SHAVING MY TEETH DOWN FOR VENEERS lol jk my Invisalign journey

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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

THE GOOD AND THE BAD and my entire Invisalign story and journey!!
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Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
One last thing I forgot to mention! My teeth looked a million times worse before they started to look better... my teeth had to initially shift out and around a lot before moving back together and that was very hard for me to see. So if you’re going through it, just keep pushing on!! By tray 15 I was feeling super confident in my teeth 🥰 I also went back and looked at my receipt after filming and the cost was a couple hundred under 5K which made my portion the $2,232 price!! Hope this helps- Also help your girl out and leave any video suggestions below!! Love y’all it’s a beautiful day to be alive ❤️❤️❤️
Jolinda Mangieri
Jolinda Mangieri 9 months ago
You should do a Invisalign essentials kit!
Ashley Hiott
Ashley Hiott 11 months ago
Whitney Simmons my teeth did the same thing with my metal braces in high school. It was insane!!! I never really wore my retainer (oops) so I’m looking to get Invisalign. Not looking forward to the initial shifting. 😩
Lauren Bandy
Lauren Bandy 11 months ago
I wore braces, then Invisalign’s to fix one tooth! On the bottom. They had me wear a top tray too so everything was aligned and when I was done, somehow one of tooth in the front was longer than the other one. It wasn’t prior to that. They had to shave that one down too
Devanie Calhoun
Devanie Calhoun Year ago
Whitney Simmons do you use anything in particular for your teeth to whiten them?
Charlotte Miller
Charlotte Miller Year ago
@Whitney Simmons the permanent one scared me
Doug Williams
Doug Williams Month ago
I just paid 6k up front and we shall see how it will go.
SexyWellness Month ago
title says shaving teeth- nowhere do you go into the shaving
Desare Hudson
Desare Hudson Month ago
i’m so excited to get invisalign!
Rachel Terry
Rachel Terry Month ago
Hi Whitney this is directly for you and hope you see this. I have invisalign and I am on my 31st week. I'm 11 years old and I don't even have all of my adult teeth. I have to have my invisalign for a year and a half more. Right now my front teeth are very uneven and I feel like it's not helping at all. Having lots of friends, I go out and do things like going on boats, going to the beach, and going to partys. When doing those things sometimes I don't even bring my invisalign. Like last night I went to a friend's house and I left my invisalign there. Sometimes I will lose the trays very fast and I'll just move into the week after trays. At school people look at me really weird and sometimes my teachers don't let me go to the bathroom to wash them out, so I end up holding my invisalign for an hour and 20 mins. I don't think as an 11 year old I should have invisalign especially without all of my adult teeth. When I get a loose tooth it is VERY painful and I still have More baby teeth to go. Any words of encouragement or something?? Thx @Whitney Simmons
Brooke Alyssa
Brooke Alyssa 2 months ago
U really can’t see the buttons unless ur hella looking lol it’s worth it I mean braces r actually noticeable idk how she can complain about this
Brooke Alyssa
Brooke Alyssa 2 months ago
I mean u could’ve tried braces lol those r worst so pick and choose bc Invisalign is def best option
Aishah Fields
Aishah Fields 2 months ago
Your teeth are White already. You don’t even need teeth whiting. Beautiful. I have Invisalign now. This is my third set. This set is only 8. I have a very Stubborn canine tooth that will not cooperate. On tray 2 of the 8 now. I cannot wait to finish.! Any way your teeth are Beautiful. Be safe. Thanks for sharing.
Mary Kate Friel
Mary Kate Friel 2 months ago
omg this is so funny... i just got them 3 days ago and everyone is like there is no pain but i have cried for a total of about 6 hours in 3 days - it’s not good
Flow Thinks
Flow Thinks 3 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣The Nikki story is so funny 😂😂😂love it
Sheri R.
Sheri R. 3 months ago
I just started Invisalign about 2months ago. I have developed a raised line inside my cheek. Has anyone else experienced this and will it go away??
