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Year ago

My quick, easy complete self tanning routine! Tips to achieve the perfect self tan and all my favorite self tanning products.
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Back applicator
FACE TANNER also here
2 hour express in dark (what I use)
2 hour express in medium
(this is the most similar to the dripping gold ultra dark)

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LOVING TAN ULTRA DARK is the equivalent to dripping gold ultra dark!

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Sun kissed grl
Sun kissed grl 19 days ago
I’m sure everyone and their mom has given you psoriasis tips. Have you tried 100% African Shea butter with turmeric, look on Amazon, the yellow color.
WWomannc Month ago
Want to try but very sensitive skin. Has anyone ever broke out or had allergic reaction to loving tan?
Weasna Sim
Weasna Sim Month ago
Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez Month ago
This is the first video on self tanning where she actually explains the real issues with self tanning. i.e., the back. And I've watched many. She gets my vote!! Great video Whit!!
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith 2 months ago
This video is super helpful. I am self tanning for the first time today 😁😁
Gregory Piccirilli
Gregory Piccirilli 2 months ago
The only self tanning video I come back to when I have to self tan! Great video!
auti 2 months ago
Great video. I am one of the few guys who likes to self tan rather than use the sun's rays. Understanding the damaging effects of these rays, self tan is the best way to go to protect your skin and produce a healthy glow. I understand you struggle with psoriasis. I as well, but my magic bullet is Taltz. Have you tried a biological, e.g. Taltz, Enbrel, etc? I would be 70% covered if it were not for the biologicals. I've been clear for 15 years. :-) No adverse side affects other than the lowered immune system. You need to take special precautions to stay away from individuals who have colds, the flu, etc. I have always exercised caution. For this reason, COVID precautions were second nature to me.
Kinga Długa
Kinga Długa 2 months ago
Amazing video!
Candice Harris
Candice Harris 2 months ago
Out of the bazillion video I watched for applying tanner and tips and tricks your tan has turned out the best especially the hands. Good thing I use Nivea lol
Marissa Mangold
Marissa Mangold 3 months ago
This is the best self-tan instruction i’ve seen!
Gerardo Gonzalez
Gerardo Gonzalez 3 months ago
The face tanner she uses is the light/medium or the medium/dark?
Kelly Baublitz
Kelly Baublitz 3 months ago
Hi beautiful!! I’m a new subscriber, and I’m also a year late watching this video, LOL! 😂 You did an awesome job! Quick question, does the Nivea moisturizer have mineral oil in it? If so that would strip my self tanner, I’m curious about organic Shea butter or the Bondi sands moisturizer?
Kiah Panchyshyn
Kiah Panchyshyn 3 months ago
I ALWAYS come back to this video if I forget anything or need to teach a friend!
Brittnee Storm
Brittnee Storm 3 months ago
Watched this before I applied my self tanner this week, the best tan I've gotten ever! No streaks or patchiness!
brianna lindgren
brianna lindgren 3 months ago
Taking my first crack at self tanning today. Got myself all pre opped 😂😂 thank you for this video 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Molly Ann
Molly Ann 3 months ago
Whitney is actually stunning ❤️
Lydia Glassman
Lydia Glassman 3 months ago
Fabulous video!!! Thank you!!! Gym wear looks great also!!! Thank you for the link!!! Lydia (-:
The Magick Goblin
The Magick Goblin 3 months ago
I'm watching it just so my girl friend doesn't flip her shit when she asks me to do her back
Baylee Hough
Baylee Hough 4 months ago
I've watched this video about 5 times and am finally about to self tan for the first time. Wish me luck!
Isabella Rose
Isabella Rose 3 months ago
Good luck!
macarari 4 months ago
How often do you self-tan?
