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Whitney Simmons

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VLOGMAS IS HERE! November must have favorites!
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Brianna B
Brianna B 8 months ago
What bcaa do you use?
Alanna Gerton
Alanna Gerton 8 months ago
Where did you get those rings from?!?!? @whitneyysimmons
Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu 9 months ago
Also that cleansing balm is on sale right now too
Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu 9 months ago
Yes I got on the popcorner train lol! It's on sale at Costco now!!!
Sara Wendt
Sara Wendt 10 months ago
I loooove your fig trees!! I’ve been considering getting one but have read that they’re finicky. Have you had any issues with yours?
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait 10 months ago
I used to devour pop corners back in college- 5 years ago. Definitely not a healthy time
Brooke Danae
Brooke Danae 10 months ago
What birth control did you switch to? I'm thinking about getting off the pill as well due to hair & acne issues
Jasmine Nicole
Jasmine Nicole 11 months ago
I love that you shared how you care for your fiddle ❤️
Ebony Alford
Ebony Alford 11 months ago
Love love LOVE the dress in your thumbnail- hot 🔥 flames girl! Where is it from?! 😍
Brooklyn Harris
Brooklyn Harris 11 months ago
GUURRRRLLLL, Whitney, I love you. HOW. EVER. Okay I have a lot to say about green clean. I was in love, but this product did me dirty. If you care about the sustainability of products and not to mention your skin then you should know that this product has micro plastics. When you wash yo face those particles go into the ocean and fishies die and drinking water is contaminated. I started my face balm journey with green clean and I thought this was it I had found the one, but Sephora has this little stamp that verifies the environmentally sustainable products and green clean doesn’t have one, then I read the comments and did more digging. Basically they melt the plastics, put it in there to help with the products ability to stay together and melt in your hand more smoothly. No melting of plastics are better for our Mother Nature. Plastic is forever. So then! I saw your review on drunk elephant so I tried it. Ditched the micro plastics and although I miss the texture and the over all feel of green clean. Drunk elephant is where it’s at. Both for the face and the environment. Rant over. Do what you want. Your amazing, no judgment. -love, Brooklyn and Isabel
Isabel 11 months ago
Brooklyn Harris Yessssss ❤️❤️ love you!!
Maribeth Marlin
Maribeth Marlin 11 months ago
Please do another skin care routine!! 😊😊
Shugga Bear
Shugga Bear 11 months ago
The Dollar Tree sells those chips.
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie 11 months ago
you look amazing in black
LightingGodRyjin 11 months ago
Sis needs to start doing clothing hauls. I am obsessed with all your outfits 😫🥰
Kelly Peschel
Kelly Peschel 11 months ago
Ok my girl got me on the Tula train a year ago (still on that train, LOVE it) now I’m trying that shampoo for sure!!! Thanks for all the good recommendations & MERRY CHRISTMAS ❤️👌🏻
Laura Macini
Laura Macini 11 months ago
The singing and clicking at the end 😂 you’re too funny
bbycakes2427 11 months ago
Where's her skirt in the thumbnail from?!
kevin nordengren
kevin nordengren 11 months ago
So beautiful
Jenna 11 months ago
You look so fab in black! If I were blonde 👱🏼‍♀️ I would wear it everyday 🤩
Sarah Groswald
Sarah Groswald 11 months ago
I feel so elite knowing that i’m one of your og girls!!!! Watching your videos will forever be my favorite part of my day!
Ana Álvarez
Ana Álvarez 11 months ago
Thank you gorgeous! I can open the link for the headphones you recommend... which ones are they? 😘😘😘
Samoudi Fatma
Samoudi Fatma 11 months ago
Love you girl
Emily Troxler
Emily Troxler 11 months ago
I just have to share and I do have an iPhone but if you don’t they are wireless headphones called sound core air, they are $60-$70 and they are awesome! Pretty much exactly like the new air pods pros, so for anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone!
Christine Passarelli
Christine Passarelli 11 months ago
Whitney- thanks for sharing about the high ponytails!! Maybe my 10 year old will listen to you! 😭😍
Deonna Walker
Deonna Walker 11 months ago
I am sooooo in love with your makeup in this video. Could you please do a video to show us how you did it?
Jackie Gannon
Jackie Gannon 11 months ago
Your helpful with your product finds so thanks!! your funny I like watching you ;)
Saida Ochoa
Saida Ochoa Year ago
ayyeee, those are bomb "popcorners"
F I Year ago
Ashley Malone
Ashley Malone Year ago
You are seriously so precious, so sweet, So beautiful, like the daughter my dad always wanted but never had 😂😘
Lyndsey Dusterhoft
Lyndsey Dusterhoft Year ago
Where did you get all of your rings?!!?! I. am. obsessed!!!
