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Whitney Simmons

2 years ago

DAY 10 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! A juicy Q&A talking about my plastic surgery, relationship, alcoholism, booty growing tips and more!

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Olive B
Olive B 12 days ago
You look GREAT in this shade of yellow. Makes you bright and happy. I never dry my workout clothes, dress shirts and pants in the dryer. I bought a nice rack I hang them on to air dry.
Ceara Garcia
Ceara Garcia 16 days ago
The underwear link no longer works and VS has 1,000,010 types of seamless underwear. Does anyone know which one? 😂
sydney sibbrel
sydney sibbrel 2 months ago
scrolling through old videos bc ur videos make me so happy and every video makes me want to b ur bestfriend even more
Andrea Lewis
Andrea Lewis 3 months ago
I totally lost friends in high school because i wouldn’t party either - things like that shape you for sure 👏🏻
Michelle Michelle
Michelle Michelle 3 months ago
Wait... did she say she won’t do a video with him unless they were married..?
Candice Latour
Candice Latour 4 months ago
Love this lady, she keeps it real, but so down to earth, I diligently follow her workouts, since, I can't actually play my sport cuz of the covid, but love her, so cute, and real, and an inspiration
melomania 5 months ago
I hope he was (bad) joking about the conservative reflexion ^^'
Vanessa Yurrita
Vanessa Yurrita 5 months ago
Love your channel Whit!
Lenka Plochova
Lenka Plochova 6 months ago
All videos I love it...thank you;)
Makena Riley
Makena Riley 6 months ago
seems like you and stephan have a great healthy relationship
violet white
violet white 7 months ago
Love you so much ❤️❤️❤️
S J Finley
S J Finley 9 months ago
I had a doctor write down and tell me it's ok I can help with the denial of alcoholism because I told him no I never drink and no I'm not religious. 🙄 I just got up and left with few choice words to find better doctor. I hate the taste of any alcohol ( yes I tried it only once), you act like a fool at some point, and I like being in control of my body.
Celena 9 months ago
Utah is I think the most beautiful state! I absolutely fell in love with Zion when I was on my way back to California from Nebraska. Utah has a magical landscape with such unexpected, vibrant colors!
Miranda Horton
Miranda Horton 9 months ago
Mahogany Teakwood yaaaas! My favorite scent for YEARS
Brooke Danae
Brooke Danae 9 months ago
Yessss let's see the work out clothes care video! :)
Olive B
Olive B 10 months ago
The first time I ever consumed alcohol was at 27. I am fine without it, it ages you pretty quick. Never smoked either. Healthy and loving it.
Hannah Pedersen
Hannah Pedersen 10 months ago
I've been going through that alcohol thing too with my friends. I am too scared to lose control over my body and I won't take any drugs or use alcohol (not 21 either) but a lot of my friends don't hang out anymore because of it.
Samantha Wootten
Samantha Wootten 10 months ago
Watching this video again. Thank you for the advice on your breakup. I’m going through one now and it’s been difficult. But hearing your advice and your experience I know I’ll be okay. I know it’s going to take time and effort on my part to just let go. Thank you for being you Whitney❤️
Taylor Jasgur
Taylor Jasgur 11 months ago
Going through your older videos, me and my long term boyfriend just broke up and this gives me hope.
Alexis Kanne
Alexis Kanne 11 months ago
My news years resolution is to workout at least twice a week after work
Alesha Summers
Alesha Summers 11 months ago
I knew you were a lefty! Gotta love us! Haha
jarjarlove22 11 months ago
Im so proud of you for your alcohol decision at such a young age!
Shayla Rice
Shayla Rice 11 months ago
When you read “what is your favourite booty exercise?” Before you even spoke I was like “hip thrusts changed her life”
Jess L
Jess L Year ago
I feel the same way about alcohol. I'll have a drink or two at most but I just have zero interest in it
Leslie Owens
Leslie Owens Year ago
I agree with the scale comment. I don’t like scales although I have to be weighed and meet weight requirements for my job which is depressing but, when I get out, I will not own a scale lol.
Gabrielle Manier
Gabrielle Manier Year ago
I'm a recovering heroin addict and alcoholic. I've been in the gym for 2 years now your videos help me a lot. Addiction was a dark path for me.
Gabrielle Manier
Gabrielle Manier 5 months ago
@Tully_03 thank you :) well congrats on being clean because it truly is a miracle!! Keep your head up
Tully_03 5 months ago
Same girly is so good to know I relate to her subs I'm actually 27 days clean today from Opioids and working out and of course God has pulled me through I feel amazing congratulations on your 2 years you are very strong 💛
SB. Yours Truly
SB. Yours Truly 9 months ago
Same girl
Gabrielle Manier
Gabrielle Manier Year ago
@Follow Jesus thank you
Follow Jesus
Follow Jesus Year ago
So happy for you!! Keep up the good work!
Gabrielle Manier
Gabrielle Manier Year ago
Do you live in Utah!?
Elisa Aki
Elisa Aki Year ago
My morning routine includes inspiration from Whit!!
