WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Quick Healthy Meals

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Whitney Simmons

2 years ago

DAY 9 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! A complete and full day of eating. My go to healthy meals and snacks that are quick and simple.

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Julie Joseph
Julie Joseph Month ago
Medical Medium’s celery juice claims no eggs, no meat, no sugar, no processed foods, low fat even avocado and nuts. But good job❤️
Robin Smith
Robin Smith 2 months ago
Isn’t gym shark really expen$ive?
💕Lady L💄ps💕
💕Lady L💄ps💕 2 months ago
It’s 2020 and still no organic celery girl! People must be really benefiting from it♥️
Ally Larson
Ally Larson 4 months ago
What juicer is that??
Lauren :)
Lauren :) 4 months ago
USposts is telling me to not eat Canes rn, huhv
Claudia MP
Claudia MP 5 months ago
Favorite gift has been a framed painting I did for my mom 💕 IG @claudiamparra
Andrew Tait
Andrew Tait 6 months ago
Where do you get the miny packets of popped chips
L. M. Silveira
L. M. Silveira 6 months ago
Whitney, venho assistindo a alguns vídeos seus nestes atuais dias. Estou obtendo ânimo com suas exposições, tenho aprendido muitas coisas. Gratidão. Felicidades!
Lata Anand
Lata Anand 7 months ago
I like ur teeth n face cut
snake 9 months ago
I can't stand protein powder in my oats either :D I don't know if they have similar cottage cheese in USA but in my home country the cottage cheese is very lean and kinda rich in protein so I usually add that to my oats. Ofc if you want to eat completely plant-based, this tip doesn't work :D
Veronica Narbeshuber
Veronica Narbeshuber 10 months ago
What could I substitute for the Brussel Sprouts?
April Brown
April Brown 11 months ago
I love that you eat a little dinner before dinner. Makes me feel better about how ravenous I always am after work
Jorgi Peterson
Jorgi Peterson Year ago
I tried that stir fry recipe and it is BOMB ♥️♥️
D. Year ago
I loooove you, you're so relatable with the lid haha and you're overall just really humorous! :) Makes my day
D. Year ago
My preworkout is just coffee and sugar haha. Pumps me up like crazy lol.
Blair Waldorf-Bass
Blair Waldorf-Bass Year ago
Watching you sip that celery juice like a fine wine was making me gag 🤢 i have to chug it like I’m shotgunning a beer and get it over with lmao 😂
Adriana Tomic
Adriana Tomic Year ago
Try oats (cooked with water, cinnamon, ginger and flax seeds), and for toppings: Pomegranate and apple same cut almonds (3-5)....or apple, some berries(blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) and banana(half of it, if you like sweet, more) . I love those combinations. Healthy and tasty..XD . Usally sour - sweet combo works great with oats.
Kaleigh Graham
Kaleigh Graham Year ago
Could you swap out Brussels sprouts for zucchini or broccoli? Bc I can’t do them! I tried baking them and 🤮🤮 so sad. Bc I wanted to love them lol
Angela Yee
Angela Yee Year ago
Love your eyebrows
Maria Burns
Maria Burns Year ago
What camera do you use !
Maralyse Kaitlin
Maralyse Kaitlin Year ago
Favorite gift I have ever given was I organized a surprise birthday party for my dad and the theme was the green lantern because it’s my dads favorite superhero movie because he loves that he wasn’t born with powers but can have them wearing the ring. So my sisters and I bought him a ring and wrote him this heart felt card that explained to him he is our superhero just the way he is and told him how much we loved him and he cried. I will never forget that!! Ig: maralyseraedel
Priyan Mehra
Priyan Mehra Year ago
Still I didn’t get what u do in a day too much of bullshit in the video I liked ur video. Because of ur hard work u have put into ur body otherwise this video didn’t help me
Daliangeli Padilla
Daliangeli Padilla Year ago
Seasoned salt I can NEVER get used to on my food because it tastes like ramen. I enjoy that flavor but only on ramen lmao
B cano
B cano Year ago
Brussels are life!!!!
Daneng Dab
Daneng Dab Year ago
You are chunky
Rosey Year ago
I find Brussel sprouts smell like farts... and I feel like the taste of them are what a fart would taste like 😂😂😂😂
Courtney J
Courtney J Year ago
I tried peanut butter also and the flavor was a no!
Layal al-mohassen
Layal al-mohassen Year ago
Is it weird that I like oatmeal with salt and not sugar ? 😂
Char Donnay
Char Donnay Year ago
I got my boyfriend a Fitbit for Christmas last year and he absolutely loves it!🙌🏼
Gabby Loch
Gabby Loch Year ago
Where is your silverware from? lmfao odd question obviously!
Rachel Conti Rafael
Rachel Conti Rafael Year ago
Hi! I know you've mentioned that your nails are "nail dips" - can you share what color and cut/shape they are? Is it rounded square? Thanks Whit!
