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Whitney Simmons

11 months ago

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Jocelyne 14 days ago
Where is this wrapping paper from?? I really really need to know. I had to come back to this video from last year to see if you had it linked
kelsey rodgers
kelsey rodgers Month ago
Isn’t every boyfriend\husband the worst driver?? Brings out the anxiety in me I didn’t know I had 🤣
Amy L
Amy L 2 months ago
Hey Whitney! Where is this outfit from? xoxo 🤍
thaovu0914 5 months ago
Who else is here after watching the proposal video? My heart is melting.
Mina 5 months ago
Anyone else rewatching this video after watching their proposal video? *crying*
Kitty Kawaii
Kitty Kawaii 5 months ago
My first date with my boyfriend of 8 years was bad ... we were teenagers and his uncle had to pick me up and take us to the movies and we barely spoke and then a year later we reunited and now together strong ❤️
Brianne Nicole
Brianne Nicole 5 months ago
whitney I looove your laugh
Meg Christine
Meg Christine 6 months ago
I didn't know you lived in Utah. I live in Utah. I love Utah. I love your channel.
Linn Tran
Linn Tran 6 months ago
I love this video so much 😭 I’m so happy you found true love, you deserve it so much!!! Love you guys ❤️❤️
Jill 6 months ago
4:40 every student in Denmark. *Air horn* got em
Katelyn Doherty
Katelyn Doherty 7 months ago
Where did you get the robe set from? 😩
Heather Murphy
Heather Murphy 7 months ago
Move to Miami, you guys will love it. We just moved here a few months ago.
Rebecca Haydel
Rebecca Haydel 7 months ago
Just saying, I recently vacationed in Sanur, Bali and it was beautiful!
Zahraa Ali
Zahraa Ali 8 months ago
You are the most warmhearted girl in the universe.💗💗💗💗 I love you sooo much.
Lacy Perez
Lacy Perez 9 months ago
I’m in so much pain and can’t workout right now as I lay on the couch wishing I was going about my regular day I’m watching your videos to uplift my spirits because you have such good energy 🥰
Liem Tran
Liem Tran 9 months ago
Wait I thought the dogs were indigo and navy? I’m confused lol
Liem Tran
Liem Tran 9 months ago
Whitney Simmons omggg you’re saying miss indigo I legit thought I heard miss Cindy hahahhaahaah I was like wait when did she rename indigo? Wow 😅😅
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 9 months ago
They are 😂 what do you mean?
Avery Layne Gray
Avery Layne Gray 9 months ago
I LOVE YOU!! I’ve been binge watching your videos! I just started working out a few weeks ago and you have really motivated me! You make me smile and laugh in every video!!😂🤗 Keep up the great videos! Huge fan💗🥰
Shan Luann
Shan Luann 9 months ago
Love love love this video! I love how open and honest you are around Stefan, it’s so lovely to see. And yes you’re right, things do come back around full circle and everything happens for a reason! I truly believe that ❤️
Cristina's Luck
Cristina's Luck 10 months ago
Omg when you were holding the little green gift after you talked about your ex. I was in my feels for you because SAME but then i saw you being all cute right after holding it and i LOL’d 🤣🤣🤣
Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller 10 months ago
Stephanie is boyfriend goals
Rachel Burgin
Rachel Burgin 10 months ago
You live in Utah??? I live in Utah 😭 I hope I can meet you someday
Sarah Willey
Sarah Willey 10 months ago
Get you a man who loves you like Stefan loves Whit’s wrapping skills
melindaabond 11 months ago
Omg the lover reference. SO FREAKIN CUTE
Pandaguin1 11 months ago
Lol I love how he was there waiting Awww you two are so cute ❤️❤️
Ana Vargas
Ana Vargas 11 months ago
This was so refreshing!
rattiemomma 11 months ago
Similar to the "That's it. We're breaking up" joke, I regularly propose to my husband of almost 18 years. And he always says "No. Too late, I'm already married" or "Sorry, I'm taken." I've been shot down like 900 times in 17 years. Lol!
dreamy owl
dreamy owl 11 months ago
May God bless you both. Ilysm.
Grace Ella
Grace Ella 11 months ago
this is the kind of relationship i want because you can tell that they’re best friends as well
Grace Ella
Grace Ella 11 months ago
her outfit🤩
Natalie King
Natalie King 11 months ago
LOL way to avoid that last question Whit! Love you guys!
Morgan Thomson
Morgan Thomson 11 months ago
So that you included Stefan in this video!
Heather Tracy
Heather Tracy 11 months ago
“Well, this is over now.” 🤣🤣
Hayley Rivera
Hayley Rivera 11 months ago
y’all are too cute ! 🥺❣️
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie 11 months ago
WOOOOOOW. How is he so sweet? Like he literally is one in a million. is he close to his family? You two are just so awesome. How you talk, laugh together, communicate.
