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Whitney Simmons

15 days ago

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Sara Ash
Sara Ash 14 days ago
its the BERRRRATATAAAAA for me through out this vid LOL LOVE YOU WHIT SO SO MUCH
ladycornish 10 days ago
Someone has been on TikTok 😉
Sean Beckerer
Sean Beckerer 14 days ago
Hi Everybody & @Whitney Simmons, On my USposts I have an *Excersize/Workout* playlist full of videos made inside of gyms. So I don't understand at all why Whitney was not recording workout videos in the gym she was useing. It makes no sence to me what so ever. What do you all think???
Mycah Equette
Mycah Equette 14 days ago
I died laughing everytime 🤣
Sara Ash
Sara Ash 14 days ago
@Jessica W ikr 😂😂 shes the cutest !
Jessica W
Jessica W 14 days ago
Lol I came here to comment this 😂😂! ~beraTaTa!~ 🎶
Michayla Thielen
Michayla Thielen 4 hours ago
Ohhhhh that outfit at 3:07 is so cute! Whitney, your videos are helping me survive the stress of finals. Thank you
Parker Hogan
Parker Hogan 9 hours ago
I’m so excited for you!! I find it much more comfortable to work out at home too. Your gym looks AMAZING. I was also wondering what makeup products you’re wearing? I’ve been trying out new things and I LOVE how you do yours!!
Sophie Buckingham
Sophie Buckingham 10 hours ago
i love hearing about the building process woohooo whit this is exciting!!! *i feel the "this gym feels safe for me" that is important*
adriannelovesjesus 10 hours ago
So glad you guys are at a place to be able to do this!! This is awesome!
Makayla Mondragon
Makayla Mondragon 11 hours ago
Serious goals!!! Wow
Ella 15 hours ago
Me saving this video to show my future home builder.. OH MA GOODNESS
Compass & Coastline: Coastal Travel Blog
Compass & Coastline: Coastal Travel Blog 17 hours ago
Congrats Whitney! Gorgeous gym and you deserve it
Nicole Janis
Nicole Janis 21 hour ago
Beautiful!!!! I actually didn’t know your bought that house I thought you were renting! Jealous and totally want one now hahah
AshleyBichel Day ago
This is so awesome Whit! I also am gradually buying my own gym equipment to hopefully get my very own workout space at home!
Allie Mulvaney
Allie Mulvaney Day ago
What a dreammmmy dream! We have a garage gym but this is another level! Prestige. 😍❤️
Angel Herrera
Angel Herrera Day ago
It looks AMAZING!😍😍😍
Madi Summers
Madi Summers Day ago
wow it’s so pretty on the outside 🥺🥺
Adrianna DiGuglielmo
Adrianna DiGuglielmo Day ago
I wonder where you'll 'car sit' and procrastinate going into the gym now that it's in your backyard. lol
meshellnguyen 2 days ago
That’s so awesome!! I love it!! If you don’t mind, what’s the price range of something like this?
Corina Nazario
Corina Nazario 2 days ago
Im so late I've been wondering if you built your own gym with work and kids I haven't been on youtube. Congrats
Kourtney Leech
Kourtney Leech 2 days ago
Can't wait to see inside!
Jesusa Rios
Jesusa Rios 2 days ago
I love it Whit!!!! It looks so good 🧡
Sedona Christina
Sedona Christina 2 days ago
omg this truly is THE DREAM! So fun!!! I'm so so happy for you!! xo
Naturallyashley86 2 days ago
WOW!!!! AMAZING!!! The whole gym and entire backyard makeup! holy moly i'm jealous!
Julissa 3 days ago
Imagine moving homes after all that work
Edna Ward
Edna Ward 3 days ago
This is a question will you being restocking your tarte palette
Lindsay Brown
Lindsay Brown 3 days ago
So excited for you!! Can’t wait for the new workout videos!! 🥰
desi -ray
desi -ray 4 days ago
I’m getting pump about your new home gym!
