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Whitney Simmons

8 months ago

WORKOUT WITH ME AT HOME! 25 minute HIIT workout using no equipment. DOWNLOAD ALIVE BY WHITNEY for my new 4-week Alive Inside program! whitneyysimmons.com/
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Madison Day Henry
Madison Day Henry 8 months ago
y'all .... I am a division I soccer player and just stumbled across this workout so I thought I'd give it a try.... DUDE this was a sweaty shredder! Everyone should try this workout, I didn't realize it until I had finished the third circuit, but I am DRIPPING and feel great. Whitney I LOVE YOU!
gasmi GASMI
gasmi GASMI 2 months ago
I will try it
gasmi GASMI
gasmi GASMI 2 months ago
I will try it
Leah Hall
Leah Hall 3 months ago
wow i feel really proud of my self for finishing this workout. time for a nice cold shower!
Jess K
Jess K 4 months ago
beiber134 6 months ago
Hannah Tamimi
Hannah Tamimi 2 days ago
I have done this workout so many times and it kicks my butt every time 🥵
Salao Sanchez Perú
Salao Sanchez Perú 6 days ago
thank you so much!!!! Loved it!!! this was my first one from your videos, I'm looking forward to doing all of them :)
Diana Santos
Diana Santos 9 days ago
Omg this really made me break a sweat! Uuf good stuff!
husna !!
husna !! 19 days ago
love this! found myself cheering the instructor
Haya B.
Haya B. 20 days ago
I loved this! thank you, Whitney!
Catherine Busse
Catherine Busse 23 days ago
damn gurl! just finished this workout & wozziieee it got me 💪 💕
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz 24 days ago
I've seen better
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz 24 days ago
so fun hawlfay through it it is more tiring than it looks!
Kierra Libbrecht
Kierra Libbrecht 25 days ago
When a ad comes on I’m like “yesss bonus break” lol 😂😫
Anthony Fagan
Anthony Fagan 27 days ago
Positive vibes. First time checking out your channel and subscribed. Guess one more to that 2 million! 💯💥💪🏾💪🏾.
Nomzamo Shangase
Nomzamo Shangase Month ago
I’ve done the other HIIT AND AB twice and it was a lot. I’m doing this one tomorrow 😄
Sarah Bartlett
Sarah Bartlett Month ago
I really enjoyed getting to workout with you today! Thank you for sharing Whitney✨
Stephanie Marie Mullett
Stephanie Marie Mullett Month ago
thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome, sweaty workout!!! I feel SO good!!!
Diana Hoang
Diana Hoang Month ago
I’m going to be 50’s. After a week of this, I realize it’s too much stress on my knee. ☹️
Juless Month ago
Freakin' LOVED this workout!! Normally I don't feel too great mentally and stress out when following HIIt/cardio workouts but it flew by, thank uuuu
Fran Pellegrini
Fran Pellegrini Month ago
I think you put too many ads in this - a couple is ok but I've had 8 already
Lexi Reber
Lexi Reber Month ago
love the workout hate the ads in the middle lol
Samwasfound Month ago
im not here for the ads ruining my workout guys lol
Katie Licari
Katie Licari Month ago
Omg deaddddd after that!!!! Great workout
Malak Melhem
Malak Melhem Month ago
i am soooooooooooo sweaty. My fitbit loved it
olivia reeder
olivia reeder Month ago
I just got done with my workout... and wow... I feel AMAZING I love your energy and you make me feel so motivated and confident I love you Whitney tysm 💕💕
Xio Arleen
Xio Arleen Month ago
would love to see more of these for targeted workouts such as abs or arms etc.
Jeane Hamilton
Jeane Hamilton Month ago
I just tried downloading the app gave my information and the all of a sudden it started freezing so i tried going out and doing everything again when they then told me that me email is already in the system so i tried putting in my email and password so i did and it told me my password was wrong so I clicked on forgot my password and has them sent me a resent like when i clicked on the reset link it said invalid token and i want this app so bad😭can someone pls help me out here.
