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Whitney Simmons

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10 minute high intensity interval training circuit and a 5 minute ab routine!! Perfect for quick, at home, fat blasting workout.
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30 seconds | lateral up and over jumps
30 second rest
30 seconds | cross over into half burpee
30 second rest
30 seconds | high knees
30 second rest
30 seconds | lateral ski jumps
30 second rest
30 seconds | star jumps
30 second rest

30 seconds | oblique mountain climbers
30 second rest
30 seconds | Russian twist
30 second rest
30 seconds | plank jacks
30 second rest
30 seconds | hollow hold
30 second rest
30 seconds | toe touches
30 second rest

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85babycakes Year ago
“This movement is a bit more fun” 😬....ummm this feels like hell. I’m pretty sure I’m in hell at the moment. 🥺
Nate Worley
Nate Worley Year ago
wow that's not good
minxymoo232 Year ago
Yes. It was NOT fun to me lol. That was possibly the worst one she showed us. XD
Nate Worley
Nate Worley Year ago
hey honey it's Nate put it on Gmail LoL text me now or tomorrow anytime miss you and love you
TOP MUSIC Year ago
I LOVE Whitney !!!
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Joy Anthony
Joy Anthony 4 months ago
Your upbeat attitude and positivity is literally the last piece of the puzzle of getting me motivated enough to work out.
Leah 5 months ago
The title: 15 minutes The description: 10 minutes The video: 8 minutes (I'm not trying to be mean it was just funny and confusing to me)
Claire Kilpatrick
Claire Kilpatrick 6 months ago
HIIT with Whit I love it
Erica B PMG Mama
Erica B PMG Mama 9 months ago
Holy moly.....it seemed so simple....I'm pouring with sweat and heart is pumping in my face! Time for abs!
Alejandra Hernandez
Alejandra Hernandez 10 months ago
What shoes is she wearing?
Nina_love 10 months ago
I recently started my fitness journey and I’m so glad I found your channel!! Thank you so much for all the inspiration ❤️
Morgan DeCray
Morgan DeCray 11 months ago
Did 10 minutes of both abs and HIIT! 🥵🥳😎
J 11 months ago
Whitney what are your shoes!!!!???
Anyango Adede
Anyango Adede 11 months ago
Let's walk workout, eat workout and sleep workout. Working out to me is like a relationship. Living exercising is a lifestyle second to none. