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My everyday makeup routine for glowy and super radiating skin!!!
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hydraaaaaating primer
pore filling primer
foundation (shade light medium)
concealer (shades 15 and 16)
cream bronze
bronzer in Casablanca
highlight WOW
setting powder 1 (shade 1 fair)
setting powder 2 (shade siren)
eyeshadow palette
setting mist 1
setting mist 2

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Hailey Forrest
Hailey Forrest 11 hours ago
Can you please name the brushes you used and what you used then for
Cassandra Vaden
Cassandra Vaden 15 days ago
Had to fix the comments number🤪
CaseyD Month ago
Can you do an updated glow routine??? I want that glow hard!!!
CaseyD Month ago
Give us that glow from your last video GIMME THAT
Sanela Ombasic
Sanela Ombasic Month ago
Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy 2 months ago
what lip liner did you use? :)
Alexandra Workman
Alexandra Workman 3 months ago
What lip liner did you use?
Daniella Faziani
Daniella Faziani 5 months ago
I’m 26 and yes the hormonal acne is here to play and stay for some reason! Oh well
Magenta43 5 months ago
is she on something. hyper. talking seems so forced.
Serenity Nieves
Serenity Nieves 5 months ago
To show, wanted this
Maggi Sellers
Maggi Sellers 6 months ago
I watch this video like once a week😂😂 gotta glow like Whit! Anyway, is there a link for that Mac cream blush?? I can’t find it anywhere😫
Valerie Aviles
Valerie Aviles 7 months ago
I had horrible hormonal acne when I got off and on the pill again and one of the things that helped SOOOO FRICKINGGG MUCH was the AlaniNu Balance Supplement. And let me tell you Whit, OH MY GOD! I would cry my eyes out because my acne was sooo bad and around the 4th month taking Balance, my face was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t even believe it. Also, check out Dr Dray’s USposts page. She’s a dermatologist and her videos were incredibly helpful as well.
Shay Velasquez
Shay Velasquez 8 months ago
Girl you ain’t the only one strugglin’ with the hormonal acne! 🙌🏽 finally learned it was dairy and meat! Fix it right up
Emma Sultmanis
Emma Sultmanis 8 months ago
Can you please tell the prices of the products when you introduce them! Some stuff I go look up and find out I cant afford it... it would be easier to know while watching the vid :) Thanks
Ms Christie
Ms Christie 9 months ago
You are so cute!! I love your sayings!! Your a crack up!!
JsTh1632 10 months ago
I got really bad cystic acne in my late 20s , I did Accutane, worked miracles. If you are using whey protein, you should try to switch, it makes so many people break out including myself.... Too much Dairy/Soy and my hormones go crazy.
ohyoujelly 11 months ago
I just love how so relatable you are. I have discoloration/hormonal i just purchased that cc cream :p
Sunny Carey
Sunny Carey 11 months ago
Where is this shirt from??? I’m obsessed 🤤🥰
Irene Ramirez
Irene Ramirez 11 months ago
Your such an inspiration... and so honest thank you ❤
Whit 11 months ago
I adore you whit whit. We are Whitney’s ❤️🤟🏼Try spearmint tea and DIM ( estrogen blocker) and milk thistle ( filters estrogen from the liver) helps with hormonal acne. Watch James welsh dark ance USposts video. Korean products that work for dark spots.
Chloe Dobbs
Chloe Dobbs 11 months ago
Whit we need a hair tutorial too I love how you still your hair now!
Fayad Palos
Fayad Palos Year ago
No crazy comment... YOU JUST THE BOMB. SIMPLE. 😎
VickyLDN Year ago
Nicole Barcarse
Nicole Barcarse Year ago
Where did you get your cute makeup brushes?? (pink, and blue)
Linda Weaver
Linda Weaver Year ago
Is it just me or does Whitney low-key look like Khloe Kardashian at the end?
Karsen Wonn
Karsen Wonn Year ago
You’re so pretty without makeup!
10stellas Year ago
You're so freaking cute!!!!!
Lexy s
Lexy s Year ago
I watched this with my 6 year old I told him your gorgeous he giggled and said your pretty ❤️❤️
Mary Will
Mary Will Year ago
YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA how much you inspire me. ILY ILY ILY
Bailey Heitzman
Bailey Heitzman Year ago
You should do a eye shadow look with the Tati palette 💗
Lets Mom
Lets Mom Year ago
Where is your illuminator from? Brand and shade?
Mallory Howell
Mallory Howell Year ago
I love the its a beautiful day to be alive. I was having a rough day and knew I needed Whits positivity and look now I’m smiling and grateful.
Taylor Ann
Taylor Ann Year ago
I've also recently started struggling with very dry skin & adult acne. If you could share any products/solutions in another video that would be amazingggg.
Lydia Holt
Lydia Holt Year ago
Look into Dr. Drays USposts channel!!! I had very consistent hormonal acne. My dermatologist suggested birth control and a medication. After three year of no change or maybe even worse skin and I found Dr. Dray. I took her advice to start using Differin over the counter gel... its a type of retinoid and it completely changed my hormonal late 20s acne. She has many videos on how to use it and other retinoids as well.
