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Whitney Simmons

9 months ago

JUICY Q&A lol... it’s time for another Q&A!
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Alyssa Alvarez
Alyssa Alvarez 7 days ago
Are you currently using non hormonal birth control or nothing at all? I’m strongly considering getting off the pill as well.
matt donald
matt donald 2 months ago
Hello there Whitney do you wear any undies or ??.
TheOnlyRero 3 months ago
how about a fun video trying some cheap or wired online fitness equipment .. ? i'd watch u doing that! xD
Rebecca Jean-Pierre
Rebecca Jean-Pierre 3 months ago
I like your personality. You are funny. Kind of a girl i enjoy being friends with.
Paulina Romanowska
Paulina Romanowska 4 months ago
Youre the best! Your energy, personality, sense of humour ♡ love you, and thank you for these positive videos 🦋💕
Oriana Ann
Oriana Ann 4 months ago
You are the first person I've actually felt I could listen to, take advice from and the advice is practical. Totally support the channel, I downloaded the app and am already making more changes. Thank you for the inspiration and I will keep watching.
GreatBritishBak3r 5 months ago
You're so humble. Thank you thank you
Elena Ursu
Elena Ursu 5 months ago
I am Romanian and everytime someone talks about the Romanian deadlifts I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Natalie Christine
Natalie Christine 5 months ago
GIRL! You’re a LEGIT good singer!
steven scott
steven scott 5 months ago
Hi Whitney, I have been training for about a year now and I still don’t know how to shock my muscles into new growth to continuously get results... What are the weight training protocols? All I know is there a few ways to train for muscles size.. and then for definition /cutting up.. would like some help understand how to achieve maxim results all year round.. thank you 😊 I need to know how to stay in shape all year round
Monica Johnson
Monica Johnson 5 months ago
I love everything you post. Please do not stop posting. Everything you do is motivating, and inspirational.
Monica Johnson
Monica Johnson 5 months ago
you look amaazinggggggggggggggg, beautiful, and your body is insane. I would love to have your shape. I am a black women and your are stunning and i would love to have your shape. Never ever change for anyone except for yourself.
My Miranda Moments
My Miranda Moments 6 months ago
You should make a trying healthy vegan snacks video. You could even subscribe to a monthly subscription box.
megan dobson
megan dobson 6 months ago
As many have said, we watch your videos for you! I have tried getting into other fitness USposts channels but can't seem to get into any of them because they are somewhat dull and unmotivating compared to your videos. So I just rewatch yours over and over. :) It would be interesting to see more content like the beginning of your most recent video about journaling and mental health. Decorating for the new seasons would be fun videos as well. Also, maybe a yoga video if you still do that on your active rest days (I've never tried it but it sounds interesting). Vlogs are always so much fun too! :)
Priya Kirtley
Priya Kirtley 6 months ago
I would love to see your fitness journey timeline! What struggles did you have to overcome to start and keep going?
Madison Maestas
Madison Maestas 6 months ago
are you using any other form of non hormonal birth control (i.e - iud)?
Caroline Swabey
Caroline Swabey 7 months ago
You are enough! You are an inspiration and so upbeat! Keep being you! ❤
Camila Holden
Camila Holden 7 months ago
can you give us your updated workout routine in quarantine?
Hailey Goodman
Hailey Goodman 7 months ago
You are so real and I absolutely love you😭❤️ I will watch anything and everything you post no matter what is it about!
anyabananyas 8 months ago
Does anyone know if/where she has a Q&A video where she talks about moving in with Stefan (or why she wouldn't until they're married)? I feel like I recently saw the thumbnail on her instagram and I was really curious about her thoughts, but I don't see it anywhere. It's possible I misread the thumbnail and it doesn't exist *shrug*. Thanks in advance!
Renée Walker
Renée Walker 8 months ago
Thank you. Your videos always make me feel better. x
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez 8 months ago
I just love your energy.
Odett G
Odett G 8 months ago
Hey Whitney❤ love your should do a house tour too in the videos you do it look so fresh and with plants..
I Bawany
I Bawany 8 months ago
can anyone tell me what the name of this set is?
Gabrielle Diaz
Gabrielle Diaz 8 months ago
I love your top. Where did you get it?
Hannah Lollar
Hannah Lollar 8 months ago
I laughed so hard I cried during this video. I loved it.
Olivia Hart
Olivia Hart 8 months ago
I know your puppies are goldendoodles but are they F1b?
Dani 8 months ago
Sometimes i just go back and watch this whole intro bc it’s so funny 😂❤️ *i’m high on endorphins*
Anne 8 months ago
Thanks for this video!
Brittni peterson
Brittni peterson 8 months ago
I have been so inspired by you this week so I just want to say thank you for being so down to earth, hilarious & not a big macho looking girl! I’ve been trying to work out at home & eat healthier and sometimes it’s hard but then I watch a video of yours and think I would love to look half as good as her LOL! After 2 kids the belly fat just doesn’t go away as easy 😩 but moral of the story your the only fitness person I watch on USposts and I’m a huge fan keep doin you! 💜
Sarah Congialdi
Sarah Congialdi 8 months ago
what foam feminine hygiene does she have? never saw a foam.
SuperAriesFireball 8 months ago
Advice about your “rut”: Have you considered trying different fitness trends? Like, maybe one week you do yoga and share how it affects your body from physical to macros and what not, the next week same idea but with dance or cycling or whatever you choose and so on......There are so many fitness styles and sometimes, breaking up the routine or just trying something totally new and seeing how it affects your body can be interesting and challenging in ways you wouldn’t expect. Anyway, I’m a new subscriber so there’s plenty of content to catch up on in the meantime, I don’t see redundancy yet, just helpful awesome tips. Lol. I really enjoy your videos, you’re super empowering and helpful girl. Best wishes on whatever you do, I know it will be great.❤️
Annie Miller
Annie Miller 8 months ago
I love how open and honest you are about the camel toe... girl SAME and you made me realize “you right the heck am I embarrassed?!” Thanks for being so real!!!❤️❤️
Vanessa Romero
Vanessa Romero 8 months ago
Your so damn funny that what makes you unique i laugh sooo hard
Kimberly Peterson
Kimberly Peterson 8 months ago
I love your full day of eating and grocery haul videos!! I struggle so much with eating healthy. I am just too addicted to sugar 😩 so I love watching your videos to get ideas!!
Cassandra Vaden
Cassandra Vaden 8 months ago
Does anyone else watch these videos like 15 times? Just me? 🤣
Jennifer B -
Jennifer B - 8 months ago
Your the first channel on USposts that I just love every single time I watch! Love the honesty and your personality 🙌 thank you for starting your channel it's absolutely fantastic 💯❤️
Margarida Costa
Margarida Costa 8 months ago
you are so dang funny!!! love you sm
AZ 808
AZ 808 8 months ago
Not trying to be rude, but please fix this youtube rut. Your content is becoming very repetitive and boring at this point. There's only so many eating, Q&A, GRWM, workout, etc. videos before you just become another basic influencer. Step outside your comfort zone and try some new things. **Don't crucify me, I love Whitney & her positivity, but I have to give some criticism as an avid viewer.
Sabrisie Re
Sabrisie Re 8 months ago
Please STOP..... you HAVE the best physique out there!!
Katherine Murillo
Katherine Murillo 8 months ago
Hair styling types for after the gym hair would be o so helpful. I go to work straight after. :((
Eli M
Eli M 8 months ago
What lipstick 💄 is that 🤔
ItzMinnie 8 months ago
I'm overly excited to watch married Whitney in the future 🤗🥰
Lexie K
Lexie K 8 months ago
I think it would be awesome if you did some more “how-to” videos on different exercises. I know a lot of us on your app are always asking each other “am I doing this right”? So maybe showing how to use good form, some pro tips on how to’s would be so so helpful! Also I am fairly new at weight lifting, so for me personally (and I think a lot of other girls on your fb groups) would love to learn more about it! Thanks so much for everything you do, you’re an inspiration!! ❤️
Caroline C
Caroline C 8 months ago
Omg getting married??😍💕 When did you get engaged??
Melissa Spray
Melissa Spray 9 months ago
Please do a hair tutorial for all the women with blond hair❤️❤️❤️
Alexandra Martel
Alexandra Martel 9 months ago
VLOGZZZZ PLEASE!!! I'm following for 3 years now and I really want to see more vlogs! TYSM ILYSM 💛💛💛 Greetings from Canada.🇨🇦🇨🇦
Rocio Ramos
Rocio Ramos 9 months ago
Danyelle Walters
Danyelle Walters 9 months ago
Love seeing your smiling face and hearing all your positivity! Really gets me motivated to be better. Love you so much, thank you so much.. for your channel.🥰
Ida Wiktorsson
Ida Wiktorsson 9 months ago
You are so pretty!!!!!! I discovered you over two years ago, and I still think about you and your motivation when I go to the gym myself. You are an inspiration.
