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Whitney Simmons

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Pre gym and pre workout routine include my morning routine, a quick grwm and my gym makeup routine.
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Morning Skincare:
vitamin c serum
eye cream
face moisturizer (use code whitney to save)
Pre Gym Makeup:
buildable blur cc cream
Pre Workout:
reusable water bottle
pre workout
gym bag

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Joel Sande
Joel Sande Day ago
Joanna Marrero
Joanna Marrero Month ago
Do you use the pre workout powder or one if the energy drinks?? And are you still using this brand or have you switched it up?
Hayley Beck
Hayley Beck Month ago
Love her but I would never wear makeup to the gym- That is just too much. I feel sad when women can't just feel okay with a completely makeup free face in publidc.
Christina Lundelius
Christina Lundelius 2 months ago
About a year ago I was super depressed and having a hard time dragging myself to the gym and searched on USposts for any videos of people getting ready for the gym to see if it would motivate me to get my booty to the gym. I found *this* video and fell in love with Whitney’s upbeat and cutie patootie personality. I went to the gym, came back, watched more Whit videos, and felt the heaviness I had been feeling for months finally start to lift away. ❤️ you whit
Humayra Khan
Humayra Khan 2 months ago
i absolutely love your energy and everything your about! Binge watching your videos while on treadmill!!
Lashoin Hatton
Lashoin Hatton 3 months ago
This is really trash like basic af 😂😂
Mikaela Heimer
Mikaela Heimer 4 months ago
jillian michaels energy
Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor 5 months ago
Do you shower at the gym ?
msjelika 5 months ago
The fact that my name's Linda...... I almost spilled my drink.
Klearly Kendra
Klearly Kendra 6 months ago
Whit I love you! What do you mean when you say supplements age you can you please explain? Thank you!!!!!
King 6 months ago
Whit I came here looking for motivation and then you said "listen Linda" and guess what? I was slightly shocked because my name is Linda 😂😂😂😂
LLsxy316 6 months ago
Yes post workout!
Kim Phan
Kim Phan 7 months ago
"never thought I'd apply the deordorant on camera" LMAO 😂
Abuobyda alabadla
Abuobyda alabadla 7 months ago
How many calories in your first 🥣 meal
Kallie Rice
Kallie Rice 7 months ago
What kind of booty bands do you use?
Sydney Shelp
Sydney Shelp 8 months ago
what booty band are you using?
Isa 8 months ago
dooo nottt put vitamin c on ur face in the morning omgggg
Deanna Schroeder
Deanna Schroeder 8 months ago
Wait she said supplements age you? Like make you look older? Please answer! I need to know what to avoid. I'm trying to look 20 something forever
Christelle Jasmin
Christelle Jasmin 8 months ago
what do u mean supplements age you?
Christelle Jasmin
Christelle Jasmin 8 months ago
Whitney Simmons !!!! gotcha loll
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 8 months ago
I said aid** just didn’t say it clear enough 😂
Amanda King
Amanda King 8 months ago
Thank you
MsFit 9 months ago
Just found you. Lmao why are you so adorable? Lol I love it
SuperAriesFireball 9 months ago
Sis, you is gorgeous, you is vibrant, you is empowering! Lol!! Love your videos girl! Thank you!
KARLY 9 months ago
“A day without highlight is just not a day for me” I felt that
Savanna Walters
Savanna Walters 9 months ago
I'm in hs and we have a crossfit gym with ellipticals and everything and we r aloud to sign up for classes 2 days of the week so I always sign up in the mornings and get in a good workout
Kristina Santiago
Kristina Santiago 9 months ago
What do you mean when you say supplements age you? Also I work out at night and cant drink prework out because I'm up all night. If I drink just the pump will that be good enough and able to sleep after work out?
Stacie Weitzel
Stacie Weitzel 9 months ago
I just don't understand gym makeup at all.
Nicole Lheureux
Nicole Lheureux 9 months ago
I love you Whitney! Would love to see post workout. So glad you are on this Earth!!
Sabori Saha
Sabori Saha 9 months ago
Very nice. Really enjoyed the video
Sarah Ghaddar
Sarah Ghaddar 10 months ago
If I took that much time to get ready to go to the gym it would me by 9pm lol
AriannaAyers 10 months ago
Just a touch of filler in the naso-labial folds, just adjacent to your nostrils. 0.5 ml, and another 0.5 ml under each eye. You'd think that adding filler to under the eye would make you look "eye baggy", but it's actually the opposite. Look at videos of yourself from 1 - 2 years ago, focusing on the eye area. You will see what I'm talking about, and thank yourself for making that decision, and maintaining your inner / outer beauty.