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie 11 months ago
What I think is great is even on the first date y'all argued/disgareed because you both stay true to who each of you are. Know what I mean? Im really glad ya'll were able to come back together and one of the best things is being able to "fight well." Thats how you know you got a good one!! Also sooo happy to hear how your family is so tight knit!
Britney Gray
Britney Gray 11 months ago
I love yall 😭😭😭
Jennifer 11 months ago
I love the Jazz !! Jealous , I wanna go to a game so bad
Lovely Angela
Lovely Angela 11 months ago
Lol in n out is STILL your cheat meal!!
Layla Zeferino
Layla Zeferino 11 months ago
You guys are really relationship goals. We can really see and feel the love. Merry Christmas you two! I hope you last forever
Shelby S
Shelby S 11 months ago
This was so wholesome, my heart is so full. When Stefan was saying things he loves about Whitney I was melting. Everyone. Deserves. A. Stefan!!! You guys are so cute. ILYSM
Yesenia Rojas
Yesenia Rojas 11 months ago
Girl you make me wanna love my relationship just as hard as you love yours. 😩❤️
independent 11 months ago
What is in and out?🤔 I want to try it lol
independent 11 months ago
Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith 11 months ago
Omg could not agree more with the pet peeve! My husband is a terrible driver and he gets mad at me for trying to control his driving 😂
Antoni Emmanuel
Antoni Emmanuel 11 months ago
I am now more dumber for having watched this
Chandra Holestine
Chandra Holestine 11 months ago
Now that I know he is a computer engineer it makes sense how nerdy he sounds! Sending love to you both!
Sierra Day
Sierra Day 11 months ago
what booty resistance bands do you use at the gym? thanks Whit
Becca Geibel
Becca Geibel 11 months ago
“Oooo what do you think about these orANges”😂😂 so cute
Nicole Lynn
Nicole Lynn 11 months ago
Where did you get that comfy ensemble? 😍
Flower I
Flower I 11 months ago
I loved this video! 💕
Lindsay Hinton
Lindsay Hinton 11 months ago
What are you wearing / where is it from??
Amy C News
Amy C News 11 months ago
I just love Stephans voice... and you two SOOOOO MUCH!! ☺️❤️🥰💕💯
Sarah Love
Sarah Love 11 months ago
So where can I find a Stephen? 😭 I want a cute boyfriend who makes me memory gifts of the year and makes me laugh too lol
Darby Hogle
Darby Hogle 11 months ago
I feel like I have seen Stefan?
Darby Hogle
Darby Hogle 11 months ago
My first date with my husband was horrid. We went to a bar and he was on his phone so much it turned me off. I later found out he was super nervous and was telling his friends about how pretty I was and how scared he was that I didn’t like him 🥺 after that he thought he lost me forever and prayed about it 😂
harjeet Nahal
harjeet Nahal 11 months ago
Witt, I love how ur hair is standing up while talking about this scammer guy😂😂...happens to me too!!!
Henry The King
Henry The King 11 months ago
Stunningly beautiful
Maddie L.
Maddie L. 11 months ago
OMG. I DO “we’re broken up too”!!!!! WHAT
Haley Myers
Haley Myers 11 months ago
Where is that set from !!! I want to live in it !
Melissa Ann
Melissa Ann 11 months ago
Where can i get this outfit?!! 😍😍😍 looks so cozy!!
Rebecca Stephens
Rebecca Stephens 11 months ago
“Stefan voted for the first time.” “Heh heh, that was a good one.” 😂 hahaha love it. Merry Christmas!
Dana Amadasun
Dana Amadasun 11 months ago
Im living for whit just casually flexin in her SKIMS.
SAN 11 months ago
what i gathered from this video is that Stephan is already planning the wedding... whit and steph will get engaged or married sometime next year and also steph doesnt think whit will move from utah because he knows she likes to be close to her family and he values her so much that he is propbably already looking for houses to buy for them to move into in utah! which all in all is soo beautiful and im looking forward to it sooo much! whit you deserve all the beautiful things in the world and steph and you are beautiful so i want this for you! also whit i saw how quiet you got when he mentioned honey moon ha ha i can see you screaming inside from the hint bomb he just dropped... but you kept it kool ha ha ha oh and i just rewatched 90210 and you guys remind me of naiome and max... yano the hot girl and the super smart computer guy who's semi hot... there defo needs to be more relationships like this...i know i want one ha keep being beautiful guys xoxoxo
tessmaria99 11 months ago
"and I'm not a good singer, so we sing bad together" Listen, if this isn't relationship goals idk what is
Ashley Cosio
Ashley Cosio 11 months ago
I love whits edits so much. She’s doing so amazing!! 🖤🖤
cazandra rivera
cazandra rivera 11 months ago
Love that you guys keep your relationship so personal! And that you guys feel the way you do for each other!.. I also love that we got to learn a little bit more about Stephen and your relationship ♥️♥️ love you Whit! You're an inspiration!
Mandy Mo
Mandy Mo 11 months ago
Where are these pajamas from?
