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DAY 3 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! My everyday skincare complete routine and everyday makeup look.
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Necklace: this is a piece created from my moms engagement ring she gifted me💕Jamie at J. Brooks Jewelers designed it for me!


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rainbow candy
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fruity cereal

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use code 'WHITNEY' to save 20% + free shipping over $40 on my favorite skincare brand EVERRRRRR

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use code 'WHITNEY' to save 20% + free shipping over $40 on my favorite skincare brand EVERRRRRR
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Bronzer and powder brush
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lip balm

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Mark Ford
Mark Ford 3 months ago
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Neha Nimje
Neha Nimje 4 months ago
I have had psoriasis for as far as I can remember, and you know what helps? Cannabis.
Lenka Plochova
Lenka Plochova 6 months ago
Nice, fresh and beauty....:)
Ida Freeman
Ida Freeman 6 months ago
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Kyra Schaeffer
Kyra Schaeffer 9 months ago
I know this video is old but do you have dip powder nails? Looking to try it! Thanks so much 💕
Carolyn Barton
Carolyn Barton Year ago
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Lyndsey Coyle
Lyndsey Coyle Year ago
“I like to use the bare minimum of products” *uses a toner, 5 moisturizers, and a sunscreen before makeup* 😂 love you, Whit
Kenneth Rickett
Kenneth Rickett Year ago
I`ve got a close friend experienced Skin psoriasis since her childhood years. The good news is she found this particular skin psoriasis treatment method. The great outcomes come up within 2 applications. I`ve tried different products before however this one made amazing things for my problem.. Google showed me this guide, the guide`s name is Kαyden Molonduz best wishes
Sustainably_ ShelbyG
Sustainably_ ShelbyG Year ago
Youre seriously hilarious
Shantelle Cooper
Shantelle Cooper Year ago
Would love to see a night time routine ❤️✨✨
Jackie Cabrera
Jackie Cabrera Year ago
What color does she use in the glossier boy brow??
Jackie Cabrera
Jackie Cabrera Year ago
Thank you so much !!! That’s why you’re my fav!
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Brown 😍
MJN Tango
MJN Tango Year ago
Your videos always put a big smile on my face haven’t been hitting the gym as much as I should recently and your videos always give me great inspiration to get back to working out and self care cxxx
Jessica Toyebo
Jessica Toyebo Year ago
You look sooo much better without makeup!!!!
Emma Corkill
Emma Corkill Year ago
Not today Satan, not todaaay
Katelyn Trei
Katelyn Trei Year ago
My upper lip sweats so much too! 😭
Jasmine Babbitt
Jasmine Babbitt Year ago
just ordered some TULA skincare thanks for the discount code!!! :) saved me some $$$$$
Mallorie Blair
Mallorie Blair Year ago
Oh ma gosh... I freaking love you! You are like the cutest ever, and your videos just brighten my day. Thanks, Whit!
Kate Z
Kate Z Year ago
“Not today, satan” 😂😂 you’re my favorite person to watch on USposts because of your humor.
Chasity Ferguson
Chasity Ferguson Year ago
Have you ever thought about making your own lotion with pure shea butter
Brandyyness Year ago
Ughhh I need Tula!
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen Year ago
Wow you have naturally gorgeous brows! Youre so lucky! With or without makeup you look great :)
Rachael T
Rachael T Year ago
Loved this style video
Ashlee Thompson
Ashlee Thompson Year ago
Am i the only one who wants to know where she got her pjs?
Lee Year ago
omg you're so gorgeous without makeup! i honestly think you look better without it, but you look stunning either way!
Samantha Raines
Samantha Raines Year ago
we use the same toner!! I love the lavender one! I've been using it for 2ish years and it's awesome
Brigit Govea-Welsh
Brigit Govea-Welsh Year ago
Ronja Sebastian
Ronja Sebastian Year ago
I don't even like makeup videos, but I just DIG your vibe girl. What can I say?.... Always a good day to be alive n fit. xoxo
Bailee Nelsen
Bailee Nelsen Year ago
What color boy brow do you use?
Emma Kimbrel
Emma Kimbrel Year ago
Do a hair tutorial!
Peyton Mills
Peyton Mills Year ago
Night time!!!
Jordyn Rydahl
Jordyn Rydahl Year ago
Please post your nighttime routine!! Would love to see what other Tula products you use
Miki Year ago
Your skin looks so flawless! I wanna see your nighttime skin care routine! 💕🙏
Maria Year ago
Your skin is F L A W L E S S 😍
Christina Year ago
Does anyone know where her pjs are from?!?