Amber Rink
Amber Rink 4 months ago
I commented under my sons name. I don't see it posted, idk what happen. The video was amazing, I watched it so many times, I've remembered what you are saying. Lmmfao. The video was amazing. Lots of great information. I followed along to thee 'T' I used dark, by loving tan. Super beginner friendly. It was my first time tanning myself & it was amazing. This Friday I tanned myself for the second time, again.. amazing. No issues, no streaks, no runs. FLAWLESS. NO ORANGE either. A beautiful golden bronzed body, & I'm a plus size. So I was so super happy. But, take my advice. Wear long pants and shirt to bed. Protect your mattress. I wore a tank top and shorts to bed. It stained my sheet, mattress, & Duval comfort that was also in a cover. The next morning I washed myself, & my sheets then quickly learned I ruined my mattress from my tan. I spent 2hrs using a carpet cleaner to remove the stain from my mattress. Take my advice, ladies. 😘✌
Nikki Rae
Nikki Rae 4 months ago
They have an ultra dark now in loving tan
Stacey Pleasants
Stacey Pleasants 4 months ago
You are the only girl on USposts that I would trust with this because your team is the only one that I've seen that actually looks natural..... You never have that weird wrist line
Erin B
Erin B 4 months ago
Your gouergeos without self tan! Why even spend all that time doing this routine. Ugh the media and what human kind does to each other defining what is beautiful...
Dawn Combs
Dawn Combs 4 months ago
You are my soul sister lol. No, seriously, enjoyed your video. Great tips and process for seamless self tanning. Just got a self tanner product called Norvell Venetian Sunless Self-Tanning Mousse with Bronzer . Have you ever used? I’m really fair and can tan but don’t like or want to.
cm hirzel
cm hirzel 4 months ago
From one girl to should deffffffinitely drop the shaving routine.. everything be looking so smooth 👀 just. How.
Jazmine Espinda
Jazmine Espinda 4 months ago
used this video as a guide for my first time self tanning! no streaks ANYWHERE! :D
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia 5 months ago
2020 update?? 🙏
Gabriella 5 months ago
Love your vibe haha
Lauren :)
Lauren :) 5 months ago
I tried self tan and ah! The smell! It doesn’t stink but it’s like suntan lotion. I couldn’t stand it. :( do they all smell like suntan lotion?
Emily Korus
Emily Korus 5 months ago
i put a hairbrush inside my mit to reach my back !!
Debra Woods
Debra Woods 5 months ago
Where did you get the plaid pjs? They look so comfy!
Steffi Esovoloff
Steffi Esovoloff 5 months ago
How long does the container of loving tan last? Few months?
chloe c
chloe c 5 months ago
How long does one bottle of the luxury mousse self tanner last? I’m a bit hesitant to buy a tanner around that price but if it lasts awhile I’d love to try it out. 💛
Friends Don’t lie
Friends Don’t lie 5 months ago
Have you tried the Jergens self tanner If so how is it
nicole sawyer
nicole sawyer 5 months ago
I followed this during my first tanning attempt and my tan came out perfect!
Syd The kid
Syd The kid 5 months ago
How’s the smell on both of these probducts?
texas1852 5 months ago
How do these smell?
Constatine XI Palaeologus
Constatine XI Palaeologus 6 months ago
When my aunt was a child in the 40s she was sent away from her pasty skinned friend's house because her skinned appeared dirty or in reality tan. She was 100% Greek but apparently fair skin was in then. I see some women on these fake tan videos boasting of their tans and some are darker than me- But, my tan is real and won't wash off. I am attracted to fair skinned women. Living in Arizona I avoid too much sun but I'm still naturally tan, except legs don't tan good. That's not important to me.
Trina m
Trina m 6 months ago
Does anyone know what shade the Loving Tan is?
Katie Williams
Katie Williams 6 months ago
Hey Whit, Do you ever run into issues with your self tan when you sweat? Specifically around your bra line or under your arms? If so, do you have any tips and tricks to avoid/prevent it from happening, tricks to fix the issue afterwards or products you find work better against this issue?
Hannah Neal
Hannah Neal 6 months ago
'none of us have that kind of time' me sat watching this during lockdown: 👁️👄👁️
A Skye
A Skye 6 months ago
You’re a very silly person. I respect that 😉
kenz kov
kenz kov 6 months ago
How long does the tan last? Can you use a lufa when showering after the first few days?
Fitness Empire
Fitness Empire 6 months ago
That can’t be the same person...
