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Here is a HOT FIRE push workout to shred and sculpt your arms and shoulders! We are hitting shoulders, triceps and chest.
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10-15 minute warmup of choice
I love to do 10 minutes of incline speed walking

3 sets of 8-10 single-arm dumbbell press
12 straight bar cable tricep pushdown
12 cable rope face pulls
12 cable upright row
12 diamond front raises
12 lateral raises
12 close grip floor press
10 lying kettlebell or dumbbell tricep extension
Lateral raise machine drop set... reduce weight with every set
10 reps
12 reps
15 reps

Outfit is Gymshark camo seamless in size small sports bra and legging
Black tank top
Sweats were part of the Nikki B x Gymshark collaboration

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Mayrelis Silva
Mayrelis Silva Month ago
How people can do 👎,you are amazing girl!!!!😍
samreen khan
samreen khan 2 months ago
you are so beautiful 😘
리루나 2 months ago
I love distroy my shoulder 😅😅 I subscribe your channel!
Anne Champoux
Anne Champoux 2 months ago
I rather to see you all natural without makeup! 💗
Josh C.
Josh C. 2 months ago
Ahh, you've referenced AthleanX, I see you're a man of culture. I mean woman err hmm
Trinh T.
Trinh T. 3 months ago
Doing these as we speak and my shoulders feel like they have been dunked in hot lava!!! Love it!!!
Alissa Lykke
Alissa Lykke 4 months ago
Doing this today!! I love shoulder pain😂
Boi English bulldog
Boi English bulldog 5 months ago
If you could maybe just show us the moves while you talk 🤔
Renate '
Renate ' 6 months ago
U need a app
Caitlin Kornilov
Caitlin Kornilov 8 months ago
Oh my goodness gracious my arms are SHAKING! But loved this workout!!! ❤️
Ellona Aleksandra
Ellona Aleksandra 9 months ago
Whitney: seriously though I felt like I was going to die Also Whitney: IT WAS AWESOME 😂😂Love you Whit
Maja_ _
Maja_ _ 9 months ago
I'm a girl and I don't know if I should train shoulders since they are alrrady super wide, help...
Ineka Dunuwille
Ineka Dunuwille 9 months ago
Could you please mention the weight of the dumbells you use for each excercise as a guide.
Howard Dodge
Howard Dodge 9 months ago
I want at you in leggings
Howard Dodge
Howard Dodge 9 months ago
ill subscrib to your channel whitney simmons because your so pretty
Claudia 9 months ago
Your arms/shoulders look so freaking good! I'm gonna kill it for you today girl! 🤩
tarathyme 9 months ago
Loved this , just used it feels amazing🥰
Guitar 22
Guitar 22 10 months ago
Her gym is so empty, I wish mine was
keepingupwith Q
keepingupwith Q 10 months ago
The way you explain and teach in your videos sets you so far apart from a lot of other fitness you tubers. Very simple, informative while doing so in an entertaining way. Thanks Whit!
Andrea Retzloff
Andrea Retzloff 10 months ago
It’s unacceptable🤣🤣
Carissa Daughtry
Carissa Daughtry 11 months ago
So is she a certified trainer?
Gabriel Pépin
Gabriel Pépin 11 months ago
If im a boy can i follow this routine
iloveflowers 11 months ago
Girrrrl the brows, yesssss!
Anne C.
Anne C. Year ago
Im so glad I found your videos! Thank you
JoyfulSelah Year ago
Hey lady! What do you use to edit your videos? Always on point! ❤️
Kiri Hughes
Kiri Hughes Year ago
I've just tried this and let me tell you it is hot fire flames. Killed me but in the best way. Thanks Whit for your awesome workouts girl!❤️
Alexis P
Alexis P Year ago
Just curious if you do any other kind of warm up other than the treadmill before your upper body workouts? Like I know you do glute activation when you work you glutes. So, do you do anything similar to that but for upper body before your workout?