Jasia Hunt
Jasia Hunt 3 months ago
Mine are on order 😬
Julianna Bazus
Julianna Bazus 3 months ago
Was this whole experience worth it?
Phantom 3 months ago
I have 47 trays total and I’m on tray 39. I change every week and it will only take 11 1/2 months
Elisia's Evolution
Elisia's Evolution 3 months ago
Stunning and funny, great result!!, looking into this myself
Alexis Lucero
Alexis Lucero 4 months ago
You know you could get your Attachment behind the teeth instead of the part of your teeth
Cindy Childs
Cindy Childs 4 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 You are hilarious! Love it!
Farwah Salman
Farwah Salman 4 months ago
Hi did getting ur teeth shaved Have an additional cost or was it free
Maria Canovas
Maria Canovas 4 months ago
Complaints complaints complaints. Omg! Yes, they’re not invisible but they’re def not as obvious as having metal in your mouth. Also, yes, you gotta wear them 22 hrs a day, how do you want them to work if not???braces are 24/7!!! I’m getting mine next month and just for the fact that I’ll be avoiding canker sores and they’re clear I’m very happy. I’m 30 and i don’t want obvious metal shit in my mouth
W D 4 months ago
how is it possible that you got your Invisalign trays in a week? I got mine in a month. I thought mine was the usual pace.
Ayla Saxton
Ayla Saxton 4 months ago
I'm getting invisaline in 2 weeks 😱 I'm actually excited 😍😍😍 Thanks for sharing this, it costs $8000 here in Australia so I'm so happy I can afford to get my invisiline at 33 ☺ Lots of lOVE to you xx
Ruth Kessman
Ruth Kessman 4 months ago
Really helpful video. Thank you! And your teeth look awesome!
RUMBLE BEE 4 months ago
I just got my buttons on today. What a weird feeling. I feel way more pressure in my mouth with the buttons. Great video 👍 your personality is amazing
Margaritah Torres
Margaritah Torres 4 months ago
Im paying $6,300 😭
Bradley Covino
Bradley Covino 5 months ago
You haven’t been lied to, my braces were around $7000.
Denah 5 months ago
Are you getting an implant for your missing molars?
Julia Groening
Julia Groening 5 months ago
I have the exact same problem with my teeth!!! And now I got Invisalign wish me luck
S Morrison
S Morrison 5 months ago
Do you have to pay for refinements if that happens?
Sadia Kalam
Sadia Kalam 5 months ago
Invisalign is the best thing I've ever done, have never spent so much money on anything and I've still got a year to go lmao but I can already see great results! Yes there are drawbacks but I'd take Invisalign over braces any day
Stacker Dude
Stacker Dude 5 months ago
Im 3 months, yea invisalign is a lot of work and not a comfortable thing...your teeth came out great!
JoannaMarie 5 months ago
Tray 2 out of 84 😩
Ray Flowe
Ray Flowe 5 months ago
I’m about to do Invisalign. I have to pay 💰 2,500. Hope it’s worth it.
Best Friends Forever 101
Best Friends Forever 101 5 months ago
How to get skinny and get good teeth get Invisalign every time it hurts do 20 curl ups every time you take them off to 5 push ups every time it pushes up against the gum do 15 jumping jacks. EASY WORKKOUT
nissa lee
nissa lee 5 months ago
My braces were 1000 dollars less
SharonC2000 5 months ago
This is such an accurate video. I just got my Invisalign a couple of days ago and it is a nightmare 😭. So painful. I also got a few of them filed and that was so stressful! Feeling the whole filing process is something I will never forget. Thank you for this very accurate video.
Jamila Tyson
Jamila Tyson 5 months ago
What do you use to get your teeth so white??
