GROW YOUR BOOTY Complete Leg Workout

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Whitney Simmons

2 years ago

DAY 8 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! A complete leg workout to target your glutes, hamstrings and quads. Step by step information on how to grow a booty and how to train legs.

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15 minute warmup of choice
followed by glute activation

4 sets of 5
1 & 1/2 sumo squat deadlift
superset | 3 sets
5 split stance RDL
5 split squat
2 sets of 8-10 heavy hip thrusts
1 set of myo-rep hip thrusts (10, 5, 5)
superset | 2 sets
20 hyperextensions
12 straight leg DL

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Sara Queen
Sara Queen 7 months ago
I absolutely adore you and your energy! Keep it up, girlfriend; your workouts have changed my life! 💪🏽🍑
Rebekah Rosso
Rebekah Rosso Year ago
How much weight do you use for the hip thrusts??
Faustina Grchan
Faustina Grchan Year ago
I love how you did pro and begginer, plz do that more:) love you!
Haley Brooks
Haley Brooks Year ago
Did this work out today and it absolutely murmured me! It felt great 😍
Bridgette Willis
Bridgette Willis Year ago
Hey Whit what size dumbbells do you regularly use? Love ya by the way😁
Gabriel Sanchez Gusman
Gabriel Sanchez Gusman Year ago
Saludos especiales para una reina que tiene un kuerpesito bien ermoso mmmmmmmmm mamasita juñññ
FC Year ago
mykiah Year ago
Can you do a Butt workout w/o equipment?
Lovetriceyy Year ago
What shoes are you wearing? Loved the video!!
Kiera Jekyll
Kiera Jekyll Year ago
spent an hour and a half at the gym doing this workout and did one of your ab circuits after, and girl i am struggling to get off the couch now!!!
Stephanie Year ago
Is there any difference between the split RDL's with the barbell vs the dumbbells?
vella ware
vella ware Year ago
New follower and really appreciate u showing with the bun bells too. Thanks!
Lacey Burch
Lacey Burch Year ago
Kathy Filippetti
Kathy Filippetti Year ago
Roux Addler
Roux Addler Year ago
This was a great workout, thanks for putting the dumbell variations in here too. I usually work out at home and I don't have access to a barbell so the variants are great to see
Ashley Jasmine
Ashley Jasmine Year ago
This is the best workout I’ve ever done! It’s so damn effective
Latricia Year ago
Did this monday with you felt good couldnt do hip thrusters scared and didnt have a small mat to wrap aound
Leah Luck
Leah Luck Year ago
OMG! I did the first three exercises and I feel so dead. Just started weightlifting. How should I stretch before doing these workouts?
lupitaa97 Year ago
Is it possible to grow a big ol booty while losing weight? 😰
Emily Daboin Sanchez
Emily Daboin Sanchez Year ago
Whitney can you tell us how much weight you use?
Freya Christian
Freya Christian Year ago
This workout is amazing I was sore for about 4 days after this 😂
Diane Lopez
Diane Lopez Year ago
what is the weight of that barbell you are using for sumo deadlifts??
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman Year ago
thumbs up
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman Year ago
thumbs up on your videos
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman Year ago
i love your workout plan keep up the good work and videos
Kisha Lee
Kisha Lee Year ago
When I do the barbel split, it feels more like a lower back I doing this correctly? Or could my form be off?
Jacqueline Argueta
Jacqueline Argueta Year ago
What shoes are you wearing? I've been looking for good lifting shoes.
Saleana Yang
Saleana Yang Year ago
i personally wear vans when lifting while my friend wears converse. they're pretty decent because they typically have flat soles which is ideal for lifting.
Sunethra Year ago
That is really nice your mother helps you for packaging! I'm doing this work again...I have changed the way I view my body for fitness. I gained 20lbs last year due to stress, relationships and failures. Even while typing this I feel sad, but I am pushing through counting my blessings and working towards my goals and trying again fitness wise and also career wise. Its time for all the love I give to others to myself.
