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Whitney Simmons

8 months ago

WORKOUT WITH ME AT HOME! Full body workout using just a light pair of dumbbells. DOWNLOAD ALIVE BY WHITNEY for my new 4-week Alive Inside program! whitneyysimmons.com/
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Sagarika Jain
Sagarika Jain 11 hours ago
Please more follow along workouts!!!!!!
Elaine Suzanne
Elaine Suzanne Day ago
Hi, my name is Elaine from the City of Chester, Cheshire, UK ...... This is the first time I have completed this routine and I thought Whitney was very thorough and I particularly liked that Whitney showed a quick run-through on each routine. A great 40 minute all-over workout and I highly recommend ...thank you Whitney!
LoveYouGirls KeepOnRocking
LoveYouGirls KeepOnRocking 3 days ago
You're rocking the leggings top combo.
El Tangerino
El Tangerino 4 days ago
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Nicole DiGiaimo
Nicole DiGiaimo 6 days ago
Just did this in my backyard!! This was awesome!
Ayesha Salah
Ayesha Salah 14 days ago
Hey hey! I’m done with this workout few minutes back . Let me tell you it burnnnnssssssssssss 🔥 Thanks thanks. Please do more of these ✌🏼😇 and I’m new here !
Alexa Dickenson
Alexa Dickenson 17 days ago
Omg that last round of curtsy lunges got me
O K 17 days ago
Saw the split squats clicked off of this when it was first posted. Tried it today & finished it! Amazing workout
Sabrina Yavari
Sabrina Yavari 20 days ago
Whit just kicked my booty, I know I'm late but guuuurrrl... Those pushups
A S 21 day ago
I'm going to try this workout later this evening. Commenting so I can be accountable, I'll let you guys know how it goes. Nervous for the lunges as lunges and I don't go together. Update: This workout killed me but it was so good, even though I was already struggling after just the first circuit.
Olivia jane
Olivia jane 22 days ago
The fact that I thought this was gonna be easy because I’m a weight lifter...wow I’m sweating so much right now.
ankita shree
ankita shree 22 days ago
At 7:42 we can see the camera girl doing her own bend to capture the workout
Lindsey Bustos
Lindsey Bustos Month ago
Whitney is this what the work outs on your app are like? I am considering purchasing the app but I want something I can follow along with because I am a beginner but I also want to use weights.
Kelsey Luo
Kelsey Luo Month ago
this workout made me realize how bad my form is for some exercises. I gotta go back to the drawing board and fix that, but this workout was super good for strength training!
Reiland Battreall
Reiland Battreall Month ago
This workout was great, just what I needed!
Jazalaza Month ago
OMG this was a doozy. Thanks whit!
lecieltombesurmoi Month ago
first time doing your workout Whitney, and it was challenging but i enjoyed it so much! thanks girl! xx
shahad Nashi
shahad Nashi 2 months ago
The peap sound is so annoying !!!!
Eve Autym
Eve Autym 2 months ago
Pink is so pretty on you!!🤩
Hallie Townsell
Hallie Townsell 2 months ago
First time doing one of your full workouts and let me tell you it was no job! Lol feeling super strong 💪🏾
Marisa Ottaviano
Marisa Ottaviano 2 months ago
Please make more videos like this!! I love a good workout with weights, but most videos online are bodyweight things like HIIT
Kelsey Foraker
Kelsey Foraker 2 months ago
Love how fast paced and dynamic this workout is. Definitely never bored during this hot fire flames workout!
Mightyy Midgettt
Mightyy Midgettt 2 months ago
It’s the day after and my booty and hammies are ✨HURT✨
NessVlogs 2 months ago
Yes! Awesome workout whit! Oooofff feel that burn 😓😓😓
Auburn Reed
Auburn Reed 2 months ago
Sooo good !!
Ranch Wife Life
Ranch Wife Life 2 months ago
Whew! My armsssss, girl! Thanks for kicking my butt today! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
nikita massoel
nikita massoel 2 months ago
Love this but timing is off with doing single arm and legs. First set is 45 sec and second is 20 which also should be 45 otherwise you do 45sec right leg and only 20 sec left leg.
Lizette almanza
Lizette almanza 3 months ago
Thanks so much for this great workout! Look forward to the feeling the muscle pain tmrw!!
Samantha Folkerts
Samantha Folkerts 3 months ago
The perfect length and push for a home workout! Thanks, Whit sis.
Arianna Brack
Arianna Brack 3 months ago
this was such a good workout! I used paint cans as my weights lol
HeyitsDianuh 3 months ago
Omg!!!! What a sweat! Thanks for sharing ❤️
Julianna Boyles
Julianna Boyles 3 months ago
jessi rodriguez
jessi rodriguez 3 months ago
My legs are shaking. Only the second time I have been able to complete this all the way through!
