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Whitney Simmons

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My updated fitness workout schedule, routine and split!
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Mariana Williams
Mariana Williams 3 days ago
how do you keep your stomach snatched?
Anwarul Huq Shuvo
Anwarul Huq Shuvo Month ago
I love you Whitney
silver_04 2 months ago
Can someone help me understand this pls. They say you can’t spot reduce a specific body part you want to lose weight from.. So what about when you’re lifting weights on arm day, isn’t that toning up just your arms or will that spot reduce fat from all over the body like your belly fat too??
Kennedy Bright
Kennedy Bright 3 months ago
How many weeks do you do the same exercises before you switch to new ones?
Julia Twamley
Julia Twamley 4 months ago
Does she say anywhere how long her individual gym sessions are? Like an hour or half hour?
Anna Miller
Anna Miller 4 months ago
where did you get your leggings?
silver_04 5 months ago
Hey whit, How long are your workouts each day? I’m learning so much from you 😘
Josie Hood
Josie Hood 5 months ago
Girl I know that “break” where you see each other once a week...twice or thrice 😬😂 love you videos! Keep up the great work!! ♥️😍
Mariah Santana
Mariah Santana 6 months ago
Hi! Curious to know what your current workout routine is now being at home. This is something I would love to see from you :)
jessica miller
jessica miller 6 months ago
8:16 anyone know where this bra is from
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh 6 months ago
So beautiful 😍
Vely Blue
Vely Blue 7 months ago
watching 2020 Lockdown to try work out a work out plan
meli idk
meli idk 7 months ago
Im so hyped to go to the gym now!!!!
Ariel Rose Marie
Ariel Rose Marie 8 months ago
OOOOOOOOO Whit...Them leggings thooooo!
meli idk
meli idk 8 months ago
must be even better to work out at big american gyms damn
Negar Nekooei
Negar Nekooei 8 months ago
You’re so beautiful and energetic 😍
DIY Maker
DIY Maker 9 months ago
How long do u workout for?
Apolonia Lepe
Apolonia Lepe 9 months ago
Yasss I was feeling this way recently realizing I was probably over taxing my nervous system/overtraining. I've been trying to be cool with those active rest days/rest days. Yoga seems to be a really dope option
علاوي الكنك
علاوي الكنك 9 months ago
كلها اجنبي
Dorri Huffman
Dorri Huffman 9 months ago
I’ve adopted push pull legs (we’re the opposite lol) and it’s so helpful to have your videos for suggestions when i’m figuring out exercises that work for me! It’s especially helpful to have a woman’s input! ❤️
ethereal intoxicated canary
ethereal intoxicated canary 9 months ago
do you wash your hair every day since you workout every day?
Asha Sivapalan
Asha Sivapalan 10 months ago
Love your content. More real and helpful. So sincere. Keep helping people. 💖💖💖
Stephanie Walp
Stephanie Walp 10 months ago
I’m a pull junkie! Do you also do cardio?
Brooke Danae
Brooke Danae 10 months ago
Girllll where'd you get those leopard leggings!
Haley Allure
Haley Allure 10 months ago
Whereeee are the leopard leggings??
Cassandra Maile
Cassandra Maile Year ago
Is there hair tutorial on how Whit gets her hair so voluminous!?
Lulinka Strubbel
Lulinka Strubbel Year ago
Push/pull is awesome! Im doing it forever (3 Times a week) and i have super results over the Time
Ora Andrews
Ora Andrews Year ago
How long do you stay in the gym training one area say shoulders n triceps do u train for an hour
Trinity Pellegrin
Trinity Pellegrin Year ago
Ummmmm....where to get those leggings?!
DearDiary Confessions
DearDiary Confessions Year ago
That’s kinda what I do to when it comes to reps. I don’t do a certain set of reps. For each workout I go until one full song and I take like a 7 second break when needed. But if I can push through it I push with no mercy. Sorry for the long paragraph. 😂😂 (In behalf of a growing USpostsr)
Julia Mazara
Julia Mazara Year ago
I just started my fitness journey and have been watching all your videos.. out of all the content I have come across yours has been the most helpful, entertaining and detailed. Thank you for breaking things down in simple terms...
Richard M
Richard M Year ago
Im a guy love ur video girl!