Tazmeen Kaml
Tazmeen Kaml 9 months ago
you're so genuine you deserve the world :)
Brooke Petrie
Brooke Petrie 9 months ago
"I'm high on endorphins" ahhaah
Colleen May
Colleen May 9 months ago
“She likes to show off” 😅 samesss
Dagný Valgeirsdóttir
Dagný Valgeirsdóttir 9 months ago
OH MY GOD - I just ‘met’ you now (on USposts) and I friggin LOVE love you girl ♥️ Oh my gosh I’m an instant fan - you’re amazing!!!
Angela Tripuzzi
Angela Tripuzzi 9 months ago
Can you please make a video on how to get started with macro counting including how to determine/ calculate the numbers ?
Laura Kastner
Laura Kastner 9 months ago
can you do a video about all the things you've done to stop your hair from breaking!! I feel like so many people struggle with that
Joyce Carlos
Joyce Carlos 9 months ago
That top looks so bomb on you 😍
Claudia DeSanctis
Claudia DeSanctis 9 months ago
LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! also the endorphins high part was too funny!! as for the rut GIRL YOU DO YOU AND SHOW US WHAT YOU LOVE AND MAKES YOU HAPPY! side note I would love to see like athleisure outfits you wear/ style outfits like that!! its always a beautiful day to be alive (especially when you post) 😍
Olga Zoe Mendrinos
Olga Zoe Mendrinos 9 months ago
Would love to see my vlogs perhaps a “work day” business meetings etc, the process of working and designing your activewear etc, videos on business side of things, balancing work and fitness, testing out different workout clothes companies, hauls, would love a baking video, “testing cycling class everyday for a week” or other classes, trying ballet class. But honestly happy just watching you ! ❤️
Beth-Annie Harley
Beth-Annie Harley 9 months ago
USposts video ideas • How you edit your photos on IG • How to get out of a gym rut • Hair care & Skin care • Vlogs/day in your life • Make up routine & how your foundation stays great without powder • Wardrobe view - gym clothes & tips and tricks to keep them in good condition • Plant guide - Show is your babies!!! • Your Gym routine for the week
Glo 9 months ago
Hahahahahahahaha i love this video
Jess 9 months ago
Girl don’t ever let people feel like you’re not enough! You look amazing and you have a beautiful personality. I love your content, keep doing your thing!
Christina Lundelius
Christina Lundelius 9 months ago
Wow anyone telling you there's something wrong with your body has to be projecting their insecurities on to you because you look so happy and healthy and comfortable in your skin!! Watching your videos had made me feel like I can get stronger in order to reach my goals and not just starve myself until I'm skin and bones. You're such an inspiration!
Lauren Garcia
Lauren Garcia 9 months ago
I love you, Whitney!!!!!
autumn lynch
autumn lynch 9 months ago
This was great , we need to know how you feel. I am always learing from your fitness videos.. never tied of them. Sharing your personal life is a bonus . Love :)
Audra Stewart
Audra Stewart 9 months ago
Would love to see a foam rolling vid❤❤
Amy Jo Wright
Amy Jo Wright 9 months ago
Would love to know how you got motivated to get stated on your fitness Journey and what kept you staying motivated to get to your goal?
Carson Early
Carson Early 9 months ago
The tik tok😂😂😂
Cici 9 months ago
I love walking uphill! Gets me sweating and warmed up really quick. There will always be people that have something to say about your body. But they don't matteeerrrrr.
joe williams-nelson
joe williams-nelson 9 months ago
My girl!
Kim Campos
Kim Campos 9 months ago
I need to see your top. Where is it from? I’m obsessed with all things burgundy. I love your realness! Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us!
Tiffany S
Tiffany S 9 months ago
Also.. would love to see a video on foam rolling.. I’ve watched other videos but I’d like to see your take..
FC 9 months ago
tbh i don’t care if it’s repetitive, i just get inspired to work out whenever i see your videos! 💕💕💕
V Truong
V Truong 9 months ago
To all the ladies who find themselves being stared at or just generally in an uncomfortable position at the gym while you're working out -- don't forget to inform the gym staff too! Ask them to speak to whoever is making you feel uncomfortable, because you shouldn't have to feel like you need to take matters into your own hands.
