VLOG! Get Ready With Me & Healthy Meals in Quarantine

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Whitney Simmons

7 months ago

A DAY IN MY LIFE while practicing social distancing and being in self quarantine!! Trying to eat healthy meals and snacks and a GET READY WITH ME!!
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Summer Dow
Summer Dow Month ago
The beginning of this video🥺 I am convincing my parents to buy two more dogs just like yours!! They’re so cute and sweet, their curls 🥺
Vickie Jeffery
Vickie Jeffery Month ago
Did you end up going on a different form of bc? Sorry I’m late on this train 🙈
Bonita Jobson
Bonita Jobson Month ago
Been thinking about getting a fiddle and now I’m defo going to ☺️ also please share where you got your brown Borg jacket from pls?
Brittany Pence
Brittany Pence 2 months ago
Okay but where is your jacket from and sandals from that you were wearing while building the outside furniture? They’re so stinkin’ cute 😍
Cait Brewer
Cait Brewer 2 months ago
Ohhhh my goodness! Where is the fluffy pink jacket from?!
Anne Kangas
Anne Kangas 2 months ago
Hahah that song.. hey mr dj 🤣
sammywamie 2 months ago
My dog's name is Daisy & every time she talks to her dogs she freaks out! lol
Kris H
Kris H 2 months ago
I love how you do your makeup! I can’t wait to try some of those products 😊☺️. Dogs eat grass when they have a stomach ache. It helps settle their stomach or to throw up lol.
Raye Raye
Raye Raye 2 months ago
I tried Tulah because of you... and it smells so good, and it feels so good in the moment... but after a couple of weeks I started breaking out.... and I never break out. This was before the covid thing though, so I can't really blame the face mask thing.
Raye Raye
Raye Raye 2 months ago
This is not to say that I blame you, I'm glad I had an excuse to try something new... so thanks.
MOLLY PELLETIER 2 months ago
your vlogs literally make me smile!! so inspiring as a small youtuber!
Alyssa Ernst
Alyssa Ernst 2 months ago
What are you feeding the dogs?
Mackenzie Wilkie
Mackenzie Wilkie 2 months ago
Navy looks like he would be one of those people that starts clapping and trying to figure out who everyone's clapping for when people are clapping for him🤣.
Karen Y
Karen Y 2 months ago
Your fiddle care tips video was actually my gateway drug to the rest of your videos!!
Kidos at Work
Kidos at Work 3 months ago
So cute to watch you both-may you always find peace and happiness together!! Need to try this primer...mmmm... My new drama serial for quarantine is Ertugul- a turkish drama- has subtitles and all but amazing.. Heard Cardi B raving about it. Took me a couple of episodes to get right into it- but now am binge watching lmao...
Hillary Valentine
Hillary Valentine 3 months ago
What brand is your dog food and where do you get it?
Pipper Piper
Pipper Piper 3 months ago
👍🏼fiddle vids please!
Sydney Last
Sydney Last 3 months ago
*Tries Whitney’s defense move* *Hits self* 👁👄👁
Paige Digiacomo
Paige Digiacomo 3 months ago
first of all, love you and Stephen. You guys are cute af. Second, my fiance and I started playing monopoly deal because you recommended it and now I am recommending to you that you guys play to 6 properties instead of 3. The game lasts a bit longer!
Lisa Vickroy
Lisa Vickroy 3 months ago
Check out Christopher Allen’s channel. His husband is a fiddle dad too, and theirs is 6 feet tall. It’s a good channel for lots of other reasons.
sibia diaz
sibia diaz 3 months ago
Literally binge watching all your videos lol💗 I love you so much Whit, you inspire me so much🥰
Kara Smith
Kara Smith 4 months ago
Girl, we are super interested. I’ve watched your fiddle video like 12 times now. Super cute and fun. I will someday have as many as you. 🌱
Desiree Bodo
Desiree Bodo 4 months ago
Is anyone else worried about that knife 😂
Clarice Caulfield
Clarice Caulfield 4 months ago
That's why dogs eat Grass bc they have a upset stomach
Ashley M
Ashley M 4 months ago
Zyrtec works for me or you can try Allegra. Talk about plants all you want cuz I love me some plants!!
Jacqueline Argueta
Jacqueline Argueta 4 months ago
Ramen Fury might be a fun card game for you guys to try! My boyfriend and I enjoy that one
Sarah Stalcup
Sarah Stalcup 5 months ago
The ending literally makes me cry laughing
Lluvia Vidana
Lluvia Vidana 5 months ago
Please do a fig tree video! 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️
Sequoia Gray
Sequoia Gray 5 months ago
Hi, Whitney! if you dont mind me asking, what kind of camera do you use? the video quality is sooo nice
Emily Ellis
Emily Ellis 5 months ago
Yes, Fiddle video!!!
