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Whitney Simmons

2 years ago

DAY 11 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! No equipment full body at home workout!

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10 exercises! 30 seconds each exercise.
Complete each exercise back to back with minimal rest in-between each exercise. Repeat circuit if you're up for it!
lunge squat lunge
tricep dips
step up to reverse lunge
plank up, down to push-up
single-leg hip thrusts
plank shoulder taps
single-leg pistol squat
toe taps
bulgarian split squat
jumping squats

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83prettyblack 6 months ago
I like these exercises but I would prefer to do them with you,especially because I wouldn't remember how or which next without forwarding.
Citlally RV
Citlally RV 6 months ago
Can i do the same workouts everyday? From Monday to Friday
Cristina Lee
Cristina Lee 7 months ago
One round of this is killer
Abbie TheDog
Abbie TheDog 8 months ago
thank you so much for making these vids and also including all the scaling options for beginners! it’s so great to have
ro ♡
ro ♡ 8 months ago
Never thought I'd be into home workouts but with this Coronavirus & everything shutting down where I live, I'm so thankful for home workouts! Thank you! 💓 Stay active xx
qualified armchair critic
qualified armchair critic 8 months ago
Right now where I live going to the gym isn't so safe because of that heckin covid-19, so I do this workout at home instead and it's so good and satisfying! I managed to do stuff that I really doubted I'd be able to at first, so that makes me really happy. Ngl those single leg movements really showed how my left leg is LETTING US DOWN lol
Cristina Mourin
Cristina Mourin 9 months ago
You are the best giiiirrrll!!!!!
Karla Marie
Karla Marie 10 months ago
Umm where did you get the chair. I was using my chair but couldn’t feel safe enough to have a good posture! Lol.
Meagan Ashleigh
Meagan Ashleigh 11 months ago
I watch you all the time and love all the content! I’m starting my workout journey again and I’m starting on this vid, just wanted to THANKYOU!!! Feels like my own personal Trainer for free and I’m just so thankful, you’re amazing, hot fire flames, love ya sm and thank ya thank ya!!!♥️
Bikini Fit
Bikini Fit 11 months ago
Love this thanks girl!! xo
April Brown
April Brown 11 months ago
Omggg I'm dying. I'm so weak at full body stuff so I think I'll be adding on 1 of your at home workouts a week
Kira Treat
Kira Treat 11 months ago
more at-home workouts plsss!
Cymantha Year ago
Love weight training aswell just starting out
Rulai Maria
Rulai Maria Year ago
What are those shoes you wearing in this exercise? I love them.
Kait Cohen
Kait Cohen Year ago
This was an awesome quick workout! It took me 8mins I think got my heart rate up to 160bpm and I burned about 80 calories. (This was only for 1 set). Thanks girl!!
Nina Glorioso
Nina Glorioso Year ago
Love these kind of workouts especially when I travel. Thanks so much. Would love more workouts with resistance bands & not just for the flutes. More power & lots of love from Manila! Xoxo
Franziska Maria
Franziska Maria Year ago
Girl! I was too busy heading to the gym today so I thought I'd check for my girl Whitney to give me some exercises for exercising at home. When I watched your video first I thought like "naah that's not gonna make me sweat" BUT! Well I'm here breathing heavy hahaha what can I say? Loved it! By spending minimum time I can literally feel my body working! Thanks!!!! :-) Edit: I agree with some of the other users who mentioned it before: I had to pause and do the exercise since you did not film the entire Video in "One Cut" Style - only minus butttt still love you and love your Vids and btw congrats to your Gymshark collab!!!! :-**** Kisses from Germany
StyleMe Doll
StyleMe Doll Year ago
I just did this at home because I had a lot of laundry and cleaning to do around the house. Didn’t want to pop out for the gym. It was amazing and just what I needed to get moving and break a sweat. Thanks Whit ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
Love that work out 💪🏻 that’s great you did that I got to do it with you when you did it so cool love you too Whitney ❤️❤️💕
Oriana Gomez
Oriana Gomez Year ago
Vanessa Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez Year ago
Omg you killed me! My body is so weak!!
