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Whitney Simmons

10 months ago

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Sofia Acosta
Sofia Acosta 23 days ago
1. Soda - Zevia 2. Potato chips - Pop corners 3. Pre-flavored oats - Plain oats 4. Fruit chips - Fruit 5. Noodles - Spaghetti squash 6. Flour tortillas - Almond flour tortillas 7. Candies - Smart sweets 8. Vitamin water - Fruit water 9. Packed fruit smoothies - At home smoothies 10. Ketchup - Organic ketchup 11. Cheese - Nutritional yeast
Amanda Harris
Amanda Harris Month ago
ı ʟoνє ɞѧňѧňѧs. 😂
Kiana Rowe
Kiana Rowe 2 months ago
Where do you shop??
Trippy Siren
Trippy Siren Month ago
Judging from other videos, Trader Joes (AKA Heaven on Earth), Whole Foods, and Sprouts (we don't have this in New York and I'm mad about it)
Reveca Soto
Reveca Soto 2 months ago
I love your channel! What do you use to edit!
Kat Castellanos
Kat Castellanos 2 months ago
Read the title as “Foods Wap.” Anyone else?
Julie M
Julie M 3 months ago
I watched your last food swaps and then this one back to back, and now I'm having an existential crisis about zucchini noodles!
Charlotte Pickles
Charlotte Pickles 3 months ago
The fact that this video was interrupted by a McDonalds ad... it can smell my weakness
TJ Mountain Adventures
TJ Mountain Adventures 3 months ago
Yassssss Whitney!!! I am here for this!!!
Charlotte Bairstow
Charlotte Bairstow 3 months ago
Healthy food swap is the Belvita Cocoa breakfast biscuits if u have a chocolate craving. They are low in calories and have WAY less sugar that chocolate. Also have a lot more nuteirals like grains and fibres making them a perfect swap!
Hope Lasseter
Hope Lasseter 3 months ago
My favorite food swap is subbing quest chips for potato chips!!!! Or celery for anything snacky! Quinoa for rice!’
Cristina Gonzalez-Robledo
Cristina Gonzalez-Robledo 3 months ago
I add BCAA to my S. Pellegrino or Perrier instead of my Diet Coke 🙌 GAME EFFIN CHANGER
Kimquat Coffman
Kimquat Coffman 4 months ago
I blame you for getting me hooked on PopCorners Flex I go through 2 big bags a week ok 😭❤️
Ally Larson
Ally Larson 4 months ago
what kind of tomato sauce do you use?
MISS YANYI 4 months ago
I could never give up potato chips tho 😭 those pop chips are not the same... but still delicious. I’ll swap it once in a while 😁
Mille Jensen
Mille Jensen 4 months ago
8:52 - Her: “They are packed with so many unnessesary ingredients and sugar.” Smoothie on the table: “No sugar added” Me: uhmmmm🤨😅
Emily McClure
Emily McClure 4 months ago
Girl I get it with the soda, I only buy Bubly and I love it so much. It's the carbonation that I crave
leanna ashley
leanna ashley 4 months ago
i just NEED an alternative for hot cheetos / takis, those are my weakness
Amber Dobbins
Amber Dobbins 5 months ago
Whit, where do you get the nutritional yeast and the smart sweets!?!? I need these in my life!
Chutton 5 months ago
I think your heart is in the right place for this video, but the intro to the potato chips part threw me off. "If I catch you with potato chips" didn't sit right with me. We can indulge in "bad" foods in moderation once in a while, if it helps prevent us from going on a crazy binge later from over-restriction! That comment just rubbed me the wrong way a bit
Michelle B
Michelle B 5 months ago
Not gonna lie, I took a break fr watching my usual fitness/health USposts channels ever since I got down in the dumps about my knee surgery/recovery. My knee is still not 100%, but I’m here to say I’m back & have ONLY been watching Whit!! I’m so here for these NUTRITIONAL, uplifting vids. I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself and letting the lbs. creep on. Thanks, Whit, for reigniting my fitness flame🔥
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan 5 months ago
I am a new fan of Whitney and I gotta say, does anyone else find it enthralling that she doesn’t move her eyebrows!!?
Nora Gomez
Nora Gomez 5 months ago
vitamin water is literally so good though 😩
Ella Duelks
Ella Duelks 5 months ago
is there a healthier version of nilla wafers or just cookies in general?