Carlene Weenusk
Carlene Weenusk 9 months ago
Would love to see a what’s in my gym bag + what supplements you use 😋
Jill Kowalski
Jill Kowalski 9 months ago
Don't give into that youtube slump girl. Honestly my kids said they just cant deal with the constant promos and that's when they watch other videos. I don't mind them but, eh, just a perspective from their gen. What you should always do is focus in the next step in life and making those videos as they will be so new and fun to see. This is just the beginning sista! xoxo
Daniela Ortega
Daniela Ortega 9 months ago
What foam wash are you talking about ? I NEEEDD 🙄
Anna Marie Record
Anna Marie Record 9 months ago
My goodness!!! You look amazing!! I've always thought you look beautiful! Your body is very beautiful!!!🥰
Michelle Senthivel
Michelle Senthivel 9 months ago
Oh my gosh, I would like you say that you’re perfect!! Whatever makes you happy is what makes you beautiful
Kayla Kenzie
Kayla Kenzie 9 months ago
Vlogs could be fun to see, and then you can combine the "what I eat in a day"/"workout routines"/Let us know what's going on with you :)
Kelsey McAbee
Kelsey McAbee 9 months ago
Whitttt I wanna see a vid with you and Nikki 🙂 I love y’all! I will watch anything you upload honestly haha. Also, ew to the people who tell you what your body should look like when everyone knows it’s mostly genetics anyways. Bahhhh! You look great to me! If you feel good, who cares. I’m glad you’re back ♥️
Jaclyn Walkoviak
Jaclyn Walkoviak 9 months ago
We love YOU!!! Your a GREAT mentor.
Jamie Bunkley
Jamie Bunkley 9 months ago
Start vlogging!
Chandler Alexandra
Chandler Alexandra 9 months ago
Girlllllll friend, as a hairstylist I’m asking u to plz wash ur hair after a workout before we put our hands in it :))))) luhhhh u
Alex Cake
Alex Cake 9 months ago
You made me laugh so much in this one 😂😂
Cheyenne Krieger
Cheyenne Krieger 9 months ago
“My hump....she’s prominent.” Hahahahaha I die.
Amelia 9 months ago
Omg the Rosa reference has me dead 😂💀😂💀
Balázs Erdélyi
Balázs Erdélyi 9 months ago
4:30 stay away from the men that make u feel uncomfortable, dont let those stalkers dissiritateu
Balázs Erdélyi
Balázs Erdélyi 9 months ago
0:35 its the little things everyday that make the difference in the long run
Balázs Erdélyi
Balázs Erdélyi 9 months ago
1:10 crispy rostickery chicken :)))))
Victoria Sandercock
Victoria Sandercock 9 months ago
I LOVE your style!!! Would not mind one bit if you wanted to share more fashion ish posts ☺️💙
Anna Quinlan
Anna Quinlan 9 months ago
i literally couldn’t love you more you’re so down to earth and inspiring to watch❤️been here since the beginning
Anny Vitória
Anny Vitória 9 months ago
Hello Whitney
Savanah Frandsen
Savanah Frandsen 9 months ago
also don’t confine yourself to the “fitness community” I watch you for your amazing humor and personality girl!!!
Savanah Frandsen
Savanah Frandsen 9 months ago
i love your beauty videos! I would love to see you play around with new makeup!
Jasmine Yousefzadeh
Jasmine Yousefzadeh 9 months ago
can you do a video on how to get back into incorporating the gym into your daily life again please!!
Ella Buck
Ella Buck 9 months ago
Hey I was wondering if you still had any of your old iPhones that you would be willing to give to me if so can we get in contact
Az ra
Az ra 9 months ago
Oh Gosh, I've already commented this on - I believe - 2 other videos of yours but again: Your energy gives me sooo much motivation! You just seem so genuine, passionate and lovely. Plus I just read that your birthday is only one day after mine so: Happy belated birthday, Whit!
Fernanda Ramírez
Fernanda Ramírez 9 months ago
Hello Whit, here is an idea: could you make a video for us beginners about how to start working out properly. It's very hard for me as a newbie to know how to go from basic exercises towards more complex ones, or when to start increasing the level of difficulty etc, most of the time I don't know what the hell I'm doing or what I'am actually trainning haha.
Cristina Torres
Cristina Torres 9 months ago
I swear I love your energy! I just love hearing you talk lol. Always puts me in a good mood and gets me ready to go to the gym. Thanks Whitney!!
Season Johnson
Season Johnson 9 months ago
You are absolutely one of my favorites! I get what you’re saying about the rut, but even when you “redo” videos, they are fresh and I still watch them. Sometimes we need a redo because- yes-fitness doesn’t change, but we do, and the redos come at just the right time. I agree with what another person said-we are here to see you because we love your attitude so keep doing what you’re doing, or change it up... I’ll be here either way! ❤️
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