Terese Dawn
Terese Dawn Year ago
I’m watching back on your videos to get some workout ideas. I’ve been going to the gym for about 4 weeks now and the biggest problem I have is form and such. Can you do a video or an explanation on how to make sure my neck doesn’t hurt when doing crunches? I do them, and idk I must be doing them wrong because my neck ends up hurting :/
Andreea Bogdan
Andreea Bogdan Year ago
angela reed
angela reed Year ago
I did this circuit 3 times...should be a good workout! I'm dripping sweat hereee 🙌💪🙏
theycallmedudaa Year ago
One of my fave videos you’ve done, thank you so much!! Building my confidence at home really helps when I actually go to the gym. Love it!!
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller Year ago
Love this Linda!!!! Haha 😆
Barbora Válková
Barbora Válková Year ago
When you do it it seems easy :D then I did it and well it´s not! :D
elysian soul
elysian soul Year ago
Year ago I was suffering from bone tuberculosis (spine) so can I do this ? Or are they harmful for lower back ?
HeatherFeather Year ago
UGHHH can't even do lunges yet!! How do I build up the strength to do lunges without falling over?
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson Year ago
Love you Whit
Charlotte Regodos
Charlotte Regodos Year ago
Your so awesome. I follow you bc of my friend here in philippines. I really love your body and I use it as my motivation to do my workout routine in the gym.
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson Year ago
Okay, I went on a quick jog before doing this, and just to the second workout KILLED ME. I dont know if this is a super intense workout or if I’m just super out of shape, but holy guacamole. Mah bones were shakin’.
Abigail Ayala Flores
Abigail Ayala Flores Year ago
Ive been doing this workout and the results are great
Kristy Corder
Kristy Corder Year ago
Weights are my fav.
DaGoddess ASMR
DaGoddess ASMR Year ago
lol the puppy wanted to play and workout with you :)
Daliangeli Padilla
Daliangeli Padilla Year ago
Love your personality ❤ big fan here! I'm a new mother and I am only able to hit the gym like 2x a week so I wanted to do some home workouts. I want to get a barbell but can I use dumbells for the same effect ? As in trying to put one weight? Anyone else feel free to help a girl out please!! Whitney's a busy gal 😩
Sarah Flagor
Sarah Flagor Year ago
love this
Pelepetua Fa
Pelepetua Fa Year ago
literally love you Whit. thank you sm for this it was such a body BURNING workout and i feel great
Annique Schutte
Annique Schutte Year ago
I love these videos,please do more of these!!!! ❤❤❤
Jamie fortenberry
Jamie fortenberry Year ago
Whitney I want my body to be smaller healthy flexibility too
A V Year ago
Snowing in Seattle and cannot leave the house for the gym... thanks for the video 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
JamieKristin Rekuc
JamieKristin Rekuc Year ago
Love your Chanel! I’m new to weights & loving it!!!! Just subscribed to you here & on insta✅💪🏼❤️👩🏻‍🦰
Destini Burkham
Destini Burkham Year ago
That dog is like wtf r u doin human
Donna Even-Kesef
Donna Even-Kesef Year ago
For those of us that have a hard time making it to the gym - all at home workouts using items we already have are great.
Danyellow Year ago
I'm older and have just gotten back to weight training- and appreciate your videos so much - so inspiring! I have a lot to learn but do miss back in the day the good old aerobics classes I used to take before lifting especially step class - cant find that anymore!:)
Muna Love
Muna Love Year ago
Love it
Tayzjah M.
Tayzjah M. Year ago
My favorite form of training is also weight training. Luv your video they give me so much motivation.💪🏾☺💜
Alaina Dines
Alaina Dines Year ago
Cross fit all the way for me
icelily2010 Year ago
Nice workout
Prakriti Upreti
Prakriti Upreti Year ago
I love this workout 😍😍 Totally recommend!
gladys romo
gladys romo Year ago
Oh my knees
McKell Halladay
McKell Halladay Year ago
I love love love your home workouts. I am so busy so sometimes I can't get to the gym. But these workouts always give me a good burn!
shameekia scott
shameekia scott Year ago
Whitney has the BEST workout vidz!!