Nancinoy Year ago
New Years resolution is to serve more, love more, and to let things go that aren't important. If it won't matter in 5 years why stress over it -let it go! Can I get a thumbs up?!?😃
The Adventures of Josie & Sophie
The Adventures of Josie & Sophie Year ago
Lol I feel bad for the people actually named Linda
TheTexMex Year ago
Def a laundry routine!!!
TheTexMex Year ago
New years resolution: be a bad b🤬ch lol jk jk just to try and eat better more consistently and love myself more!! The.tex.mex on IG
White Tyson
White Tyson Year ago
Are you Transgender?
I love you Whitney! You inspire me to keep up with my workouts and stay motivated. And I admire you for not drinking alcohol, I can totally relate
Victoria Gets Fit
Victoria Gets Fit Year ago
We have a lot in common! I also started my freshman year of college with a long distance boyfriend, which I regretted. I am a lefty, too! And I never wear underwear to the gym unless I’m on my period! Wow, Twinsies. 😆
LivvyBeth 2K18
LivvyBeth 2K18 Year ago
“Linda, you need to leave “ 😂
Kenneath Hill
Kenneath Hill Year ago
Whitney,are you from Utah??
Roxann Solis
Roxann Solis Year ago
Omg I feel the same about mahogany teakwood!!!!!!! It smells like a sexy man!!!
Lala Desy
Lala Desy Year ago
I live in Ohio and I hate it 😒 it’s super flat
Linda Vallot
Linda Vallot Year ago
Hi, Linda here; I go commando too lol ... when I'm on my period I use my lily cup compact and still don't use underwear.
My Everyday Living
My Everyday Living Year ago
Yes!!! A how-I-clean my gymclothes!! Do that! Thanks for a nice talk lovely!!
Kayli Woodruff
Kayli Woodruff Year ago
I have the same opal ring (before you had it remade)!!
Paulie Walnuts
Paulie Walnuts Year ago
You remind me of Vicky McClure
Ashley Alyeece
Ashley Alyeece Year ago
Seriously...I am SO glad I found your page! You are so motivating and inspiring but most importantly so down to earth, real, and KIND! (And beautiful) please keep doing what you do girl!
Hayley Year ago
I'm lefty too 😊
FLdancer00 Year ago
Listen, I only wear leggings for marathons (of Netflix). But there's no way I'm not wearing underwear if I'm working out. I double checked with a gyno and wearing a thong is way healthier than no undies at all at the gym.
Ingrid Rivera
Ingrid Rivera Year ago
I love your attitude I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again you put me in a good mood!! Sometimes when I’m feeling down I just come to your channel and watch your videos and let me tell ya it puts me in a good mood so for that I love you!! 😘
Rebecca MacDonald
Rebecca MacDonald Year ago
omg love you
alphakevin Year ago
she's so pure
Andrea Mitchell
Andrea Mitchell Year ago
Just bought your Tarte collection!!! Can't wait to get it!
Princess dimpi
Princess dimpi Year ago
Hahahaha funny ppl loves u soo much tat they wann buy everything u use maybe they would wann buy ur eyes lips hands if possible 😂😂😂😂
Tori Dyani
Tori Dyani Year ago
The fact that my favorite fitness inspo and the most beautiful USpostsr lives near me makes me so happy. I love the fact that you live in Utah!
Adriana Gil
Adriana Gil Year ago
How many years ago did your fitness journey start? I’m about to hit my 1 year mark and I feel disappointed in myself because I haven’t hit my goals and have actually gained a few lbs since starting (could be muscle but also fat) and I am hard on myself for not achieving them soon enough. How do you tell yourself to keep going even when you feel like giving up?
Katie McCaskill
Katie McCaskill Year ago
Obsessed w Loving tan!!!
maquel houtz
maquel houtz Year ago
You are such a beautiful person inside and out! Hands down favorite USpostsr and when I found out you live in Utah (I do as well) I really would die if I ever saw you!
Lindsay Almond
Lindsay Almond Year ago
listen I've traveled around Europe and the states and I stand by the statement that Utah. Is. The. Best. Place. to. Live. okay
Chi Makwa
Chi Makwa Year ago
When I was in elementary/jr high I was called moon face, crater face, pit face because of my many dimples 😒
Chi Makwa
Chi Makwa Year ago
8:40 Whit you re too cute! You are so real 💕
nichol9515 Year ago
Michael B. Jordan is my celebrity crush too!
Orkide Blossom
Orkide Blossom Year ago
Why is not good to wear thong in the gym??? I wonder why
Malisa Kenney
Malisa Kenney Year ago
Omg I’m a leftie
Katie Girl
Katie Girl Year ago
I LOVE that you're alcohol free!! I'm trying to give up alcohol completely as well. Just found your channel and i love the integration of lifestyle, fitness and beauty ♥️
K F Year ago
I love u i love u guyssss wish u all the very best!!!!!
