I ended up skipping the rear felt exercise altogether because I couldn’t figure out what/how to do it in a timely manner. It looked simple enough just watching the video at home but actually at the gym doing the workout was a different story lol. Overall tho, I liked it and will try it again. Thank you so so much for all you do!! Having workouts like these help take away *some* of the gym anxiety! 🧡🧡🧡
22Lovejoy Year ago
Works Back: 1:03 Wide Grip Bent Row w/weighted Bar 1:36 underhand bent row. Shoulder width apart 2:06 Wide Grip Cable Lat Pull Down 3:29 Narrower Grip Cable Lat Pull Down 4:21 Dumbell Lat Raises 4:42 Upright Row Works Arms: 5:09 Incline Bench Close Grip Press 5:37 Neutral Grip Skull Crusher 6:37 Chest Fly 7:39 Straight Bar Cable Machine Bicep Curls 1 1/2 8:25 Overhand Grip Tricep Push Downs Abs Bonus: 9:22 Kneeling Cable Crunches *Just marked this as an easy reference for myself when I hit the gym cuz I'm a beginner and forget everything, lol.
Doyle Williams
Doyle Williams Year ago
How long do you spend at the gym on a usual day
Natalie McComas
Natalie McComas Year ago
Whitney, LOVE your videos! Any recommendations to help trim upper body and get rid of excess arm fat?!?!? 💪🏽💪🏽
Annum Iman
Annum Iman Year ago
I love you whit
Itsdylan09 Year ago
I am so happy I found ur ig and USposts ♥️ I love your work outs and tips so much. You make me feel more confident going to the gym thanks so much♥️♥️
Maria Helmi
Maria Helmi Year ago
SO GOOD. I can feel my bod going weak and I am not even at the gym yet
Charlotte Regodos
Charlotte Regodos Year ago
Your so awesome. I follow you bc of my friend here in philippines. I really love your body and I use it as my motivation to do my workout routine in the gym.
Karoline Lans
Karoline Lans Year ago
I feel the pulldowns so intensely in my biceps. Am I doing them wrong? Too much weight?
Karoline Lans
Karoline Lans Year ago
Yes please to an updated workout schedule☺️
Rachael Patton
Rachael Patton Year ago
Is there any video you currently have to blast the love handles aka the muffin top? Keep up your hard and motivating work!
Maggie Warszycki
Maggie Warszycki Year ago
Can you post a video about taking care of your muscles, especially after a particularly intensive workout? I find that if I am not going as frequently, I will inevitably get more sore after. Love your videos - thanks for always posting
jamie Blake
jamie Blake Year ago
In my saved videos and just finished! Love it!!! Hot Fira lol
alwayzdreamin Samantha Smith
alwayzdreamin Samantha Smith Year ago
When you first first started working on your arms.. did you like get bigger and look bulky before you lost the fat and then slimmed down ? I am concerned cuz I was afraid to start working out my arms cuz they were getting big and people were commenting on how "buff" I looked. And I personally don't want that. So should I just push thru lifting heavy and then the fat will go down and will look slimmer ?
Jamie Blake
Jamie Blake Year ago
i really like this video because you are there explaining everything in person....i think its better then the voice over!!! and its making me want to get up and go the gym lol
Zara Soleil
Zara Soleil Year ago
I've done this one several times at this point! @zarahealthyfit
Apryl Skahill
Apryl Skahill Year ago
I'm definitely doing this one today! Thanks! Also- I LOVE LOVE LOVE your workout outfit! :)
Anna Bucayan
Anna Bucayan Year ago
I’m waiting for your new workout videos 😘😘
Rosa Palmieri
Rosa Palmieri Year ago
yes updated workout split!
Heather Yelton
Heather Yelton Year ago
Def current workout routine please 💪🏻
Chelsea Clem
Chelsea Clem Year ago
I would love just a vlog throughout one weekend. Nothing really planned just taking us along with you.
Emily Chun
Emily Chun Year ago
Please film your split and schedule! That would be amazing :)
Magen Hollingsworth Culver
Magen Hollingsworth Culver Year ago
You're body is amazing. I would love to tone exaclty where you're at. More workouts please! As well as a weekly plan of what you do?
Gamze Rabia
Gamze Rabia Year ago
I freakin‘ luuuuvv yaaa gööörrll 😂💕😍🔥 u make me so happy and motivated with your positivity ❤️🍀
Sunethra Year ago
Just did this, was nice, different!
Trina Vargas
Trina Vargas Year ago
You always make me happy when I'm having a hard day. Thank you for being you
Denise Sahagun
Denise Sahagun Year ago
ILY 🤟 😍💪🏽
PhillyForever 1
PhillyForever 1 Year ago
Fill in the blank: Since I have been doing Whitney's workout my __________ has/have definitely gotten bigger.
Miley’sMommy #CDH
Miley’sMommy #CDH Year ago
PhillyForever 1 booty for sure lol
The One NICKI NICOLE Year ago
PS your editing is bomb!!!!!
The One NICKI NICOLE Year ago
Please keep doing more workouts here!!! They are so much better to understand than on ig!!!! I love you!!
Jeanette Benitez
Jeanette Benitez Year ago
Doing this tonight at the gym, can’t wait 😊 ♥️
NPC #52700000389
NPC #52700000389 Year ago
All is good but I just can't handle this much talk. Not my channel. Haha
Marcella Guadiana
Marcella Guadiana Year ago
You’re awesome ! You’re he best trainer I have 👸
Jean Lim
Jean Lim Year ago
I was getting bored with my workouts tooooo! was beginning to find the gym very dreadful, and mornings got harder progressively. BUT THIS WORKOUT, omg!! Thanks Whit!!!
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