Sadia Kalam
Sadia Kalam 5 months ago
I hate how healthy alteratives are usually like twice the price :( I want to snack smart but unless I'm snacking on pure fruit it's usually more expensive!
Tina Torres
Tina Torres 5 months ago
Where'd you buy all the food
coldie lox
coldie lox 5 months ago
does Gatorade count?
Emily Grimes
Emily Grimes 5 months ago
It’d be awesome to see a budget friendly food swaps! Some of these are a little unrealistic when you’re trying to ball on a budget 😂😂
Ashley Petitt
Ashley Petitt 6 months ago
Loooove you. Just a thought but when you do another video like this could you put the price differences??💗💗
john jones
john jones 6 months ago
leave me and my potato chips alone lol
Destiny V
Destiny V 6 months ago
I have a problem... I love vitamin water but not infused water for me the flavors not strong enough even if I leave it for a few hours any one have any tips?
Destiny V
Destiny V 6 months ago
Just saying 42 grams of carbs is more than I used to eat in a day
Jenny Harris
Jenny Harris 6 months ago
Wish I was one of those people that could like nutritional yeast. It looks so good on video but for me it tastes/smells like fish food. Love all your other swap options though and your personality!! You just gained a new subscriber :)
Jocelyn Wright
Jocelyn Wright 6 months ago
I watched your first food swaps video and the yogurt ranch is the ONLY ranch I use now I AM obsessed!!!! Will definitely be trying these out :)
Blahkabelison 6 months ago
I would be sooo healthy if fresh fruit wasnt so crazy expensive
Baylor Eaton
Baylor Eaton 6 months ago
Your look today reminds me if Khloe Kardashian but you always look god no matter what
Kareen Hallak
Kareen Hallak 6 months ago
What about healthy alternatives with fewer preservatives and ingredients?
EmmersbeeGreekgirl 6 months ago
love the sentiment behind this video but some of her wording is SO TOXIC
Julia 6 months ago
I'm all for healthy swaps, but I don't think we should encourage strong language like suggesting someone never eat chips. It is totally ok to eat regular chips once in a while! Extreme restriction (even if you're swapping to something else) is still a dangerous mindset.
Jariah Mckay
Jariah Mckay 6 months ago
they need to put cancer warning labels on diet coke and other diet drinks. Because aspartame cause many problems, and cancer is one of them! Or maybe we should stop allowing food and drink companies to make products that make us sick 🤷😂 in a perfect world I guess. 🤷
Trippy Siren
Trippy Siren Month ago
Plus the acid in it can apparently clean toilets, greasy clothes, rust, bloody pavement? YIKES.
Morgan Justine
Morgan Justine 6 months ago
Stevia gives me and my family really bad migraines but we are trying to consume less sugar. Does anyone know of good water flavorings that are sugar AND stevia free?
Kylie 6 months ago
I always go for the zero cal/sugar vitamin waters! :)
Feeding Joeboy
Feeding Joeboy 6 months ago
I don’t intentionally swap out food but I sometimes intentionally cut down like don’t finish up a bag of chips in one seating but spread it out to a few days. Still a firm believer of moderation.
Brittney Arsenov
Brittney Arsenov 6 months ago
My problem is that exercise never makes me feel good after I do it. I always just want to shower and take a nap. Since quarantine, I’ve been walking 45 minutes a day and doing floor hiit videos but I don’t feel good after. Any suggestions? My diet is very clean and Whole Foods based.
Angel Robertson
Angel Robertson 7 months ago
Where do you normally go grocery shopping for these different alternatives?
Sierra Moore
Sierra Moore 7 months ago
But did ya eat all that yummy crap after the video or did you actually trash it? Sounds tempting
Jessee Nixon
Jessee Nixon 7 months ago
I turned this on right after I ate some of my kids chicken nuggets and then had a handful of cheese its ... Where do you get the candies? also the chips? Trader Joes is pretty far from me
Maelani Terlaje
Maelani Terlaje 7 months ago
we need more videos like these! btw anyone know a healthier alternative to hot Cheetos? 🥵😅
Cristina Ayala
Cristina Ayala 7 months ago
Hey Girl!! Omg goodness girl i needed this video! My weakness is soda or sweet juices and hot cheetos esp with nacho cheese. I try not to eat oats bc i get the flow going n get lazy. Am I the only one here with that issue? I love spaghetti squash its so versatile💚 Thank you for all your awesome videos I always look forward to watching them.