Linds Year ago
What a great human being 😩 Her energy was a bit low here. I felt sad for some reason. Maybe the dot is upon me 🤔
Mari S
Mari S Year ago
Listen linda your not wrong, your not wrong. I about died 😂😂😂
Tay M
Tay M Year ago
That's messed up that people talked smack about you for working out and sharing that online :\
Ava Rose-Pereira
Ava Rose-Pereira Year ago
You remind me a lot of Ashley Benson, your so pretty
Sam Year ago
Hey girl! Love your videos. Was wondering if you could give us some tips on starting to lift in the gym. I go to the gym and do what most women probably do - stick to the stair master/treadmill and the stationary weight machines. I don't know where to even start in the weight room alongside the fact that it's intimidating! Really looking to get stronger and leaner and would love some of your tips - thanks for your time :):)
Heather Hamilton
Heather Hamilton Year ago
Really random, but where did you get your bedside table and bed frame?
Abby Vail
Abby Vail Year ago
i really appreciate what you said about your decision for drinking. I'm in high school and I have a family history of addiction and have made the same decision and it's very encouraging to see that someone has stuck to their morals.
Emma van Kampen
Emma van Kampen Year ago
M H Year ago
Good call on the alcohol with the fam history!
Rebecca Huber
Rebecca Huber Year ago
Same reason you don’t drink is the same reason I have never tried weed. I do not know how I will react to it, and I don’t want to find out. I like being in control of my body.
Brianna Crowe
Brianna Crowe Year ago
I totally agree about alcohol. My boyfriend and I are the designated driver for all of our friends because his family has a history of alcoholism and I just hate the way it tastes.
Rachel Mapa
Rachel Mapa Year ago
I'm currently on a little Whitney Simmons USposts Marathon while doing my makeup. Thank you Whitney for helping me get out of bed this afternoon and motivating me to go to the gym today. God bless.
Maria Razo
Maria Razo Year ago
I stopped wearing underwear too!! “To the gym” lol i love you by the way.
Priscilla Rose
Priscilla Rose Year ago
Pleaseeeee do a workout clothes explanation video
Kaitlyn Romeo
Kaitlyn Romeo Year ago
Please show us a video on clothing care!
jamie Blake
jamie Blake Year ago
Whittney, I just want to tell you that everytime I go to the gym I watch your videos. Back day on the cable machine. You are MY inspiration. And I mean that. If not for you I would not even know how to work out. For reals. Love ya... please never stop being youuuu!!!
kc marie
kc marie Year ago
Have you done a decorated house tour? Your bedroom looks so cute and different
Maddie Myers
Maddie Myers Year ago
Like if you’re a leftie! I am!
Brenna Yearick
Brenna Yearick Year ago
I had the worst day, ending in lots of tears. Thank you for all your videos. 💕
Anna deGroot
Anna deGroot Year ago
I LOVE YOU GIRL!!! You mentioned about maybe doing a video about your laundry care for you workout clothes! I would love to see a video about that!
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova Year ago
I love the seamless underwear from VS
xoLoveLeti Year ago
Are you bisexual? I love that your crushes are mostly women 😍
Thelma Sif
Thelma Sif Year ago
Would love to see how you care for your gym clothes! :D
Amber Martin
Amber Martin Year ago
Giveaway 💕💕💕💕💕 love you girl!
chessney steed
chessney steed Year ago
How in the world did I not know you lived in utah! I've been watching you for so long! I live in southern utah! That's crazzzzy!
Paige Nicolle
Paige Nicolle Year ago
I'm 16 right now and I made the same decision around 13 to not drink alcohol for the same reason. I have no interest in it and don't like the idea of not having control. I also wasnt raised in a home with alcohol (my parents dont drink). In my family you are one of two things. You either dont drink or if you do, you end up being an alcoholic. So the few people who drink in my family are alcoholics. So alcoholism does run in my family aswell.
Stephanie George
Stephanie George Year ago
I relate to you in soooo many ways! So happy I found your IG & USposts on my fitness journey ❤️
Gauri Shukla
Gauri Shukla Year ago
Hey whitney!! I love ur personality.. ur workouts and everything about you!! Thanks a lott for sharing all this with us...! ❤
Sydney Viliunas
Sydney Viliunas Year ago
anyone know what her nail color is ?? I know it’s dip but what’s the color called??
Jackie Fiday
Jackie Fiday Year ago
Love the genuine whit ❤️
Etherea Light
Etherea Light Year ago
I had my ears done too! You’re the only other person I’ve met who’s had it done. Helped my confidence immensely. Love you and your videos 😘💕
Ginny F
Ginny F Year ago
When your hairs up, for some reason you remind me of Julia Robert's!!! ❤💜
Alyssa Godinez
Alyssa Godinez Year ago
Could you maybe do a self tanning video on what works best for you and all? Thanksssss🌸
Vai Patri
Vai Patri Year ago
you are amazing!!! also your hair would look super cute short :)
J Silverstone
J Silverstone Year ago
Shout out to all the classy, sexy conservative girls.
Kaitlyn O'Hara
Kaitlyn O'Hara Year ago
Absolutely love your attitude about life. I can relate to the teasing and bullying you experienced, fitness became my safe haven during college and continues to empower me. Thanks for sharing!
rochelle Clark
rochelle Clark Year ago
I completely agree on. Moving on from the person is super easy but letting go of the things they did Is so much harder to heal from 💔😢
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