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Whitney Simmons

7 months ago

WORKOUT WITH ME AT HOME! A quick 20 minute FULL BODY workout. DOWNLOAD ALIVE BY WHITNEY for my new at home Alive Inside program! whitneyysimmons.com/
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Madison Merrihew
Madison Merrihew 9 hours ago
Why am I sweating so much 🥵🔥
Brittany R
Brittany R 5 days ago
I love these! I am hoping with the new home gym we get more follow along workouts😍😁
Elaine Suzanne
Elaine Suzanne 7 days ago
Excellent Whitney thank you!
Katie Elizabeth
Katie Elizabeth 8 days ago
I loved everything about this 💖 Thank you for sharing an amazing workout!!!
Hanka Vebrová
Hanka Vebrová 13 days ago
Perfect workout!!!! Thank you!😍😍
Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore 16 days ago
Okay, I go to the gym 3-4 minutes a week and start my workouts with a Whitney HIIT but like a 7 min one, and this totally kicked my booty!!! Anyone else?!?!
Isabella Latini
Isabella Latini 17 days ago
Will this workout help me lose belly fat? and when doing cardio, how can i prevent my arms from getting skinny, bc i want to gain more muscle in my arms
Isobel Heath
Isobel Heath 17 days ago
oh god, the way my knees crackles and popped when doing the crab reaches makes me think I really am an old woman trying to get out of a 20 odd years old's body
Vicky G
Vicky G 18 days ago
Which leggings and sports bra are these?! Trying to find them on the gymshark website! 😅
Alisha D
Alisha D 22 days ago
Still in quarantine, still doing these!
Riina Jäntti
Riina Jäntti 22 days ago
Need more of these!
monserratt garcia
monserratt garcia 25 days ago
I really loved this!! It’s a perfect workout to do before dinner!!
Abbey Higginson
Abbey Higginson 27 days ago
Loved this! Thanks Whit!❤️
Margaret Cummings
Margaret Cummings Month ago
Whew I am sweating!!! Thank you, these follow along workouts are just what I need rn 💖
Jasmine Ouellette
Jasmine Ouellette Month ago
So easy to follow I love these workout videos! I have done this one 3 or 4 times now. Even though I know the moves I like to have someone to follow along with and I like that there's no talking just great music!
Always Energetic
Always Energetic Month ago
Best HIITs ever!!
Shailey D
Shailey D Month ago
Who’s still re-doing these over & over during the pandemic?? Fit with Whit!
Kelsey Sivertson
Kelsey Sivertson Month ago
I had a moment where I felt I really needed a 5 second break. I looked up and you were taking a break at the same time. It made me feel related to and reiterated to me your authenticity. Thank you for the real content!
katrina a
katrina a Month ago
I’ve gotten out of the habit of exercising in the past couple months and this is perfect to get back into it. Not too challenging but hard enough, thanks!
Noc Card
Noc Card Month ago
Love, love, love all your workouts! Thank you so so much! Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good workout log app?
nikole gibson
nikole gibson Month ago
I’m a stay at home mom and go to college it’s hard for me to get to the gym. Please do more of these☺️
Claire Cvengros
Claire Cvengros Month ago
the perfect low impact body weight workout i was looking for. thanks whit!
Cherry Month ago
I highly, HIGHLY underestimated how challenging this one would be. I am DYING but in the best way. Thank you whit
Amy Woolsey
Amy Woolsey Month ago
Thanks for the apartment-friendly workouts!!! I'm actually not in an apartment, but my house was built some time in the 1800's and well jumping on the floor just makes it squeak!
Melissa Cuthbertson
Melissa Cuthbertson Month ago
BOOMM! Got it done. What a fun workout. I really like switching up my workouts with new trainers online and never touch the gym. I also love that I don't have to look up at my computer to see when my time is almost over. Thanks for what you do sista!
Heartlessangel94 2 months ago
Doing this right now making me sweat I love them thank you so much.
85babycakes 2 months ago
I did it all. I think I might die. 😭
Morgan Keil
Morgan Keil 2 months ago
Girl you have encouraged me along my workout journey to be comfortable in my own body and it has led me to starting my own you tube channel. Thank you for your positivity and encouragement to be who you are so we all get encouraged to be who we are. Best booty workouts and workouts in general ever! I am a 30 year old mom of 2 and get inspired by you each time I watch! Thank you
Emanuelle Boyle
Emanuelle Boyle 2 months ago
Girl thank you so much I love your app!!!
Kristin Bailey
Kristin Bailey 2 months ago
@whitney. How much cardio do you recommend in a week to see results? I have been focused on booty and muscle gain but not it’s time to shed the dimples on my thighs! lol. I just don’t know how much to do!
Dania James
Dania James 3 months ago
Thank you for including notifications throughout the workout!
Surabhi Jadon
Surabhi Jadon 3 months ago
U look like Barbie doll.
Catharina Venter
Catharina Venter 3 months ago
lol your fiddle leaf fig is like, stop hitting me already!!!
