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Whitney Simmons

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JUICY Q&A WITH STEVE COOK! Talking fitness, marriage and more.
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Yzzy Reyes
Yzzy Reyes 4 months ago
Rewatched this and cackled so much
Cassandra Vaden
Cassandra Vaden 7 months ago
This is funny to watch now since he is currently dating an Aussie 🤣
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R 7 months ago
Wow two pops and a Rick Flare 😂
ultimatecouponlady 7 months ago
He's wearing wedding rings? 🤷‍♀️
Kiprianna Lutu
Kiprianna Lutu 10 months ago
Goin through a stinkin heartbreak & you’re liftin me up lady😔🙏🏼 love ya
Terese Woltz
Terese Woltz 10 months ago
Steve looks more like her dad
EMERSON ANDINO 11 months ago
He’s 9 years older then Whitney
Chelsea Teoni
Chelsea Teoni 11 months ago
Someone tell me where I can get her YSL tee???
Sannie Wistoft
Sannie Wistoft 11 months ago
I'LL HAVE YOUR KIDS STEVE!!! Serioiusly, omg, what a snack! You guys are absolutely so funny and so cute. Love your videos Whit. They have helped me a lot with finding new motivation to do fitness again, going after the body I want, and taking good care of my mental health. Lots of love from Denmark.
Courtney Schott
Courtney Schott Year ago
love this video! love the part about looking and enjoying the little things. are there any good books that you read that inspire you?
Maria Millan Freyre
Maria Millan Freyre Year ago
He’s dating another gymshark athlete can you name her ? 👇🏻
Roderick Sanchez
Roderick Sanchez Year ago
Great Q&A....you two need to do more of these. 🙌
Gabrielle Manier
Gabrielle Manier Year ago
Hahaha the dentist story funny
antoniaylw Year ago
I thought he was dating Morgan lol
Ashley Shautice
Ashley Shautice Year ago
I've been bingeing your videos like cray. Plz come to NY and be my friend... pretty sure you'd love me as much as I love you lol
Free Spirited Free Spirited
Free Spirited Free Spirited Year ago
Awee Morgan is so great for you! I am so excited to see the future
Mycah Equette
Mycah Equette Year ago
Steve: love you so much Whit: Sorry it's my channel. I literally died lmaooo
Becca Skinner
Becca Skinner Year ago
I really do feel happy and welcomed to your page! I always come to you when I need to brighten my day and get a lil pep to my step
D. H.
D. H. Year ago
Is he German?
DayDay Year ago
I think she likes him. The way she talks (even changing the voice), the way she plays with the hair, the jewellery, the constant movements on the chair demonstrate she is at least, attracted to him.
AlberteTDK 11 months ago
Who wouldn’t be
Kelz Yeah
Kelz Yeah Year ago
HELLO STEVE!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
Odett G
Odett G Year ago
Whitney:" I dont have shoulders " Me: U dont have shoulders😱😨...u have arms so you have shoulders 😂😂
maya klassen
maya klassen Year ago
Never seen you so nervous :)
Keri Flick
Keri Flick Year ago
Loved the video! ❤️
Nikki Beth
Nikki Beth Year ago
I just found his USposts. Not sure if I like his insta better or Hobbs
Kerrie Anne
Kerrie Anne Year ago
Yoh I’ve been waiting for them to be a couple since the workout vid they did together lol. No disrespect to the partners
Nicho Salucci
Nicho Salucci Year ago
We need that vid where Whit goes through your DMs, that would be comedy.
CumorahTa'asi Gasu
CumorahTa'asi Gasu Year ago
Honestly, I am in love with Witt's sarcasm!!!! This is like a whole other side to her! Love yaa GIRL!!!
Miss Storme
Miss Storme Year ago
Oh Whitney 💖 My little brother (11 years) and I love to watch your video so much. I do the workouts ofcourse but he just loves to watch you and he does the thumbs up and the lip pop as well. AND HE LOVES YOUR DOGS. Thats one of his main attractions to your videos ❤❤❤❤
Michele Sanchez
Michele Sanchez Year ago
I loved this video!!!!🥰😘
Marrsai Aleese
Marrsai Aleese Year ago
Honestly just wish Whitney was a friend of mine this video really made me laugh and smile the whole time !! Their trying to spread positivity and this def brought positive vibes !
socaligirl Year ago
❤️ this
Torie DiMaggio
Torie DiMaggio Year ago
i adore you, you're awesome Whit !!!