Biwa Demon
Biwa Demon Month ago
I just completed my first week of Alive Inside. You’ve saved me in ways I could never explain! Thanks for being you Whit!
nerine grundlingh
nerine grundlingh Month ago
This kicked my butt girl! Thanks! :)
ca leb
ca leb Month ago
i be sweating when this is over 😂 so i think it’s working
Haley Jarvis
Haley Jarvis 2 months ago
I've done this video so many times! I LOOOVE it!! 🤟😘💙
Tina 2 months ago
I agree on the fat burn but I don't agree on the exercise is there a short way to doing this workout if it is then please tell me and is the time shortened if so I would like to know for future body preferences😂🤣.
Shailey D
Shailey D 2 months ago
I've done this workout many times now but decided to come back and do it again today and accidentally kept missing the "switch sides" notification so I had to keep rewinding and doing each side like twice the amount of time HHAHAHAHA It burned so bad but I couldn't just proceed and have my muscles be uneven. I'll be stronger for it and thank myself later I guess! :)
gasmi GASMI
gasmi GASMI 2 months ago
Very nice textureDifficult exercise
Brebaayy 2 months ago
GREAT WORKOUT! Thanks girl 💕
sarah mbarik
sarah mbarik 2 months ago
hahah first time trying her out , came from linda sun's rec , she killed me
Cecilia Torres
Cecilia Torres 2 months ago
this made me sweat 🥵a whole lot
Emily Kaler
Emily Kaler 2 months ago
Where is your necklace from??
babyH777 2 months ago
those awful annoying beeps man
J Hamlyn
J Hamlyn 3 months ago
So sore two days later... love these at home follow along workouts. Keeping me sane while staying home. I was looking for more, because I’ve done all your at home workouts now. Am definitely hoping you will do a few more of these. They’ve been really varied and even with the circuits being repeat exercises the time variation really got me.
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 2 months ago
I always get sore 2 days later! But i love it!
Aobha O' Keeffe
Aobha O' Keeffe 3 months ago
Does this workout give you like big legs or anything cause that’s what I’m trying to get rid of, just cause there are lots of squats and stuff in it
Allison Stieber
Allison Stieber 3 months ago
thank you thank you thank you! I feel like this can cover so many people at different points of their skill level. everything was modifiable, easy to follow along, and you are overall just a positive genuine person. Im glad I come along this video. I have been trying home workouts since quarantine, but yours is the only one that motivated me. I saw my high knees getting lower each circuit and was able to look at your pace and challenge myself to try and match it. I only wish you could include a calorie estimate of the total workout for those working towards a calorie deficit.
Eun L
Eun L 3 months ago
Tee Jay Barillas
Tee Jay Barillas 3 months ago
I’m a drenched after this workout .... beginner but I did it. Thank you for this kick a$$ workout!!!
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 2 months ago
Best Feeling!
Indigo Finch
Indigo Finch 3 months ago
Loveee this workout ! Whats the name of the first song ?
Anisa Shah
Anisa Shah 3 months ago
What's the song at 12:00 ?
Abby Sanchez
Abby Sanchez 3 months ago
Burned 200 calories with this workout, loved it !! Went over the rest time to push myself harder 👊🏼
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 2 months ago
Awesome Burn!
Rachel Arsenault
Rachel Arsenault 3 months ago
Whitney I love your workouts and I do them all the time, but I am so disappointed you put 4 ads in the middle of the workout! I was doing so good and honestly with ads right in the workout you lose your momentum because you have to skip or wait for an ad 😕 killed my workout
swimbeccah0009 3 months ago
amazing workout. drenched in sweat!
Martha Espinoza
Martha Espinoza 3 months ago
I'm over Weight and I'm trying to lose pounds and I love your workouts, even though it's so hard for me I will get where I need to be.
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 2 months ago
Every workout you will get stronger and stronger!