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez 5 months ago
Treatment coordinator here🙋🏽‍♀️ if you really want a honest opinion, Invisalign is great and you should definitely suggest getting them. I work at a Orthodontics office and have a lot of Invisalign patients. I had braces growing up and had them on for 5 YEARS. My teeth weren’t so bad but the process with braces took a long time and that’s the beauty of Invisalign; Treatment can last up to only 8-12 months where as braces take forever and they are more expensive due to the material. I get that Invisalign can be a bit much but the bottoms line is, if you want to straighten your teeth, it’s not gonna happen over night; you’re gonna have to be responsible and wear them 22-24 hours a day. Yes they’re a bit noticeable but sometimes they’re not and they’re better than having braces at your age. As for attachments(buttons), we don’t put them on every single teeth, in your case, in order to get rid of a underbite or overbite you will need more attachments since we have to not only move your teeth, but also your jaw. This means you will need more work than the average Invisalign patient. Every patients experience is different. Your teeth are BONES ITS NOT GONNA MOVE AND SHIFT OVER NIGHT YOU NEED TO PUT IN THE WORK AND BE PATIENT/RESPONSIBLE. Anyway, bottom line is that Invisalign is great and your experience won’t be like hers. Go to a DOCTOR. Be smart and be informed and ask many questions so you’re not mad for no reason in the end. Hope this helps💕
Diana Kay
Diana Kay 6 months ago
You’ve been lied to. Braces cheaper than Invisalign here in E. PA! Luv you, love your video, btw! You & Ur personality is/are super cute!!
Meurcie Redding
Meurcie Redding 6 months ago
I’m experiencing chipping as well! I have an overbite that I thought was nbd until one literally chipped the other day and I freaked out. I have an appointment next week with my dentist 😞
Awkward MILF
Awkward MILF 6 months ago
My braces costed me 4,000 so im guessing they lied but all places have different prices
BetuUuUu 6 months ago
this video could be 5min
Joana Martinez
Joana Martinez 7 months ago
Do you wish you would have gotten braces instead of invisiline??
RWS12234 7 months ago
You are so funny 🙃
Zoe Gamble
Zoe Gamble 7 months ago
Hahahaha you’re hilarious! 😂
syerra 7 months ago
I only have 3 trays left but I have to drag out the wear because my ortho is shutdown for corona 😭😭
Minishcat 8 months ago
A friend literally asked me if I had boils on my teeth. I swear to god I didnt open my mouth for a week
Rogue Leader
Rogue Leader 8 months ago
Think I fell in love...with a white girl. Mama can scream, but I no careeeee ❤️😍
Kelsey M
Kelsey M 8 months ago
You were DEFINITELY lied to about the price. I bought my own braces a few years ago cause my parents never wanted to get me braces due to the fact my teeth weren’t “THAT bad”... 🙄... I only had my braces for 13 months and it was only $3000 FOR BRACES. So you’re telling me INVISALIGN IS $5000???!!
Poppy Olivia
Poppy Olivia 8 months ago
Kinda tired of these rich privileged white girl youtubers who are making negative Invisalign reviews simply because they haven't bothered to do any research and before starting their treatment and don't have a realistic view of what the treatment involves. Obviously you have to get stuff stuck to your teeth, obviously they aren't invisible, obviously they're going to be uncomfortable. Obviously 22 hours is a long time but metal braces are in 24/7???
Sarah O'Loughlin
Sarah O'Loughlin 8 months ago
I am on tray 5 of 40 :'( And I need elastic bands on for the entire treatment!!! I hate it so much - Cant wait for it to be over!!!
lakesha hurd
lakesha hurd 8 months ago
15 tray SIS I’m on 1 ok it get better 🙏🏾
Emily Grimm
Emily Grimm 8 months ago
I’m just about done with my Invisalign journey. This whole video is 100% the ugly truth. So many buttons put on might as well have had ceramic braces atleast then I’d be able to have smoothies whenever. Ice cream whenever. Snacks. I just finished my last retainer today. I go tomorrow for to either get my buttons off or to just get examined and then wait for my retainer. I want the buttons off already. I wanna be done done. 😭😭😭
Lacey Anderson
Lacey Anderson 9 months ago
Sucks you hated it so much! Mine really aren’t that bad. I hate the attachments too and also didn’t know I needed them until I had already paid for Invisalign. The first 1-2 weeks were rough but now I don’t notice them too much and they’re not really painful anymore. I’m on tray 5.