Carole_kj Year ago
OMG! I love you too. Your videos make my day
colleen johnson
colleen johnson Year ago
Lets date Steve Im ready for marriage and kiddos I also love to travel.. would love to go hiking with my babies and you !!!!!!1
Ashli Morgan
Ashli Morgan Year ago
So honest Whitney. I do feel welcome and positive when I watch your videos.
jrios662 Year ago
You know I follow Steve Cook and I think he has one of the best physiques in the world. This girl I don't know who this girl is but to be honest if I was the guy that was dating this girl and I seen this video I will call her up before this video ends and break up with her. Because all they're doing in this video was flirting and you could tell that she definitely has the hots for Steve. And then she's in his life telling him who he should date come on. Using fooling nobody I'm pretty sure that her boyfriend were the watch this video he'll tell her to take a hike. Which is not a bad thing cuz I feel if they need want to be together they should be together but yeah you guys ain't fooling nobody
Kaylyn Dudich
Kaylyn Dudich Year ago
So I know in theory your boyfriend is awesome and does not care that you spent a whole afternoon with this other man under the safety umbrella of work, but like, it has to bother him. And like, you better APPRECIATE HIM BITING HIS TONGUE
Kaylyn Dudich
Kaylyn Dudich Year ago
This is adorable and I love you 😘
Zac L
Zac L Year ago
These two secretly hate each other...
Rockstar Glads
Rockstar Glads Year ago
Loving this guy! 💋can’t believe you too never hooked up !
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz Year ago
A meathead and an airhead 😅😅
Jazmyn Dest
Jazmyn Dest Year ago
oh my lord I went to college in St. George for years and I just moved away and if you do a meet and greet there as soon as I leave I will actually shed tears!!!
Melissa Faucheux
Melissa Faucheux Year ago
Ugh I just want to say "could y'all just date already". ....but it's such a great friendship....don't mess it up.
cherry cola
cherry cola Year ago
New to this channel and I'm loving it👌 Her personality is fire and so is her content. Not exactly a fitness sort of person but I'm motivated to revamp my lifestyle after watching a couple of her videos. She just has so much spirit and life in what she does, a genuine passion that cant be faked. Watching her older vids, it's super sweet to learn it was her dad that kickstarted everything.....just like my sis who got into running thanks to dad❤ Her background story just adds depth to everything because it's pretty much a labour of love ,like her effort and struggle is what binds her to herself and family. I can get really low at times and watching her vids has given me some motivation to really pursue an interest that enlivens. I've realized that the occasional depression I experience is existential loneliness.The kind of loneliness that hits u in the middle of a class , in the middle of the night or even out wif frens. Its been a struggle but I've realized that the only way to live is to love one another .Because that'what we're all called to do. Doing small things with great love like she does is the only way we're gonna make it thru this desert of a life. Tillw e each our last destination .Paradise.
MeesterJ Year ago
I dont know this girl, but she has really long fingers
127EZ Year ago
Need part 2 of this.
Tamara Meyer
Tamara Meyer Year ago
Been loving all your videos -I definitely inspire to put youtube videos like you! Please check out my USposts and any feedback you have.
Amanda Rafayelyan
Amanda Rafayelyan Year ago
I was having such an annoying day at work and at my lunch break i knew I would feel better and ready to finish the day if i watch a few minutes of "fit tips with Whit" and it totally worked. Your videos make me so happy!!! Thank You for turning my day around!
Tahla Ntshakaza
Tahla Ntshakaza Year ago
Her hands are all over the place. But Im not complaining
Ilia Felicie
Ilia Felicie Year ago
😂 Whitney & Steve you two are hilarious! You should do more videos together. 💙😊
Katelynn M
Katelynn M Year ago
Cracked up with the ended. I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much.
B M Year ago
too painful had to skip this
ATS Year ago
I will be honest here. Steves Ex was SOOO much sexier than this new Whitney girl. Mmmm yup she was so fine.
bananaxo Year ago
Kids in the next 2 years? Do you know how long they take to bake????? That means like just over 1 year!!!!!!
Jaylynne Borgstrom
Jaylynne Borgstrom Year ago
you guys are hilarious together!
Mario loves Magic mushrooms
Mario loves Magic mushrooms Year ago
Isn't Steve cook gay I always thought he was gay
first Year ago
Pep rally Steve!!!!! Don’t suppress pep rally Steve bruh
cintya bocangel
cintya bocangel Year ago
Steve laugh is so genuine ^^.