Sarah Boruch
Sarah Boruch 3 months ago
Do you have any more cardio like this? Love it! Thanks and have a lovely week!!!
K Lee
K Lee 3 months ago
Never been this excited to see ads popping up lol
Gabriela 625
Gabriela 625 3 months ago
whitney! there was a midroll ad in the middle of this workout! i know youtube has been acting crazy lately so i just wanna let you know that that happened!!
victoria anna
victoria anna 3 months ago
I don’t usually sweat but lemme tell you.. I DID SWEAT
NuclearGemini 3 months ago
Hahaha...you can use a dog!!! So cute! 🐕💗🤙🏻
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 3 months ago
I am so sweaty after this!!! Great workout 😅😅💪🏽🦋
howl swifeu
howl swifeu 3 months ago
how many calories are you gonna burn
Marissa Brooks
Marissa Brooks 3 months ago
Love this😍
Patricia Dalao
Patricia Dalao 3 months ago
This one killlllt me😭😩 your programs stay amazing, Whitney. Thank you for your consistent efforts for good content
Jade Attwood
Jade Attwood 4 months ago
Loved this with changes of pace inbetween! Such a babe
Amy Vilela
Amy Vilela 4 months ago
Im 7 months post partum and my baby takes 25-30 minute naps 2 times a day and I’ve been struggling to find a good workout within those minutes that he’s down and this was perfecto!!! Thank you whit for another perfect workout❤️❤️❤️
Mansha Manglani
Mansha Manglani 4 months ago
165 calories - 25 minutes, 5'2 & 110 pounds
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 2 months ago
Good Burn!
Alshaimaa alsayed
Alshaimaa alsayed 4 months ago
Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Taylor Quickley
Taylor Quickley 4 months ago
I NEED the Alive app for Android 😩 this social distance business is crushing me and my motivation
Marie C
Marie C 4 months ago
I thought it was too easy, am I the only one ?😕
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 2 months ago
You must be fit! That is awesome!
EQ Smith
EQ Smith 4 months ago
This has to be my favorite workout video on my playlist!! Whitney is everything. Just recently started following during Corona but am here to stay. 🙌🏽
Rebecca Jaye
Rebecca Jaye 4 months ago
so good! would love if you put out an at home warm up/cool down video too!
Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall 4 months ago
Lowenna Cooper
Lowenna Cooper 4 months ago
This was so perfect to get me back into working out! Thank you & will definitely be checking out your new app!
Estrella Munoz
Estrella Munoz 4 months ago
Thanks for having the best personality, making me laugh and being inspiration to us all! Keep these coming!
NicoLauren3 4 months ago
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD :D
JustXJaz 4 months ago
how many squats did we just do, im skipping leg day tomorrow loved this
Dharmattie Hiralal
Dharmattie Hiralal 4 months ago
Had my baby five months ago and I’ve been doing all of Whitney’s workouts. It’s great to hear people ask “did you really have a baby five months ago”....I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and I look like I never had any kids. Keep pushing yourself and be consistent. It’s all worth it in the end.
katelyn polkinghorne
katelyn polkinghorne 4 months ago
So well structured. Stellar as always Whitney
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez 4 months ago
Nice Workout Thank you. I just need a little work on the very first exercise, because it wasn't coming quite perfect. AWESOME WORKOUT. THANK YOU
Bella Montez
Bella Montez 4 months ago
I'm proud of myself for getting through two circuits! next week I will attempt to do all three.
Jessica San Diego
Jessica San Diego 4 months ago
You’re by far my favourite fitness channel, you’re so realistic when it comes to fitness and a balanced lifestyle 💖💖💖
Jessica San Diego
Jessica San Diego 4 months ago
And I just finished this workout and man that was a sweat sesh
Isabella Torres
Isabella Torres 4 months ago
Sometimes I feel that I don't work out enough and I should be pushing myself more for a workout session. Is this video enough each day? anyone else feel the same or do you guys do more workout videos after a 25 min one like this?