Maria S Padilla
Maria S Padilla 3 months ago
Workout done, finally getting my shit done during quarantine lol❤️❤️❤️
Burger Queen
Burger Queen 3 months ago
the program is called alive? i almost died doing this workout, please rename the program
Asia 3 months ago
Tori Smith
Tori Smith 3 months ago
Are these considered combo exercises ? Cuz I feel like I need more ab work xD other than that, I loved this workout !
Rowena and Family
Rowena and Family 3 months ago
Marlie Astle
Marlie Astle 3 months ago
Hey Whitney! For future videos can you do a voice over that says switch sides? Or a special sound or something?
vanessa urena
vanessa urena 4 months ago
This workout was so great! I’m drench in sweat!!
Patricia Dalao
Patricia Dalao 4 months ago
What is the first song called?
Shelby Plein
Shelby Plein 4 months ago
best yet!!
annaliesemarieee 4 months ago
Whitneyyyy!!! I just completed this workout (currently sipping on some water, drench in sweat, but I’m not mad at it 🥵) Thank you for posting this!!! I’m really considering downloading your app
Lauryn Johnson
Lauryn Johnson 4 months ago
Tough workout but doable!! Loved it because I felt like I could finish it, not like some other workouts where they feel too hard. Thank you for this!!!💛
Alejandra Noguera
Alejandra Noguera 4 months ago
Loooooove this ❤️❤️❤️
Chelsea Candid
Chelsea Candid 4 months ago
I’m obsessed with this workout! Thank you!
mehek khan
mehek khan 4 months ago
SaborMetallico 4 months ago
I think this is one of the best workouts here on youtube!! Its fun, its challenging but definitely not easy, its low impact (no jumping and mostly classic and effective exercises), BURNING and it feels so short while doing it! Please, dont ever take this down.
Eun L
Eun L 4 months ago
thank you
Melony Hurtado
Melony Hurtado 4 months ago
nicole soza
nicole soza 4 months ago
Wow! This kicked my booty in a good way though! 😍❤ thx
Glowandgetit 4 months ago
Thanks Whit! I love you
Y Y 4 months ago
Where if you table and decoration from ? 😍😍
Vanessa Vella
Vanessa Vella 4 months ago
Whit this workout is hot fire flames 🔥
Christina Alvidrez
Christina Alvidrez 4 months ago
I love this one! 🔥☄️💥
Laura R
Laura R 4 months ago
Whitney: doing push-ups between the circuit Me: WE WERE ON A BREAK!!
Grace Holgerson
Grace Holgerson 4 months ago
This is the first home workout video thats made me sore the next day so thank you💕 I will be following along with your home workouts from now on😂
Blush and Blu Farmhouse Alex Flanagan
Blush and Blu Farmhouse Alex Flanagan 4 months ago
HELP!!!! I love this workout but today my lower back is super sore. Im wondering if this is how its supposed to feel or if my form is wrong lol 😅
Ntash Ali
Ntash Ali 4 months ago
Really awesome 💪🏼✨💗thank you so much
Mai Baron
Mai Baron 4 months ago
I did this workout yesterday. My muscle are so sore! Especially my hams and glutes so yay for that. Also! I LOVE those follow along workout it’s the only way I manage to workout at home, and since I haven’t been to a gym in forever, so at all.. loved to see how u showed us u struggle too, really appreciated it while I was trying not to die :)
Priscila Engelhart
Priscila Engelhart 4 months ago
Amazingggggggg full body workout!!!!!! thank you 😘
Karen Lee
Karen Lee 4 months ago
Whit, i am soaked!
Shivani Patel
Shivani Patel 4 months ago
Great workout! Two things I would suggest though that would have made it that much better: add a beep sound to indicate switching sides and also the 2 songs used got super repetitive so maybe add some more songs. Otherwise great workout!
Sorina Pescăruș
Sorina Pescăruș 4 months ago
While doing this workout I realised that I've lost my body-mind connection after the quarantine. That really demolished my spirit, but I'm still positive about it. If I will keep trying it will get better. Am I right?
Caitie Regan
Caitie Regan 5 months ago
holy shit that got me. I did most of it, think I stayed with it for like 90%. the past few months have been hard mentally and I totally let go of my workout routines, so getting back into it has been nice.
tiffanygriffith 5 months ago
this absolutely destroyed me! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
The LB Body Co
The LB Body Co 5 months ago
This is a great challenge. Good Job
Avery Jane Moore
Avery Jane Moore 5 months ago
Did anyone know roughly how many calories this workout burns?? I need to get myself an apple watch ASAP!!
Rachel Rosenfield
Rachel Rosenfield 5 months ago
LOVE this workout so much!!! Thank you. Did it part of the way Thursday. Did the whole thing with my 6 yo today (she passed on weights and killed it!).
Kayla Deal
Kayla Deal 5 months ago
I just want to say this is by far the best follow along workout I’ve ever done! You really did an amazing job with the structure and pace and i actually feel like ill be able to keep up and not give up! As always i love all your videos, But these have been amazing!!