Nick Lauretani
Nick Lauretani 9 months ago
$2500!? $5000 in total!??? wtf.. I'm getting ripped off clearly, as I paid over 8k... and you are right, I have attachments on almost all of my teeth and they make it obvious af that I am wearing Invisalign (they should change their name). I should have just went with traditional braces as they are CHEAPER. This video has me angryyyy ugh
Michel Deaz
Michel Deaz 9 months ago
I don’t have any idea who the f you are but I love your personality so much. Subscribed
Kristen Antonides
Kristen Antonides 9 months ago
Just wondering if you had a lisp all the time during invisalign? or just when you first started? Did you find you had more salivia when you talked (lol i.e. drooling more haha).
Neil vaughan
Neil vaughan 9 months ago
Wow, what a beauty and such a wicked sense of humour 😍
Loryann Hernandez
Loryann Hernandez 9 months ago
You poor thing
Emily Beggs
Emily Beggs 9 months ago
Teeth situations are all bad. I had braces FOUR TIMES. And the last time was for 2 years only because of my assymetrical jaw - not teeth. I completely understand how teeth issues can be a huge downer on the emotions. I would be so discouraged sometimes. Happy it’s over for you!
Lowks Liana
Lowks Liana 9 months ago
I have metal braces it was 5,000 my mother insurance covered half of it and we pay 200 every time I go get it tightened
Sarah Murphy
Sarah Murphy 9 months ago
Only 6 minutes in and they're already easier than braces
Yolanda Yoima
Yolanda Yoima 9 months ago
Without attachments how do expect your teeth to move? If you’re so fed up invent your own method of teeth alignment .... and if you’re taking them of for long meet and greets your teeth will move back into place. Something’s gotta give.
Melissa Edwards
Melissa Edwards 9 months ago
Girl you should have done your research first! Also if you think they were going to be completely invisible your cray cray lol you think we live in some Harry potters world ha ha ha I wish!
E Greaves
E Greaves 9 months ago
13 invisaline trays was my treatment plan. It's been 6 weeks and counting since I finished the 13 weeks. Now I'm waiting for refinement trays. Had to buy a water pick because now I have a supper wide gap between my molars and food loves to reside there. So tired of this journey. Can't wait unti it's over.
Esme Eventing
Esme Eventing 9 months ago
I have Invisalign and I am sitting here after eating like 45 mins ago with my dog sat on me and my Invisalign upstairs, I CANT MAKE MY DOG MOVE BUT I NEED TO PUT IT IN
Corrie Vee
Corrie Vee 10 months ago
Jeez!! I’d rather have braces again 😳
bailey elizabeth
bailey elizabeth 10 months ago
Is it ironic that I got an ad for Smile Direct Club during this video? Lol
m. west
m. west 10 months ago
Sexy fang!!
Rachel Rosen
Rachel Rosen 10 months ago
you make some pretty unattractive faces. I know you think you're cute and clever but it doesn't suit you. Your personality is kind of obnoxious.
Roja 10 months ago
13:58 does she have one teath more on the left side below???!!
Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith 10 months ago
I had traditional braces on in my late 20’s early 30’s and I loved every min of it until I got my braces off and my dentist put me in the old School wire retainer with the plastic part that goes on the roof of your mouth. It was awful. But my teeth girl!!! Yesss so worth it.
AaaaNinja 10 months ago
When compared to braces, they're invisible. The fact that this video has the thumbnail that it does just goes to show how much we take for granted clear tray technology.
Chelsea van Hoof
Chelsea van Hoof 10 months ago
I got braces as an adult in my mid twenties and I don’t regret it at all! I think I may need to get them again eventually thanks to my wisdom teeth making a late appearance... thanks for being so honest, I think the white regular braces are probably equally annoying to the Invisalign!