Ranch Wife Life
Ranch Wife Life 3 months ago
Whew! That was gooood! I’ve been running 2-3 miles a day for about 3 months now and haven’t seen a very big difference in my body. Definitely no toning. Going to try these and see what happens! We have a trip to Antigua May 2021 and I’m on a mission to look foxy on the beach 🦊
Monika Ratniece
Monika Ratniece 3 months ago
No jump workout, now I have no excuses, have to do it!! 😅💪
Monika Ratniece
Monika Ratniece 3 months ago
Just an update to be held accountable.. to myself. 😅I did it, and I am rusty. It's time to change it and today was DAY 1 of the kick up the 🍑
Andrea Trinidad
Andrea Trinidad 3 months ago
Yay I survived in the end!
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 3 months ago
Maria S Padilla
Maria S Padilla 3 months ago
Yay workout number 2 done
NessVlogs 3 months ago
Yaaas just completed this workout while my baby slept 👍🏽🙅🏽‍♀️ awesome video whit!!!
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 3 months ago
I used to do all my workouts durning nap time!
Michelle Chen
Michelle Chen 3 months ago
I'm LOVING these follow along workouts! Just what I needed so I stop making excuses to myself. You're an inspiration! Thanks!
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 3 months ago
Instead of a should make it a MUST! That help's to push you to do it!
Cady Lynn Oregel
Cady Lynn Oregel 3 months ago
This is the perfect morning workout for me to do before work while I’m sneaking around trying not to wake everyone else up!
Angela Walstad
Angela Walstad 3 months ago
I love getting my workouts in first thing also! Best way to start your day.
October Lovely
October Lovely 3 months ago
I really need more of these. I have really bad knees and ankles and can't do impact work outs anymore. This was perfect minus the few twinges in my knees and if love more of them.
Janna Michelle Mace
Janna Michelle Mace 3 months ago
Stefan’s support to your beat at the end 🤣💖
Luv_ viera
Luv_ viera 4 months ago
I loved it 💕💕💕💕💕 I sweated so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Futurist Six
Futurist Six 4 months ago
Loved this. Thank you 🙏
Meagan Alderton
Meagan Alderton 4 months ago
I absolutely LOVED this workout & I need more!!!!! ❤️
Natalia Beltre
Natalia Beltre 4 months ago
This was soooo good! Thank you!!!
Mary Rabish
Mary Rabish 4 months ago
I just have to say how much I just love you. I am 53 years young and you are the sweetest person. I have two daughters around your age and I feel like you are a daughter to me too! I love all your videos and I love you fur babies. One more thing I appreciate is like this follow along video. I got a killer workout but it was laid out so beautifully to follow. Thank you so much!!
Ev Y
Ev Y 4 months ago
We need the android app!!! ^^
Katherine Hwang
Katherine Hwang 4 months ago
yayy finished first day :) 7/17/20
Victoria Lloyd
Victoria Lloyd 4 months ago
Kicked. My. Flabby. Butt.
Danielle Jarvis
Danielle Jarvis 4 months ago
Considering this was a 20-minute workout, I thought it would've been a breeze and I wouldn't actually feel a burn. But when I tell you I was dripping sweat at the end of this... Whitney is about to get us all snatched!
Eun L
Eun L 4 months ago
Shannon Trinh
Shannon Trinh 4 months ago
im super late on doing this workout but, i actually was able to get through this whole one without taking a long break every few minutes. so thank you for making a lower intensity workout that still left me sweating like crazy!
mary ortiz
mary ortiz 4 months ago
I wish I had taken you more seriously when you said this was gonna have us SWEATING
Arantzazu Pozzi
Arantzazu Pozzi 5 months ago
Loved it!!
Madz Anderson
Madz Anderson 5 months ago
I love that you didn't edit out you resting or catching your breath or anything, it ACTUALLY felt like I was doing it with you and you were sweatin as much as I was. Just waiting as patiently as possible for Alive to come to android hahaha
Hanna Wildblood
Hanna Wildblood 5 months ago
AZ had to have gyms shut down again for 30 days and this just kicked my butt s/o to Whit for reminding me how crucial body weight exercises are omg
Andrea C.
Andrea C. 5 months ago
Hey Whit, I'm waiting on your apparel to come back on your website. I can't wait, I want to buy something for my sister, because it's a beautiful day to be alive!
Mia Clare
Mia Clare 5 months ago
Gosh this is the best workout I've done in a long time. I've been watching your videos for about 2 years now and they're always my favorites. They are challenging but not so hard that I feel like I'm dying after every workout. I'm definitely recommending them to anyone that wants to get fit.
Elisa Aki
Elisa Aki 5 months ago
Alma Baroraho
Alma Baroraho 5 months ago
Please make your Android app download available again
Amber Burrow
Amber Burrow 5 months ago
when i seen it was 20 minutes i thought there was gonna be 4 circuits but there’s only 2 so i was so shocked when i managed to finish it!! love this
Jessica Sabin
Jessica Sabin 5 months ago
Omg those frog squat twerks were killer!!! Amazing workout, I’m dead. Thanks girl!