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell Year ago
Are you vegan?
churchsnake Year ago
brassicas (brussels, broccoli, etc.) are my favourite too. people say they are flavourless but when they are cooked they almost taste buttery to me.
Marianne Year ago
Great video! My only question though. Eat stir fry? With a SPOON? 😂😂
Reem Year ago
AW Year ago
I love your videos but you always sound like you have a cold and need to blow your nose!
Brianna M
Brianna M Year ago
Update on the celery juice ? I keep seeing it everywhere and it’s intriguing. Do you have any thoughts on it or anyone you trust that has good to say about it? Was it an expensive thing to do? 💗
Daliangeli Padilla
Daliangeli Padilla Year ago
So much white, I'd be OCD with cleaning lmao
Karsen Neal
Karsen Neal Year ago
When I saw her juice that celery I knew this wasn’t for me. Cannot relate
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
😂😂😂 don’t worry it didn’t work for me lmao
1019jen Year ago
Are you vegan?
jo_jo1983 Year ago
The lid 🤣
Julie Joseph
Julie Joseph Year ago
Loving your plant based meals❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍇🍇🍇🥦🥦🥑🥑🥑🥑
Kat Rojas
Kat Rojas Year ago
Love your choice of music!
Kyla Satermo
Kyla Satermo Year ago
Just wanted to let you know that you are Wonderful! Thankyou for being real, inspiring and funny💗💗💗💗
loveCGFG Year ago
you should try shredding your Brussels sprouts next time you make a stir fry!
Savannah Lawrence
Savannah Lawrence Year ago
Your eyelashes were sooo pretty in this!
Natalie Murphy
Natalie Murphy Year ago
Trader Joe’s should sponsor you lol
Ginny F
Ginny F Year ago
Favorite gift I ever gave someone... Was me 😏😏😎 lol kidding
Sara’s Paradise
Sara’s Paradise Year ago
How do you eat and drink before your workouts?!! I always feel nauseous when I do that!
Private User
Private User Year ago
this honestly seems like such a reasonable full day of eating, I know shes trying to get my calories in and you can swap out some of the heavy carbs but it really seems super doable
Buhle Mbambo
Buhle Mbambo Year ago
Just found your channel and you have such a happy spirit! New subbie! 😊❤️
BlueBrain Bethany
BlueBrain Bethany Year ago
Buhle Mbambo look up Meggan Grubb as well! Meggan and Whitt are my favorite humans :)
sunnyalbino9 Year ago
If you broil your brussels in a Coconut Aminos/Blue agave glaze it's HEAVENLY.
omgitskylee_ Year ago
do u selftan ??
sweetheart5703 Year ago
Medical medium made celery juice a thing. It’s all he totes in his books.
Samantha M
Samantha M Year ago
I’m watching this while eating Taco Bell...I hate myself 😂
heidi jenkins
heidi jenkins Year ago
Love the ideas! So glad I found you!!!
Kaley Conner
Kaley Conner Year ago
Bahaha dying about no celery at Sprouts. I used to shop there every week and I had to stop because the SAME thing would happen to me there with various types of produce. The last straw was when they told me they didn’t have a single banana in the store. I losttttt it. It has to be something with their distribution chain. SO annoying
Rebecca Propin
Rebecca Propin Year ago
Hugo Martinez
Hugo Martinez Year ago
Just celery? 😳🤐🤢
Inês Ferreira
Inês Ferreira Year ago
Favourtite presente i have ever given was when i was little and gave a my brother my favourtite toy to play with. It ment so much to him
Tabitha Graham
Tabitha Graham Year ago
Fav gift: DDR Max 2 (age showing)
k cp
k cp Year ago
Im not so sure about drinking this celery juice, maybe another option??? I usually start my day with water sometimes with lemon and of course without sugar
Elizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth Nguyen Year ago
Just came from another full day of eating and I'm so happy that Whitney actually eats real whole foods! Not that processed crap and supplements the other youtuber was peddling. This is why I come here for my fitness/eating advice instead! :)
Gingersnap Vlogs
Gingersnap Vlogs Year ago
I’m so confused should I be juicing things
Gingersnap Vlogs
Gingersnap Vlogs Year ago
Wait why do you have to juice it? Is eating it not the same?
Julie Evans
Julie Evans Year ago
Love your hair!! Thanks for the food ideas. Just started following you.
Herjanti Ma
Herjanti Ma Year ago
Hi Whitney,, Are you always having white rice or sometime??
Kristy Year ago
i really appreciate your consciousness of your plastic consumption. that made me really happy to see ppl making an effort!!!
Ester Perez
Ester Perez Year ago
Thanks for the recipes. I just tried the red lentil pasta and love it too! I love the lunch recipe idea! My daughter saw the recipe and wants that for lunch! Just going to swap out asparagus for the brussel sprouts, she is not into them but they are totally my fav!