Mrs Wray
Mrs Wray 7 months ago
I’m wondering how much of this you ate after making this video! If it’s in my house I eat it, I have no will power
Michi Vegas
Michi Vegas 7 months ago
I just started a fitness journey and I’m not sure how often to eat and what to make for lunch and dinner
Jaimeleen C
Jaimeleen C 7 months ago
Gurl you crack me up! I love your videos! Thanks for making my fitness journey a little more fun!
Lindsey 7 months ago
please do more of these!! eating healthy is so hard :((
Allison Green
Allison Green 8 months ago
Whispers//*I love bananas* ....such a goofy gurlll. Love it
Kaley Nicole
Kaley Nicole 8 months ago
ALSO! Quest chips (very low carb) are SO good! Low carb, low fat, high protein, low calories.. but watch the sodium. But they taste SO good and are not terrible for you.
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriguez 8 months ago
Can you please tell me where you bought all the healthy snacks?
Kallie Rice
Kallie Rice 8 months ago
I love this video! Just discovered smart sweets last month and they have helped so much!
Natarsha Lorschy
Natarsha Lorschy 8 months ago
Oh my gosh, you need to start podcasting! I'm addicted to your videos and can't stop watching..... SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME!!!
jessicapaige beauty
jessicapaige beauty 8 months ago
Unsweetened ketchup is AWFUL. I prefer hot sauce myself 😊
Jessica Romero
Jessica Romero 8 months ago
Arianna Sifuentes
Arianna Sifuentes 8 months ago
You're so funny. I just found your channel and I love your videos! You're so real!
Ramya 8 months ago
lotus stem is a great alternative to chips ! roast it with some spices and a little bit of salt (cause that stem's bland) and you're good to go ! in India, they are popular as Makhanas
Dear Society
Dear Society 8 months ago
Whitney is the best for healthy swaps,but these ARE EXPENSIVE OH MY GAD 🥺 I’m a student living in a residence how the hell can I live an healthy lifestyle when I have 60$ per week for food😂
LoveMissChelle 8 months ago
I ended up buying the popcorners, and now I'm addicted...
sara ullah
sara ullah 8 months ago
You’re so beautiful ❤️😭
Maggie Nuttall
Maggie Nuttall 9 months ago
Girl... you should try the Mountain Dew kickstart in the mango, pineapple, orange flavor! SO GOOD and low in sugar and calories, plus caffeine!!! I mean, I’m not saying it’s a health food, but dang- it gets me through the week and I don’t feel gross.
Loren Lynch
Loren Lynch 9 months ago
For fruit water, I keep the just lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange packets in my purse and gym bag. So good! And it’s just crystallized fruit juice.
Loren Lynch
Loren Lynch 9 months ago
The freeze dried fruit at Trader Joe’s is the best price. They have blueberries, strawberries, banana, grapes, and apple I think
SiobhanHH 9 months ago
Veggies are made out of carbs tho?
Karli Szabados
Karli Szabados 9 months ago
I know potato chips are awful and I make my own at home sometimes with zucchini or sweet potatoes. But while pregnant you’d have to pry cool ranch Doritos out of my cold dead hands
Paradise at Home
Paradise at Home 9 months ago
Such great alternatives! I use to buy the low carb tortillas bc I didn’t know they made an almond flour version. Now I gotta to grab those! Also, the chip bags!!! I had no idea those were made out of popcorn! Adding that to my list too!
Mignon King
Mignon King 9 months ago
Whitney...love you girl! Just wanted to mention Tesa Mae products...check them out. So yummy and clean!
Hillary 9 months ago
cheese is a bad thing because it's linked to cancer, thought you should know that :)
Cara Trotte
Cara Trotte 9 months ago
Thank you for showing healthier options. I felt like you where talking to me! I love the Zevia ginger ale!
Krystal 9 months ago
Thank you 🙏🏻
Victoria Bergler
Victoria Bergler 9 months ago
I literally have zero of the swaps avaliable on my country, still a watch it jus cuz is Whitney.
