FULL DAY OF EATING! Quick & Simple Meals

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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

What I eat in a day with macros! Healthy and easy meals and snacks I'm currently obsessed with.
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silver_04 5 months ago
Im so confused.. isn’t 2000 calories a lot? I thought we should be having less than 1200.. not judging I’m just genuinely curious as I’m trying to lose bit of weight
Elizabeth 5 months ago
Girl have you every heard of brown rice? Lol I suggest you try it and swap it for white rice. It has much more fiber and protein and IMO tastes so much better!
Šoph 19
Šoph 19 5 months ago
Dares some negativity of urs about ur handsome babe as u try to cut him in ur vids .... seriously ppl doesn’t d way dey look at cam ....surely hands down
Lemongrass Coconut
Lemongrass Coconut 6 months ago
I just wanna know how you land on those macros?
Sash & Em
Sash & Em 6 months ago
I love how honest and open your videos are 🙌🏼❤️
Harneet Bhogal
Harneet Bhogal 6 months ago
Hey girl! I love your vids!! Can you do a ‘how to track macros’ vid? Because i don’t know how many grams of food to eat in one meal
sophie hartcher
sophie hartcher 7 months ago
Re-watching all of your videos! love you Whit
Elizabeth Luther
Elizabeth Luther 7 months ago
You're awesome! I love how happy you are and that you're not shaming people for eating!
Keitoyou 8 months ago
Who thinks tuna is weird??? Tuna is so good!
camellia mata
camellia mata 8 months ago
Does preworkout cause acne?
Georgiana Wickenden
Georgiana Wickenden 8 months ago
U never tracked food before did u ? Like measuring everything ! Why are u ?
Brenda Ilkhanipour
Brenda Ilkhanipour 9 months ago
Omg...there are 2 of them!
Brenda Ilkhanipour
Brenda Ilkhanipour 9 months ago
OMG...what breed is your little poochy?
Dwi Septiawan
Dwi Septiawan 9 months ago
Hi Whitney i love your meals..but i really curious on how much i should eat a day? Is it okay to take 2.000 calories when i am in 86 kg weight and 160 cm high. Because these 'instagram-healthy-influencer' said even vegetables are can make me fat if its too much. Didn't blame them tho, because i just doing exercise 15 minutes a day and still couldn't love it 😅 . Oh and i am also breastfeeding my kid. Really need an advice ❤
Macy Gomez
Macy Gomez 10 months ago
can you make a video specifically about how to track macros and how to know what your goals should be? thats something im really struggling with!
Priscila Franco
Priscila Franco 10 months ago
I also struggle a lot with being consistent in eating healthy every day, I have a very sweet tooth and I struggle with the flours 😪 but everything is to reach my goals baby, having cheat meals a couple of times a week helps me stay in way, thanks for being an inspiration and give me ideas on what to eat! when I have no idea in what to cook is easier for me to fall for not so healthy food, so thank you girl you're hot fire flames💓✨
Jenkins Journey
Jenkins Journey 10 months ago
Spelling out w-a-l-k because your dog's will go crazy if you say walk. I know the feeling lol
Crystal Salas
Crystal Salas 11 months ago
Can you please share how you make your oats.
Helen Fritze
Helen Fritze 11 months ago
I like hot sauce in my tuna....now that's weird
Nicole Sparks
Nicole Sparks 11 months ago
I think I watch you so often that I have developed some of you traits and quotes so if I ever started a USposts ppl would be offended for you 🤣🤣🤣 be flattered! ☺️😘😘
Katelyn Davis
Katelyn Davis Year ago
That's the exact tuna recipe I was raised on! Hahaha
Lauren Perry
Lauren Perry Year ago
How do y’all track macros? App or anything I don’t have enough time to sit and do the math for how much I should be eating
josefina nazar
josefina nazar Year ago
just wanted to say i love your vids and your positivity just makes me happy! ily
Kala Moss
Kala Moss Year ago
Your tuna recipe is not weird at all! I love tuna on a little pita situation. So good and easy
mashanikit12 Year ago
Can you make a video on how you weigh your food? Things like rice adn pasta confuse me. Do you weigh it cooked or dry? What about meat? And what about when you do an entire meal prep? How do you weigh an entire meal like pasta with everything mixed in?
Aly Olsson
Aly Olsson Year ago
Are you still practicing IF?
presley smith
presley smith Year ago
It was hilarious when she said she was low on protein. She eats more protein in a day than I do in a month!!! LOL
Sophie Mazzarese
Sophie Mazzarese Year ago
What scale do you use?
