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HAUL AND TRY ON of the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons entire range!! Sweat test, squat test, review and more!!
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ONLINE LAUNCH DATE IS BEING ANNOUNCED THIS WEEK!! It will be releasing this month after the pop up store!

Bust: 32"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 34"
Glutes: 38"
Height: 5'6"


LEGGINGS | $50 / £40
• Available in all 6 colors
• I wear a size small
• I recommend a nude/neutral color seamless thong with the leggings
• 7/8th legging
• Wash inside out in cold water with like colors, delicate cycle (low spin), hang to dry

SHORTS | $40 / £30
• Available in 4 colors
• I wear a size small
• I recommend a nude/neutral color seamless thong with the shorts
• Wash inside out in cold water with like colors, delicate cycle (low spin), hang to dry

SPORTS BRA | $40 / £30
• Available in all 6 colors
• I wear a size small
• Wash inside out in cold water with like colors, delicate cycle (low spin), hang to dry

• Available in all 6 colors
• I wear a size small
• Wash inside out in cold water with like colors, delicate cycle (low spin), hang to dry

TANK TOP | $30 / £25
• Available in 5 colors
• I wear a size small
• Wash inside out in cold water with like colors, delicate cycle (low spin), hang to dry

HOODIE | $50 / £40
• Available in 4 colors
• I wear a size small
• Wash inside out in cold water with like colors, delicate cycle (low spin), hang to dry

7/8 JOGGER | $50 / £40
• Available in 4 colors
• I wear a size XS (all joggers shown in video are shown in an XS) because I prefer a less over-sized look, I size down to an XS
• Wash inside out in cold water with like colors, delicate cycle (low spin), hang to dry

• Available in 2 colors
• I wear a size small
• Wash in cold water with like colors, zipped up, delicate cycle (low spin), hang to dry

This video is not sponsored | Gymshark, Alani Nu, Amazon and Reward Style are affiliates links. Tula is a commission code. Thank you for supporting myself, this channel and helping me continue to create content for you♡

