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Whitney Simmons

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A healthy grocery store haul from Trader Joe's and a complete leg and booty workout!!
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5-10 minutes of glute activation
4 sets of 10 hip thrusts
1 set of myo-reps hip thrusts... 10 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps with 5 second rest in-between
3 sets of 12 RDL's
4 sets of 15 (each leg) cable kick backs
Superset | 3 sets
10 stability ball leg curl
straight into 10 stability ball glute bridges

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Thea R
Thea R 17 days ago
be careful with the dog treats with chicken. I dont know if the treats you got had dry chicken, but it's toxic for dogs and can cause death :( I just learned about this, it's awful. So don't feed ur dogs dry chicken. take care!
Xoxo Yaya
Xoxo Yaya Month ago
I’m new here & I’m obsessing with her. Love her
kelsey brunelle
kelsey brunelle 2 months ago
Honestly Whit, you're just so entertaining! I'm here for some workout inspo, but mostly cause you're so fun!
silver_04 2 months ago
Can someone help me understand this pls. They say you can’t spot reduce a specific body part you want to lose weight from.. So what about when you’re lifting weights on arm day, isn’t that toning up just your arms or will that spot reduce fat from all over the body like your belly fat too??
AllThisLovex 21 day ago
Muscle and fat are two different things.
Janna Banigan
Janna Banigan 3 months ago
"Arugula. Tastes like the earth, not like the dirt!" Lmao 😆
Jeffany Figueroa
Jeffany Figueroa 3 months ago
Lol polo asado.
Emmanunouille Deschenouille
Emmanunouille Deschenouille 4 months ago
does someone know the name of the song that’s playing while she’s working out?? 🙏🏼
hannah • 6 years ago
hannah • 6 years ago 5 months ago
who else kinda laughs at people who ask how to get a 40 inch butt and 15 inch thighs lmao
Joy Anthony
Joy Anthony 5 months ago
Thank you for existing Whitney 😭
Molly Lynn
Molly Lynn 5 months ago
Does anyone else feel like leighannsays and whitney are meant to meet??
Mae 6 months ago
I also do not get the hype with pumpkin spice lol
Zuzana Hnatova
Zuzana Hnatova 6 months ago
LOVEE your vibes, couldn't stop laughing and smiling.
Shirley Daniels
Shirley Daniels 6 months ago
Hes 35 7×5=35 hes soo cute
Maddie Branthwaite
Maddie Branthwaite 6 months ago
Watching this in May 2020 and it's making me miss the gym sooooo much!!! Pls let me go back soon
jamie Blake
jamie Blake 6 months ago
Please don't ever stop whit!! I can't make it without you!! I'm for real tho lol... you're the one who helps me know what to do and how!! Hope u feel better. Make it a beautiful day universe!!
BreeanaGames 7 months ago
I think I trust your what I eat in a day the most for my taste, because I ALSO hate pumpkin spice, and i'm not a HUGE fan of avocados but I can eat them. (goes and buys everything you buy)
Tatiana Wilkins
Tatiana Wilkins 8 months ago
Lol Love It
joy garcia
joy garcia 8 months ago
OMG your dogs are soooooooooooooo cute!!
Amanda King
Amanda King 8 months ago
I just want to let you know I love you and will support you at Gymshark 🥰
Amanda King
Amanda King 8 months ago
I just shop under your name 😘
Meghan Asbell
Meghan Asbell 9 months ago
Hey i'm not sure where in utah you're at but you should check out Peterson Family Farm. you can get produce nonplastic there at a decent price:) not sure if you'll see but i love them
Ashley Rogers
Ashley Rogers 9 months ago
@WhitneySimmons - Hi Love! So, I have a few key questions for ya 1.) What are the BEST ear buds that you find really stays put [while working out] and also puts out a lot of high end sound/bass/noise-cancellation options. (Keep in mind I have tiny ear canals and a lot of ear buds slip out consistently when I’m just wearing them out and about, so I usually stick with BEATS over the ears (amongst others), but I truly need a great brand that maybe wraps around my ears for extra stability while working out, especially doing heavy cardio. Suggestions? 2.) Are you a fan of Carbon38? While majority of their pieces cost more than the average person can afford; their brands they carry are AMAZING. Which company are you getting these lovely high waisted leggings and crop tops? I LOVE THEM! They almost look like Alo Yoga, but they remind me of Morgan’s fitness line a bit too! 3.) Last, but certainly not least.... What brand(s) (Pump?) do you mix up for prepping before hitting the gym? Btw - I’m so bloody elated I stumbled across your channel! It’s absolutely brill, and not to mention, You and I do a plethora of things almost exactly alike! Keep on keeping on with all of that positivity, love and light, Sis! 🖤🌙🖤🧘🏼‍♀️🦾🤙🏼💃😘👌🏼
Dawn N
Dawn N 9 months ago
where is her jean jacket from? its sooo pretty!