Kelly Faulkner
Kelly Faulkner 4 days ago
Zoe Mattia
Zoe Mattia 4 days ago
Love you so much! I have 2 scrunchies made from towel material that you wear on your wrists to catch the dirty water running down your arms when you wash your face.. I just launched my brand earlier this year (bad timing).. but someone told me you have posted before about needing a product like mine!! My brand is called ScrunchBuddy.... wish I could send you one!! xx love you
Elizabeth 4 days ago
Your neighbors when they hear your speakers in the morning 👁👄👁
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith 4 days ago
This is absolutely AMAZING! I’m so in love with the design! Makes me wanna build one myself 😍
Danielle Scott
Danielle Scott 5 days ago
OMG so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished product! And the backyard is BEAUTIFUL. It looks like something I would build for my Sims but since I live in CA could never afford for myself. 😂
Andrea Cremeans
Andrea Cremeans 5 days ago
So darn cute!!!! I actually do all kinds of construction! That was cool to see! I specialize in gutters though lol. If you were to get gutters here in Ohio (that’s where I’m from too) then it would only be about 6:ft and you’d only need it on the back. So if your building was 14ft and you needed Elbows and a down spout you could get gutters for less than $180. Not too shabby right? And the windows..... beautiful but I know how darn expensive they can be. It’s worth it though getting good ones because they will last long
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds 5 days ago
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds 5 days ago
Your roof looks like it will be very close to those power lines ! Haha 🥸
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds 5 days ago
You have heaps of room for a pool even if it’s a plunge pool? Ahhahaha just save for it !
Preslee Carson
Preslee Carson 5 days ago
You’re gorgeous and awesome keep being you 😌😌😌
mercariel 5 days ago
Love it! How many square feet is the gym space?
Laura Kastner
Laura Kastner 5 days ago
Your integrity makes you such a role model to me. Watched this because I was feeling down and knew you’d cheer me up. I’m grateful for you whit 💛
Jennifer Wallace
Jennifer Wallace 5 days ago
So beautiful!!! Ugh I want one now!
Hayle’s World
Hayle’s World 5 days ago
Omg love the gym 💗
VTJ Billy
VTJ Billy 5 days ago
So happy for u girl!!!! Thank you for sharing your step-by-step progress, home gym is one of my goals in life! This has given me inspiration!!!
Boss Queen
Boss Queen 5 days ago
Can you include where you got the gym equipment as well and price range in the next video ?
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds 6 days ago
so do you own your house then if you are doing this week?
Sarina Clark
Sarina Clark 6 days ago
Wait do we get Witmis?!
Bible Studies with Victoria
Bible Studies with Victoria 6 days ago
when are you posting the inside tour? i’ve been checking youtube all week for it 😂
Hope Stephens
Hope Stephens 6 days ago
Giirrrlll use that launch revenue! 😂❤️
Natalie Donskoy
Natalie Donskoy 6 days ago
So happy for you!! CONGRATULATIONS!
Jasmine Rushton
Jasmine Rushton 6 days ago
Gorgeous so excited for you. Well deserved. Cant wait for content in the new home gym
Yenery Garcia
Yenery Garcia 6 days ago
This is truly amazing. So happy and proud of you whit.
Melissa Owens
Melissa Owens 7 days ago
This is my dream as well! It looks amazing from the outside!! ❤️❤️❤️ I cannot wait to see the inside
lover of god
lover of god 7 days ago
I am so jealous. But I love it well deserved and its smart. Due to the covid locking down the gym. And I love that all you have to do is walk outside no driving out. Happy for you
Sheria Linnear
Sheria Linnear 7 days ago
paige 7 days ago
why did i think she lived in a town house??
Andrea González
Andrea González 7 days ago
Wowww! Muchísimas felicidades, Whitney!
nancy ibarra
nancy ibarra 7 days ago
I love this so freaking excited!!!
Sakshi Kashyap
Sakshi Kashyap 7 days ago
It's beautiful......I can see how happy u are......all the best
Ada Vitega
Ada Vitega 7 days ago
Indeed a DREAM 😭😍
Gail Jarrett
Gail Jarrett 8 days ago
Paris Kuntzelman
Paris Kuntzelman 8 days ago
THANK GOD Whitney workout videos will be coming back! Girl I need a little more you in my routine 💕😘 you’re my OG
Kayla Keesee
Kayla Keesee 8 days ago
wowww whitney i’m so happy for you! it turned out beautiful
Elizabeth Lo
Elizabeth Lo 8 days ago
Shred shed :)
Laura A.
Laura A. 8 days ago
so happy for you :)
embmrose 8 days ago
gonna have to use this for my future gym endeavors
Alyssa Dazet
Alyssa Dazet 8 days ago
Im soo jealous yet soooo happy for you!! Its so beautiful
Pam Gelenius
Pam Gelenius 8 days ago
Ashlee Fa'amaile
Ashlee Fa'amaile 8 days ago
Love it! I see you getting tall bushes to go around the fence for greenery 🌿🌿and most of all privacy
Desha Esperon
Desha Esperon 8 days ago
Really excited for the you tube videos to come back, I end up scrolling on Instagram.