O Faith
O Faith Year ago
You are my absolute favorite, you not only show and describe the workout so well, you also type the workout in the description. Love you!!
vanessa98 Year ago
what shoes do you wear to the gym?
Daliangeli Padilla
Daliangeli Padilla Year ago
You are honestly my favorite person to learn fitness from. You explain so thoroughly, you are so genuine and nice!
Taryn Rose
Taryn Rose Year ago
You are beautiful and I am only two videos in and I think I'm gonna love your channel❤❤ new sub😍💜
Zara Soleil
Zara Soleil Year ago
Leg day
elleromakeup16 Year ago
How much weight do you lift? It’s a very useful information
Sérgio Brito
Sérgio Brito Year ago
Will you marry me? Please, I love you.
Poqori Year ago
I need more booty workouts pls!
Heaven Brosnan
Heaven Brosnan Year ago
If you’re not comfortable doing hip thrusts with a bar can you use anything else? Kettle/ etc?
Sydney Berry
Sydney Berry Year ago
Heaven Brosnan you can use dumbbells or pre weighted barbells!!
Anna M
Anna M Year ago
I just did this workout this morning and I have been in such a rutt with leg workouts so I have been looking for something new. This absolutely killed me and my legs feel so good!! Can't wait to add this to my regular routine
Chelsea Ferolino
Chelsea Ferolino Year ago
Please make a video on how to keep and maintain proper form (:
Mark Joia
Mark Joia Year ago
Im a 44 year old women who has lifted weights for 10 years. Love your videos. Learn some new stuff. Love that you incoperate proper form into ypur videos.
Jessica Grimes
Jessica Grimes Year ago
I've been doing this from the instagram video set,...just seeing this now haha time to upgrade my leg day to the full workout 😅
Nutrition Elevated
Nutrition Elevated Year ago
Love the dumbbell mods! My glutes are on 🔥 today!
Astoria Poteet
Astoria Poteet Year ago
Hi Whitney! As I was doing the super set of split stance RDL and split squat, i felt a lot of tension and pain in my feet.. i kept trying to fix my form thinking maybe it was that but i was still feeling that pain.. any idea of why?
Danielle Rangel
Danielle Rangel Year ago
My sisters name is Whitney ❤️
Rebecca Fletcher
Rebecca Fletcher Year ago
Just want to say thanks for creating amazing workouts with killer technique tips and great clear visuals. Your videos have inspired me to do more gym sessions per week. I workout heavily in Pilates & Yoga and use the gym as a cross training tool. I’ve been following your workout videos for about 3 weeks now and love learning new ways of doing generic exercises as well as learning totally new ways to move/workout my body through your content. 😃💪🏼
Danielle Timoko
Danielle Timoko Year ago
Where do you get your workout attire!?
Alessia b
Alessia b Year ago
Legggg workoutttt
Dawn F
Dawn F Year ago
Hey, do you have any tips as to how to gauge what weight to start with? I don’t want to look stupid and try to use too much when doing a hip thrust or keep taking and re racking weights.
Nattiebopper Year ago
Where did you get that black cropped jacket?! 😍 love you whit! ❤️❤️
Zara Soleil
Zara Soleil Year ago
I keep coming back to this one... twice this week?!
Stephanie K
Stephanie K Year ago
THANK YOU!!! I did this workout today after spin class and my booty/legs are ROASTED!!!!!!
Tiffany B
Tiffany B Year ago
what foundation do you use ???
Fitness Model
Fitness Model Year ago
Hip warkout
Zara Soleil
Zara Soleil Year ago
Love you
Kyla Year ago
Hey Whitney!! - new subscriber and currently obsessed with your "what I eat in a day" vids and your work outs!! I was wondering if you could do a booty/leg work out that is compatible with knee injuries? I broke my knee cap 10 years ago and I still cannot put weight on that leg when my knee is bent/squat. A lot of the exercises I can kind of work around or do a variation but it would be awesome to have a one stop video with a bunch of leg workouts that I can reference that won't kill my knee (ie. lunges, jumping squats, etc) love you
Alex T
Alex T Year ago
Heyyy whitney how come when you hold this bar you do it have both hands facing the same way?