Jessica Max
Jessica Max Year ago
I now have a Trader Joe’s in my area!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻I was so upset for the longest I couldn’t try some of your recipes since we didn’t have one. Now I’m rewatching them all so I can now...FINALLY!! 😊
Kimberly Cator
Kimberly Cator Year ago
What kind of juicer do you use for your celery juice ?
Amanda Busch
Amanda Busch Year ago
My favorite gift i ever gave was a spa day for my bf. We went an got massages an facials an then I took him out to red lobster an got him a new pair of shoes an then decorated the whole house for his 21st bday party!
beccaqt97 Year ago
Favorite gift that I’ve ever given someone is my best friends wife and she is OBSESSED with the word “believe” she even has a tattoo of it... anywho.... she also collects knives so I engraved a knife with the word believe on it and it was super gorgeous and I loved it and she loved it and it was great 🥰
beccaqt97 Year ago
Pretty sure I was way too late too enter but I still wanted to share that cuz I got a little too excited lol also I love you girl
tim m
tim m Year ago
Psoriasis flares up when I consume simple sugars, and completely goes when I don't
BankMan Dan
BankMan Dan Year ago
U are so beautiful
Gabrielle L
Gabrielle L Year ago
I imagine that celery juice doesn’t taste all that great 😖
L P Year ago
THANK YOU for talking about reducing single use plastic!!
Andrea Roane
Andrea Roane Year ago
My girl is the pickiest eater, like PICKY! But she absolutely craves Brussel Sprouts. I take advantage of it!
Ella Cain
Ella Cain Year ago
Omg I have that skillet 😆
Tara in Dublin
Tara in Dublin Year ago
Why not maple syrup instead of the sweetener, feel like it’s more natural🤔
Sekhmet's Rag
Sekhmet's Rag Year ago
Sugar is sugar, period. Doesnt make any difference the source.
Jessica Lemaire
Jessica Lemaire Year ago
How long does it take to see the results of healthy eating ? I’m weight lifting 3-4 times a week but I just began eating healthier. Thank you !
Ardelle Aquino
Ardelle Aquino Year ago
Where did you get your skirt in the thumbnail of this video ! 😊
Val Dokic
Val Dokic Year ago
I watch so many fitness vids trying to learn what to eat so I can lose weight & I always think I should eat super small amounts & be very restricted but HERE YOU ARE reminding me that you can have a huge appetite & eat a lot throughout the day and not deprive yourself as long as the food is GOOD FOR YA! in turn giving you a bangin body!!!! 🖤
Velvet Brajkovich
Velvet Brajkovich Year ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE that you're eating more plant based!! YES girl !! 💖
Elle Compas
Elle Compas Year ago
Love this, I would like to see food swaps again too though because for me personally that has helped me the most
Helena joee
Helena joee Year ago
O my god, your dogs are the cutest!
KathyCádiz ProfessionalTranslator
KathyCádiz ProfessionalTranslator Year ago
Fyi: in terms of digestion, cinnamon is the exact opposite of celery.
lj Jada
lj Jada Year ago
Siggis Fat-Free Plain yogurt is must try Whitney.
Christine Bishop
Christine Bishop Year ago
please make more of these kinds of videos!
lj Jada
lj Jada Year ago
love your videos. I gave my mother a pair of gold earrings that she wanted so badly as a surprise.
Kaetlyn Braaten
Kaetlyn Braaten Year ago
What size are you wearing in the gymshark zip up?!
Alyssa Raimondo
Alyssa Raimondo Year ago
Whit you need to make a cook book!
Elizabeth Seiden
Elizabeth Seiden Year ago
My favorite gift I've given was 2 tickets to Las Vegas!😇
Jaspreet Sangha
Jaspreet Sangha Year ago
You are the coolest person ever and I love all of your vids!!
Mar Vice
Mar Vice Year ago
What's the name of the song that plays while you're making the oats??
Lemonpeng Year ago
love it
HeyyItssBearr Year ago
My best friend/roommate and I gave my fiancé, our best friend, and two other friends customized jars full of popsicle sticks that say motivational quotes, funny things that they say, inside jokes, and things we love about them. The jars were painted their favorite colors and so were each of the popsicle sticks. With the jars we made them collages with pictures of our friend group and the canvases they were on were painted to match the jars. They all absolutely loved them and it was a lot of laughter and even some happy tears. There was just so much love💕
Skogsvandrare Year ago
You should try roasting your brussels sprouts. Cut the bases off, cut them in half, toss them in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then cook them at a high temp for a short time. So like 400-425 for like 20-25 mins. They get really caramelized and the bitter taste goes away. They literally melt in your mouth and are soooooo good.
Shihaama Kaja
Shihaama Kaja Year ago
does eating carbs add to muscle
Amanda Zamora
Amanda Zamora Year ago
Whitney you go to trader Joe's only for groceries just there
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