Stephanie Ashwell
Stephanie Ashwell 5 months ago
Doing the workout with me gave me super motivation to keep up with you. Thank you for making this Whitney!!
Mathilda and Mike
Mathilda and Mike 5 months ago
Second time doing this workout and I completed it!!!! Yay :) I met my daily goal. Thanks Whit
Mathilda and Mike
Mathilda and Mike 5 months ago
Whitney I was dying by 20 min and although I wanted to hand in there I was done 😅😂😂😂 I’ll try again tomorrow! Thanks for this 😘
Catherine Otten
Catherine Otten 5 months ago
What music is in this video. I love it. Very motivating indeed. You're such an inspiration.. I adore your workouts. Love you girl 💥🔥💄😘💋❤❤❤
chelsey quarin
chelsey quarin 5 months ago
ive done this workout every week since its been posted and i love it :p
Allison Stasia
Allison Stasia 5 months ago
I’m a smoker that’s trying to quit and get healthy and I had to take a minute breaks between work outs and 2 min breaks between circuits ah thought my lungs were going to give up. Loved this video thanks for posting it Whitney it’s a lot more motivating working out with you!
Kiara Ward Wellness
Kiara Ward Wellness 5 months ago
I have been OBSESSED with your channel the last few weeks and these workouts are AMAZING. I am not a huge fan of cardio and these workouts fly by! They’re so fun! Your energy is amazing. Thanks for being you💖
Latricia 5 months ago
OMG thank you whit came off work at 8pm got home 8:30ish just completed this video 9:15 sweating from my scalp which means i did hard core now im gonna make this my night routine thanks GIRL!!!!! xoxoxoxo
Lauren :)
Lauren :) 5 months ago
Holy shit. Yep. I’m sweaty.
Créolèsque 5 months ago
Why must you make it seem so effortless, Whitney? 🥺 I don’t have the energy half way through.
LifeWithLocc 5 months ago
Whewwwww, I said some pretty COLORFUL words throughout this killer 🥵😭😫😤 but you were right.. I feel like a BEAST now that it’s done! You will always be my favorite 💦✨
Michala Nordahl
Michala Nordahl 5 months ago
Just did this workout.. i was so close to not making it through 🥵 but it was so good
Kayla Hancher
Kayla Hancher 5 months ago
Girl I'm patiently waiting for Alive to come to android! I'm almost 300 lbs and very ashamed of the way I look and feel and you give me motivation to be better. Are there modified versions for those of us who are extremely overweight?
Kayla Hancher
Kayla Hancher 5 months ago
@Cyndy Arellano thank you!!!!!
Cyndy Arellano
Cyndy Arellano 5 months ago
You got this girl!
Magenta43 5 months ago
your dog is cute he/she's like give me some love... i give up walking away lol
Cyndy Perez
Cyndy Perez 6 months ago
Great Home Workout!!! Loved it!!!❤️❤️❤️
Madison Thompson
Madison Thompson 6 months ago
Swimsuit recommendations!!!!! I need pleaseee!!!! ❤️
AsiaKai Dang
AsiaKai Dang 6 months ago
wooo! murdered me girl, in the best way.
Kylie Maxwell
Kylie Maxwell 6 months ago
Loved that workout!!!
liztrueman 6 months ago
more of these please!!!
Lyndosha E
Lyndosha E 6 months ago
Just finished this workout. Tough. Thanks Whitney
Michelle Peterson
Michelle Peterson 6 months ago
Hi Whitney...loved the music as well. Do you have a playlist for it?
Dive into the Water
Dive into the Water 6 months ago
Kicked my butt second day in a row!!!
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez 6 months ago
Thank you!
Sandy J.
Sandy J. 6 months ago
The Music? 😩 in this video.. Anyone? I need track titles Pleaaaaase 😱
Soso Marti
Soso Marti 6 months ago
Wow I luv this workout thank you whitney!
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