Emelie Laura
Emelie Laura Year ago
How long are your gym sessions? With warming up and that stuff
Cynthia M
Cynthia M Year ago
Has she said where those leopard leggings are from??
goodlife gooddays
goodlife gooddays Year ago
Hey😋 Thank you for your Information💕 Do you change up your exercises every week? How do you change it? Lots of love
Selcen Alb
Selcen Alb Year ago
Monday pull day Tuesday leg day Wednesday yoga/push day Thursday 2nd leg day Friday yoga/push day Saturday all upper body/extras
April Sweet
April Sweet 9 months ago
Thank you
The Gardner The Gardner’s
The Gardner The Gardner’s 11 months ago
Selcen White thankkk uuuu
Claire Nicholls
Claire Nicholls Year ago
Selcen White thanks!!
Amelia Dunkley
Amelia Dunkley Year ago
Thankkkkk youuuuuu
Rose G
Rose G Year ago
You are so funny 😂
Sonnie b
Sonnie b Year ago
Catching up on your videos because I freaking love them! But your eyebrows!! They are giving me liiife!!!!
Britta Rasmussen
Britta Rasmussen Year ago
Giiiiiiiiiirl, where'd you get them leopard print leggings?!
T Jolley
T Jolley Year ago
Britta Rasmussen Balance Athletica! Great brand but they were hot so they are totally gone now 😢
Nicole Beauty & Guts Gurru
Nicole Beauty & Guts Gurru Year ago
I LOVE leg days but Loathe the upper body lol but I gets down still😩👀
Abigail Lanctot
Abigail Lanctot Year ago
GIRL! What breed are your puparoos!?
Annie Bedwell
Annie Bedwell Year ago
Do you write out your work out schedules? or you just do what you feel like that day? love all your videos and your inspiring!
Lisa on the Fly
Lisa on the Fly Year ago
I watched this three times and I kept missing Friday! What is Friday??
Brielle Boyd
Brielle Boyd Year ago
Whit.... what yoga stuff (mat and towels) do you use? I’ve been searching everywhere 😩
Alannah S
Alannah S Year ago
Love you Whitney!!! Does anyone know what bra she wears with these thin spaghetti strap tops❤️❤️❤️❤️
Julz Garcia
Julz Garcia Year ago
Did u do anything to ur face?
Erricka Smith
Erricka Smith Year ago
Just started following her and love her. She is so real and I don’t feel like she is like the other fitness girls who are fake or make you feel like you need to buy things.
Ersy Prizio
Ersy Prizio Year ago
I love your workouts and am thrilled that you switched to a push/pull routine. I also switched to push/pull and am looking forward to some new routines from you :) Great video as always!
I am LIVING for her top. Anyone have any idea where it’s from/what brand it is? Help a sister out!
Ana Rosario
Ana Rosario Year ago
Whitt I love all ur videos 🥰😘
Jessica Rae
Jessica Rae Year ago
Love this!! I do push/pull days and I feel like not too many people talk about doing those so this makes me feel validated as heck 🙌🏼💞🥰
Madison Silvernail
Madison Silvernail Year ago
Hey whitt can you make a video talking about different ways you can split your workout routine? I’ve never heard of this push/pull split before and I’m curious to learn more about others!! Love you!!!
Connie Suther
Connie Suther Year ago
Omg were are those pants from 🙀 ?
RanndyRodriguez Year ago
Wasss just watching your video you put out 9 months ago and was hoping you made an updated one 🙏🏽 I need to turn on those notifications
Katy van Hem
Katy van Hem Year ago
Super interesting to hear how you train. Love following you Whit xxx
s o p h i e
s o p h i e Year ago
I would punch all the people that disliked this ,literally
Abby Trout
Abby Trout Year ago
Your motivation and excitement to workout is absolutely contagious! You're adorable and wonderful! You're transforming my mindset on working out! The work and passion you put into this does not go unnoticed! I love love love you.
Sophia winchell
Sophia winchell Year ago
Whit you are so beautiful 😭😍
Veronika Gehse
Veronika Gehse Year ago
Umm, OK, this makes me so sore Ohh my! 😍
Victoria Nicole
Victoria Nicole Year ago
Any suggestions for glut activations without a band? I’m just staring/working out at home
Yamile Torres
Yamile Torres Year ago
💘♥️♥️♥️😍 Loved your tips girl
Mahfooz fitness
Mahfooz fitness Year ago
I love you mam
Melissa Caron
Melissa Caron Year ago
Do you write all your workouts down Whitney?! How do you remember what to do?
Health tips 101
Health tips 101 Year ago
If my girl whitney wears highlighter to the gym i am gonna wear highlighter to the gym too cz it looks FAB.
Caylie Brown
Caylie Brown Year ago
Chest is the only muscle group consistently sore too!