Always Energetic
Always Energetic Year ago
Love it!🤘🏻 thank you Whitney!💕
Rachel Cruz
Rachel Cruz Year ago
Whit!!! Could you pretty please do a video doing “no weights” substitutes so a momma like me can exercise with my 6 year old present all the time! Lol and maybe she can do it to cuz she loves watching your videos with me too! 🙏 if you can!
Heidy Ramirez
Heidy Ramirez Year ago
Brian Kruse
Brian Kruse Year ago
When Whitney calls me "girl", I look down at the comments and realize I've wandered into foreign territory. Am I allowed here?
Anam Captures
Anam Captures 3 months ago
Deanna 8 months ago
yes ! welcome to fit tips with whit :)
Alex Arreola
Alex Arreola 10 months ago
Be Kruse it must be a small amount of us my man, but fear not for we are amongst one of the greatest. Hot fire flames are real!
Nikki R
Nikki R 11 months ago
Humble World
Humble World 11 months ago
Brian Kruse of course!
Paulina Ruggeberg
Paulina Ruggeberg Year ago
So I just did this today for the first time (and I'm new to this whole gym lifestyle)... Ummm I cant move my arms literally. I mean. WOW.. you're awesome whitney!
Alpha Dad
Alpha Dad Year ago
Did you call this a “push” routine? You did one press movement at the end of the routine after you pre exhausted your secondary muscles. Fraud
D. Year ago
This is soooo good. It's so stupid that sometimes you can go higher weight for the single arm dumbbell press but your muscles just can't lift it or something haha. But we'll get there!!
Macy Weaver
Macy Weaver Year ago
Make up tutorial?!?! 😍
Marie Scheld
Marie Scheld Year ago
the whitney equivalent to clapping along to the friends intro is doing her whole "give this video a *click click* thumbs up" routine with her 🙌🏼💛
JustAylaJade Year ago
Are are pull push and leg days good to go for fat loss?
thatsSteph Year ago
so informative thankyou for this!
Alissa R
Alissa R Year ago
I loveeeee your tips and explanations!! 🙌❤️
D. Year ago
Does she has a break between the different movements in the tri/superset? Or everything after eachother and only a break of 10sec-2min max between the tri/supersets?
Patricia Carranza
Patricia Carranza Year ago
Where do you buy your workout clothes?❤️
sscaneel Year ago
You talk waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much!!!
Cynthia Walker
Cynthia Walker Year ago
If you gave this video a thumbs down, it's a gas...why? What exactly are you looking for. I love it! Perfectly done😍
Delete Me
Delete Me Year ago
Great workout! Thank you 🤗
Jessie Foreman
Jessie Foreman Year ago
Ugh I'm late. I just saw you posted this one lol. I've been lacking results on my shoulders so I'm trying a push and pull split and going to throw in a shoulder day for extra at the end of the work out week
Ariana Catania
Ariana Catania Year ago
Love your videos ! 💜 What weight do you recommend starting off with when you’re a beginner ?
Anna Magnusson
Anna Magnusson Year ago
I did this workout today and its feels amazing!
Marika S
Marika S Year ago
My gym is way to busy /small to steal all those cable attachments for the 3 sets of 12 reps of 3 exercises. They might kick me out lol
Marika S
Marika S Year ago
Update : did it, didn't get kicked out.
Lindey Schneider
Lindey Schneider Year ago
A great tricep workout is to back up to a squat rack that has a 45lb bar on it right about at your hip level and raise it behind you. So the bar will be behind your butt and you will be raising it behind yourself...if that makes sense? I had a really really hard time with seeing progress in my arms and this exercise WORKED! Like oh wow did it work.
Jo Jo Dancer
Jo Jo Dancer Year ago
That blue crushed velvet outfit is ca-yute girl lol adding this video to my Thursday arms/back playlist. You're the best 💙
Gabriel Sanchez Gusman
Gabriel Sanchez Gusman Year ago
Saludos para una reina que tiene un kuerpesito bien ermoso mmmmmmmmm mamasita
M Cohen
M Cohen Year ago
Just did this today!! Did a chest burn out instead but loved this!!