Haley Amsel
Haley Amsel Year ago
That mental health talk at the end though... girl more of those please! 💕💕💕
Jen W
Jen W Year ago
I love that you still do the finish "I been busy thinkin bout boys" thing. Been watching for a couple of years and still love it hahaha ❤
Renee Salusky
Renee Salusky Year ago
Whiiiiiiiit. You’re the greatest and I love seeing you grow in your success. Anytime I need a reminder or motivation I go straight to my search in ig or here and you bring my spirits right back up. Thank you for sharing your positivity and being so funny and relatable and real. LYSM girl 💛
Kesly Urrutia
Kesly Urrutia Year ago
You are so INSPIRING. Just WOW. Thank you for the awesome video. I’m so excited to binge on your videos now haha
Lynda Jimenez
Lynda Jimenez Year ago
My favorite CC cream is the IT Cosmetics one plus all the antioxidant and vitamins it has is a plus super glowy, moisturizing and full coverage
Ronja Sebastian
Ronja Sebastian Year ago
Glowy AF! Love this and watching while having my morning tea at sunrise, massaging my hair with essential oil hair mask... lil candle lit... 🕯 Some pre workout... It’s a beautiful day to be alive! 🏋️‍♀️ Thanks Whit 🙌🙌💗💗
Lauren Cook
Lauren Cook Year ago
Girl I totally feel you. I’m going through the same thing with the mid 20s puberty. RIP
Carolyn Wheeler
Carolyn Wheeler Year ago
Girl! you have to try the resurfacing peel from beautycounter for the dark spots. It's life-changing.
Jana Clark
Jana Clark Year ago
She's my fav. Especially when she brings out her personal fan after she sprayed her most 😂😂😂 Whitney you're hilarious
Angela Kim
Angela Kim Year ago
Redo your light beach waves tutorial, updated gym bag, gym makeup + workout (sweaty) so we can see how it stays on!, full on going out makeup, workout while on travel, updated house tour- love your vids!
M Year ago
I've never noticed your hairline until you mentioned it lol
Isabella Ellis
Isabella Ellis Year ago
Whitney...I need a fitness motivation video for winter please oh please! 🙏🏻
Ashley Lynn
Ashley Lynn Year ago
Where is your shirt from?? So cuteeee
Shayla Smiley
Shayla Smiley Year ago
I always had acne but it got better when I was 22 and stayed good till after I had my daughter at 25 then after I had her it got so out of control it’s been almost 2 years I’ll be 27 soon I got it pretty much under control but it’s be hard not to mention I got yellow around my mouth after being pregnant it’s almost gone but like I said it’s be ruff freakin hormones 😕
Irina Hernandez
Irina Hernandez Year ago
Omg -- this is the first time I've seen you without makeup and my jaw dropped.... YOU ARE LITERALLY SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE EVEN MORE SO WITHOUT MAKEUP WOWWWWWOW T_____T
Cassidy White
Cassidy White Year ago
Just wanted to let you know that I was feeling a bit down, and I popped on one of your videos and immediately felt better and motivated. Thankyou 💕 It’s a beautiful day to be alive
Shelby Durham
Shelby Durham Year ago
Whitney can you pls do another video on Marcos! Don’t know how to eat properly. Need your help
Freed By Faith
Freed By Faith Year ago
Love you, Whitney! Take care of you! Much love! ❤️🕊✝️🙌💕💕🙌🙌💕
Katie Higgs
Katie Higgs Year ago
You NEEEEED to try ItCosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination. It's powder which I was totally scared for at first but I haven't gone back to powder and it's helped my break outs! It's awesome coverage, too!
Kristin Giles
Kristin Giles Year ago
You should do a video with affordable dupes for all of these! I want every product but some of them are so expensive! PRETTY PLEASEEEE!!!
Nadia Kruger
Nadia Kruger Year ago
Hi GIRL🌷🍃I am so Excited about my online business launch and would love to get your support and opinion on it all. It’s all about Health, beauty and wellness without any of the nasties. Can you join me online? Message me🌼 USA 🇺🇸 Monday 9pm
Kenisha Hammond
Kenisha Hammond Year ago
Drink Carrot juice. It will give you a natural glow along with awesome clear skin. Your a natural beauty tbh. You don't need make up.
ryan moore
ryan moore Year ago
Shit like this is why I have trust issues....
Bethany Merklin
Bethany Merklin Year ago
Girl, your light just shiiines! Also: running to buy that lip combo right this min 🙌🏼
Usfoods72 Year ago
Good morning Whitney, Come and enjoy my yummy videos, Subbbbb....if you like !!! Thank you. Fabrice.
Sarah m
Sarah m Year ago
Beautiful as always Whit❤️ where is your bracelet from?? It’s so dainty and perfect!!
Demitria Rodetis
Demitria Rodetis Year ago
Whitney when are we getting workout plans!!
Victoria Gets Fit
Victoria Gets Fit Year ago
I am living for the year round glow! Also, last year I started getting some crazy hormonal acne for a long time, especially around my jaw. But that has almost completely cleared up, only the occasional breakout now. So it does get better!