pearlescent Month ago
I'm so confused omfg. I know it's bad to obsess over body measurements, but I do NOT look like some of these influencer women and I have very similar measurements (34-26.5-39). In other words, I have this woman's body but a bit more of an hourglass. Why do i feel like I don't have a beautiful body, while anyone would see Whitney's and say it's beautiful? Mannnn
e p
e p Month ago
Anyone know where to buy the knock off version of these clothes? Tired of hoping and praying gymshark will restock
Judy Nguyen
Judy Nguyen Month ago
Felicia 2 months ago
what size are you using? and how tall are you :)
Layla K
Layla K 3 months ago
wow ok WHAT everything is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm new to the Whitney fan club and now I'm so sad I can't buy this entire collection 😭 everything is HOT FIRE FLAME indeed 😭😭
Macy Pantana
Macy Pantana 3 months ago
so sad i can't get this now :(
Claire Cvengros
Claire Cvengros 4 months ago
me rewatching this in 2020 i’d buy 5 more of those tanks if i could 😩😩
Alex Lynne
Alex Lynne 6 months ago
PLEASE make this come back to gymshark and NOT BE LIMITED 😩😩 So many people didint get a chance to get these!
Abbie Otto
Abbie Otto 7 months ago
Will gymshark ever restock this collection I didn't get to try it ??
danielle ramos
danielle ramos 7 months ago
wait. where can i find these?
Gabi Carmen
Gabi Carmen 7 months ago
so sad this will never be restocked
Hannah Fort
Hannah Fort 7 months ago
If Gym Shark is wide, they’ll bring this range back 😭 I want it so badly!
Ivet Jimenez
Ivet Jimenez 7 months ago
When is Gymshark bringing this back or making it permanent?
Kate Spaulding
Kate Spaulding 7 months ago
@Whitneysimmons - any chance this will be available again?
Dearousha Jefferson
Dearousha Jefferson 8 months ago
I’m so sad I missed this collab 😭
Kayla W
Kayla W 8 months ago
please bring these back. I NEEEEEEEED IT. i can't find joggers like this anywhere!!!!
Ella Gray
Ella Gray 8 months ago
will this collection come back?
Xina 8 months ago
I found this video just now . I got so hyped and than I opened that page and realise that they are no more available. Im sad because it could be perfect set of clothes...😑
Ischikelle Corbin
Ischikelle Corbin 8 months ago
are they still available in 2020?
Nikki Sterling
Nikki Sterling 8 months ago
I just started my fitness journey and have been drawing inspiration from your advice and positive attitude daily. Beautiful job! This line is so pretty. The colors are perfect. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to add these to my gym wardrobe. 🥺
Karena Guo
Karena Guo 9 months ago
Please bring it back!! I need
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 9 months ago
I wish this wasn’t limited edition ☹️💔
Cynthia Gonzalez
Cynthia Gonzalez 9 months ago
Bring it back
Vishali Desai
Vishali Desai 9 months ago
Cynthia Mercedes
Cynthia Mercedes 9 months ago
Is this coming back again?!!!
Stephanie Walp
Stephanie Walp 9 months ago
I wish gym shark would get with the program and make things for larger girls! We kill it in the gym as well and absolutely deserve to look sharp! 💪
Leeniebean 9 months ago
All of these pieces are beautiful! Seriously. Gymshark really needs to take note because you have an eye and can tell you put a lot of heart and thought into them. I don't usually get excited to buy and wear sportswear but these are so unique and I can't say enough. (I know I'm really late to the game but just wanted to say 🤷‍♀️) P.s. I just went to gymshark website just to see what they have available and nothing eye catching. Really not impressed. No insentive to purchase generic, boxy workout apparel. I feel like I could get better if not the same workout pieces from Marshall's. They need to up their game or just keep a good thing when they have it.
Zerrin Sarac
Zerrin Sarac 9 months ago
Oh, I was a little disappointed actually! I bought the blue leggings and did not expect them to be that see through! :( For a moment I thought there were something wrong with me or my underwear, but everything shows and in a non flattering way. They don't suck your body in and help to shape your body, which I did not expect. Maybe they don't fit all body types, I dunno. Sorry Whitney!
Kazer Soze
Kazer Soze 10 months ago
Layla4791 10 months ago
Is there a restock any soon? ;(
notjustplainJane 10 months ago
I need thissss restooock!!
Krystal Deanne
Krystal Deanne 10 months ago
I just joined a gym and came straight to your page to go back and find this video to decide what my first gym clothes purchases would be and I think I’ve made a mistake because I now want to buy literally the entire collection 🤭😍😍😍😍😍
Krystal Deanne
Krystal Deanne 10 months ago
Rip bc it’s limited addition 💔
INH3RIMAGE 10 months ago
Omg 😍😍😍 all of this is sooooo BOMB!! Super fly!!!! Why am I JUST seeing this!! 😫
kawthar Ben
kawthar Ben 10 months ago