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
OMG the end of this vlog has me weak!! lol Your pups are the cutest ever and you and Stefan are adorable!
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Also, sorry if I spelled his name wrong. I'm not sure!
Erin Hurd
Erin Hurd 5 months ago
Navy at the end ... I am dead 😂
Fiorella Del
Fiorella Del 5 months ago
Ada Costin
Ada Costin 5 months ago
I love your dogs. You have probably been asked this a million times but what breed are they?
Alysa Nguyen Chavez
Alysa Nguyen Chavez 5 months ago
Whit we need a video of all of your home decor just a full video of your decor/inspo and where you get everything because your house is SO cute!!!
Nikki Wable
Nikki Wable 5 months ago
You guys are so cuteeee🥰🥰 ... all 4 of you❤️
Zoe Herel
Zoe Herel 5 months ago
where did you get your bedding?
Macy Pantana
Macy Pantana 5 months ago
please make a fiddle viddle
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma 5 months ago
Maybe checkout @satvicmovement videos here on YT. For your skin and other hormonal problems....they focus on natural healing over medications and it has worked for a lotta people including me! 🙂🙃
Diana Gonzalez
Diana Gonzalez 5 months ago
Fiddle video vote!!
Alexandria Sulano
Alexandria Sulano 5 months ago
I love fiddles, but I haven’t gotten any yet. I’d love if you did a video on them!
Paki Carter
Paki Carter 5 months ago
New subbie... love your vids and energy ! Thanks for the great content.
Bella Weyler
Bella Weyler 5 months ago
I love parenthood its so cute
Niala Ayala
Niala Ayala 5 months ago
omgggg the kniiifee scare me lol
Maja Neumann
Maja Neumann 5 months ago
Fiiiiiiddle video❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maya Laws
Maya Laws 5 months ago
What song is used is 18:36??
Zoe Merrill
Zoe Merrill 5 months ago
My fav cookies too omg
gabriella martinez
gabriella martinez 5 months ago
Do a fiddle tree how to ! I just got a home and I plan on having a bunch but I’m needing advice ! Xoxo ❤️❤️
Mary Saeteurn
Mary Saeteurn 5 months ago
Kara Cruz
Kara Cruz 5 months ago
Yes, fiddle-leaf fig video. I love plants. 😀
Eva Toimil
Eva Toimil 6 months ago
Quercetin works really well for seasonal allergies. Not meant to be taken all year long though
Cony Cardoza
Cony Cardoza 6 months ago
Some dogs eat grass when their stomach is upset! So maybe he isn't getting sick from the grass but hes eating it because he doesn't feel well❣
Amanda Kelly
Amanda Kelly 6 months ago
Hey Whit, just wanted to let you know that when dogs have upset stomaches they purposefully eat grass so they can throw up & or #2 it out lol. Indi’s getting her fiber in hehe
rach boudreau
rach boudreau 6 months ago
Would 10/10 love a plant video. I wanna get into the plant game but not one single stinkin clue on how to be a plant mom.
Sarah Michele
Sarah Michele 6 months ago
Omg beat cookies, I make them every Christmas for each fam we visit, garage workers, mail lady, etc.!
Sara Martin
Sara Martin 6 months ago
DEFINITELY want a fiddle video! And u should do it when u replant because we're all going to have to know how to do that too! 😳
Ana Alavedra
Ana Alavedra 6 months ago
Are those pans from Chrissy teigen???
Jillian Boudoin
Jillian Boudoin 6 months ago
Please show us the fiddle care!
Molly Ujszaszi
Molly Ujszaszi 6 months ago
kristina z
kristina z 6 months ago
The fact that you two said ziveli together was sooo cute! Is Stefan Yugoslavian?
Angela 6 months ago
Please vlog more
Shannon S
Shannon S 6 months ago
Yes to a Fiddle video!! I just bought a baby one because you've gotten me obsessed with them!
Meagan B
Meagan B 6 months ago
Loved Parenthood ♡ definitely a cry fest show!!
Ccaylonna Halpin
Ccaylonna Halpin 6 months ago
Fiddles yes!
Brianna A
Brianna A 6 months ago
This video brought me so much peace lol. I love that we get to see more of your everyday life 🤗 such a beautiful family ❤️
Sam R
Sam R 6 months ago
Karrie Blonde
Karrie Blonde 6 months ago
Can you do a video on what you feed your baby dogs? I want to feed my baby dog healthy as possible.