XZELIA GSX 6 months ago
me watching this in may 2020 hearing abt how our hands are what we wash the most.... u right
sheenbean 6 months ago
Wow where have you been thank you so much
Angel Sun Australia
Angel Sun Australia 6 months ago
Hi! We would love to send you some of our soon to be released self tanning foam! x
Christie Jensen
Christie Jensen 6 months ago
I rewatch this every time I apply my LovingTan! Thank you so so much Whit! 🤍
Joanna Revelle
Joanna Revelle 6 months ago
advice to loves: DONT DO SELF TAN OR SPRAY TAN THE DAY BEFORE OR DAY OF A BOAT PARTY!!! most boats have white upholstery on the seats and it is SO embarassing when youre feeling all sexy and tan at the party but you get up from sitting down and leave a TAN BOOTY PRINT. Trust. Tan further ahead of time
Kayleighanna O'Connor
Kayleighanna O'Connor 6 months ago
My family is Sicilian and Brazilian, so most of them have really dark skin. I've been tanning for the last two-ish years because my skin is unusually white for someone with my heritage.
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 6 months ago
I followed this routine for my first ever self tan. Wow! I’m so impressed. I used loving tan and it’s way better than any spray tan I’ve done. Thank you for all the tips!
Jamie Renee
Jamie Renee 6 months ago
Such a thorough video! Thank you girl!!
a g
a g 6 months ago
i use a body brush from vanity planet to scrub off the old tanner.. should i be using a scrubbing mitt instead?
Elizabeth Mendel
Elizabeth Mendel 6 months ago
Okay I don't know what I've done wrong. Bought loving tan in medium because I didn't want to go too dark too quick. Exfoliated like you recommend. Use lotion like you recommend. Let the tan sit for six hours like the directions say. Hopped into the shower and it COMPLETELY WASHED OFF. With just water. It only stuck to the underside of my upper arms near the armpit and right above the crease of my arms. The top of my feet seem to have kept a very slight color. I don't understand. A $35 self tanner should not completely wash off with just water.
agoogan15 6 months ago
So lets say you have hairy arms. Will self-tanner mousse apply well on the arms? Or, is there another self-tanner recommendation?
Krysten Rath
Krysten Rath 6 months ago
Watching this as I apply my first legit self tan 🙈
MaryEllen Worland
MaryEllen Worland 7 months ago
thanks for the foundation brush tip (:
Danielle Cabalis
Danielle Cabalis 7 months ago
When you say to you mean everything? Arms? Tummy?
Luís Ledezma
Luís Ledezma 7 months ago
Te ayudo cositas
Luís Ledezma
Luís Ledezma 7 months ago
Ta guna
Luís Ledezma
Luís Ledezma 7 months ago
K dijo
Krista Drummond
Krista Drummond 7 months ago
I should have watched this before ruining my face ahahaa
Briten Eldridge
Briten Eldridge 7 months ago
Where can I get those pjs
Crystal Rivera
Crystal Rivera 7 months ago
I just love Whitney I can’t get enough of her!!!!
Angelee Mercado
Angelee Mercado 7 months ago
What about hairy blonde arms, do I gotta shave those ? 😅lol.
embergmann 7 months ago
I'm new here for my first time self-tanning and it makes me so happy to see someone teach how to self-tan with psoriasis as well :')
george p
george p 7 months ago
If you use bar soap it can contribute to bad skin (psoriasis), also over exfoliating can really dry u out.. I would use my hand with some bottles/liquid soap and just my hand, no wash rag or poufy 👍 try it for a week
Maddie .A
Maddie .A 7 months ago
Srsly best self tan video I’ve every watched and bruh I’ve watched a LOT! Xoxox
natalie rincon
natalie rincon 7 months ago
Adelina Lazăr
Adelina Lazăr 7 months ago
ur skin looks amazing!!!
Courtney Allen
Courtney Allen 7 months ago
Jay Way
Jay Way 7 months ago
A self tanning video that’s NOT SPONSORED. 100% trust this more than anything lol
Jenna Sais Quois
Jenna Sais Quois 7 months ago
Having to wear latex gloves as an ~essential~ employee removed the tanner from my hands 😭😭😂😂😂
Emma Niel
Emma Niel 7 months ago
This video was so helpful!! I’m so excited to try out self tan now. Love your 2nd suit!