Kiwi Chic
Kiwi Chic Year ago
Loooved this video thank you! Always love getting fit with Whit 💖💖💖
Cici Year ago
I bought skinny resistance bands. WHY
Jay Ali
Jay Ali Year ago
Thank you so much for the video! You're motivating me to get back in the gym. Question: What days do you incorporate your 15 mins of HIIT? On upper body days? Thanks for all the tips :)
Veronica King
Veronica King Year ago
Your editing is rocking girl!
Hailey Waybright
Hailey Waybright Year ago
Where did you get your yoga mat and strap? My strap keeps slipping off my mat and it’s so annoying! Also, love that your strap has an eyelet for you bag.
Tionie Norris
Tionie Norris Year ago
Can you upload a video each day of the week, with your workout you did for the day?!? Like a week full of workouts 😍😍
Mindy Joy
Mindy Joy Year ago
I LOOOOVE hot yoga! I’ve had to take a bit of a break from lifting for health reasons, and I started doing hot yoga. I’m obsessed!
Aaron Baity
Aaron Baity Year ago
Can we get into the leopard leggings 🥰
Maria Pena
Maria Pena Year ago
Whit can you do a beginners week with any or all muscle groups
Rachael Hunter
Rachael Hunter Year ago
Where can I get a Rachael necklace? I didn't see the link in the description
Summer Goldman
Summer Goldman Year ago
Rime or Reason was actually the correct terminology 😂😂
Tori Ching
Tori Ching Year ago
I felt you when you said you feel "up tight" because I've been feeling a little high strung, and have been thinking about yoga too! Glad you've been enjoying it!
Tiffstylexoxo Year ago
How often does she do cardio/hiit/low obesity stead treadmill?
Marie Lynch
Marie Lynch Year ago
I’m going to give your split a try as well with some of my things added to it! So excited
Lindsay Leathers
Lindsay Leathers Year ago
What booty bands do you use?
Sarah Becker
Sarah Becker Year ago
Y’all. Where is the netted skirt from that she’s wearing in the thumbnail? I need.
Simply Rad Mom
Simply Rad Mom Year ago
Rachel E
Rachel E Year ago
This is basically the same split I’ve been doing for the last few months and I am loving it!
Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti Year ago
What would you considered a beginner friendly workout?
Leslie Mendoza
Leslie Mendoza Year ago
Hi whitney💗 can you give use a glimpse of what your push and pull workouts look like?
Siyi Lian
Siyi Lian Year ago
honestly your videos always motivate me to get back into the gym when i fall out from my routine, thank u whit. you're a gem
Natalie Miranda
Natalie Miranda Year ago
Can we talk about that thumbnail picture?? Girl do you get laser hair removal in the private area?!!??? Give us your secrets!!!!!
Molly Roach
Molly Roach Year ago
i love hot yogA!!!!!! its the shit
Medalaine Chu
Medalaine Chu Year ago
do you wash your hair everyday? how do you handle your sweaty hair everyday?
Larissa Lenton
Larissa Lenton Year ago
whitney is flexing on all of us with her airpods hahaha
Jordyn Rudd
Jordyn Rudd Year ago
Where is your Whitney necklace from?!
Jorie Nichol
Jorie Nichol Year ago
Absolutely loved this video! And girl I feel ya with leg day recently
Camila Parada
Camila Parada Year ago
I think ypu have the healthiest good looking body ever! I mean you are fit but definately dont look like you starve ypur self! You have muscle and you look lean without seeming to be nourish. Love your tips and your channel!
Still GlamorUs
Still GlamorUs Year ago
taking all the notes
CallMeJurnee Year ago
We need pull/push day routines!!!
Moni Royal
Moni Royal Year ago
I found you a month ago.... and you are my favourite fitness instructor ...yes, you explain so well every part, every movement... Thank you Whitney....Regards from me Simona
Health, Fitness and Skincare
Health, Fitness and Skincare Year ago
Saranda Oestreicher
Saranda Oestreicher Year ago
Ok but where is that tank top from?!
Angelee Mercado
Angelee Mercado Year ago
Whit you completely change my life with this LISS cardio. I was a 5 days a week HIIT cardio girl with no results. I changed my workout to incline speed-walk warm up...weightlifting and at the end this God send LISS. I started seen the pounds drop. Every time I would fit better in my jeans I would thank you 🤣 to the point that people would ask me who is this Whit? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Before I felt the gym was my punishment, now is my Zen place, I enjoy it everyday a little bit more. You are pretty much my trainer, I go to your insta pick a workout and perform as good as I can. Seeing myself getting stronger, slimmer and more gym focused makes me so happy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping and teaching me. ♥️
Marcella Meta
Marcella Meta Year ago
Leopard leggings from?
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