Kirsten Angeles
Kirsten Angeles 10 months ago
Her teeth are already so white wth
Camryn Teague
Camryn Teague 10 months ago
Kinda dramatic Invisalign is not bad at alll lmao
Mikaela King
Mikaela King 10 months ago
i have invisalign and i think the price just depends on where you go and how much work you have to have done. for me, getting invisalign was actually cheaper than braces
J J 10 months ago
LOL "Clear retainer braces" is what I've always thought about them. But I have also wanted Invisalign since they came out while I was in middle school... I'm 25 now.
lexip396able 10 months ago
💯 1. Not invisible 2. Painful as heck 3. You slur your words 4. Causes cuts in your mouth ugh such a pain
Tahreen Choudhury
Tahreen Choudhury 10 months ago
Your teeth look great 👍
Mehar Sandhu
Mehar Sandhu 10 months ago
Literally best Invisalign video I’ve seen haha I’m on week 33/46 and cannot wait to BE DONE
Nikki Russo
Nikki Russo 11 months ago
Omg you’re freakin comical 😆
ohhshitNigga youtrippin !
ohhshitNigga youtrippin ! 11 months ago
You the first white woman I have ever been attracted to.
Jasmine Lidia
Jasmine Lidia 11 months ago
I would do anything to have your old teeth
TheLondonCyclist 11 months ago
Good lord, imagine dating this girl... I'd get annoyed at the two week mark haha
Hannah Herrmann
Hannah Herrmann 10 months ago
I'm practically her twin
cassie 11 months ago
listen linda, i have 64 trays. my sister got 30 and her teeth is even more worse than mine.
Honeyknut 11 months ago
If anyone is curious, you can get the attachments glued to the back of your teeth for extra money. (Lingual Attachments). That's what I did for $500 extra. Totally worth it, you CANNOT tell I have invisalign.
Jordan Eby
Jordan Eby 11 months ago
I originally had invisalign for 65 weeks and did everything right. Rubber bands and everything. I ended up having to do 30 more weeks of revisions and in currently on week 2 of that. I don't really think invisalign is that bad, but that's maybe because I've had them for more than a year now and am completely used to them
Lily Larkson
Lily Larkson 11 months ago
Do you have a playlist for Invisalign journey???
9melissal 11 months ago
Matte liquid lipstick works really well with the alighners as long as you let it dry and then put them in.
Michael A.
Michael A. 11 months ago
Got mine installed yesterday. Didn’t know until I got them about the attachments and how a pain it is to brush around them.
kimberley p
kimberley p 11 months ago
the funniest and most real dental video on USposts Thank you ur the best
Вика 11 months ago
Pls, tell me.. which one color? It's a Bl1 or 2?
Robin 11 months ago
How did u get insurance to pay??
Robin 11 months ago
The pain is so real. I keep a cup of ice to chew on
Dona Marian
Dona Marian 11 months ago
i just got clear aligners as well and this video sums up exactly how i feel about them.
Audrey Hockman
Audrey Hockman 11 months ago
Yo my braces were 6,000 after a 2,000 discount cuz we’re neighbors with the orthodontist and my grandpa knew him cuz he’s a dentist
Linzie Lee
Linzie Lee 11 months ago
Thankfully I only need 10 weeks of Invisalign :,)
Lily Beuving
Lily Beuving Year ago
So accurate
Courtney Farrow
Courtney Farrow Year ago
in australia brace are more expansive then invisalign braces are $6000 and invisalign is $8000
SB. Yours Truly
SB. Yours Truly Year ago
Smiledirectclub baby.. no teeth tracks needed..the trays just snap in like retainers. Easy peasy.. however I did have braces for 4 years but I was super young. Then Didn’t wear my retainer 😤 They shifter again so I ordered smiledirect and my teeth were re-straightened in 5 months. Pretty easy but I hated wearing them nonetheless... I wanted to try Invisalign but I wasn’t aware that they put those little “buttons” on your teeth. No thanks to that! Lol your teeth look great now though! :)
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