Rebecca Seher
Rebecca Seher 7 months ago
They sell ultra dark now!!
Kyra Bryce
Kyra Bryce 7 months ago
i turned orange
Alissa Carissimi
Alissa Carissimi 7 months ago
Girl you have got to try cerave or vanicream fragrance free lotion, they are both so thick and amazing especially after shaving! But thanks for your video, wish I had done this instead of baking in the sun in the 90s and early 2000s!
JuliAnna Lopez
JuliAnna Lopez 7 months ago
Omg thank you for this vid, I've been skeptical about self tanning bc of my psoriasis but I can't wait to try! Which shade range do you use for the face tanning drops ? I'm not sure which to order!
Sarah H
Sarah H 7 months ago
Me here in quarintine I definitely have the time for all of this
Didi Dabrowska
Didi Dabrowska 7 months ago
Sun is your enemy??? Can't believe that somebody said that 🙈
Sam Squanch
Sam Squanch 7 months ago
I just started using self tanner and omg I forgot to moisturize my hands and all the other important spots and lemme tell you... it looked really bad for like 2 days. Thank god for quarantine rn.
Jimena Elle Smith
Jimena Elle Smith 7 months ago
Love you and your channel! I'm a first time self-tanner and just got my "loving tan" products in the mail today! What do we do between shaving/exfoliation and application? This seems to be what we should do if we are self-tanning the day of. What should we do/not do if we wait to self-tan the next day? do i moisturize? do I shower again before? hold off?
Dscjm C
Dscjm C 7 months ago
How long does it last?
Emily Alexander
Emily Alexander 7 months ago
Did you do the drops for your face? Or did you use the Loving Tan? Also if it were the drops, how many did you use?
Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor 7 months ago
when i first did self tanning i watched this video and it helped me so much my tan came out so natural looking
Mattie Afonso-Fanfa
Mattie Afonso-Fanfa 7 months ago
Does anyone know of a good spray tan solution? I have a “st.tropez” self tan at home gun (also let me know if a better one?..). Oh and does anyone know of prepping solution that also helps to add to the routine Whitney mentioned? Thanks boys and girls! 💋
LisaLisaD1 7 months ago
SUCH a great video--thank you!! 👙☀️ Lisa
Priscilla Solberg
Priscilla Solberg 7 months ago
Btw, Indi going into the shower🤣 so cute!
Priscilla Solberg
Priscilla Solberg 7 months ago
Remembered you had this video.... so I’m buying self tan and I’m gonna give her a go... lol!
Marin Nelu
Marin Nelu 7 months ago
Sărutul are produse de calitate
P T 8 months ago
How long does the tan last?
Olivesandpaper 8 months ago
What about using an oil as a lotion, do you think that will affect the duration of the self tan? I use coconut oil as a lotion because it's all-natural. Just wondering if you've ever used an oil as a lotion and if that affected the length of your tan.
Paige Facoory
Paige Facoory 8 months ago
Olivesandpaper usually the oil can break down the fan so I avoid them. That’s just what I’ve found though 😊
silver_04 8 months ago
I tried loving tan ultra dark.. it’s no where near ultra dark the colour was just like a sun kissed glow on me.. and I’m pale pale.. I need something DARK. So confused cos I bought it thinking it was gonna be the deepest tan
Heather Crockett
Heather Crockett 8 months ago
What do you suggest we use if we don’t have a mitt for application?
Selena Lambert
Selena Lambert 8 months ago
Whats the difference between loving tan 2hr express dark and reg loving tan ultra dark?
Angie martin
Angie martin 8 months ago
Megan Ridenour
Megan Ridenour 8 months ago
My loving tan will be here Friday and I'm so excited!!! Thanks for all the tips!
Hasan Cin
Hasan Cin 8 months ago
lucky Dog
Branden's Outdoor Channel
Branden's Outdoor Channel 8 months ago
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