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Whitney Simmons

3 months ago

Trying and testing viral TikTok healthy snack HACKS part 2!!

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The TikToks:
3 Ingredient Samoa’s 🤤 vm.tiktok.com/JMefVh7/
5 Ingredient Soft Almond Cookies vm.tiktok.com/JMeY249/
Crispy Fries vm.tiktok.com/JMefq9V/
Hummus Quesadilla vm.tiktok.com/JMe5SDg/

#tiktok #healthymeals #healthysnacks
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Nanda Urbina - Fitness & Wellness After 40
Nanda Urbina - Fitness & Wellness After 40 Day ago
Girl I love you, but all the in and out camera plays give me a headache. Not trying to be negative. I totally love your stuff but I've notice the last videos have all these mind altering camera switches every few seconds it's so extra. Just food for thought. I still love ya stuff!
The Fairy Glam Mother
The Fairy Glam Mother 8 days ago
@whittneysimmons I found that if you freeze the dough for about 15 mins it makes it easier to roll !
Georgiana Wickenden
Georgiana Wickenden 14 days ago
Love it
Hera Kapnissi
Hera Kapnissi 26 days ago
Healthy but so high in calories..
Helena Vo
Helena Vo Month ago
Celebrate our favorite couple tonight by watching The Voice at 8/7c! 🧡💍
Keyla Vargas
Keyla Vargas Month ago
Love your soul!
Denise Medellin
Denise Medellin Month ago
Omg I freaking love you Whitney! Your personality is so fun and entertaining 💕
Tara Christine
Tara Christine Month ago
Whose the tiktoker for the recipes please
Paige Hogg
Paige Hogg Month ago
Whitney & Liz, the collaboration I need but didn’t know I needed
Jessica Zamudio
Jessica Zamudio Month ago
zest, pop, and spice, please make this a new saying
Macie Chapman
Macie Chapman Month ago
Please do a part 3!!!
Arlisha Savage - CDLE
Arlisha Savage - CDLE Month ago
It's the "hey siri", "Hey Siri", "HEY SIRI" for me!!
Tasmin de Wet
Tasmin de Wet Month ago
When she said 'hey siri' my siri was activated 😂
Cheyenne Stevens
Cheyenne Stevens 2 months ago
My Siri went off when you said hey Siri lol
Madison O’Bryan
Madison O’Bryan 2 months ago
If you screen record the tik too you can play and pause for the step by step! May help save some time! 😊
limestar27 2 months ago
for fries, my lazy method is buying frozen fries. then I throw them on a baking tray, I use an avocado oil spray to grease the fries. I add garlic, onion, paprika, ginger powder, and salt/pepper. follow the baking directions, then last 5 min of baking, I change the oven to broil. broil those fries for 5 minutes. it will be crispy and it's so delicious.
Claudia thevarge
Claudia thevarge 2 months ago
using browned bananas are best when baking, way more flavor :)
Jennifer Rangel
Jennifer Rangel 2 months ago
To roll something sticky like the gluten free cookies you can put the tiniest drop of butter or olive oil coconut oil whatever on to your hands and the dough will not stick. I’ve done this almost my whole life and it’s always worked just don’t put to much where you’ll make it too greasy
Amphone Burnett
Amphone Burnett 2 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 you guys crack me up... I love it ❤
Catalina Lee
Catalina Lee 2 months ago
whitney i’ve been watching u since i was 14 and i’m 18 now uve always inspired me to eat and listen to my body especially struggling with an eating disorder ur videos help me continue to understand that i need to nourish my body thank u for always being there❤️it’s been hard but u inspire me
Julianna Esper
Julianna Esper 2 months ago
wow ive never wanted to be liz so badly
Ashi Kathuria
Ashi Kathuria 2 months ago
You made my Siri go off lol
Liz Edmond
Liz Edmond 2 months ago
Girl! I make vegan crunch wraps alllll the time! Soooo good and so easy! You don’t have to miss them! Extra large burrito, layer gardein beef or tempeh taco on the bottom with violife cheese on the top, put the tostada on top of that, layer guac, dairy free sour cream, on tostado with tomatoes, more cheese and lettuce, wrap it, put it in the pan with oil! Bada bing bada boom! The trick is to cut out a small circle the size of the tostada out of another flour tortilla and put it on top of the ingredients before you wrap it like a Crunchwrap
Casie Hebert
Casie Hebert 2 months ago
i make the Samoa’s with dates and coconut ...it’s no bake ! It’s amazing and just like the real cookie ! Here’s the recipe you want to try 🤗 ...you won’t be disappointed.
Stephanie Borges-Ferreira
Stephanie Borges-Ferreira 2 months ago
That was good video...
Beca Nae
Beca Nae 2 months ago
Thank you for all these healthy dishes 😛
retry4581 2 months ago
Add a lil coconut oil to your chocolate and it will drizzle so much better!
Jamie G.
Jamie G. 2 months ago
This was cute
Jamie G.