Bushra Shaikh
Bushra Shaikh 10 months ago
That's my amount of makeup when on a date girl✌️❤️
Ashley Please
Ashley Please 10 months ago
Yo I go straight to the gym after class. Then come home to clean or cook. And it
Miranda Tokoly
Miranda Tokoly 10 months ago
Ummm kind of want the info for what you’re wearing during you’re morning routine!!
Marilyn McGaha
Marilyn McGaha 10 months ago
When you were doing your skincare routine and you were talking in your sleepier voice you sounded so similar to Paris Jackson and you literally kinda look like her too!! Absolutely stunning ❤️
Marissa Waddell
Marissa Waddell 10 months ago
I’m SO glad I’m not the only that doesn’t like washing their face in the morning
MR G 10 months ago
Your still super hot with out makeup
Shunell Avant
Shunell Avant 10 months ago
I love your channel and your personality! So upbeat and confident! S/N your brows are so good that I'm kinda angry about it lol
Leahanna McClain
Leahanna McClain 10 months ago
i can’t eat before the gym otherwise i feel like it’s all coming up. i have to either go fasted in the morning or eat 3 hours before the gym.
Jess Wakka
Jess Wakka 11 months ago
I'm glad I'm not the only person that wears makeup to the gym. Everyone always makes me feel bad for it. It's my goal to be comfortable enough to not wear makeup but my skin is so red and terrible ughh. We trying tho.
allyssanicolle 11 months ago
What are these sunglasses?!?! When you are walking the doggies?!??!
Lindaaa aaa
Lindaaa aaa 11 months ago
Omg my names Linda that caught me off guard 😯😂😂
celia xx
celia xx 11 months ago
girl you are literally so pretty
Ann Bui
Ann Bui 11 months ago
Have you ever considered buying bulk oats to cut down on the plastic from the single packets? I just started watching your videos, so I don't know what your current habits are. But every little bit helps!
Christina Mendez
Christina Mendez 11 months ago
So of course I’m rewatching Whitney videos!! 👸 LoL I’m always over in carbs... how can I reduce my crabs?
joseph lewis J.
joseph lewis J. 11 months ago
Me encantas,, pero no te entiendo nada 🙃.. Aún así te miro siempre! Estaría bien que pusieras subtitulos en español! 😘
Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor 11 months ago
In her old videos I just thought she was sick with a stuffy nose lol but I've just realized that's her normal voice🤦‍♀️
Roma van Kempen
Roma van Kempen Year ago
why don't you walk both your dogs at the same time and then twice a day
Hannah M
Hannah M Year ago
I’ve been cooking half a banana in my oatmeal on a stovetop and it’s SUCH a good natural sweetener I definitely recommend
Sarah Price
Sarah Price Year ago
I walk to the gym, it's about 8 minutes each way. Love it
Veronica Narbeshuber
Veronica Narbeshuber Year ago
Isn’t it really bad for your skin to wear makeup when going to the gym? 🙈❤️
Lucy Leyshon
Lucy Leyshon Year ago
Love this video! Love your energy
Payton Rose
Payton Rose Year ago
Lesley Tichbourne
Lesley Tichbourne Year ago
At the end when Whit was calling for Navy and Indy to come, my puppy Navy stopped playing with his toy and just stared at my laptop in confusion 😂
Mason Lee
Mason Lee Year ago
As a Guy, I can't wrap my head around applying all those creams lotions and makeup on my skin just to hit the showers immediately after. The only thing I put on is deodorant for courtesy reasons in public and because I can't stand Body odor either. Nothing worse than a smelly juice gorilla raising his arms.
hazelgirl373 Year ago
Which brand of booty bands do you use?
DearDiary Confessions
DearDiary Confessions Year ago
Wondering if the vitamin C will help with dark circles 🤔 (In behalf of a growing USpostsr)☺️💜
Wav_y_yy Year ago
do you drunk BCAA’s?
beams098 Year ago
gym make up......
Angela Streit
Angela Streit Year ago
As a T1 diabetic I don’t see how that oatmeal is 82 carbs. Am I hearing that right?