Marissa McGraw
Marissa McGraw Year ago
Thank you for the discount code
Olivia Soukup
Olivia Soukup Year ago
Just found your channel and you’re my new fave!!!! i can relate to everything you’ve been threw and you’re so bubbly and good vibes UGH i’m obsessed!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Jess Z
Jess Z Year ago
Love this can’t wait to try that foundation!!!
Faye Tran
Faye Tran Year ago
Are you hurt? I think you've just felt from heaven... (cause you are an angel)
Mishelle Toms
Mishelle Toms Year ago
i just love you so so much
Catherine Wallace
Catherine Wallace Year ago
Loved this! Would love to see your night time routine!! :)
Jenissa Flood
Jenissa Flood Year ago
Please do a nighttime skin care routine I love loved loved this video!!
Jessie S
Jessie S Year ago
Love this video! Would love to see night time skin routine!
Sara Wickman
Sara Wickman Year ago
Would love to see the night skin care routine and also wherever you get your pajamas! Night time skin care routine followed by another morning routine would be bomb
Wendy Year ago
You are so pretty without makeup!
Samantha Grillo
Samantha Grillo Year ago
Hi Whitney :) instagram sam.fit8
Jairys De Los Rios
Jairys De Los Rios Year ago
I love that your everyday makeup routine is an ACTUAL everyday look. So many beauty gurus still put soooo much make up on for an everyday look. Loveeeeeeed this video!
Dannie Crowder
Dannie Crowder Year ago
You would look so cute with a short blunt cut
Carla van Niekerk
Carla van Niekerk Year ago
Heyyy i love your USposts channel!! I would like to know i am in South Africa and would like to know how can i order from Tula
Meaghan Williams
Meaghan Williams Year ago
Love. Thisssss. Please do your night time routine
Raisa Krause
Raisa Krause Year ago
“Am I ok orrr...?” Omg you make crack up. I rewind that part like 5 times. I found it so funny!!! Awesome make up routine. Thanks for sharing!!
Danielle Hicks
Danielle Hicks Year ago
Raisa Krause too funny 😂
Zolee Crawford
Zolee Crawford Year ago
my fav tradition is having matching pjs with my cousins on christmas morning!! my insta is zoleemcrawford
stacy wiseman
stacy wiseman Year ago
Decorating the tree with my mom and son
mahirsch1978 Year ago
Do you let the mascara primer dry? I have it but I’m never 100% sure if I’m supposed to let it dry or start mascara while it’s wet.
Bryana Hulse
Bryana Hulse Year ago
Please do a tutorial on styling your hair 😍
Goldie Young
Goldie Young Year ago
My favorite tradition is baking and decorating cookies!
Carolyn Tran
Carolyn Tran Year ago
This would be the best gift if I won! I struggle so much with dry skin. My favorite holiday tradition is just going to Pensacola to spend it with my family. We have a Thanksgiving dinner pt 2 and then we all clean and open presents! :) This will be the first year that I won’t be able to visit my family though because I have a job at a vet clinic and I have to walk the boarding dogs! My Instagram is @carolllsss!
Molly Bishop
Molly Bishop Year ago
Finding the pickle in the Christmas tree!! ☺️
Ashley Lynn
Ashley Lynn Year ago
Please do a night routine!
Daniella Pollifrone
Daniella Pollifrone Year ago
You seriously bring so much light and positivity into my life every time I watch one of your vlogs
Nicole Vaughn
Nicole Vaughn Year ago
My favorite holiday tradition is celebrating w my family on Christmas Eve night after watching a movie all together! IG: nicoleee040
Lola Year ago
easy on the brows bro, your natural brows are plenty bold.
Angie S.
Angie S. Year ago
5:50 is what I live for, keepin it real girl. I don't like touching my neck too
Madison Koegel
Madison Koegel Year ago
Where is you pajama set from???? I NEED IT!
P Y Year ago
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
I’m loving seeing Whitney everyday❤️
Doggothegoodboi Year ago
I was having serious hormonal/adult acne issues and after using a 2-week trial of Tula my skin is more beautiful than its ever been in my life. After pricing out several different skincare routines, Tula was also the cheapest option on my list. I don't think I would've discovered it without your recommendation/code, so thank you!
Keelyn Dow
Keelyn Dow Year ago
My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with my family😌🎄 insta/twitter @kkdashy love you whit❤️
pabritova Year ago
We do the exact everyday makeup routine and I also use that witch hazel in the morning, I don’t wash my face!!!! :)
Rachel Year ago
soooooo pretty✨
Alexis Marie
Alexis Marie Year ago
Literally my favor video. You look so good without makeup on. I have rosacea and will literally not expose my bare face even to my parents.