Kendall Kiessling
Kendall Kiessling 6 months ago
Spot and Tango
Sydney Palevich
Sydney Palevich 6 months ago
the clapping at the end omg im dead lol
Jasmine Miranda
Jasmine Miranda 6 months ago
Fiddle video please 😁
Amanda Denson
Amanda Denson 6 months ago
Hey Whitney! It's Amandas daughter. I just want to say that I'm really sorry that everyone has been commenting really mean things about you. I don't think that any of them are true and I'm really proud of you for pushing through it all these years!
Diana Usurelu
Diana Usurelu 6 months ago
fun fact dogs eat grass on purpose. They know it would make them throw up and eat it in order to cleanse/clean their digestive system. It is usually either because they ate something that wasn't good or they just feel sick in genereal
anniebananie522 6 months ago
Yes!! Please make a video on how you care for your fiddle leaf figs!!
cynthia rubio
cynthia rubio 6 months ago
omg I love this whole video. Wholesome content, so much genuine love
Roxana Radu
Roxana Radu 6 months ago
What food do you feed your dog?
Deanna K
Deanna K 6 months ago
Those cookies are soooo good.
Daniella Faziani
Daniella Faziani 6 months ago
My boyfriend and I are trying to understand monopoly deal can you make a video 😂
Toni Ladwig
Toni Ladwig 6 months ago
Omg yes do a video on your fiddles!! I just bought one and now I am addicted
Alana Cassar
Alana Cassar 6 months ago
Hey just wanted to let u know that dogs will eat grass when they have an upset tummy because the grass makes them throw up and helps what eva is upsetting there tummy feel beta it's really common and normal but that's why they eat it because they want to throw up to clear there tummy my dog does it to I am currently doing animal studys and something we have learnt about in class and is very common and natural for them 🐕🐾💕
Lexus Garza
Lexus Garza 6 months ago
Question. What fish oil supplement to you give your pups? Love the video and you 💕
Cali Bryant
Cali Bryant 6 months ago
I know she mentioned it before, but where is that kitchen rug from!!! 😩😩😩
Evelyn Bermudes
Evelyn Bermudes 6 months ago
please make a video about your fiddles!!!!!!!
KikiRiki1128 6 months ago
Wait, did you guys just say cheers in Serbian?
pinkkat09 6 months ago
Yesss fiddle fig tree video 🥰🥰🥰
Lakota Gagne
Lakota Gagne 6 months ago
Whit I cant handle you with that knife 😂😂 where do you get the dogs natural food girl?
kd 6 months ago
love this vlog! also you're hilarious!
Ashlyn Laws
Ashlyn Laws 6 months ago
Where is your bed from? I love it 💙
Terren D
Terren D 6 months ago
Navy was confused "mommy what are you guys doing?"
Hannah 6 months ago
i appreciate whitney rocking the grown out root moment with me! xx
Mackenzie Laramie
Mackenzie Laramie 7 months ago
This was the cutest vlog! You and Stefan melt my heart. Also Navy’s reaction at the end...what the heck you hoomans doing?
Tonisha Macburnie
Tonisha Macburnie 7 months ago
Where is your kitchen runner from Whit??
Maile Guieb
Maile Guieb 7 months ago
YES FIDDLE HOW TO!!!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Maile Guieb
Maile Guieb 7 months ago
Skylier Hill
Skylier Hill 7 months ago
Omg Navy at the end 🤣🤣 completely unimpressed
Aisha Smalley
Aisha Smalley 7 months ago
Please make a fiddle video! I want more plants and I want to know how to properly take care of them
Jenn Rush
Jenn Rush 7 months ago
Whit, I want a meal plan from you! Your food always looks healthy and NORMAL. I struggle with eating healthy because recipes I find online always look like a salad with weeds on it. :-/
Kassandra 7 months ago
I wonder why Whitney is actually like 😂 she always uses that same little voice and idk I feel like there’s more to her
Kassandra 7 months ago
Benita Chao
Benita Chao 7 months ago
love your videos! would love to see fiddle leaf fig video!
Natalia Betancourt
Natalia Betancourt 7 months ago
haha PLEASE MAKE A FIDDLE VIDEO!!!!!!! i really want a fiddle and dont trust myself to invest but i want!!!!
sara sanchez
sara sanchez 7 months ago
yes!! for fiddle info
Ena Fowler
Ena Fowler 7 months ago
How about another plant tour plus Fiddle vid ♥️
lailakatysydney 7 months ago
Yes, full face of new products 😍😍
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