Nowell Polo
Nowell Polo Year ago
How many pounds are the dumbbells?
Zoryana Moyko
Zoryana Moyko Year ago
We neeed a hip thrust alternative:( the big bars are not always available
Jdawwgg g
Jdawwgg g Year ago
Does anybody know what resistance band she uses?? The one linked is different than the one shes using in the video?
ezzzbecky Year ago
Hey Whit or fellow fans of hers. I've got a question for you fellow weight training girls. How does being in your period affect your training? Like should I just power through or do lighter weights because of iron loss? What do you think?
ezzzbecky Year ago
@onmyharmonyhigh great advice...i don't have anemia but i'm always on the edge. everytime i get my bloodtests back they say almost or borderline anemic. I'll try some iron. thank you
onmyharmonyhigh Year ago
I have a problem with being anemic a lot, so when i'm on my period, I always fight the iron loss with some iron supplements in my morning vitamin routine. Otherwise, I don't have enough energy to power through.
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson Year ago
Power through it, girl. You'll reap the benefits: less bloating, less cramping, less pms, and lighter flow.
jsfnlrssn98 Year ago
Taking this workout with me to the gym now! So excited😄🎉🎉
katherine Winkler
katherine Winkler Year ago
Girl ! Your form is on point 👌🏻
Nicole Peaslee
Nicole Peaslee Year ago
I have really bad hip flexors. I’m so scared of hip thrusts 😩
sheyla zagal
sheyla zagal Year ago
What does hinting at the hips mean ?
Bikini Fit
Bikini Fit Year ago
Love your videos
fennerrrrr Year ago
I think a big game changer for me this year was focusing on my glutes in everything I did at the gym and consciously thinking about using them. My instagram is @fen_fennn Love you so much Whit 💕
Cristian Camilo Torres
Cristian Camilo Torres Year ago
Se me movió un poco
22wooo Year ago
My hammys were sore for a week 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️
Shania George
Shania George Year ago
I’m in the middle of this workout at the gym. Already know i’m going to struggle to drive home 😂😂😂
Marisa Year ago
What resistance band are you using here?
ClaireS2390 Year ago
man i wish we had this gym in wisconsin, its awesome!
Sassouu Sasoo
Sassouu Sasoo Year ago
Eyebrows on fleek!!
cassandra l
cassandra l Year ago
when i do hip thrusts i tend to feel the burn in my legs rather than my butt... what am i doing wrong?
AmandaEquestrian Year ago
cassandra l Lol same, but try lower the weight a bit and really focus on your mind muscle connection or make sure that your feet’s not placed too close to your bum, how do I explain.. 90+ degree angel ?
Maria Konstas
Maria Konstas Year ago
Did anyone try the hyperextensions??? I did the full 20, but the 2nd set I was struggling and started to feel lower back pain, did anyone have the same experience? Is there a reason I had this back pain?
MeganKohlerFitness Year ago
don't arch your back! I used to and my back would kill, keep it in line and concentrate on keeping your hamstrings and glutes engaged rather than your lower back doing the work
Aline De Oliveira
Aline De Oliveira Year ago
How much time do we need to rest??
Love this !!!!
Katie chimes
Katie chimes Year ago
insta: Katie.chimes. I started to add resistance bands and it made a huge difference!
Lisa Year ago
Holy moly! I tried this today at the gym and OMG it was a killer! I loved it! It still burns!!!! Thank you so much Whitney! 😊👏🏻 Sending you some love and good energy from Sweden!💖
Ebony Powell
Ebony Powell Year ago
Whit...I already have a booty...a big one 😂 How do I tone and trip God’s gift?!