Amanda Orr
Amanda Orr Year ago
Where did you get your planters?!
Julia Hall
Julia Hall Year ago
I love your hair so much
Rachel Covarrubias
Rachel Covarrubias Year ago
And also what lip color?! Please!!! Love you whit!!!❤️❤️❤️
Rachel Covarrubias
Rachel Covarrubias Year ago
Omg love your nails!!! What color are they? I want! Your so beautiful! Love following you! ❤️❤️❤️
Rachel Covarrubias
Rachel Covarrubias Year ago
Oh I guess it’s just white! Looked kind of like a version of white lol.
Ash W
Ash W Year ago
I’ve been wanting to try Tula for forever! I have eczema and suuuppperrr dry skin, so much so that I can’t even wear concealer or anything because my skin just wants to be flaky. This milk cleanser sounds amazing but what do you use as a moisturizer after?
JBRacing Year ago
Follow Jasmine Rae Co on instagram. She gives really good hair tips on how to make it healthy and grow!!
Sarah Dennis
Sarah Dennis Year ago
Hi can I please get a clarification of you washing your hair every “4-5 times” please
Kathryn Graham
Kathryn Graham Year ago
Love you love you
Shaunie Year ago
lmaoo you gotta love whit shes funny af
Jenn L
Jenn L Year ago
Please a tutorial of this makeup look!! Love the eye colors!
Stephanie Hacking
Stephanie Hacking Year ago
I'm double commenting but Whitney, the editing on this is BOMB. Nice job!
kat thor
kat thor Year ago
I love Popcorners in the sweet chili flavor. I could eat a whole bag of those in one sitting.
Caitlyn Rose
Caitlyn Rose Year ago
That dress is beautiful in your video picture.... where is it from?🙈🙈🙈
Sarah Dacosta
Sarah Dacosta Year ago
Can we just get a full video of indi eating crunchies????? TOO DIE FOR
Amy Griswold
Amy Griswold Year ago
Now I need a grow light!
Elizabeth Desart
Elizabeth Desart Year ago
I am so glad I’m not the only one who wants to know about fiddle leaf care 😂 I have two and they don’t look nearly as healthy but I will be getting those lights!!! Thank you Whitney 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Chelsea Joan Pallaya
Chelsea Joan Pallaya Year ago
Your lip color is amazing!! Please share!
Kate Kipp
Kate Kipp Year ago
Whoop whoop lovvvvve Whitmas!🎄❤️ Whitney do u still use Fanola No Yellow Sampoo!?
Leslie Hamilton
Leslie Hamilton Year ago
Yeeeeees! Farmacy products are so great!
Peggy Stephanie
Peggy Stephanie Year ago
so much positive energy. love it
Sara Marie Ray
Sara Marie Ray Year ago
Where is your cheetah print top from! I love!
ChristieKitty2196 Year ago
Yeah that banana shampoo really changes my hair too... into a giant grease ball overnight
Dakota Butler
Dakota Butler Year ago
Whitney you are such a beam of light!
Mariah Marquez
Mariah Marquez Year ago
whitmas is always my favorite vlogmas ♥️♥️
Summer Shirley
Summer Shirley Year ago
I know how ridiculous this sounds but I needed a plant light so much! So your review means a lot 😄
Karolina Veberaite
Karolina Veberaite Year ago
Just looked up the farmacy balm as I was super excited for it, but read the ingredients and it has Polyethylene (plastic) as one of the first ingredients :(
tarnesh88 Year ago
Since your not in BC any more have you seen the fertility monitor called Daysy. It’s amazing. If you haven’t you should check out their Instagram they hate having a sale until 12/6
Elizabeth Harris-Fain
Elizabeth Harris-Fain Year ago
“They are the price of an arm and a leg and probably a finger as well" LOL yes 😂😂
Aliyah Lozano
Aliyah Lozano Year ago
what do you use for your teeth they’re so white 😭😭
Sara P
Sara P Year ago
Danielle Harvey
Danielle Harvey Year ago
Indy eating that chip 😩🤣 why is it SO cute
C B Year ago
“The price of an arm and an leg and probably a finger too” whatttt 😂🙏🏻💕 love you
Cassie Klein
Cassie Klein Year ago
Need outfit Details in the description box please!
Elva Ann
Elva Ann Year ago
I love when food/snacks are in a video 🥰
Tawny Thongsory
Tawny Thongsory Year ago
Whitney what hair curler do you use to style your hair like this??
