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Top I’m wearing
Dry Shampoooooo
You're mom won't stop chatting about this shampoo
AND this Conditioner lmao
How did I ever wash my brushes without this???
DEEPEST self tan ever
Melt your makeup in spray from heaven
BORN THIS WAY in warm nude
Cream Bronze Amazingness
Bronzer that's about to shatter I can feel it in my bones
Bushy brow BFF
FRAGRANCE FREE body lotion
Lazy Daisy Lip

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Lindsay Rose
Lindsay Rose 20 days ago
$42 Canadian dollars for that dry shampoo.. ur buggin... but I love you still :)
Alex Rojo
Alex Rojo 2 months ago
Rewatching because you are so right. The empties videos are DYING OUT and this is a PROBLEM. Please keep doing these whit!!
Magenta43 4 months ago
it's a beautiful day to be orange (faced)
Paula Queen
Paula Queen 4 months ago
Everyone ... and their dogs, their cats... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brittany Meade
Brittany Meade 5 months ago
I need you to do an updated makeup vid
Dizzy_Siren 5 months ago
What is the name of IGK texture spray
Lily Stevens
Lily Stevens 8 months ago
I’m obsessed with your top! Where is it from? 😍😍😍
Alicia Marie's Photography
Alicia Marie's Photography 8 months ago
Just an FYI I know a lot of people who get cystic like acne from Born this Way foundation. It also creates a lot of oil. I broke out when I used it. Just a heads up :)
Harley Montgomery
Harley Montgomery 8 months ago
You should remake that necklace and sell it
Ashley Gravley
Ashley Gravley 9 months ago
What do you use to make your teeth so white!?
Cynthia Gonzalez
Cynthia Gonzalez 9 months ago
Do you take any vitamins for your hair?
athletic grandma
athletic grandma 9 months ago
You are the cutest person and I love you. I’m so hungover right now and you make what part of me is still alive feel a little bitty bit better✨♥️ Also I don’t wear makeup lol
Anastasia Morrow
Anastasia Morrow 9 months ago
Looking like Carmen Diaz in the best way in this video, gorgeous ma'am.
Alisha Vial
Alisha Vial 10 months ago
Whitney could you please do a video on how you self tan with psoriasis? I have it too and I just can’t seem to get a smooth fake tan because of it, I couldn’t even have a tan for my wedding but I still love the way tan looks and if you have any tips and tricks on how to deal with dryness, flakiness/rashing and skin discolouration when applying tan I would love to know them! Thank you!
Gracie Schweitzer
Gracie Schweitzer 10 months ago
i know this is an old video but the part about the nude sticks had me DYING!! i have their highlighter and when i tried to use the brush i seriously wanted to know if anyone else thought the brush was terrible lol.
Elizabeth Fulton
Elizabeth Fulton 10 months ago
I love your eyebrows. You helped me hop on the fluffy brow train 💕
Lexy s
Lexy s 10 months ago
The olaplex #3 is where it’s at
Amy Leatherwood
Amy Leatherwood 10 months ago
Girl, you have to try the Epionce body moisturizers. The Renewal Body Lotion for summer and the Enriched Body Cream for winter. They are medical grade products intended for people with compromised skin like psoriasis. The Renewal Cream for the face is amaaazzzing also.
Nicole Padgett
Nicole Padgett 10 months ago
Whitttttttttttttt, what’s on your nails?!?!
Cassie Duke
Cassie Duke 10 months ago
That’s so crazy you said that about the fenty lip balm because I have noticed that it does the same thing! Every time I’ve use that and I skip over it a lot bc of that, it makes my lips feel like they dry out way faster it’s crazy!
Karlie Charbonneau
Karlie Charbonneau 10 months ago
PLEASE do a jewelry collection vid! love all the rings and i’m dying to know where they’re from. i know about your one special ring and your necklace! but there’s so many more now! ❤️
Courtney Bussing
Courtney Bussing 11 months ago
Whitney! Try the joico defy damage shampoo and conditioner or just the whole line in general it’s so good
Nina Harlach
Nina Harlach 11 months ago
Can you show us how you clean your face makeup brushes?