Eve Guzman
Eve Guzman Year ago
Omg thank you for this video. Also I love your sweater, where did you get it from?
nygal628 Year ago
Would be great if u showed some exercises WITHOUT weights!! Not evryone wants to or can afford to go to a gym! Ive only been to a gym 1 time, got made fun of & neva went back! Just cuz im not fat/overweight, ppl think u shouldn't b in a gym! I felt so humiliated & stopped workin out...jus started back up again but ONLY in the privacy of my home so i dnt hav to b insulted wit rude azz comments frm f'ing strangers!!!
phoenixmoon3 Year ago
Just found out about you from Jada Pinket Smith. Can’t wait to work out with you.
Cüneyt YAYLAN Year ago
hi whitney ,can i join u?*;)
Marie AdoariT
Marie AdoariT Year ago
I want to be you 😭
Tori F
Tori F Year ago
I love the descriptions you give and the variations for different skill levels. You are incredibly inspiring, Whit. Thanks for the great content!
FitterFasterUK Year ago
Just found your channel, why has it taken me this long. Thanks for the video :)
shannon cotner
shannon cotner Year ago
Could you please possibly touch what you do for stretching
Montze Garcia
Montze Garcia Year ago
One thing that has changed my whole booty looks has definitely been the hip thrusts, and i found them out they your Chanel, I used to do them but I didn’t know I had to target the muscle. So thanks whit ! You have MAJOR! Helped me with my body this year. Instagram: Montzeg
Erin Hausmann
Erin Hausmann Year ago
My fave Whitney 💕
Bar Alkoby
Bar Alkoby Year ago
Where you get the RB pls ?❤️
Kristen Dyer
Kristen Dyer Year ago
I’ve started focusing on becoming strong, not just working out for looks or the approval of others!! Ig: kristen_dyer
Adrian Daniels
Adrian Daniels Year ago
Is there an alternative to the hyperextention? I feel super uncomfortable on the one that my gym has. I don't feel steady and I feel like I'm going to fall straight on to my head lol. It's too low.
Maggie Raman
Maggie Raman Year ago
started doing heavier weights! ig is @maggie.raman
I m not coming here for learn workout ....i m coming only to see your beautiful looks, sexy voice, and most important ur sexy from india
Maddie Nees
Maddie Nees Year ago
One thing I changed during my workout: I used to go into the gym thinking that I needed to train as hard as a possibly could, and if I didn't, my workout sucked. I was so obsessed with looking a certain way that I started restricting my diet (eating extremely healthy), and going to the gym almost everyday. I look back and wonder literally why in the world did I do that to myself?? What was I training for? Why was I forcing myself to eat certain foods at certain times and in certain proportions? I truly didn't have a genuine end goal, and wasn't focusing on being fit as a lifestyle. Now, I go to the gym when I feel like it. I've tried so many different workouts (yoga, spin, weightlifting, TRX, etc.) that I love. And I'm honestly so confident in myself. I go to the gym because I love the way it makes me FEEL, not to reduce a number on a scale. So I guess I just simply changed my mindset towards the gym, and it's been great!! P.S. love you!!
ariane demers
ariane demers Year ago
I changed in my workouts to do a warm up cardio before training, especialy when it’s leg day. I feel like it burns more when it comes to lift. Will definitely try this workout! Ily xx
Joanna Abrams
Joanna Abrams Year ago
You are just amazing. You’ve stayed true to you and you continue to offer us the same level of Whitney that you always have - THANK YOU for continuing to post your workouts in the description box- such a life saver. And showing us all the cool new things. This year I’m coming back from having twins 👯 so I’m focusing on loving my body in all its stages and rebuilding my strength. Perk is showing my girls a strong 💪🏻 and healthy momma. @thetalltoddler is my Instagram if you wanna see pics 😊
Amy Jones
Amy Jones Year ago
One thing I changed in my workouts is adding in more cardio and just being more consistent. I've tried a lot of new things this year like resistance bands and going to classes too and I feel like changing it up has made a big difference! insta amy_jones__
Holly Zetlmeisl
Holly Zetlmeisl Year ago
Contact me on insta at @hollyzet95- I’ve been lifting mostly this year vs cardio- seen major changes and love lifting weights now !!!!
Gianna F-H
Gianna F-H Year ago
Stretching more!! @gigi__marie__
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