Katherine Puglisi (formerly Kelly)
Katherine Puglisi (formerly Kelly) Year ago
Hey!! Where did you get that large flower vase and the flowers in your kitchen!? Thanks so much for all your advice!!
Ashlie Parks
Ashlie Parks Year ago
You should write a book on all the healthy meals and snacks that could help you with staying healthy, fit and weight loss.
Elizabeth Racca
Elizabeth Racca Year ago
does anybody know what scale she is using to weigh her food ?
Kel Year ago
Ayyeee finally someone who makes tuna the same way I do!! yay! I just add salt & pepper as well. Mustard has to be a mood
Nicole Markiewicz
Nicole Markiewicz Year ago
Whit, why don’t you do IF anymore girl?
Jennifer Camerlengo
Jennifer Camerlengo Year ago
What was your experience with the alani nu balance ? Did you find it helpful?
Sian.e Year ago
I swear her videos i now directed towards children. Why does she talk like that? Videos are a bit cringe...
kelly G
kelly G Year ago
Hey Whitney!!! How do you determine the right amount of calories? And how much do you reduce to be in a deficit? Thank you!
Miya Meow
Miya Meow Year ago
That tofu is sooo good!The saracha flavor is even better
JOSIE'S Fitness
JOSIE'S Fitness Year ago
Be careful with those alani nu pills they cost me major $$$ got a terrible yeast infection unbalanced my hormones so bad my gynecologist has prohibited all his patients apparently iam not the only patient who this happend to regret wasting $$$ on those thank you for your video.
Leya Ramer
Leya Ramer Year ago
Girl! AIRFRY THAT TOFU! You can thank me later.
Michelle B
Michelle B Year ago
How many steps, cardio and what not do you do to eat that many calories in a day?
Erin Year ago
I just started to watch you, and you are such an inspiration... It is so nice to see someone actually eating real food,I love this video PS: tigers blood is definitely the best flavor!!
Meagen Yeazel
Meagen Yeazel Year ago
Hard boiled eggs sliced and diced in your tuna is also amazing !!
Dani Bats
Dani Bats Year ago
Where did you get your plates!? :o
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown Year ago
Who's Linda?
Sassy Kat
Sassy Kat Year ago
Damn that’s a big breakfast. I could probably do the yogurt bowl and then two hours later do the tacos but that’s just me. I’m only 5’ so I’m smol and I eat like a rabbit 😂
micaela feigelsohn
micaela feigelsohn Year ago
Listen girl! Roast the chickpeas for 15 min with olive oil/ spray, paprika, garlic powder and some salt and pepper, you’ll die! It’s so good and super crunchy😍 love ya❤️
ifrah basheer
ifrah basheer Year ago
where is her tank top from!
Catt's Mahal
Catt's Mahal Year ago
Whitney I didn’t skip through the commercials. Gotta give my girl some credit where credits due. 🥰
Brittany B
Brittany B Year ago
Made the stir fry tonight! It is so yummy. Even went to Trader Joe’s for the sweet chili sauce 🤤
Kimberly Marquez
Kimberly Marquez Year ago
Nobody: Whitney: literally PHENOMENAL
Britney Ford
Britney Ford Year ago
Been here for about three years and still loving your content 💘 never disappointed 💝💝
Romy Van Troys
Romy Van Troys Year ago
What app do you use to count everything?
Ashley DeLaMora
Ashley DeLaMora Year ago
Whats your macros goal to hit every day? And how to you find meals that fit your macros if you are low on one of them?
Alejandra Borbon
Alejandra Borbon Year ago
Girl, I just want to be friends with you LOL
Miranda Wolcott
Miranda Wolcott Year ago
I love to watch your meals so I can see if I want to try anything you do! Thanks!!!
Asiangirlnextdoor Year ago
I’m happy to know that someone eats white rice!! I can’t live without it🍚
bintu Year ago
whats the difference between tracking macros and tracking calories ?
Jasmine Fitzgerald
Jasmine Fitzgerald Year ago
You have the best teeth!!! 😍😍Can I ask if you’ve had anything done to them or are you just blessed!?? Great vid!!
Molly Florence
Molly Florence Year ago
!!!!!! Lots of veggie meals
Christina Floyd
Christina Floyd Year ago
What app do you use to calculate your macros?
Rachellevank Year ago
Your dog is so cute chilling with you, like a little baby haha 😍
kiersten hull
kiersten hull Year ago
where is your water gallon jug from?
dihendersonn Year ago
I love when you say: "Linda"
v.hrnndz Year ago
I think a good video would be what to get /eat from “fast food” places when you’re out running errands or just busy .
v.hrnndz Year ago
Where’s the vitamin d3 from ? I can’t find it anywhere I get it prescribed but I’d rather buy it in store .