Catherine Johnson
Catherine Johnson 11 months ago
you should try the physicians formula sculpting bronzer stick! I have super dry skin too and love it for cream contour.. btw love all your videos 💖
Lucky 24
Lucky 24 11 months ago
I got the mini super small version of the Olaplex 4&5. This summer. I still haven't finished. It's ok.
Kendall Riley
Kendall Riley 11 months ago
I dont even have straight hair but im still here just watching lmao
Its_neriah 11 months ago
I love your videos!! You said the oraplex didn’t do anything for you. I started about 2 months ago on monat products and such a difference!! I have new hair growth, its shinier and healthier! Msg me on ig if you wanna hear more ☺️ @neriahsday
Vida Jones
Vida Jones 11 months ago
Imagine being Whitney after filming these videos and going around the room picking up everything that was thrown 😂😂
christina valerio
christina valerio 11 months ago
Ouai is just so overrated.
Tinkerbexx 11 months ago
Anybody else book in for their nails done straight after this 😅 ....and buy her top....?! Also when youre in the UK next, go to superdrug and try their own brand killer volume dry shampoo. it is insane and only £1!
Heather Koehn
Heather Koehn 11 months ago
Have you ever tried coco and eve self tanner? I’m thinking of trying it but I’m scared
Eveling Morales
Eveling Morales 11 months ago
Kathleen lights does empties videos every month ☺️!
Carol Davis
Carol Davis 11 months ago
SoSue does the tan for use in a spray tan machine. Its an Irish brand, run by a woman called Susanne Jackson, she is amazing! You can wait for sales when they offer 20 % off, and then the delivery fee doesn't really matter. The face spray tan, Wonder Water is amazing and so hydrating. It doesn't break me out. I use to on my body sometimes.
Alyssa Wakefield
Alyssa Wakefield 11 months ago
Gurlllllllll!! I bought the St Tropez pro light machine from! Purchase! Everrrr!!! The machine is sooo nice and I love the look of my tan when I use it (which is allllllllll the time)!!!☀️☀️☀️
Fallon Moore
Fallon Moore 11 months ago
Helene Aguirre
Helene Aguirre 11 months ago
Girlllll!!!!! I LOVE that brush cleaner!!! It changed my life!!!! Lol but it’s soooo freakin expensive! 😭
Maria Elena
Maria Elena 11 months ago
I don't know how fast you go through foundation but keep in mind that they have expiration dates so be careful with backups!
Kelsey Schick
Kelsey Schick 11 months ago
You should try Covergirl exhibitionist mascara. Reminds me the lash Paradise but is cruelty free, and cheaper I believe.
Brittany R
Brittany R 11 months ago
I agree about the olaplex.. it is SO hyped up, but not that great.. I prefer my nexxus therappe and humectrus shampoo and conditioner!
Samantha Grillo
Samantha Grillo 11 months ago
Girl you need to try Monat hair and skincare. LIFE CHANGING. And I’m a low maintenance girl.
Marykelly Santos
Marykelly Santos 11 months ago
More videoooos
SheWarrior 02
SheWarrior 02 11 months ago
i have the same sahara desert dryyy skin with discoloration.. do you recommend Born This Way for our type of skin??
Kristin Barrett
Kristin Barrett 11 months ago
Hey girlie an option to consider for your dark under eye is some tear trough filler - will really brighten you up!!
Sammi Holt
Sammi Holt 11 months ago
WHATTTT the ouai makes the scent in perfume!!! Are you kidding buying now I love that smell obsessed
Riley Wypiszenski
Riley Wypiszenski 11 months ago
Hey Whitney! Is the thrive causmetics foundation long lasting? I have desperately dry skin as well but have a problem with foundations slipping off my face :( thanks!!
Rochelle Pfeifer
Rochelle Pfeifer 11 months ago
Whit! I love you! I’ve been here from the beginning and I still look forward to you 💋💋💋💋💋
FeelingInsaneisNormal 11 months ago
“Please let me live my f-“ I seriously thought you were going to swear and I thought Jesus the brow shame has got to you but no, of course you were your polite, fun self!