Jose P Ovares
Jose P Ovares 5 months ago
hi i'm a new subscriber the workout was really good and I also follow a couple workout channel named Jatie fit there both make really workout too and I desited to checkout some other workout channel in youtube because I really want to a physical trainer some day maybe soon.
Dulcinea dike
Dulcinea dike 5 months ago
How long would you say your workouts tend to be on average?
carlie and ava
carlie and ava 5 months ago
i want to do her workout app but i don’t have any money to pay for it😔
Maddy Wilkins
Maddy Wilkins 5 months ago
Stephen at the end of the video lmfao
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Omg Stefan in the mirror at the end of this video...I'm weak. LOL I love how supportive he is of you!
Joh 5 months ago
Whitney, you made me sweat😂 please please please more of These „silent“ homeworkouts 😍
Anna Mp
Anna Mp 5 months ago
Wow these exercises seemed so easy. And now my hands are trembling while writing this, and the sweat is drippig down my spine. EASY, yes. 😂 Thank you, Whitney. 💕
Noemy Larios
Noemy Larios 5 months ago
What shoes are these ?
Melly E
Melly E 5 months ago
Kicked my butt lol loved it tho!
Em Montuori
Em Montuori 5 months ago
I now realize how extremely out of shape quarantine has gotten me and my confidence is even lower than it was when I saw I gained 20lbs
Caroline Fournier
Caroline Fournier 5 months ago
LOVED IT ❤️🙏🏻 Thanks
Ashley Sanchez
Ashley Sanchez 5 months ago
I did not feel like working out today but I saw this video and was like I can do 20 minutes, it’s better than nothing. I just finished it and oh my I’m sweating so much and my arms and legs are already getting sore!
CaitiCakes 5 months ago
My husband and I just did this workout together since we haven’t worked out during quarantine...OOF Whitney you kicked our 🍑’s
Hawa Elmi
Hawa Elmi 5 months ago
That was amazing! My legs are shaking 😂 but I made it to the end! lool Thanks!
Kristine Meyer
Kristine Meyer 5 months ago
Great work out! Thank you whitney!!!!!
Veronhamtea 5 months ago
So awesome. So glad you have an App 💕💕💕🙌🙌🌹
Samantha Hibberd
Samantha Hibberd 5 months ago
Thank you
Alycia Cirocco
Alycia Cirocco 5 months ago
loved the workout was not expecting there not to be a warm up though.
Jocelyn Helterbrand
Jocelyn Helterbrand 5 months ago
That was the first workout I've done in a long time and let me tell you I felt it😅
Nada Hemida
Nada Hemida 5 months ago
I’ve done this workout twice and I’m doing it for the third time today! I love it 😍
Rachel Rotondo
Rachel Rotondo 5 months ago
Great workout after my 45 min incline walk. 💀
Angela B.
Angela B. 5 months ago
I just finished this workout, I’m currently sweating like crazy! So worth it!! Thanks for the great video! ❤️
Elsa Nilaj
Elsa Nilaj 5 months ago
this was really good! I'd actually recommend doing 3 circuits for this one!
DramaticPumpkin12 5 months ago
It was hard... but nothing too advanced so i enjoyed it❤
Jessica Gareau
Jessica Gareau 6 months ago
Great workout & loved the music too!!
Jessica N.
Jessica N. 6 months ago
Thanks for the great workout!!❤️
Gail Angela Batoy-Samson
Gail Angela Batoy-Samson 6 months ago
I lose track during quarantine and now Whit just pump me up. Uggh motivated again 😢💕
SiSi Shan
SiSi Shan 6 months ago
I love this workout so much. I do it at least 3x a week. Please make more of these apartment friendly workouts w/o much jumping! Love you Whitney! Hope you're doing well!
ACH 6 months ago
I loooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeed it !
Joanna Wiseman
Joanna Wiseman 6 months ago
Reagan Yorgason
Reagan Yorgason 6 months ago
Just did this workout! Because of my weaker core (and frankly weaker everything) I had to do some substitutions to work similar muscles but worked up a pretty good sweat! Love these!
Nique 6 months ago
When you think you’re done and “circuit 2” pops up 😩
Cadence Nichols
Cadence Nichols 6 months ago
Woah, kicked my booty!!
Lucy Tiblier
Lucy Tiblier 6 months ago
Okay when I first watched this vid i thought it would be so easy HOWEVER let me tell y'all what this short workout kicked my booty. caught my post workout face in the mirror and i am beet red and sweatyyy!!!
madeleine dryden
madeleine dryden 6 months ago
Just did this and I’m on fire!!!
Marilen Styles
Marilen Styles 6 months ago
I lovvvved this workout. It was hiit but low impact. Please make more of this. I also love doing it with you instead of listenin to you then pausing the video and starting my own tabata watch. Please make more!!
Dichen Lama
Dichen Lama 6 months ago
Didn't wanna workout at all but I did this and am feeling fantastic... thank you! Thank you!!! ilysm whit
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