Myah Naomi Coughran
Myah Naomi Coughran Year ago
I’ve watched this video 8 times. My queen 💛💛
Courtney Cain
Courtney Cain Year ago
Whit! How do i buy your collab?!?!
Lexi Clutts
Lexi Clutts Year ago
Where is this shirt from??
lufle Year ago
Anita Nielsen
Anita Nielsen Year ago
Where is that gorg shirt from? 😍
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Year ago
Fun watching. Stay positive girl!!
Bri Year ago
"when it rains it pours but there's always a rainbow in that storm"
Andiswa Year ago
Hey whitney could you do a video on your workout playlist.
Meleah Gearig
Meleah Gearig Year ago
Where is your cute top from?🧡
Taylor Baxter
Taylor Baxter Year ago
Ok whit we need an updated stretching/flexibility routine pls
Lena Samelson
Lena Samelson Year ago
this hair tutorial pleaaaase
lillian449 Year ago
What lip liner did you use?!
Tasia Lattice James
Tasia Lattice James Year ago
I love your content !
kt_rvs Year ago
Whit: "I think that we both know what time it is." Me: "BOYS!"
Amanda S
Amanda S Year ago
I know this is irrelevant to this video but I tried your glute activation workouts before doing my leg day and ....... cant walk sis. Thank you 😭💕 stubborn glutes NO MORE
Jess Z
Jess Z Year ago
Thank you sooo much Whit!!! You really brighten my day and now also my makeup bag. I love you girl.
Erin Borgman
Erin Borgman Year ago
Noooooo, Mac tests on animals girl. You should try to find a dupe for that blush!
Rita Johanna
Rita Johanna Year ago
LOOOVE the glowy make up!!!
Em Gobi
Em Gobi Year ago
"fun" fact: the second most common time in a woman's life to get acne is late 20s/early 30s due to the hormone shifts. 8 months after my 27th birthday my skin FLIPPED OUT and now at almost 31, it's calming down. Hang in there, girl!
Michelle Bonnice
Michelle Bonnice Year ago
I loved this video! my goshhhh I need to get that lip gloSsSsSSSss
Viviana N
Viviana N Year ago
I love your makeup videos cause it actually looks like you use the crap out of the products 🎀 love that
Cierra Peterson
Cierra Peterson Year ago
Whit. LITERALLY I have been STRUGGLIN w hormonal acne (even though I’ve had great skin until RECENTLY) but I’m here for you girl!. Buying this shit soon! Love the video 💕
Madisyn Wright
Madisyn Wright Year ago
Whit, you literally have such a heart of gold!!!
Brittany McQuain
Brittany McQuain Year ago
"Tinman? Welcome!" I die hahahahahha
Antonia Hummel
Antonia Hummel Year ago
your vids always leave me feeling so positive and refreshed. ily so much girly
Kailyn Gissendaner
Kailyn Gissendaner Year ago
Rain helps the flowers grow! Whatever we go through, we GROW through! 👏🏻
Alyssa Kirkland
Alyssa Kirkland Year ago
Watching Whits USposts videos makes my day!! 😍 Next get ready video can you link your fav makeup brushes💖
Georgina Becka
Georgina Becka Year ago
Ahhhh tell us how you got ur hair like this 😍😍😍
Emma Gordon
Emma Gordon Year ago
Whitney is so entertaining :)
Sydney Haynes
Sydney Haynes Year ago
What is the oversized denim jacket that you love? 🔥
Rebecca Kruger
Rebecca Kruger Year ago
GARn-it it’s a gemstone Love you so much
Maddy Wilkins
Maddy Wilkins Year ago
How can you not love Whitney?! Ugh you make this world a better place 😂💛
Chilly Armendariz
Chilly Armendariz Year ago
15:14 I love hearing this Whit...There definitely is something in the air and its pouring...We can get through it..I needed to hear this, made my day :)
Kristin Strasser
Kristin Strasser Year ago
Love you Whit!!! ALSO love your nail polish choices you always have! you should start putting those bad boys in your descriptions too ;) xoxo
Megan Year ago
LOVE the glowy loook Whit!! a few things for your skin.. alani balance for sure, halo kiwi booster (from Tati) swear my skin is glowy as hell and really helped with some smaller pimples I was getting(started seeing results after 2ish weeks of using). you already know about the tula.. maybe try some adapalene gel or some type of retinol. All these things changed my skin and eliminated all my texture and really improved my dark spots within like 2 months. get that glowwww on girlll
Shelby Taylor
Shelby Taylor Year ago
Girl I love your fluffy brows!
Amber Hand
Amber Hand Year ago
How do you keep your makeup from moving and creasing at the gym? I notice in all of your workout videos on IG you have a full face on and I am STRUGGLING girl. Tips would be appreciated!
Storm Graff
Storm Graff Year ago
You should do a "come to the hair salon with me" video!! Your hair is so beautiful & you could have your hair stylist explain what she does to your hair when you get it done!! xo :)
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