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Whitney Simmons

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A summer clothing haul and try on featuring White Fox Boutique!!
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Yellow Crop -
Yellow Shorts -
White Playsuit -
Neon Yellow Crop -
Black Mini Dress -
Red Dress -
Black Dress -
Denim Jacket -
Black Crop -
Blue Jeans -
Yellow Heels -
Black Jeans -
White Leopard -
Belt Bag -
White Boots -

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Free Spirited Free Spirited
Free Spirited Free Spirited 5 months ago
white fox is such a scam, look at the reviews before you buy
danielle ramos
danielle ramos 6 months ago
you’re the best! so gorgeous in all of these!
Vanessa Romero
Vanessa Romero 8 months ago
Your so damn funny i cant
Kayla Kirkland
Kayla Kirkland 8 months ago
Can you do an updated summer clothing/swimwear haul ?!
Delighted Mommy
Delighted Mommy 11 months ago
I never wore a bodysuit but I have worn a one piece bathing suit. When I have to use the bathroom I just move the fabric covering my privates over to one side so I don’t have to remove the entire bathing
Jazz Minnie
Jazz Minnie Year ago
Beautiful and freakin hilarious as always Whit! What's the lip color you're wearing? 😍
Emma Gordon
Emma Gordon Year ago
I diiie every time she says Linda😂 whitney kills me
Bec Price
Bec Price Year ago
Laughed so hard at the sitting on the toilet.. naked!
Heidi Bergantino
Heidi Bergantino Year ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Whitney: clAvicicAL 😂💙
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
When I was 24 years old they had jeans called bongo they were very cool jeans I use to wear those back when I was 24 years old I am 46 years old now will be 47 on November 20th this year . And I like these kind of videos there cool to watch your cool Whitney ❤️❣️💕😀
Michy Says
Michy Says Year ago
Damn when she said “they see you naked, just sitting on the toilet naked” about the bodysuits I literally laughed so hard!
Jimmy Marcalla
Jimmy Marcalla Year ago
Adriana Gil
Adriana Gil Year ago
What state do you live in?
Rhiannon Davies
Rhiannon Davies Year ago
Molly Hryciw
Molly Hryciw Year ago
where is your tank top from
Jenna Pristas
Jenna Pristas Year ago
Whiiiiit! What size did you get in the yellow crop and shorts??
Amy & Sierra Gonzalez
Amy & Sierra Gonzalez Year ago
Where does she luve
Molly Year ago
Brook Olson
Brook Olson Year ago
40+ dollars for that neon crop top? No thank you lol you do look cute tho
Kacey Kent
Kacey Kent Year ago
Love your energy 😊.New subscriber.
jasmineTHAI Year ago
I love all the looks! So cute! :)
Sustainably_ ShelbyG
Sustainably_ ShelbyG Year ago
Howd you get so beautiful?!?! Pls lmk! Love you :)
Kealila Sok
Kealila Sok Year ago
“We’re showing a lot, but i feel CUteYEE” ugh yes mood everyday
Ana axx
Ana axx Year ago
I laughed out loud several times watching this video 😂❤ energy drinks make me sassy too 🤣
Brenda Goncalves
Brenda Goncalves Year ago
I find myself laughing constantly through out the video between the sass and the way you explain things. I love you so much, Can we be best friends? 🤣💛
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham Year ago
White fox is my everyyyything
Sunni Von Trier
Sunni Von Trier Year ago
You are so hilarious girl! Love watching your videos!
Shantelle Cooper
Shantelle Cooper Year ago
Hey whit! What camera do you use? Xx
Kristen Norris
Kristen Norris Year ago
GIRL!!! Red is your color!! ❤️❤️❤️
Eloise Bacon
Eloise Bacon Year ago
I laughed so much in this video it got me through that 15% incline warmup without hating my life. You and I are the same when we drink energy drinks.
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez Year ago
Yessss, please more videos like dis🤩!!
Hannah Mitchell
Hannah Mitchell Year ago
Where can you buy those energy drinks from??? I nEEEEED
Trisha Kooba
Trisha Kooba Year ago
That body suit!! Purchasing immediately!
cindysadork Year ago
Hayyy look at this girl killin it with the regular fash-on! I see you !
Analease Jac
Analease Jac Year ago
Nazparveen Inamdar
Nazparveen Inamdar Year ago
Yesss....i love such vedios of urs.... Make more... Partner with H&M
Nazparveen Inamdar
Nazparveen Inamdar Year ago
I Love herrrr.. Whit.... U the best ur blogs...!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Lucie Morren
Lucie Morren Year ago
Girlll the body suit in the bathroom.... you pull that little piece of fabric to the side and BAM, no nakey nakey. 🤘🏼 stay beautiful💕 love you a whole bunch holyyyyy
Az ra
Az ra Year ago
Omg that second black dress 😍🙌❤
Alabama Girl
Alabama Girl Year ago
What in tar nation doesn’t look good on you 😫😭 oh my gosh ...
yesenia felix
yesenia felix Year ago
You're so beautiful & FUNNY omg you made me laugh so many times girl! 😂
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Year ago
Clavicle lol
l a u r e n b r o o k e
l a u r e n b r o o k e Year ago
a little clavicle moment.. *clavicle* 😂🔥 yassss queen
Megan Mallory
Megan Mallory Year ago
Is anyone else confused why her “too revealing” one is actually her most appropriate one in this video 😂
Shaun McCarthy
Shaun McCarthy Year ago
You made it to theChive. You go girl.
Ana De León
Ana De León Year ago
Love hype Whit 😂🙌🏽 made me laugh so hard! 💗
Bertha Year ago
I love how you think your rompers are short 😂 your soo modest and I love those jeans and the heals 😍
Brielle Gemberling
Brielle Gemberling Year ago
I always feel so awkward in jean shorts and I notice that fitness women also never wear jean shorts. Are they just not meant for an athletic body type??