Kristine Meyer
Kristine Meyer Year ago
Love this work out!
Alicja Owczarek
Alicja Owczarek Year ago
Giiiirl, after a few MONTHS of a setback I finally got to the gym last Monday and I did your last leg workout posted on YT and let me just tell you, that today, which is two days after (the time I'm always sore the most) I'm barely moving, okay :D. I love that pain, I love that I came back, and I love how You motivate everybody around You. I've been enjoying your videos for the past few years now, so thank You for that. Today I'm going to do this particular workout and I cannot wait for that pain and soreness, okay!
Dani Domingues
Dani Domingues Year ago
Where is your top from?!... Loving your workout videos. Thank you!
wondervvivi Year ago
1:08 3 sets of 8-10 single-arm dumbbell press TRI-SET | 3 SETS 3:19 12 straight bar cable tricep pushdown 3:59 12 cable rope face pulls 5:01 12 cable upright row SUPERSET | 3 SETS 6:03 12 diamond front raises 6:58 12 lateral raises SUPERSET | 2-3 SETS 8:19 12 close grip floor press 9:10 10 lying kettlebell or dumbbell tricep extension 10:56 BURNOUT | 2 SETS Lateral raise machine drop set... reduce weight with every set 10 reps 12 reps 15 reps
Sugar Gay
Sugar Gay Year ago
wondervvivi wow thank you
EverydayWithA Year ago
Just recently gotten back into fitness and taking care of myself again. I found your videos and they have been such a huge help for me! I get so bored at the gym, but I workout along to your videos and they have been so awesome! I’ve never seen as much change in such a short amount of time as when I started following your workouts. Thank you for taking the time to post them!
Sierra MacDowell
Sierra MacDowell Year ago
Where do I buy the protein and pre workout at?
Sierra MacDowell
Sierra MacDowell Year ago
Doing this today. Thanks whit!!! You bad !!
The Freeze Dry Queen
The Freeze Dry Queen Year ago
Hi Whit, quick question. I am toned where I want to be, but I have this bit of access fat on my back and tris as well as my lower belly. Do I need more cardio? I feel SO frustrated.
Lydia Massey
Lydia Massey Year ago
loved that you took ~extra~ time to explain movements in this vid - it's v helpful for the clueless (like me) 😂
Lana R
Lana R Year ago
I can't believe you spend so much time in every video explaining what a triset and superset is and avoid explaining technical terms. For example, stop using the term 'internal rotation of shoulder' if you're not going to explain what it is. I had to click out of this video and search to understand what it is. Please try to be more thorough in your videos.
Kimberly Creger
Kimberly Creger Year ago
I freaking love you. You cracking me up girl. Thanks so much for your form explanations. My shoulders are all jacked up from not knowing the proper everyone. Listen to yo girl!
Alicia Theo
Alicia Theo Year ago
Tried this out at the gym today and loved it! Can’t wait to try your pull workout on my next upper body day! So helpful!
Karen Lorraine Silva
Karen Lorraine Silva Year ago
Thank you for the continuous demolishment!!!
Rina Ordonez
Rina Ordonez Year ago
How about workouts that will strengthen inner thigh and strengthening back of legs and gluteus without building quad muscle. Too much quad muscle would make petite women look much shorter. Its better to maintain legs lean. Any advise?
Erika Gonzalez
Erika Gonzalez Year ago
Hello, long time viewer - first time commenter. What are your thoughts on the Mountain Climber. You said you sent a fan of machines but I’m a new mom and can’t find the time. I really want to work out my arms and stomach and I need to tackle my troubles spots in one punch.
Lis Graves
Lis Graves Year ago
Your channel is so helpful and informative!! Thank you ❤️
leslie tufts
leslie tufts Year ago
Can't wait to try this workout, thx!
Cheyenne Maria
Cheyenne Maria Year ago
Hi! Quick question. Why do you not like machines?