Ceci Garcia
Ceci Garcia 11 months ago
You have the most bubbly attitude☺️❤️ just love you so much😭
Kristin Carlin
Kristin Carlin 11 months ago
The thrive cosmetics mascara is fire
Shayla Rice
Shayla Rice 11 months ago
You should try and review function of beauty
Hannah Reed
Hannah Reed 11 months ago
You should do a makeup/get ready with me video!!!
jennifer o
jennifer o 11 months ago
As a long, thin, and straight (lifeless) haired gal - I need some tips and tricks girl
Sarah Freistat
Sarah Freistat 11 months ago
What do you use to clean you face makeup brushes?
Kennedy Jones
Kennedy Jones 11 months ago
you are only suppose to use the oalplex shampoo and conditioner once a week, and use a different shampoo and conditioner the other days
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 11 months ago
Okay but I only wash my hair once a week
Sara Mackeigan
Sara Mackeigan 11 months ago
Did you know that there’s a ingredient that makes the shampoo lather? When supposedly that it’s not suppose to lather to make it clean. The “lather” is actually bad for your hair. Learned that somewhere. Love reviews!
Dulce Carreno
Dulce Carreno 11 months ago
I want to buy the MAC setting spray but they test on animals 😞
Ruya M
Ruya M 11 months ago
Hey Whit! Add 1-2 drops of any facial oil to your dried out mascara or lipstick tubes. It works wonders. :)
Kaitlynn Burnett
Kaitlynn Burnett 11 months ago
rimmel scandal eyes in the black and white tube is literally UNMATCHED. and im used to buying high end mascara! nothing beats it!
Ali Ferreira
Ali Ferreira 11 months ago
Completely agree on the olaplex!!!!!!!!!!!
Alejandra Grau
Alejandra Grau 11 months ago
You know what I always think about when you do product videos? That after you’re done filming you’re like that meme that says “f this! *throws papers in the air*” and then picks it back up because he needs it or to clean up his mess😂 that’s you because girlllll you throw everything in the air and I love it hahaha
Kim W
Kim W 11 months ago
Love empties videos!!!
Danielle Nelson
Danielle Nelson 11 months ago
Alexandra Mollon
Alexandra Mollon 11 months ago
FYI Lush also has a thing where you can return 5 of their bottles and get a free face mask! If anyone happens to shop there I love a good bring the bottles back and get a gift. Recycling AND gifts...dream life.
Shannon Van Duren
Shannon Van Duren 11 months ago
Try ELF's eye brow gel!! It's seriously a great dupe and you can get it a the drugstore
Shannon Van Duren
Shannon Van Duren 11 months ago
@Shayla Rice I was talking about a dupe for the Glossier boy brow, for her eyebrows :)
Shayla Rice
Shayla Rice 11 months ago
Shannon Van Duren idk if it’s what she does but this look can be achieved by curling with a flat iron
Rebecca Osborn
Rebecca Osborn 11 months ago
You’re so dang beautiful. Your eyebrows are absolutely goals so don’t ever let anyone tell you different. Another product for fluffy brows that will add fibres is benefit gimme brow, I’ve bought trillions of these bottles. Give it a whirl. It lasts too. Love you so much 💜💜💜
lizzygray12 11 months ago
I love this 🥰🥰🥰🥰 also love how long it was. Be my bestie?!?
Aubrey P
Aubrey P 11 months ago
please do more empties videos!!
Megan Marie
Megan Marie 11 months ago
You inspired me to try the fluffy brows...yeah they’re not for me lol
sharla stock
sharla stock 11 months ago
girl I got a shampoo and conditioner that would last you 4-5 months
April Lauren
April Lauren 11 months ago
I had no idea about the back to Mac thing. I LOVE that!
Emily Troxler
Emily Troxler 11 months ago
Have you ever tried a mascara primer? I love big lashes with out falsies because every glue irritates the heck out of my eyes but L’Oréal lash paradise primer I swear is the best for big full lashes and I have tried so many! I get asked all the time if I have falsies on and it’s always the primer that helps :)
Morgan Calhoon
Morgan Calhoon 11 months ago
Obsessed with you!! What presets do you use on your IG posts?! Also, I would love to see a day in the life video showing more of what you do for a living!
jill malone
jill malone 11 months ago
Tarte lights camera lashes is the best mascara!