are they still available?
stanaglosova 10 months ago
Is there any chance they will restock your collection? Your colors are a dream!!!
Jenny Bear
Jenny Bear 10 months ago
Bring them back!!! Love Love!!!
KTfromJersey 10 months ago
are these pieces still available?
Nicole Denny
Nicole Denny 10 months ago
I can't find the Whitney Simmons collection on gym sharks website and I want it aaaallllll!!! So sad. Please have them bring it back Whit and keep it forever!! Cutest gym shark collection to date!!
Lucero Villalpando
Lucero Villalpando 10 months ago
Still depressed I didn’t get to get anything from this collection 😔
Caitlin Stewart
Caitlin Stewart 10 months ago
When will it restock! Need a pair
Jalyn Marie
Jalyn Marie 10 months ago
..I want ALL of these
Abby Walker
Abby Walker 10 months ago
Just seeing this in January 2020 and very sad to not see it on their site :( New subbie
Tryna Schuster
Tryna Schuster 10 months ago
I wished I watched this 3 months ago!! Its a such a beautiful collection. I am so sad I couldn't get my hands on it! So proud you whitney!! I really hope it comes back out again!! 😭😭 literally crying haha
Taylor Shaw
Taylor Shaw 11 months ago
Is there any chance gymshark will restock your collection?!
Sara Wiggins
Sara Wiggins 11 months ago
PLEASE GYMSHARK RESTOCK THESE I want to cry I want them all so badly
Emily McDonald
Emily McDonald 11 months ago
Please tell me this collection is coming back, I wasn’t able to get anything and this collection is just TOO good😍🙏🏼
Eunice Estrada
Eunice Estrada Year ago
Damn limited no bueno they should keep them I swear Uhmn. Petition
Absolutely stunning! The whole range is so beautifully made and so thought through! Really wish they were available in Sweden, do you know if they're coming here at a later point or is the collection only available in the US?
Nina x
Nina x Year ago
That bright pink set is to die for 😲❤️
JoyfulSelah Year ago
😍 I’d love to get my hands on... all of them!
Melissa C.
Melissa C. Year ago
Hey, just noticed those sore spots on your skin and I wanted to ask if this is psoriasis? My boyfriend just got the diagnosis this week and he is literally losing his will to fight. You seem so cheerful and positive, you don't care posting photos in bikinis on Instagram. That's so inspiring; how do you do that?
Makyla CL
Makyla CL Year ago
I am just SO, STINKING, PROUD of you! I've been watching your journey since the beginning, and I'm just blown away. Thank you for being such an inspiration. 💕
Orkide Blossom
Orkide Blossom Year ago
soooo pretty🤩😍 congratz whitney what is da sizes i used to ordered XS, when i can ordered?? I will wash by my hands 😂 it must be small 🤣
Anika Koller
Anika Koller Year ago
I just went to go buy it! I can believe it isn't there!!!! I want it so badly!!!
When they come back if they do, I'm ready to buy them! I have yet to take the plunge and buy some of their products but I would buy yours!!
Ashley McGhee
Ashley McGhee Year ago
Why $70 for a bomber jacket? It’s nice I’m sure but $50-$60 seems more reasonable for something that is for style and gym .
Kristen Pepin
Kristen Pepin Year ago
Good thing I’m just now seeing this 😭
jordan lott
jordan lott Year ago
Girl I want your collection so bad but for some reason cannot find it!!!
Lucy Delossantos
Lucy Delossantos Year ago
Is there any word on a restock? Please update us Whitney
Jill Year ago
I love the way she talks she is so entertaining 😆
Suyash Mohan
Suyash Mohan Year ago
I really love your videos you are very beautiful and lovely voice 🌺🌺🌺🌺😊😊😊😊👍👍👍❤️
Kaytie LaMastus
Kaytie LaMastus Year ago
jess Year ago
that cinammon gum pink is so beautiful
Becca K
Becca K Year ago
Whitney I used to watch you religiously but I stopped for a while, now I’m back baby! And to find this?? Proud of you x
N Stitz
N Stitz Year ago
I'm really sad that I just found you and cant get these 😭
Stephanie Knapp
Stephanie Knapp Year ago
Wait what?! This collection is non existent now for me😭 please bring it back.
G Year ago
Girl I’m watching this a month later and ITS GONE ALREADY Chile I’m tryna get these leggings
iran reyes
iran reyes Year ago
Ahh I’m so sad !! I just started watching your videos two weeks ago when I started my fitness journey and I would’ve loved to buy from your collection 😭
Breeanna Warden
Breeanna Warden Year ago
The Circle Detailing made my skin green and discolored my bra. Just like a cheap ring would on your finger... I loved it until i took it off and saw the green on me and on my bra 🥺
Michelle Moult
Michelle Moult Year ago
Hi Whitney is your gymshark range available in uk? I can’t seem to find stock online Thanks x
Lindsay Drawn
Lindsay Drawn Year ago
You gave so much detail and covered every question I had. This is such a good video and can’t wait to try these on!
Sara K.
Sara K. Year ago