Ava Harrington
Ava Harrington Year ago
I like intense interval training!!
Linda Thometz
Linda Thometz Year ago
Where did you get your shoes?!
Holly Maglione
Holly Maglione Year ago
I’d love to see a Vlog of you in a Yoga class! I know it’s not your style, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on yoga!
Ashley Year ago
This home workout is excellent!
Taylor La Londe
Taylor La Londe Year ago
I have got to lose weight for my wedding and I was kind of dreading it until my friend showed me your channel and now I'm all excited to work out! I'm doing a few rounds of this from my house tonight and just yesterday fell in love with a HIIT circuit I found on your IG.
s19purple Year ago
good idea but it would be easier to follow if it was a follow along workout
Rachael M
Rachael M Year ago
More of these please :) But can you do them full-length? As in can you do it and then like voice-over? That way I don't have to time it myself and pause the video every time cause it is tricky :(
AriWonder Year ago
Dina Guy
Dina Guy Year ago
So glad I came across your channel. Has been keeping me motivated🙏🏼💚
Natalie Minassian
Natalie Minassian Year ago
yes I love this!!!!!
Aryam Blah
Aryam Blah Year ago
Yessss 🙏✨ at home workouts give me LIFE ❤ SUBBED AND IN LOVE! Quality Content!
Madeline Myers
Madeline Myers Year ago
such a good quick burn!!!!
Sarah Tuohy
Sarah Tuohy Year ago
Discovered you on Red Table Talk. Excited to start a fresh new year!
Trish Year ago
Are you still using Fanola’s purple shampoo?! Your hair looks brighter than ever!!
Emily Furr
Emily Furr Year ago
Can you do a video about using the machines at the gym for beginners?
Katy McGregor
Katy McGregor Year ago
I love this!! You don’t need all this fancy equipment to have a fantastic workout!
remi cobb
remi cobb Year ago
Wow this is great for beginners thank you sm!
fmajkowski Year ago
desperate for help. I am 46 and have been maintaining my weight (135) on 1200 calories a day (roughly) low carbs. I'm desperately trying to lose weight (10 pounds). I sit all day and just joined a gym. Do I up my calories or reduce them to break the plateau?? I fear my body is just maintaining @ 1200 calories now and I'm afraid to gain
evangelina grey
evangelina grey Year ago
I think she’s selfish for not letting the dog work out while she was tapping her heels.😄
Eimy Lavallée
Eimy Lavallée Year ago
What Apple Watch apps do you use for tour workouts?
Eimy Lavallée
Eimy Lavallée Year ago
Katy McGregor i do, i bought on boxing day and really like it, but I’m struggling to find good workout apps. Under armour record is good, because the not premium option doesn’t restrain too much
Katy McGregor
Katy McGregor Year ago
Eimy Lavallée do you have an Apple Watch?? Do you recommend?
Kerri Moore ~ Realtor
Kerri Moore ~ Realtor Year ago
Why would anyone "dislike" this video? What's to dislike? I'm inspired! Love the no gym, no equipment home workout.
Ash E
Ash E Year ago
Just did this workout and died 🔥😵 That was killer! I thought from watching it I wouldn’t need any breaks but my gosh I’m out of shape
Charlotte Regodos
Charlotte Regodos Year ago
Help me grow
Shay Haynes
Shay Haynes Year ago
That's me when I'm working out just exhausted lol smh I need a personal trainer haha
savannah maddox
savannah maddox Year ago
Loved this workout I’m going to give it a try today 💕
noa halevi
noa halevi Year ago
Love you!!!
vicky.chidiebube Year ago
Hi, I saw I think your videos are dope. My fav type of training is cardio lol ( i know unpopular opinion). But I really love and enjoy it
MOVE com ANA MORAIS Year ago
Bridget Lanning
Bridget Lanning Year ago
I've just started out but I deffinatly dont like cardio so weight training!