Brittany O
Brittany O Year ago
Whats your water bottle brand? The black one with a straw I wannnt 😊
Alex Marie
Alex Marie Year ago
You take pills just like me water first then pills and I’ve never been more happier to find someone who does 😂😂
Alex Marie
Alex Marie Year ago
You take pills just like me water first then pills and I’ve never been more happier to find someone who does 😂😂
Moya Nicole
Moya Nicole Year ago
Would I gain weight or stay stagnant if I eat this many times during the day If I’m working out 5 times a week?
_ Arielfit
_ Arielfit Year ago
Ohh the rice cakes looked bomb! I haven’t found many ways to mix it up with them but that was a great idea thanks girl!! Xoxo
Melissa Mendoza
Melissa Mendoza Year ago
Love you Whitney ❤️
Catie 511
Catie 511 Year ago
I adore you but there should be a limit to how many times you can say delicioso or snackaroonies per video 😂
kara mc
kara mc Year ago
What kind of phone case is thatttr
Michele Krupnov
Michele Krupnov Year ago
I get all my meal ideas from your videos lol and I’m obsessed with Trader Joe’s because of these videos
delaney H
delaney H Year ago
Hi mama💕 I'm 147lb and want to be around 120-130lb I'm currently eating 1300 cals / day... But now I'm seeing you and feel like I'm not eating enough..?
Ryan B
Ryan B Year ago
Good info! Looking good! 💪🏽🏋🏻‍♂️👏🏽
sella blah
sella blah Year ago
Girl with fasting I have one meal and maybe a smoothie later at night.. Its good if my protein raises above 20g lol shit.
Darolin Cruz
Darolin Cruz Year ago
What app do you use to track your macros?
Hannah Buleza
Hannah Buleza Year ago
People make tuna without relish? Odd Haha I always have yum yum
hali M
hali M Year ago
Your videos make me smile 🙂
Cassidy Hale
Cassidy Hale Year ago
what do you use to calculate your macros?
Celeste Dominguez
Celeste Dominguez Year ago
Your sincere happiness also makes me happy wow
Ria Lakhani
Ria Lakhani Year ago
How do you know that 2100calories is a deficit for you? Does your scale calculate this for you?
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones Year ago
What is the recipe for your taco bowl it looks delicious 😋
eitan or-shahar
eitan or-shahar Year ago
I like how you admitted that it's weird to put relish in tuna because that is kinda weird but one persons yuck is another persons yum
Nicola Chedgy
Nicola Chedgy Year ago
What app do you use to track, lu
Niki Hultquist
Niki Hultquist Year ago
Where do you get your packs of Beyond Meat? 😊
Laura Turk
Laura Turk Year ago
Niki Hultquist you can get them at whole foods 🙂🙂 I think that's where she gets them but not 100% sure
Emma Bordelon
Emma Bordelon Year ago
The tuna bowl is AMAZING
Cici Year ago
Came here to admire your gains.
Justyna Świnder
Justyna Świnder Year ago
ok girl, where do you buy strapless bras? :(
Wanda nunes
Wanda nunes Year ago
i can actually deal with all you have ate and served just the tofu i hav never tryed but thanks im 227 mid section carry
Hailey Alexander
Hailey Alexander Year ago
What app does she use to track her calls
Angelina Year ago
Whitney, you give me so much life! You're so real about everything and you make eating healthy simple. I love that. Keep doing that damn thang!
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
Relish in tuna is freaking delicious
Orkide Blossom
Orkide Blossom Year ago
Tufo is gooood💪 can u help me how to track a macros,,,please!!!💖 how did u calculate that? Im a 5'4, 55 kg And aktive like u in da gym...
Kealila Sok
Kealila Sok Year ago
could you do another what I eat in a day, but also include the times you are eating. I struggle a lot with when I should eat, how much time in between meals, snacks, etc. so it would be so helpful to know what time of day you are eating your meals and your snacks.
Jaide Perez
Jaide Perez Year ago
Vit D3 brand?
Madelynn Mero
Madelynn Mero Year ago
Whitney are you vegetarian now??
Janielle Miclat
Janielle Miclat Year ago
Do you still drink protein shake?
Maria Menezello
Maria Menezello Year ago
I am in love with your channel! You are so good! Also, pink suits you sooooo damn well!!! Thanks for all your videos!
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