Kevin Abayare
Kevin Abayare Year ago
Stephanie Hernandez
Stephanie Hernandez Year ago
I can never find that gym bag 😭😭
Lady S
Lady S Year ago
Tati moment 😂
Janet Thekkedath
Janet Thekkedath Year ago
Just got to your channel your videos you r so fun!! 🤩
Ana Arantes
Ana Arantes Year ago
Hey Whitney. Love your videos sooooo much. They really helped me at the gym! i just wanted to also mention you might want to not use vitamin C in the morning as it makes your skin too sensitive and even with sunscreen it will be damaged by the uv rays. But using it at night is awesome! Keep doing an awesome job!
Nims Zark
Nims Zark Year ago
I used to love the song in the background and i cant think of it. Please can someone let me know what it is??!?!
Samantha Rosebury
Samantha Rosebury Year ago
Please make more videos like this!! Love the "day in the life" style 💞💞
yen tran
yen tran Year ago
I threw up today after exercising hahah, but if I don’t eat, I don’t have energy to work out
Carla Carolina
Carla Carolina Year ago
would you mind sharing your macros? :)
Alice Podolsky
Alice Podolsky Year ago
no phone no phone no phone... bring phone to take dogaroo selfie vids
Sydney Parks
Sydney Parks Year ago
I love your brows !!!
Mariela Sirakova
Mariela Sirakova Year ago
You’re absolutely lovely girl!🥰
Paulinna E
Paulinna E Year ago
Post workout routine 😍
Emily Lane
Emily Lane Year ago
You inspire me!
QUEENTV Year ago
Love this video idea !! 😊👍🏻👍🏻
Sophie Kelly
Sophie Kelly Year ago
Gabriel Sanchez Gusman
Gabriel Sanchez Gusman Year ago
Saludos especiales para una reina
Natalie Baker
Natalie Baker Year ago
Do you have a how too video about tracking macros?!
Adriana Gil
Adriana Gil Year ago
Can you do a forever 21 active wear haul/review?
M J Year ago
Where is the resistance band from?
Jennifer Flynn
Jennifer Flynn Year ago
Where is the tank top you wear to bed from?? Looks so cozy
thomas Lynch
thomas Lynch Year ago
Hello beautiful sexy lady
R Year ago
Brows that look like brows >>>
Jen Messier
Jen Messier Year ago
LOL I have to ask who is Linda bahhhh
Allison Jones Daly
Allison Jones Daly Year ago
Do you rinse off your sunscreen before bed?
Selcan Yilmaz
Selcan Yilmaz Year ago
Gym makeup??🤦🏽‍♀️
Chantalle Soto
Chantalle Soto Year ago
Whitney I have been watching you for years and so easily I loose track and forget my fitness goals. But girl I swear I can also count on your channel to motivate me to do better. Thanks boo 💪🏼
Lethal Britt
Lethal Britt Year ago
curious of what your daily macros look like =]
J.S. Year ago
Hey 🤗 where is your white top from? It’s SO beautiful 😍
Lillian Grace
Lillian Grace Year ago
Does anyone know what type of dog she has??
Alyssa’s Vlogs
Alyssa’s Vlogs Year ago
how old is Whitney ?
Maritza Rodelo
Maritza Rodelo Year ago
Do you not drink BCAAs anymore?
Lindsey Eberhart
Lindsey Eberhart Year ago
I love your energy.
paige dellinger
paige dellinger Year ago
this was so perfect! would love to see your post workout routine 💕
Ruby Muñoz
Ruby Muñoz Year ago
I need to start watching Whitney more in the morning because she actually motivates with with her sweet and sill humor. I love you Whitney. I am starting college soon and you best believe that the gym will become my new best friend.
haleyg0534 Year ago
I wanna see what you wanna eat before the gym and after the gym snacks ideas easy dinner ideas
Gorjess Glam
Gorjess Glam Year ago
Omg I been watching your videos for the past couple months and you are the reason why I’m going to the gym your such a motivator and you give your audience amazing content with easy gym work outs ! Love you Whit❤️
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Year ago
Hour and a half to get ready for the gym and workouts for 5 minutes lmao.
s o p h i e
s o p h i e Year ago
That ooh yea ooh yea killed me 😂
Carolyn Wheeler
Carolyn Wheeler Year ago
Liss with the puppers is the best for the soul. Did 40 minutes yesterday with German Shepard mix. My corgi can't walk that long.
Brenda Gallardo
Brenda Gallardo Year ago
yassss to post gym routine!
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