Shaunetta Wiggins
Shaunetta Wiggins Year ago
I just had a baby and needed a work out routine at home. I am definitely going to do this daily and put myself on a 30 day challenge. Thanks....
Susanna Dik
Susanna Dik Year ago
Okay I did 2 rounds of this workout last night and I’m dead this morning😭🙌🏼 thanks for sharing! More of these would be awesome 👏🏼
Maygen Gray
Maygen Gray Year ago
I’ve not worked out in so long so this kicked my butt! Grateful that you put this together Whit!
Cliffard and Ravioli
Cliffard and Ravioli Year ago
My favorite form of exercise is also weight training!
Sami Blair
Sami Blair Year ago
I just did this and I’m desd
Yesaira Michelle
Yesaira Michelle Year ago
I enjoy cardio and resistance training! IG- @yesaira.m
Angelina Megedyuk
Angelina Megedyuk Year ago
Fav form of training is the booty workouts Ig: pdxangelina
Charlotte Regodos
Charlotte Regodos Year ago
Help me grow
MCapadagli Year ago
Hey Whitney! My fav form of exercise would have to be hip thrusts, stairs for cardio and working out my shoulders!
M Erialc
M Erialc Year ago
I am so happy I found you as a workout/ fitness USpostsr because we literally carry fat in the exact same places.
Haley Reading
Haley Reading Year ago
Whit can you try to do more at home workouts pleasee😁 I love youu💕💕💕
Anyae McNeil
Anyae McNeil Year ago
This workout beat my butt😬
Irene Garcia
Irene Garcia Year ago
Hi Whitney! I started to watch your videos just this past year. You have no idea how much you’ve inspired me. I used to be cardio type of girl and let me tell you now I lift. Thank you for a year of Inspiration and motivation. Love cant wait to see what’s coming. Favorite workout is legs and glutes.
Britt Buschgens
Britt Buschgens Year ago
I love u.
Dacey Jedlicka
Dacey Jedlicka Year ago
I like workouts when I dont have to think about it too much.
FruityLiving Year ago
Hi Whitney just wanted to say how much I’m loving your home workout videos and your modifications for beginners like me. I’m trying to gain strength through dealing with a chronic illness and finding your workouts very motivating. Love your upbeat positive attitude 👍😀Thank you so much. Wish you all good things for the new year 2019.
Tann Smith
Tann Smith Year ago
Hey! Met you through Jada Pinkett-Smith's "Red Table Talks" !! Thank u for helping us!:)
Tann Smith
Tann Smith Year ago
@alessandra pulido gibelli hey! Just saw this! Red Table Talks is a movement Jada created for all of us! Jump in! We talk about evert!:)
alessandra pulido gibelli
alessandra pulido gibelli Year ago
Tann Smith whaattt. When and where??
JuliaThompsonVlogs Year ago
my favorite is for sure weight training i hate cardio! sometime mommyhood gets in the way of going to the gym so i love these at home workouts
lynette h
lynette h Year ago
I'm here because of Jada Smith and hoping to get inspired.
Emily Kate
Emily Kate Year ago
Audrey Ida Whitney was on red table talk, Jadas Facebook show!
Audrey Ida
Audrey Ida Year ago
What about Jada Smith? Is she a fan of Whit? Searched the youtube and can't figure it out!
Ty Harris
Ty Harris Year ago
lynette sosa Was me too
D'Laurie Guliex
D'Laurie Guliex Year ago
Same here!
Tann Smith
Tann Smith Year ago
Me too!:)
Maketta Green
Maketta Green Year ago
I'm trying to start working out. First I'm starting by cutting out some foods for 28 days. I need help with my tummy! My lower is small and just need to tone up so I'm going do your leg/booty workouts. 😁
Linguine Past
Linguine Past Year ago
Love it girl! You are makin an old lady work for it. My dog did the same thing to me. Lol
Raven Jas
Raven Jas Year ago
I found your channel a few days ago and change a lot of my work outs lets say I feel the burn and the aches the days after and I love it! But the one thing I probably love the most is your one of the only fitness USpostsrs I know that do variations on your workouts and I think it helps a lot of people, I know it did me. x
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