Cheyenne Maria
Cheyenne Maria Year ago
I’m just curious! :)
Jay B
Jay B Year ago
This DEMOLISHED me today! my arms are BURNING! xoxo!!!
samantha lee
samantha lee Year ago
Thank you for helping me stay motivated since day one of my fitness journey a couple years ago:) Couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like you consistently making amazing content for the world❤️
magical_kim Year ago
Whitney's energy is so lovely and wholesome, I just want to fist bump/cuddle her!
B Barr
B Barr Year ago
Miss Whit, what do you eat before a workout? Some times I hit the gym early morning with just H20. Then eat breakfast after my workout. Advise please 🤗😘💕
alexandra saucedo
alexandra saucedo Year ago
WHITNEY. GIIIIIIIIIIIRL. Thaaaaank youuu! Lol, this killllllllled me, but in a good way. Thanks for helping ya girl out! 😘
Emmily Sorge
Emmily Sorge Year ago
How do you know when its time to up your weight? Ive been following some of your workouts and even though I still get tired pretty easily, I feel like the weight is a little light? Should I do more reps or should I up my weight?
Nutrition Elevated
Nutrition Elevated Year ago
Omg that tricep extension demolished me 🔥
elysia walker
elysia walker Year ago
Did this today, was struggling to lift my shaker by the end
Shannon Kirkwood
Shannon Kirkwood Year ago
Definitely one of my favorite videos from Wit!
Christina Torchia
Christina Torchia Year ago
Woo! Headed to the gym to demolish my chest/shoulders/tri's. Thank you Whit for the bomb workout! 🔥🔥💣💥
Mica Rose
Mica Rose Year ago
tried this yesterday, burned during but today my whhhoollee upper body is fatigued and feels heavy. not sore, no pain, but super tired and heavy. Thank you SO much for a safe and effective workout!
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S Year ago
Hey Whitney... it there an app you would recommend to track workouts and progress?
Luv me Love
Luv me Love Year ago
Please develop an app
Nicole Cocco
Nicole Cocco Year ago
I just did this workout and it was insane, that burnout had me dyingggggg it was hot fire flames
Kealila Sok
Kealila Sok Year ago
Shoulder pain is the BEST pain
Annie Conway
Annie Conway Year ago
Oh that shoulder that just will not totally heal 🤮
Paulina Svedova
Paulina Svedova Year ago
Love youuuuuuu 😍😍😍
Charu Singh
Charu Singh Year ago
Hi 💕 I have been following you since college and just a question. How do you deal with internet trolls and hate. I feel like the reason I never pursue my USposts channel is because I’m too scared of people not liking my content. Love you whit . Ur a huge inspiration for me 💕
Hi Chan
Hi Chan Year ago
Happy push day girl! Thank you so so much for this workout it was amazing!
Melissa Year ago
Whitney! I love you videos. I recently deleted all my social media except USposts. I know you said you were gonna start posting more on Instagram because it became more popular! Maybe you could upload your videos to both USposts and Instagram? I like following your videos, workout routines, and tips, ect. I don't want to miss out because I no longer have an insta. Pleaseee. Thank you! ❤🤗 love you whit!
LivingLifeWithLiv Year ago
Lexie Anne Cole
Lexie Anne Cole Year ago
Please do a pull day routine!! I need it desperately lmao
Crystal Cortes
Crystal Cortes Year ago
Do your back routine pleaseeeee
Pat V
Pat V Year ago
You look better without so much make up.
Stefany Gonzales
Stefany Gonzales Year ago
loved it !!! awesome workout !!!!
The Wholistic Realistic
The Wholistic Realistic Year ago
Love this workout! You're killing it, and I LOVE YOUR ENERGY!
delaney Hawkins
delaney Hawkins Year ago
Please please please do a pull day!!! These are the best!
Alexis Gasser
Alexis Gasser Year ago
killer workout! did this workout this morning and it DEMOLISHED my shoulders holy wow !!!! can you post your pull workout 💗💕💞
TheShnairah Year ago
I love your personality can't wait to watch all of these videos 🙌🏾
Taylor Castillo
Taylor Castillo Year ago
I love your videos so much!😍Give us a Pull day guuurl
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