Alivia Lino
Alivia Lino 9 months ago
When is your top coming out on gymshark?
Sara Doke
Sara Doke 9 months ago
Can you make a part 2?? Love this and find it super helpful!
Trinity Hutchison
Trinity Hutchison 9 months ago
Do you think you could do a video of you cooking some of you’re favorite healthy meals??
Sharlee Coulton
Sharlee Coulton 9 months ago
I have a bad sweet tooth aswell. Sometimes I wish I didn’t lol. But lately I’ve been trying out healthier varieties of the sweet stuff I like, so far so good ! I recently discovered brownies made with just fruit and nuts, and omg they taste amazing 😍😍 I’m loving all the healthy varieties, you can definitely find a healthy version of any junk food these days, there’s literally no excuse.
Sarah Beth
Sarah Beth 9 months ago
okay but what about hot cheetos.......
Chelsea J
Chelsea J 9 months ago
Lol you saying not to fall for those “Better Oats” oatmeal packaging , when I just bought the same box yesterday at target 😂😂😭. WHY didn’t I watch this video sooner !!!
Danielle Howard
Danielle Howard 9 months ago
I love how refreshing, informative, and exciting your content is!! Thank you for being so positive about food and how healthy it can be.😊 You are a wonderful role model not only for myself, but my son and daughter!
Andrea H.
Andrea H. 9 months ago
I love when you whisper in your videos lol I love your personality seems great 💞
Kris H
Kris H 9 months ago
I’m so proud of myself, I always said I eat pretty healthy and these are a lot of things I have at home! 😊☺️ Also making smoothies at home saves you $ too 😊☺️.
Janet Ramos
Janet Ramos 9 months ago
Mc Donald’s large coke in a styrofoam cup is my weaknesssssss 😭😭
K !
K ! 9 months ago
whitney please smack me i can eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting
Lexi Alexandria
Lexi Alexandria 9 months ago
I’m going to say Naked smoothies aren’t bad for you. There is no added sugar in the drink. The sugar that you see listed is natural sugar from the fruit. Even in the ingredients list, no sugar is listed.
MissAmandaFashion Nash
MissAmandaFashion Nash 9 months ago
Are bang energy drinks healthy to drink since no sugar and no calories
Jamie Granados
Jamie Granados 9 months ago
Since I can’t find the video, what’s your favorite tofu to eat? I’m trying to eat more a variety and would love to try tofu....
Jackie Charlene
Jackie Charlene 9 months ago
So glad I found your channel I’m trying to lose weight and eat better but I don’t know anything about nutrition so I’m glad to have some kind of idea now about what i should be eating.
Alyssa Weisberg
Alyssa Weisberg 9 months ago
I just love you!!!!
brianne davies
brianne davies 9 months ago
LOVE how you constantly say "candy isn't a bad thing" "cheese isn't a bad thing" etc. You're such a realist about food and what the average person eats in a day. It's IMPOSSIBLE to eat healthy 24/7. Thank you for being so honest and coming from a place purely to help people
Emma T. Fink
Emma T. Fink Month ago
brianne davies Exactly! Plus, if you only eat sweets in moderation, it’s not that catastrophic for you!
Maria Jorolan
Maria Jorolan 9 months ago
I really really love your videos @whitneysimmons.. I got all my work out programs from your videos here in youtube and IG.. I hope you will be able to read my comment ☺ love you 😘😘😘😘😘
Kaitlyn Cotton
Kaitlyn Cotton 9 months ago
Smart sweets are literally my life I love them more than regular candy 😂😂
Teresa Tran
Teresa Tran 9 months ago
Wow I had no idea nutritional yeast could be used as a cheese substitute! I'm definitely going to try this on my salads.
Aubrey Miller
Aubrey Miller 9 months ago
Totally off topic but for reals are you lips seriously that smooth? What’s your routine? What brand is this? I need all the answers?
Martha Quiring
Martha Quiring 9 months ago
They don't sell popcorners in Canada :( what are my alternatives??
Rachel Collier
Rachel Collier 9 months ago
I put nutrition yeast on my avocado toast. Yummy!
LittleRed951 9 months ago
I’m so happy I have you on USposts!❤️😭 Seriously writing everything down! Goodbye sugars!!!
Tanya Clair
Tanya Clair 9 months ago
You so cute
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