I desperately tried to find your collection until I saw the comments and how fast the collection was sold out :( sadly never have I seen such pretty gym clothes and those perfect leggings Oh pretty pleeeease can this come back for selling your girl needs those 😭
Honey Love Soul
Honey Love Soul Year ago
I absolutely love ALLL OF THISSS! EVERY PIECE!!
when are they going to re-stock ? I need these pleaaasseee!!
Adriee Year ago
Can you make leggings just double layered to begin with like the sports bra ?
Hyeri -ssi
Hyeri -ssi Year ago
make it as a staple collection please???
Olivia Gonzalez
Olivia Gonzalez Year ago
I ordered 5 pairs of the whitney leggings and I have worn 3 pairs so far. 2/3 have the crotch seam unraveling unfortunately after only one wear. I wear a US size 8 so ordered a medium. im just very disappointed because the seam is coming out in the same spot on both. its like the seam wasnt finished correctly. I purchased 11 items from this collection and I hate that I spent so much for the items to fall apart after one wear.
Brittany Courtney
Brittany Courtney Year ago
When does the collection come out
liah xoxo
liah xoxo Year ago
it’s already been launched but everything sold out
Catherine Marie
Catherine Marie Year ago
Gurrrl I loved everything I happened to get for your line. Most of all the joggers. ♡
ArielDang Year ago
Whitney why don’t you just start your own athletic clothing line? Clearly you know what your doing. Make the same items without gymshark so it’s not a monopoly and people have a chance at buying your stuff.
Katherine Brzostek
Katherine Brzostek Year ago
Will there be Whitney gear at the Houston pop up?
Kate H
Kate H Year ago
sad that this was limited edition, you need your own line, the thought you put into this was amazing.
Sophie K.
Sophie K. Year ago
my leggings ripped after wearing them to the gym only twice! I'm so sad because i loved how they fit and look :(
Melinda R
Melinda R Year ago
ugh i want it..cant wait till its back in stock
Aaliyah oconnor
Aaliyah oconnor Year ago
restock !!
Lindsey Welsh
Lindsey Welsh Year ago
So, did this release date get announced?? I have been waiting so patiently :)
Lindsey Welsh
Lindsey Welsh Year ago
@SAB Notes Sad! Well that was short lived. I didn't even see it get announced that it was being launched online, or when. I really wanted some of her pieces. I guess only the people that get free PR boxes matter, and not the actual "normal" person that wants to buy them.
SAB Notes
SAB Notes Year ago
Isn't going to be restock again according with gymshark :(
Alexis Kironde
Alexis Kironde Year ago
I AM NEVER RUDE.- Alexis Kironde
Jessica Safarik
Jessica Safarik Year ago
My beautiful blue leggings are not squat proof at all 💔
Sarah Paquet
Sarah Paquet Year ago
we want a restoooock! :'(
Cinthya J.
Cinthya J. Year ago
I was able to order a cropped hoodie and leggings!!!! The leggings are soooo soft, unfortunately the waist band does not allow them to go up past my thighs.... this will motivate me to start working out again and eat better so I can fit into them cause I’m not giving them back. lol 😂The hoodie is sooo beautiful. Loooove how long the sleeves are and the material ! The color is as beautiful in person as it was in pictures!!!! Design EVERY single GYMSHARK piece or come out with your own brand . You’d do amazing.
Alinka Alicja
Alinka Alicja Year ago
I am watching because can't buy in the UK *cries*
Morgan caldwell
Morgan caldwell Year ago
Everything is sold out in my sizes :(
Jessica Esparza
Jessica Esparza Year ago
Video idea!!! I’d LOVE to know apps you use on your phone to edit your photos on insta!!! 💕💕
Abby Ditto
Abby Ditto Year ago
Please restock on your normal merch soon! I’ve been checking for weeks and they are always out of stock :( I love supporting my favorite you tubers by buying their personal merch instead of partnership stuff that they only get a portion of
Djokica Djokic
Djokica Djokic Year ago
Fatima Fisher
Fatima Fisher Year ago
Whitney girl I am so so proud of you!! You've come so far and are still so humble and just a beautiful soul. I can't wait until things are better for me and your line restocks, I'm buying not only bc the pieces look amazing but bc I love you!! Keep on grinding girl, you're amazing!! Xo
Laura K
Laura K Year ago
Sounds fabulous! Thank you for the 7/8 leggings!!!
Merlyn Mathew
Merlyn Mathew Year ago
I thought I was the only one who didn't get my hands on the merch but looking at the comments....please let us know if GS restocks your collection! I have been looking forward to wearing these and working out at the gym since you posted this video!! Hoping I along with others will get to buy some pieces and continue to support you!! Let us know please!! xoxo
Ashley nic
Ashley nic Year ago
SkinnyKICK Lemon Cayenne Water Drink Mix
SkinnyKICK Lemon Cayenne Water Drink Mix Year ago
CONGRATS ON YOUR COLLAB! What's your favorite color out of them all????
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