Chesca Tamayo
Chesca Tamayo 5 months ago
Can I use this for weightloss? :)
Joanna Mylne
Joanna Mylne 5 months ago
Keep going back to this workout during lockdown! ❤️
Claudia Sousa
Claudia Sousa 5 months ago
SO GOOD!! Do not underestimate this one!!! I did NOT see those tricep pushups cominggggg..... OUCH
MaryPat Pyles
MaryPat Pyles 5 months ago
Love the workouts and your contagious attitude. Where did you get those fabulous baskets next to stairs. Love your decor.
Emily 5 months ago
I only have 4kg weights (8 pounds I think?) but I’ve been trying to do one of your hiit workouts once a week when I have a little bit of a workout ‘block’ (getting a little bored of my routines) and I LOVE IT! I always struggle in the last circuit but you can really feel your muscles pumping!! Feels SO good, you need to do more of these 40 minute style videos!!
Emily 5 months ago
And yeh... my weights KILL my arms, such a good burn!
Christy Duyao
Christy Duyao 5 months ago
I wish there was a voice over that described how we should position ourselves while doing the exercises
Kay Jay
Kay Jay 5 months ago
Sweating so much..... great workout 💕💕💕
Juana Romero Hernandez
Juana Romero Hernandez 5 months ago
This workout looks amazing! But I have a few questions please. By me doing this workout would I need a rest day in between? Would I also need to do a clean eating diet to see faster results? When would I know to up my weights?
Wande L.
Wande L. 5 months ago
I kept saying “Whitney is trying to kill me”while continuously getting through the work out . So glad I finished all 4 circuits. Feels great. Love you gurl.🤍
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee 5 months ago
Veronhamtea 5 months ago
Love how real you are thank you for the great music on your videos👍👍. I don't have to keep the kids of the room. 💪💪💪🦋😁
Alyssa Miller Beauty
Alyssa Miller Beauty 5 months ago
Absolutely love this workout! Thank you so much girl!!! I love that my heart rate is elevated the entire time, but it is also a test of endurance plus strength training. Highly recommend and love, love your IG ❤️❤️
Sarah Abrahim
Sarah Abrahim 5 months ago
love your workouts Whitney! Thanks for helping us be healthier individuals :)
Kristi Epp
Kristi Epp 5 months ago
GIRL!!! I am a sweaty mess from this workout!! Also, my dogs looked exactly the same as yours while I worked out 😏
Kenia Medina
Kenia Medina 5 months ago
Those tricep pushups also had me dying !! Thanks for the great workout!
Evelyn T
Evelyn T 5 months ago
Really loved this workout! I’ve been working out with just my body weight usually and this was my first time fully incorporating weights and man it was killer and I only used 5lbs 🤧😅😂
Sharvan Panwar
Sharvan Panwar 5 months ago
If you ask me, it's really hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, but website called NextLevelDiet is great for that. They also calculate your BMI and calorie intake for FREE and provide you with diet meal plan and training plan.
maddieewoohoo 5 months ago
I’ve been doing this workout the past 4 days in a row. So GOOD! Thank you!
Sierra Unger
Sierra Unger 6 months ago
you’re amazing Whitney! thanks so much for this ✨
Lauren Rundquist
Lauren Rundquist 6 months ago
More of these please and thank you!!!!
Chantal Klein
Chantal Klein 6 months ago
Whit I totally agree with you....I didn’t anticipate this being as difficult a workout as it was but it killllllled me. So happy to have you kick my butt with these workouts ❤️
Maiya Dendy
Maiya Dendy 6 months ago
I cannot wait to be able to make videos like yours on my channel. Ready to share my fitness journey with the world.
Tasha B Fitness
Tasha B Fitness 6 months ago
You can do it, what are you waiting for?
SIA Slurps
SIA Slurps 6 months ago
Those tricep pushups!!!! KILLER.
Deya Slaine
Deya Slaine 6 months ago
PERRRFECT! On 21st minute I was like... oooooh ok its enough for today but gurlll I pushed myself through the very end and I feel great! Thanks for great workouts you are my forever inspo
Erin Richardson
Erin Richardson 6 months ago
I don’t normally comment on anything but holy WOW I’m drenched after this! It’s a perfect setup and truly apartment friendly which is much appreciated! Love you, Whitney! 💕
Sasha Vitiuk
Sasha Vitiuk 6 months ago
Third day doing this workout and I already feel stronger and more flexible
Lauren Pfeiffer
Lauren Pfeiffer 6 months ago
Hey Whitney! i loved the workout I feel amazing after it and I was able to keep up with the entire workout which says a lot for me! I was wondering if you have a modification for the bulgarian lunges?
Naomi Edgell
Naomi Edgell 6 months ago
The tricep push ups ARE HOT FIRE FLAMES ! I loved it!!♡♡♡
Rowey Muradin
Rowey Muradin 6 months ago
Where is the abs ?
L H 6 months ago
I think she usually adds them into their own routine or with a HIIT
Grace Yeo
Grace Yeo 6 months ago
wow this killed me wahoo
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