Highland Whisky
Highland Whisky Year ago
that clap genuinly scared the living shit out of me
champcity chea
champcity chea Year ago
Bostrovas Year ago
Steve lowkey in the closet
perdm91 Year ago
Your channel gave me a lot of motivation. Especially the one where you told the story about how you started
Robyn 94Lonewolf_
Robyn 94Lonewolf_ Year ago
You two belong together. Argh this chemistry 😥🙃😣 But I fully respect your relationship Whit 💜❤💜❤
xDiveerse Year ago
She clearly loves steve
James17 Year ago
She’s still crazy over Steve 😂
Monsi Time
Monsi Time Year ago
Best video ever 😍 his right tho! It's time for you to go over his house lol
just saw the name steve cook and done i liked the video and yes couldn't agree more he is the biggest fitness youtuber i believe hes the biggest in the world!!! this is not a dude at all this is a man!! what a man. no homo
Cussy Richards
Cussy Richards Year ago
Lol, Steve Cook WISHES he was with Whitney; she's way out of his league and it isn't even close
berlin1040armenta Year ago
This was awesome!!!!😂
AestheticsisLife Year ago
Give us another one with Steve
Living Aloha with Cait & Jon
Living Aloha with Cait & Jon Year ago
I feel like you are getting more and more confident in videos and it’s so amazing to watch your growth. You are such a joy to watch. Thank you for sharing your light with us. ❤️
kristina z
kristina z Year ago
You’re so inspiring 💕 I love coming to your page and being filled with happiness and positivity. You’re a motivation and inspiration in the gym but also every day. Because of you I’ve noticed when I need a break from the gym when it’s becoming overwhelming mentally and physically and not guilt trip myself. Thank you 😊
kimberlymitchell_ Year ago
This friendship is everything
Fit with Nic
Fit with Nic Year ago
Mom an dad
DYLUV1 Year ago
You guys are hilarious
Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca Year ago
Elite of fitness USposts.
Khairy Nasir
Khairy Nasir Year ago
About the "how to stay positive" answer,i agree with you 100%. Been through a lot and being grateful with everything.
hawk1589 Year ago
Man he’s gotta be gay
Sushant Mall
Sushant Mall Year ago
Steve is such an ALPHA
Camille Duyap
Camille Duyap Year ago
I'm drooling. His so hot.
Seth Davis
Seth Davis Year ago
Feel like there’s some weird, awkward, somewhat cute tension/attraction here. Could be wrong.
kimberly m
kimberly m 11 months ago
honestly when I was in a relationship, I had awkward tensions with my male friends but that doesn't mean I like them like that, most of the time it was bc they're my type in looks and we had a great friendship
DarylChris Fitness
DarylChris Fitness Year ago
couldn't agree with you more lol.
Erick Torres
Erick Torres Year ago
S t e v e .. smh. MARRY THAT GIRL RN. Or else I’ll be guy that gets tagged in her photos and it’s game over from there 🤷🏻‍♂️
Artliker1234 Year ago
Erick Torres she has a man though
Beddweller Year ago
you just get sucked in to the mouth click and pops to subscribe to fit tips with whit
Rob Lee
Rob Lee Year ago
Damn steves type
butterNpants Year ago
I think a lot of guys would also disagree about Steve’s assessment of his chest 🤣🤣🤣
Karissa Jones
Karissa Jones Year ago
Shoulders are my fav too! I am ALWAYS pointing girls out to my hubby like omg look at those lady shoulders *drools* he doesnt share my affinity but he humors me lol
Nadiya Karalash
Nadiya Karalash Year ago
Whitney whenever I watch your videos it always lifts my mood ❤️ your lifestyle and how you practice self care is super inspiring. Thanks for all you do!! 💕
Jethro Jacinto
Jethro Jacinto Year ago
Steve man you missed a very golden opportunity here!!!
Linda Nguyen
Linda Nguyen Year ago
Wow, they would make some cute babies
Sean Winterton
Sean Winterton Year ago
I’m thinking they would have lasted like a year... Steve would have wanted kids A$AP, but Whitney wouldn’t want kids for a while. And Whitney would want to do some handshakes through a veil in the temple with Steve, but Steve would be like, “Nah✌🏼🚶🏻‍♂️”
Ruerue Q
Ruerue Q Year ago
The two of you are hilarious. Enjoyed the video. 👍🏽 The comradery shows through, very genuine!!
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Year ago
Wanted this video for so long and it suddenly popped up in my recommended 🔥
Pale Pants
Pale Pants Year ago
Hardest part about relationships: recognizing when the people involved are in it because they want a relationship, not because they actually think the world of each other. One needs to end while the other will thrive.
Carrie Cairns
Carrie Cairns Year ago
Can you two please make babies?
Joseph Gerichs
Joseph Gerichs Year ago
Omg this was so fun to watch!! Positive vibes only!! You two would be good together if Whitney was single.
Sanju Pun
Sanju Pun Year ago
U too looking so great
Charlie H
Charlie H Year ago
Poor chest.. Steve you gotta be joking. I've heard you say that before.. Your chest is like the top 1% of male chests..
Corey Year ago
Chad Wolter
Chad Wolter Year ago
I have never seen you before. You two are hilarious. Thank you Steve for this introduction.
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