Jamie G. 2 months ago
Try adding coconut oil to the chocolate
Sara Martin
Sara Martin 2 months ago
Def trying the tortilla! I already buy those. Just need some hummus. 😳
Ally Wilson
Ally Wilson 2 months ago
when she yelled “HEY SIRIII” my Siri went off😭😂
5waggie 7imeLord
5waggie 7imeLord 2 months ago
Can i get a retweet? ReeeeTWWWEEEEETTT
Abigail Mahaffey
Abigail Mahaffey 3 months ago
Add coconut oil to the chocolate then melt! Makes it thinner 😉🤙🏻
Rena C
Rena C 3 months ago
Fresh fries in the air fryer...no. Frozen..yes!
Allison Steele
Allison Steele 3 months ago
Does anyone know what camera Whitney uses?
Karen Vazquez
Karen Vazquez 3 months ago
Yesssss! Will be trying these !
Victoria McDonald
Victoria McDonald 3 months ago
I need one of those quesadillas.. those look so good! 😊
Ciarra Smith
Ciarra Smith 3 months ago
I’m obsessed with you !! Love your videos 😍😍🥰
Catherine Medrano
Catherine Medrano 3 months ago
Ok... I tried the quesadillas and they were amazing! To make it a dinner meal, I seared some shrimp with a cajun rub and cut them up and put them in there. AMAZING!!! I also added some salsa. SO GOOD
Ania 🌸
Ania 🌸 3 months ago
Missing the rosemary for the chips 👌🏽 perfect
Ania 🌸
Ania 🌸 3 months ago
Lmaooo when you said “Hey Siri” at around 5:30 my Siri literally turned itself on and stopped my video...... seems shes always listening
Angelena Montoya
Angelena Montoya 3 months ago
Let me borrow that top !
Julieta R
Julieta R 3 months ago
Um violife cheese is amazing and dairy free 😍
Ines Kedissa
Ines Kedissa 3 months ago
Her eyeshadow tho
Ashley Lynn
Ashley Lynn 3 months ago
If you add a little coconut oil to the melted chocolate it makes it smoother! 🥰
Kelsea Dinsmore
Kelsea Dinsmore 3 months ago
“Why does it do that my dude?” Relationship goals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maribel Urrutia
Maribel Urrutia 3 months ago
I always thin out chocolate with a smidge of coconut oil! (maybe a tablespoon) It totally helps when drizzling chocolate and a non dairy oil, so yay!
MOLLY PELLETIER 3 months ago
i LOVE your videos! such an inspiration to me as a small youtuber!
ccap3211 3 months ago
Girl you need a cookie scoop! It makes your life so much easier! Just buy one next time you’re at the grocery store. And if you add a tiny bit of coconut oil to the melted chocolate it makes it way easier to drizzle.
Liz-Tastic 3 months ago
As a Liz, it was so weird to hear my name so many times during the quesadilla moment 😂
K. Floyd
K. Floyd 3 months ago
I tried the quesadilla with the onions and hummus. It was serving me egg salad IDKY
Samantha Buentello
Samantha Buentello 3 months ago
Can you do an updated healthy snacking ideas from Trader Joe’s !!!!
Tina Wallace
Tina Wallace 3 months ago
Loved this!
محمد الظفيري
محمد الظفيري 3 months ago
المكياج الكثير يقلل من جمالك
Martina Ramirez
Martina Ramirez 3 months ago
You can still have Taco Bell vegan! Get the black bean crunch wrap and ask for it Fresco style! No dairyyyyy
Samantha Tadross
Samantha Tadross 3 months ago
Bless Whitney!!! Keep these videos going, love them.
The True Katherine
The True Katherine 3 months ago
I loved this!!! Def going to InstaCart for all the ingredients to the quesadilla and samoes. BUT now I want taco bell. :)
Kasey Day
Kasey Day 3 months ago
You probably won't see this comment but idk if u no this or not but u can eat hard cheese if your lactose free but u can't eat soft cheeses like cream cheese and sour cream xxx
Saoirse Moore
Saoirse Moore 3 months ago
These guys are on fire 🔥🔥🔥
Talia Cohen
Talia Cohen 3 months ago
Thank you for emphasizing that "gluten-free" does NOT make something healthier! I really dislike the connotation of "healthy" with "gluten-free." ITS NOT TRUE :)
MAANYA SINGLA 3 months ago
Elaine Pearce
Elaine Pearce 3 months ago
Siri responded on my phone to your “hey Siri” 😂
Jessica Head
Jessica Head 3 months ago
With the French fries I would do smaller batches and shake them every five mins while cooking.
Katrina Rich
Katrina Rich 3 months ago
🥓 powder😂
Carmelia Bibombe
Carmelia Bibombe 3 months ago
Corn Starch instead of flour for a GF alternative
agnesw0402 3 months ago
Loving your lip color here.. what do you have on??? 🥰🥰🥰
Molly McCready
Molly McCready 3 months ago
Just tried the dairy free quesadilla and it blew my mind how good it was!!!