Глюк FM Den
Глюк FM Den 9 months ago
Saira Garcia
Saira Garcia 9 months ago
Dean D'Aquila
Dean D'Aquila 9 months ago
God I love you!!! You are incredible
Hillary Ellis
Hillary Ellis 9 months ago
You may have already addressed this but I’m new to your channel; how did you fix the issue of your hair falling out?
Nicole Macomber
Nicole Macomber 9 months ago
100% on your train of “NO PUMPKIN SPICE”!! Always thought I was the only one🤦‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Courtney Holcombe
Courtney Holcombe 10 months ago
Yes to the "what I eat in a day"! I love those type of videos!
Courtney Holcombe
Courtney Holcombe 10 months ago
I really needed that booty inspiration!!
Cayla Simpson
Cayla Simpson 10 months ago
Where can I find the music in this video 😱😍
Medina Sulejmani
Medina Sulejmani 10 months ago
We just got a Traders Joe in Wichita! 🥰
Kaley Collett
Kaley Collett 10 months ago
What band is she using at 3:52?
Trevor Bicking
Trevor Bicking 10 months ago
Going to grab that Yogurt dip
Trevor Bicking
Trevor Bicking 10 months ago
Probably one of the top USpostsr, great editing skills, unbelievable library of content. No wonder you have almost 2 million subscribers. I’ve already started to buy some of the products you’ve discussed in some of you videos. Love the Everything Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s
Trevor Bicking
Trevor Bicking 10 months ago
I wish I was one of Whitney’s dogs...
anniecrtz 10 months ago
Lmao I died when your dog took off with the pumpkin basket 😂😂😂
Erika Bond
Erika Bond 10 months ago
Not only has Whitney REVOLUTIONIZED my experience at the gym and really helped me stick to workouts that work for me, these vlogs are also hilarious! Thanks Whitney, everyday is a beautiful day to be alive if you keep posting videos.
Danielle Bourger
Danielle Bourger 10 months ago
I am DYING to know where this jean jacket is from 😣🥺😍🙏🏼
Charlotte Stenning
Charlotte Stenning 10 months ago
Please bring your merch to the U.K!!!!!
Jenkins Journey
Jenkins Journey 10 months ago
Your puppies are so sweet, dogs are truly a blessing... Keep up the great work, fun videos to watch. Love the honesty
Zara Ameen
Zara Ameen 11 months ago
does anyone know what trainers she's wearing??
Kristan LeAnne
Kristan LeAnne 11 months ago
I live that rug!! Holy!!
Joyce Lee
Joyce Lee 11 months ago
Where is that denim jacket from??
Simply Dahlia
Simply Dahlia 11 months ago
Polo Lol and loved the doggie running off with the treats 🙂
Serenity Canales
Serenity Canales 11 months ago
please vlog more!!
S 11 months ago
What shoes are those ?
Karely Castillo
Karely Castillo 11 months ago
I love you whitneyyyyy
Ann Rodriguez
Ann Rodriguez Year ago
What are the brand of the bands you use in your workout?
Gregory Perry
Gregory Perry Year ago
The title caught my attention. So of course I was impressed by the booty, but the dogs are adorable and definitely the stars of the show. I'd still give the booty the best supporting actor Oscar.
maria gryffindor
maria gryffindor Year ago
Whitney pleaze i want to see some moves about calfs, adductors, abductors, lower back(you know the muchles that you do after abs)! You are my favorite! I love you❤️
Elisa Aki
Elisa Aki Year ago
What song is that it’s good
Amanda Tosh
Amanda Tosh Year ago
NAVY! Happy birthday Sweet Boy! Gosh, it seems like you just got him!
m v
m v Year ago
Smh PoLLo aSaDo
fahnaka franklin
fahnaka franklin Year ago
I’m eating raw cookie dough while baking cookies. I just spent almost two hours putting my baby to sleep- he upper molars are erupting!!! Don’t judge ** I did workout this morning and I’m back to my pre- baby weight.**
Lynn Fye
Lynn Fye Year ago
what shoes are these? I am sorry if you already posted them, I've been looking all over on your social media but didn't found. please what shoes?!'?
Aud Ball
Aud Ball Year ago
Check out “latewithkate” on Instagram. She also hates pumpkin spice and shes also hilarious.
SL Year ago
Instagram won't let you view profiles after a minute of scrolling you have to sign in 😩, butttt I love your playlist thank you so much love your workouts and I can see your videos on Pinterest to 😌 Your awesome!! Can't wait to see your future videos 😁❤️
Hanan Khalil
Hanan Khalil Year ago
Oh my god how adorable your Dogs are😍I love watching your videos,I love your personality you are stunningly beautiful 😘
Quincy Stucki
Quincy Stucki Year ago
I just discovered your channel and I DONT KNOW HOW IVE BEEN MISSING OUT. you are hilarious. And I’m not a pumpkin spice person either! Back to binge watching all of your videos
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor Year ago
where is the band from
Chantelle B
Chantelle B Year ago
@whitney what do you feed your dogs!?
maggie johnson
maggie johnson Year ago
which video do you have the burrito bowl in for breakfast i can’t find it 😭😭😭
NaturallyCurly2 Year ago
I don't like pumpkin spice either LOL
Alexis S.