Kristine Schaap
Kristine Schaap 11 months ago
OMG the gifts he makes for you....OMGGG so lovely
Alyssa Augustine
Alyssa Augustine 11 months ago
Not sure If you're still looking for Whitmas video ideas but could you do a video about some tips on how to start a fitness youtube/instagram? And how to film in the gym/ take good selfies? Cause girl you look STUNNING in every single one of your vids/pics!! Ilysm!!
Emma Weir
Emma Weir 11 months ago
Wow i loved this and getting to know you and sefan as a whole 💕
Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright 11 months ago
Where is your whole outfit from?! It looks so comfy and I need that in my life!
Nayelly Rodriguez
Nayelly Rodriguez 11 months ago
So cute 🥰
Meghan 11 months ago
I feel bad for Stefan on that first date 😆
Kimberly Welcher
Kimberly Welcher 11 months ago
One of my top favorite Whitmas videos to date (minus the two workout vids - cause gotta get them gains)! Obsessed.
Dalia Bazan
Dalia Bazan 11 months ago
Where did you get the black wrapping paper? I need that I’m my life it matches my mood lol
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 11 months ago
Um your outfit looks cozy af I NEED it lol
Mackenzie Childs
Mackenzie Childs 11 months ago
What is the name of the set she is wearing??? Soooooo cozy😍
Alice Woodruff
Alice Woodruff 11 months ago
Omggg! Hahaha my coworker does that too: "Linda! Lindaaa! Listen Linda!"
KMEvansRN 11 months ago
Whit, you have like the best parents ever. 😭😭😭
Heather -_-
Heather -_- 11 months ago
You guys are so cute. Are you wearing skims? They look so comfy.
Lily S-Ritchie
Lily S-Ritchie 11 months ago
Where is your lounge wear from? Xx
Kendra Lewis
Kendra Lewis 11 months ago
My first date with my boyfriend was good but we bumped heads after for a while. Now it’s amazing
Monica R
Monica R 11 months ago
Where is your outfit from??
Quincy Stucki
Quincy Stucki 11 months ago
Your first date was hilarious. What a fun story to retell. You guys should do more videos like this!
chanandler bong
chanandler bong 11 months ago
Computer engineer > Instagram bf
Blair Burnett
Blair Burnett 11 months ago
this is the most chill sit down video why did it make me love whit even more
Kirstin P
Kirstin P 11 months ago
Someone please tell me where i can find this outfit😍😭
Paulina Svedova
Paulina Svedova 11 months ago
In think its skims
ladieessence 11 months ago
For a first date, you should meet up. People are crazy. Don’t ever have a first date pick you up ladies.
Kylie Duhachek
Kylie Duhachek 11 months ago
Aww super awesome video!!! 🥰💙 y’all are so stickin’ cute
Gillian Bramwell
Gillian Bramwell 11 months ago
I'm watching this on the 18th but it was my birthday on the day she uploaded this!! (16th) Love you Whitney!!!!! Loving Whitmas 2019!!
Kalista Socarras
Kalista Socarras 11 months ago
the anniversary gifts!!!! my heart :')!!!!!
Annakaren Rios
Annakaren Rios 11 months ago
Why did watching this video feel like we were all sitting in her living room casually just answering questions while wrapping gifts? Really felt like I was just sitting there with both of you just listening to you guys talk! Lysm💕
Alison Bolton
Alison Bolton 11 months ago
I was always told to always take yourself to a first date for safety and for in case you want to leave...or if things go terrible you aren’t either left or having to awkwardly ride home lol
Mary Conaty
Mary Conaty 11 months ago
Candace Bacon
Candace Bacon 11 months ago
Y’all are so cute! Hopefully I can find a relationship like y’all one day.
Jess Hencke
Jess Hencke 11 months ago
omgggg I also had a couples massage where I had a guy and my boyfriend had a girl and it was sooo awks for meeeeeee. He was fine tho *eyeroll
Lisa S From Ohio
Lisa S From Ohio 11 months ago
He’s so sweet. Seriously what a good guy. I’m happy for you both. You two crazy kids. Haha
Arianny Gonzalez
Arianny Gonzalez 11 months ago
Can you pls link this outfit?? so cute!!! y'all are s'cute
alissa landen
alissa landen 11 months ago
Love the wrapping paper! Falalala Love you in cream and you have fantastic hair and a beautiful relationship with Stephen
Mariel Becerra
Mariel Becerra 11 months ago
okay but like... I said “In-N-Out” with them at the same time 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 11 months ago
Brianna Cunningham
Brianna Cunningham 11 months ago
Stefan I think she’s hinting to propose already 😂
Brianna Cunningham
Brianna Cunningham 11 months ago
Oh no I’m sure y’all do! I just thought it was cute at the end when you were like if we’re MARRIED and I thought you were hinting. Just thought it was cute.
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 11 months ago
There’s no hinting. We talk open and honest about our future together.
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