Taylor Miskech
Taylor Miskech Year ago
Love love love your videos! Can you give me a recommendation on what to use on dry spots on skin? I have a spot of eczema right next to my eye and have tried everything I can think of girl, send help!
Dora Fuentes
Dora Fuentes Year ago
How can she be this beautiful, funny, and sweet? I love her.
lauren gardner
lauren gardner Year ago
I live for your favorites videos
Anna Meyer
Anna Meyer Year ago
You're too cute😂 but your pupper eating crunchy food is even cuter😄😢
Makayla Anisa
Makayla Anisa Year ago
I need to try those pop corners!! Ohmigoodness 🤤😍 Whitney you have convinced me😂
HeatherLoves Year ago
Whit about to grow some good good with that light
Michelle Yorks
Michelle Yorks Year ago
You NEED to try the spicy queso pop corners!!!!! You think the kettle corn is good..... you don’t even KNOW!!!
Misha Daniels
Misha Daniels Year ago
Ok went and got the popcorners and omg that kettle corn is def the best flavor so no need to try the others and wowww whit u the plug 🔌
Samantha Erin
Samantha Erin Year ago
Beauty routine update please! You are looking bomb.
Stephanie Hacking
Stephanie Hacking Year ago
omg: We Always Share
megagreekgoddess7 Year ago
I feel like every single thing you say could be coined!!!! love it
Deema HK
Deema HK Year ago
Can you film a video on how you take care of all your plants? I would love to know as a plant lover myself !
Mindy Wells
Mindy Wells Year ago
I started to use TULA skincare... life-changing! the face wash, toner and eye cream are a killer combo! Thank you for always recommending! It's GREAT! 🥰
Shannon MacDonald
Shannon MacDonald Year ago
Ps I love your personality! You crack me up
tara1boone Year ago
"That make sense?" 🤔 😂😂
Shannon MacDonald
Shannon MacDonald Year ago
Please link your rings! Love em!
tessmaria99 Year ago
Do you use hair oils? Argan oil is the best everr
Erika G
Erika G Year ago
1:38 on repeat 😂😂😂😂😂
tessmaria99 Year ago
Whitmas is my favourite time of the year whoo
Allie Barnes
Allie Barnes Year ago
Whit... I’m really passionate about hair care and I feel like it’s not bc of your hormones or ponytails. In my opinion it’s how often you color it(even if it’s just a glaze). Those chemicals aren’t natural and especially bleaching it KILLS hair. Not washing your hair often is actually great!!! Your scalp produce oils and when you shampoo too often your oils are being stripped so your hair will start to get greasier faster. Love you
Valerie Denogean
Valerie Denogean Year ago
Agreed 100%.......... was wondering if anyone was going to mention that it was likely the bleach and styling with hot tools. But either way her hair looks great!
Krystal Marie
Krystal Marie Year ago
I see leopard was hoping you would stand to see your outfit lol love Leopard! Great video Whitney!!
eliany alvarez
eliany alvarez Year ago
the white cheddar popcorners are to DIE for!!!😍😍😍
Cassi Cotter
Cassi Cotter Year ago
Do you have a holiday gift guide in your whitmas plans?
Cassi Cotter
Cassi Cotter Year ago
You always have the best snacks Whit I love it lol
Emili Thompson
Emili Thompson Year ago
Do a tutorial with Tati pleaseeee
Blair Waldorf-Bass
Blair Waldorf-Bass Year ago
You haven’t seen the sun in 5 days? Can’t relate i live in California lmao 😂
Emili Thompson
Emili Thompson Year ago
Tati on your eyes 😍
Amrit P
Amrit P Year ago
This makeup look is HOT FIRE FLAMES 😍🔥
Alina Yan
Alina Yan Year ago
seasalt popcorners all the way
Chyna Edwards
Chyna Edwards Year ago
Can we see a morning or night routine?!?💕
Amber Caldera
Amber Caldera Year ago
What moisturizer do you use? I’m on the struggle bus with dry skin and nothing is working. Help! Lol
Megan Williams
Megan Williams Year ago
Also had these on a delta flight for the first time and love them!
Andrea S
Andrea S Year ago
Love kettle corn pop corners! My all time fav flavor is White cheddar though! The Sea salt tastes like legit theatre popcorn and I just picked up the Jalapeño Cheddar 🤤🤤🤤💣💣
Laura Crigler
Laura Crigler Year ago
I freaking love that you bought a grow light for your plants 😂😂
Megan Boudreau
Megan Boudreau Year ago
“Haven’t seen the sun in 5 days, because it’s WINTER” GURL I’ve never related to anything more in my life 😩😂
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