Gabriela Souto
Gabriela Souto 3 months ago
What's in your eyes, girl?? I need that eyeshadow/pigment/sparkly heaven thing.
SusanIvanova2257 3 months ago
There's a good chance your samoas took longer than expected because you kept opening the oven door. That results in a lot of heat loss every single time. Once you've got something in the oven you generally should not open the door more than absolutely necessary. Cookies are usually pretty resilient but more delicate baked goods can be completely ruined if you constantly mess with the oven temperature.
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 3 months ago
I love these tik tok food hack videos 😍😍
Petra Hajnić Gnjidić
Petra Hajnić Gnjidić 3 months ago
Where did you get “živio” from? Haahaa that’s our word (Croatian/Balkan) for cheers😆
Silvia B
Silvia B 3 months ago
Just tried the hummus wrap, was delicious! My 8yr old also gave a thumbs up 👍
Kait N
Kait N 3 months ago
I am loving how much Stefan likes being in your vids 💛
Havana Grace
Havana Grace 3 months ago
You unlocked my Siri when you said that. On the phone I’m watching you on whatttttt
Julianna Prouty
Julianna Prouty 3 months ago
I tried the “quesadilla” omgggg so good!!!
Matiya Harenda
Matiya Harenda 3 months ago
I was today years old when I found out I have a device that responds to "Hey Siri!"... You know... As I'm lying in bed in the dark watching this when something randomly starts talking to me after Whit at 4:47... I only had a mini heart attack is all 😅
Billie Marr
Billie Marr 3 months ago
Can we get outfit dets in the scort?!
Kelsi buxton
Kelsi buxton 3 months ago
Omfg I'm so glad the samoas are good I was like THAT SOUNDS AMAZING
Anastasia Ferguson
Anastasia Ferguson 3 months ago
Who else’s siri came on at 4:47 when she said “hey siri” 😭
Reetay Elise
Reetay Elise 3 months ago
You said Samoa!! 🇼🇸 😂 So cute u tryna prounce it.
Jessica 3 months ago
Thank you for clarifying that gluten-free doesn't mean healthier. Soooooooo many ppl eat GF because they think it's healthier and they're missing out on better tasting food xD although GF products have come a long way over the past several years!
Vera Jones
Vera Jones 3 months ago
love these healthy alternatives! especially during this quarantine what do i have better to do! any suggestions on what to drizzle on the samoas if you are allergic to chocolate???
Macey Lolwing
Macey Lolwing 3 months ago
Every time you said hey Siri it turned my Siri on 😫😂😂
Tasha Hantz
Tasha Hantz 3 months ago
I finally got everything I need to make the cookies! So excited ima make em tonight.
A E 3 months ago
Tell me why when you said “Hey Siri” my Siri popped up but when i say it intentionally nothing happens 😭😭😂
Natalie McKenzie
Natalie McKenzie 3 months ago
Omg skorts!!! I remember those. Love ya! 🤣
Katelyn Jade
Katelyn Jade 3 months ago
I’m realizing that you are my entire workout motivation 🤣 you are the reason I started going to the gym..I’ve kind of been off USposts for a few months and got completely unmotivated to work out at all. Literally two seconds in - just hearing your voice got me in the mood to work out 🤣
Lindsey Jost
Lindsey Jost 3 months ago
When she said “hey Siri” my phone heard....and I was watching on my phone and Siri asked me what I neeeded..,
k Grant
k Grant 3 months ago
You can refrigerate dough if it's too sticky. Like 30 mins.
Desiree Thompson
Desiree Thompson 3 months ago
Black bean crunchwrap supreme fresco style girl!
SarahE 3 months ago
You need to try Defined Dish recipe for Crunchwrap supreme made with siete cashew queso! It’s amazing!
MuscularBye 3 months ago
When u said “hey Siri” my Siri turned on 😂😂. Also great video.
Inez H
Inez H 3 months ago
😍🥰🥰🥰 ugh!! 😫😫 yall are so cute!!! ❤🤎❤🧡🤎❤❤❤ love you Whit! And lmao my phone does that too smh!
Hayley Ryan
Hayley Ryan 3 months ago
I instantly recognized the air fryer fries girl from the Gordon Ramsey "idiot sandwich" tik tok! Shes has great healthy recipes
Leigh P
Leigh P 3 months ago
Anyone else's Siri come on when Whitney said HEY SIRI??
Jennifer Colangelo
Jennifer Colangelo 3 months ago
can you do a video on how you did your make-up in this video... cause it is FIRE!!!!
Lisa McAllister
Lisa McAllister 3 months ago
Snacks are life.
Megan Christina
Megan Christina 3 months ago
you look incredible in black !!!
T D.I 3 months ago
can we have a makeup tutorial for this look please?
Lauren Moutvic
Lauren Moutvic 3 months ago
WHITNEY oml when you said hey Siri, my Siri of the device I’m literally watching this video on activated and now I’m scared👀👀
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