Anisah Akhand
Anisah Akhand Year ago
Where is the tank/top you’re wearing to film in from? 😍
SimoneSanchez Year ago
Where is Tour belt bag from?
Hannah Innis
Hannah Innis Year ago
I bought two items from whitefox for $50 each and they were both super low quality...has anybody else had problems with this???
Clarrisa C
Clarrisa C Year ago
I love these videos! You look so stunning!
Tyler-Ann Medeiros
Tyler-Ann Medeiros Year ago
I'm loving your hair cut!! Can you do a tutorial of how you style it?
Alexis Biondie
Alexis Biondie Year ago
Vintage.Heart_ Year ago
I love clothing hauls, and try ons.
Cassie Johnson
Cassie Johnson Year ago
I still wear my cheer spankies under really short shorts and pretty much every summer dress!!!
Jennessica Sanchez
Jennessica Sanchez Year ago
That body suit is so cute with those jeans just a cute outfit Whitney 😍💖
Melanie Ivana
Melanie Ivana Year ago
Jordan Year ago
Tell us how you self tan your back!!! It’s the last obstacle for me lol
Celine W
Celine W Year ago
where is your green tank from? I love it
Veronica Thong
Veronica Thong Year ago
i love when she says “OH MY GODDD LINDAAA” HAHAHA
Shamma Rayo
Shamma Rayo Year ago
You are so funny 😂 love your videos, your personality is the best!
Francesca Silla
Francesca Silla Year ago
That red dress on you omg 😍😍😍
Samantha Glaude
Samantha Glaude Year ago
I’ve never enjoyed a try on video more. How cuuuuutee!
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith Year ago
Just curious, you didn't really mention sizes. Trying to gauge if they're clothes run big or small?
Frida Oropeza
Frida Oropeza Year ago
what lipstick are you wearing ? it looks so pretty
Sara McCoy
Sara McCoy Year ago
I love all the items in the Haul!! Its all so cute :)
Stacey J
Stacey J Year ago
Anyone know her lip colour????
Whitney Edmonds
Whitney Edmonds Year ago
“Perfect dress for a little clavicle moment” 😂😂
female lucifer
female lucifer Year ago
Everything you say Linda I think of bobs burgers o.O
Kenia Year ago
Loved everything 😍😍😍
Yudeny Fernandez
Yudeny Fernandez Year ago
House tour
Icy Koo
Icy Koo Year ago
What size did you order? Is it similar to US size?
Megan Mae
Megan Mae Year ago
Love your personality 😂
Jasmine Girn
Jasmine Girn Year ago
What lipstick are you wearing in this vid? I'm obsessed!!!
Shauna Bryant
Shauna Bryant Year ago
Lol at the naked toilet comments 😂
izabelaoliviablog Year ago
sierra_rose Year ago
obsessed w your style... **throws on denim jacket**
ebarajas2314 Year ago
What brand is your lipstick ?
Maryana Dvorska
Maryana Dvorska Year ago
Every time you put on an outfit I was like Ok that’s my favorite. Then I realized you’re perfect and I’d think a garbage bag was my favorite on you. Okay bye 💓
Summer Goldman
Summer Goldman Year ago
I also wear some of my old bloomers from cheer whenever I wear anything that feels a little short or super flowy... makes me feel more comfortable!
Avery Stark
Avery Stark Year ago
girl, I love your style!! You always purchase such cute trendy clothes. I wish the pricing wasn't so expensive because I would probably get everything you just filmed.
Natinat Year ago
That senorita remix is BOMB 👌🏾
Monica Chavarro
Monica Chavarro Year ago
Hi. I wanted to ask what brand/color lipstick are you wearing? Looks so nice! :-)
Rosie Year ago
Where is the top that you're wearing in the sit down portion from?
Reggina Hzz
Reggina Hzz Year ago
What the hell, I swear you get more gorgeous every video 😍😍.
Forceofbeauty Year ago
I love your personality so much!!!
Danielle Kleczka
Danielle Kleczka Year ago
Whitney what camera do you use? And do you use a microphone? Ps I love this try on haul!! You look so good in everything
Kayleen Madasamy
Kayleen Madasamy Year ago
satan! 🤣 dead
Kate Robb
Kate Robb Year ago
Omg that did not disappoint😂 I don’t watch try on videos; but a Whitney Simmons try on?! I’m here for the lolz 😂👌🏻 why are you so funny?!
Ellie May
Ellie May Year ago
Ong so funny to see an American in Aussie fashion! Love it 😍 i feel like we do wear more revealing clothing in Australia 😂
Anavey Haro
Anavey Haro Year ago
“Wear a denim jacket, wear a denim jacket..” YESSS girl 😂🤗👌🏽 you’re the best Whitt 💗
Aubrey Miller
Aubrey Miller Year ago
Can you say what your lip color is in your video’s? A girl needs to know!!
Brittany Partin
Brittany Partin Year ago
You look precious! Your hair is so cute 💕
Sherry smith
Sherry smith Year ago
I love your new clothes ,and you are so Beautiful
Laura Cestero
Laura Cestero Year ago
I thought the first black dress was beautiful on you! I didnt think it was revealing at all compared to the first few bra outfits! It covered way more. Super cute
Audrey Ida
Audrey Ida Year ago
😂 lysm
Samantha Reinke
Samantha Reinke Year ago
Love the video like these ❤️ Also could you do a video of what you’ve been up to that’s better than an Ebook 👀❤️❤️
Brittney W
Brittney W Year ago
i love your sense of style!
Morgan Yates
Morgan Yates Year ago
Work that middle part yes girllll
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