Alexis S. Year ago
I love oatmeal it is amazing!! I hate steel cut oats though
Aristi Beka
Aristi Beka Year ago
sad to see that everything she bought is wrapped in plastic. v disappointing that big youtubers don´t seem to care enough for what lifestyle they promote
Cashena Tomlin
Cashena Tomlin Year ago
Where can I get the booty band again?
Shandelle11 Year ago
Holly heckinbob
Alejandra Briano
Alejandra Briano Year ago
Which booty bands are these? Where can I buy?
kancho.rancho Year ago
Your dogs are the cutest and sweetest thing 😍
Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Year ago
Travis Scott playing in the gym is goals
Dre Arroyo
Dre Arroyo Year ago
Love your videos. What is the best way to do glute kickbacks at home? I don't have a gym membership.
Sarah Northridge
Sarah Northridge Year ago
Naarah Pascal
Naarah Pascal Year ago
Do you go straight into glute activation or do you warm up on for example the bike or treadmill and then activate your glutes? xx
Martha Ochoa
Martha Ochoa Year ago
Girl it’s pollo 🐓 not polo 👕 poy-oh. love you very much Whitney
autumn lynch
autumn lynch Year ago
Your humor made my day.. great workout too. I learned some good stuff. Love ya,, Whitney & the pups!
Stephanie Stoven
Stephanie Stoven Year ago
Hold the cone pumpkin is my fave!
Jesica Novoa
Jesica Novoa Year ago
I didn't see any comments about this. But, Pollo is pronounced "pO-yO". I am Hispanic and a Trader Joe's employee. Love you Whit ❤
Charm Ataiza
Charm Ataiza Year ago
I freaking loved it when your doggo rubbed his face to your rug after eatin' 😂😂😂😂 so adorable!!!
Victoria C
Victoria C Year ago
Whitney, have you seen "Gamechanger" on Netflix? Curious what you would think of it, a lot of research on plant based athletes! I'm trying to be myself so I'm not trying to push things on people just curious what you would think of the movie!
Tally's Life
Tally's Life Year ago
I feel like chocolate hummus is a crime against humanity 😂 baba would kill me if I brought that home 😂😂
Natacha Mikkelsen
Natacha Mikkelsen Year ago
I loved this video it made me so happy 😍 Been feeling really down for a couple of months and unmotivated to go to the gym so I’ve been lacking on my favorite girl Whitney’s videos BUT NOT ANYMORE! Your whole mood and mindset is my goal for the rest of 2019 cause IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO BE ALIVE🥳
Minacoffee Year ago
I don't care for pumpkin spice either!!
Brittany Bashus
Brittany Bashus Year ago
I JUST found your channel. I was browsing to find some winter workout inspo. So I don't become a slug during the cold months. And giiirll..I love ya already. You are so stinkin' beautiful and you crack me up! 😆💕
B M Year ago
What shoes are you wearing in this video and where did you get the resistance band??
Dulce Alvarez
Dulce Alvarez Year ago
What do you give your dogs to eat??
TyLene Puro
TyLene Puro Year ago
Yayyyy!! I've missed USposts Whitney!!
Carla Cooper-Letiec
Carla Cooper-Letiec Year ago
Love it - What weights did you use for your hip thrusts? Thanks!
Call_meFall W
Call_meFall W Year ago
Hey girl, I am actually really shocked that you didn’t dedicate a segment or even an entire video to thanking your subscribers for buying up your entire Whitney x gymshark line. You used to get so excited when we supported you but it is what it is.
xSeaAngelx Year ago
I'm with ya on the "pumpkin spice". I thought I was the only one. Ya know that look you get when you tell someone that you're not a fan of pumpkin spice.....HOLY HECKENBOB!
Veronika Gehse
Veronika Gehse Year ago
What song is that? Love it 🤩
Lex Ferrante
Lex Ferrante Year ago
Wahhhh It’s so hard to find a good gym partner to film you!! That’s my problem as well!
Roxanne Rosales
Roxanne Rosales Year ago
How do people do hip thrusts on a bench without it going anywhere? What is this sorcery? I always have to either weigh the bench down or plant it against a wall
Mandi Palmiotto
Mandi Palmiotto Year ago
Omg can we get a vlog day in the life of the puparoos?!?!?
Sienna Fejfer
Sienna Fejfer Year ago
she looks like Khloe Kardashian with those glasses on
Alexis Year ago
Omg when indi ran off with the toys 😂♥️♥️
Carolina Zepeda
Carolina Zepeda Year ago
do you have a workout calendar ???
Kelly Beth Mcgrath
Kelly Beth Mcgrath Year ago
Love you always Whit! Come back to Snapchat please 😭
Abby Bensen
Abby Bensen Year ago
Omg I hate pumpkin spice too! Lol I just don’t get the hype 🤷🏼‍♀️ not that good
Pati s.
Pati s. Year ago
love your new style of videos! You can really tell how much effort you put into them
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