Melissa 9 days ago
Can we talk about the little pop sound Stef made when you were saying don’t forget to subscribe ?? 😂😭😭😭 too cute ❤️
Haley CUPERSMITH 9 days ago
YAYYYYYYY SO EXCITING!!!!! Is your black skirt from asos?!
Genuinely Bree
Genuinely Bree 9 days ago
Now this is honestly Goals!!
Danielle Schroeder
Danielle Schroeder 9 days ago
So excited for your USposts videos to come back! This looks amazing 😍
natakers 9 days ago
amazing !!
Amy McGuire
Amy McGuire 9 days ago
OMG WHERE IS YOUR OUTFIT FROM IN THE BEFORE CLIP?!?!?! That skirt is to die for 😍😍😍😍😍
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 9 days ago
Sierra Proctor
Sierra Proctor 9 days ago
I love the design! I would love to have something like this right about now😍
Elienise Ramos
Elienise Ramos 9 days ago
How could be dislike this video? I'm in awwe and so happy for you! You're reaching one goal at a time... Incredible blessings 🙏 to you and the fam!
The Carlos Method Fitness TV
The Carlos Method Fitness TV 9 days ago
Love your latest video, Whitney. I always find you entertaining and funny. Keep up your super work. Carlos & Bex
Stephanie Baird-Oryschak
Stephanie Baird-Oryschak 9 days ago
your lounge set is so cute 💕✨
Tabitha Liberatore
Tabitha Liberatore 9 days ago
It’s so amazing!!!! ❤️❤️
Kayla Celenza
Kayla Celenza 9 days ago
i love how it turned out!! its so cute and modern looking
Emily Lamm
Emily Lamm 9 days ago
Ma’am I am BEGGING for a morning routine
Micheon Graves
Micheon Graves 9 days ago
So happy for you Whitney! Loved the BTS video
trela5295 9 days ago
Hello whit ! I’m so in love with your house in general.. it’s literally goals 👌🏻 but I’m here to ask you something irrelevant😂 where is the black bootle you’re drinking at 16:20 from? I love it 💜
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell 9 days ago
Why did this video make me want to beat up anyone who made you uncomfy at your public gym???? 😠 😭💕
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 9 days ago
KassandraG 9 days ago
I love it!!!, look amazing
Natalie Wixon
Natalie Wixon 10 days ago
LaLa Wint
LaLa Wint 10 days ago
OMG this is sooo beautiful girl!!!
Nhi Le
Nhi Le 10 days ago
I can’t wait for your YT workouts again! You’re the one that really got me into fitness and feeling more confident in the gym. ☺️
Madina Monowara
Madina Monowara 10 days ago
OMG ITS SO PRETTY that's it I'm building my own gym when I'm old enough too
Natalie Robles
Natalie Robles 10 days ago
Ysa Maldonado
Ysa Maldonado 10 days ago
Congratulations! And great job walking us thru the process step by step...thank you!:)
kristiearose 10 days ago
Where’s your tip from
Guide to Ikigai
Guide to Ikigai 10 days ago
I love this! What a great idea :) You're soooo motivating me to make workouts a priority
jess smith
jess smith 10 days ago
When will you do a video tour with the equipment etc please?? Love your build, inspired as always Whit!💙
Georgia Booth
Georgia Booth 10 days ago
Omg how u say pergola hahahahaha
ladycornish 10 days ago
Oh Whit, this is my dream too! Can’t wait to see it with all the equipment installed!
Daniela Natschke
Daniela Natschke 10 days ago
Holy schnikes it's soooooo beautiful!!! I was wondering where that gym was from one of your newest IG posts 👀 Also, what and WHERE is that teal outfit from that you are wearing??? It looks so comfy cozy ❄️
Taylor Castillo
Taylor Castillo 10 days ago
Wow goals girlfriend, it turned out so beautifully! Congratulations on so much hard work paying off
jillian perkins
jillian perkins 10 days ago
I’ve been looking for an app just like alive but it won’t let me do anything because I don’t have the money to pay
Lourdes Ventura
Lourdes Ventura 10 days ago
What was the overall price with hiring people and all materials ?
Rebecca Dattilo
Rebecca Dattilo 10 days ago
Lovvveee! Congrats my dear, so pumped for you!
emseeaich 10 days ago
SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! This just made me so freaking happy and excited about life. I love seeing you making your dreams come true!!! Can't wait for the gym tour eeeee!
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