Carla Lozada
Carla Lozada 11 months ago
I have extremely dry skin too, best lotion ever CeraVe SA, they also have one for psoriasis
Alex Pennington
Alex Pennington 11 months ago
Try Joico Defy Damage shampoo & conditioner! They’re amazing! They also have a heat protectant within that line! I really have enjoyed it so far!
Camry Mitten
Camry Mitten 11 months ago
Have you tried the thrive causemetics mascara? It’s so good!
Elexis Williams
Elexis Williams 11 months ago
Ahhhhh I love the MAC primer+finisher spray! But had no clue about the back to MAC deal!!! Merry Whitmas to meeeeee Thanks Whitney!!!
Carmela Winter
Carmela Winter 11 months ago
I absolutely love that top!! 💕😍
Ashleyost 11 months ago
I remember when folks on the Tube used to go through a WHOLE BIG BAG of empties at the end of each year. What in tar-nation has happened? What year is it? HELLO?!
kayles091 11 months ago
I stopped using the L’Oréal mascara too because it would flake all day in my eye. I bought it on a whim and it hasn’t been doing it! Maybe the formula did go back!?
brianne davies
brianne davies 11 months ago
My favourite part of the whole video is when Navaroo walks behind the camera at 7:16
Vannah 11 months ago
Thrive cosmetics mascara doesn’t flake, ever, so good.
Rachel F
Rachel F 11 months ago
Whitmas gets me through finals!! I've been watching your videos as I sit in the library eating dinner lol
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor 11 months ago
Try Benefit Gimme brow! It's the same type of brush and everything but I feel like it has more product in it
sfreckles005 11 months ago
Omg please let me live my fluffy brow life... I have seriously thick brows and that is now how i am going to respond to all the comments i get- please let me live my thick brow life!!!
h dangler
h dangler 11 months ago
Will you do a video of you doing your hair? I also have straight thin hair
Erin Ausborn
Erin Ausborn 11 months ago
Essence brow gel is a SUPER CHEAP and good alternative to the boy brow. It's like less than $2 at Ulta!
LJ 11 months ago
Your personality always brightens my day and improved my mood. Your energy is amazing and inspiring.
Gabi Carmen
Gabi Carmen 11 months ago
dior airflash is bomb too!!
Kayla Barbee
Kayla Barbee 11 months ago
HEY WHIT!! Could you please do a “how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in college” video with healthy food tips and such? whenever you have time! You da bomb
Kyssa Fersovich
Kyssa Fersovich 11 months ago
The beguinning of this video caused my phone to open Google voice thingy, and searched up "listen listen listen". I thought it was a fluke, NOPE. 3 times in a row it turned on my google voice search.
Alyssa Browning
Alyssa Browning 11 months ago
I can’t fix nudestix selling their product with the brush but I can help you not look at the brush. It can be removed for cleaning so you know what I do?? Trash it lolz
Brittney Arnold
Brittney Arnold 11 months ago
OMG I love your eyebrows and the fact that they are NATURAL! Jelly toast. They are bomb and so not controversial. Forget the haters, your brows are stunning! Girl I thought you were taking your freaking bob time on those things every day to make them look that good. Slay the eyebrow game girl!
Tina Dail
Tina Dail 11 months ago
You need to try cerave cream. I’ve been using it for about 1.5 years. It is amazing!! You can buy it at Target or a drugstore. Super moisturizing.
Luisa Pasillas
Luisa Pasillas 11 months ago
Has she already told is where she got the evil eye necklace she wears. I would really it.
Ashley Tucker
Ashley Tucker 11 months ago
what do you use to curl your hair? I love that its straight at the rugged curls! gorgeous girl!
M J 11 months ago
I used to love Mac until I found out they test on animals. Totally off Mac since.
Ashley Diaz
Ashley Diaz 11 months ago
Also I’ve never seen someone so similar to me with skin concerns.. exact same dry face and products that work for me, and eczema on my body that flares up with lotions like you said! I use the Vaseline essential healing lotion in the yellow bottle and it is a game changer (not too thick but super hydrating- does have a slight smell
Kay 11 months ago
Please make more of these videos, loveeeee!
Ashley Diaz
Ashley Diaz 11 months ago
Ooo I’m gonna try that dry shampoo -You should try the dry bar one someday! It’s so good
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