Silvia Volmar
Silvia Volmar Year ago
Is to be with my family and eat the best food! Instagram: @silviavolmar
Judea Arthur
Judea Arthur Year ago
I love watching your videos! Where are your pjs from????
Sierra Newton
Sierra Newton Year ago
My favorite tradition is a new one this year , it’s my daughter first Christmas so we decorated the tree and watched Mickey Mouse Christmas movies it was so much fun her seeing all the lights
Ainsley O'Donnell
Ainsley O'Donnell Year ago
My fave tradition is decorating the tree with my family and making holiday cookies :~) IG @ainsleyodonnell
arta vismane
arta vismane Year ago
My fav tradition is to make cookies and all the food for Christmass eve 🎄 ig: @artajap
Gisella Zambrano
Gisella Zambrano Year ago
@gigazambrano my fav holiday tradition is getting to get together with my whole family
Taylor Busse
Taylor Busse Year ago
I use witch hazel everyday w frankincense oil & it REALLY helps with scars. My fave holiday tradition is reading by the fire with my family on Christmas Eve until we can’t keep our eyes open any longer! Insta: @tayloohhh :-)
A.J. Year ago
My favorite tradition is is decorating the house and then getting a Christmas tree the first day of December
Carolina Santiago
Carolina Santiago Year ago
Favorite Christmas tradition is to drink coquito with my family! Ig: carolina.santiagoo
Alicia muir
Alicia muir Year ago
Holiday baking 💕💕 love you so much btw!!!
Zig592 Year ago
Your skin is amazing! I would never have guessed you struggle with psoriasis cause ur skin is glowing!
Audra Moore
Audra Moore Year ago
Fave tradition is definitely making & decorating Christmas cookies with the fam ❤️
Martina Carter
Martina Carter Year ago
Favorite holiday tradition: playing Christmas music until January 😀
Magen Wilding
Magen Wilding Year ago
My favorite holiday tradition is going and finding a tree in the woods and bringing it back home @wildifitness
McKinzie Greve
McKinzie Greve Year ago
Please please please show your nighttime skin routine as well please!:)
Zoe Norman
Zoe Norman Year ago
fav tradition is when my fam makes kielbasa (a polish sausage) bc the kids have so much fun helping grandpa. i don’t eat it bc im vegetarian but it’s so cute! IG: zoenorm
Tori Smith
Tori Smith 2 years ago
You are gloooowiinggg girl 💕 & my fav tradition is going to the cinema on Xmas eve with my dad, as I don’t see him much around the festive season! Xox
Madeline Strickland
Madeline Strickland 2 years ago
chocolate gravy!!
Lidiana Jav
Lidiana Jav 2 years ago
Omg favorite holiday tradition is definitely decorating the xmas tree with Mariah Carey yelling at us in the back round. xoxo
Kami Davies
Kami Davies 2 years ago
My fav holiday tradition is decorating cookies with my grandma and cousins
danuhlee 2 years ago
Ny favorite holiday tradition is the secret Santa my extended family and I do every year for christmas eve! We always prank each other and it’s always a bunch of laughs 😊 instagram: dan_uh_lee
Jennifer Sauter
Jennifer Sauter 2 years ago
I love looking at christmas ligjts every year its my favorite! Ig jhalter4
Kait W
Kait W 2 years ago
my favorite tradition is baking cookies and making all the food for christmas day
Keely Shelton
Keely Shelton 2 years ago
Instagram @keely0108 I always made reindeer food growing up and sprinkled it in the yard. I now do it with my step kids every year and make ornaments :) 😊🎄
Aurora Hughes
Aurora Hughes 2 years ago
Fav tradition is just being with family and all the food!!! We always eat lefsa which is a traditional Norwegian treat and it's the only time of year that we make it!
Rachel Avalos
Rachel Avalos 2 years ago
okay wow!! where are those pajamas from!!!!! so cute!!
Harley Peterson
Harley Peterson 2 years ago
YES to the nighttime routine!!! :D
Izzy Allinson
Izzy Allinson 2 years ago
My favourite Christmas tradition is waking up at 5am on Christmas Day with my cousin and having deep chats 😂
Lisa Tejpar
Lisa Tejpar 2 years ago
Watching the Grinch (Jim Carrey one) and going for snowy walks in the woods with my fiance's family!
Yennislei Carpintor
Yennislei Carpintor 2 years ago
😂yess do one for the night
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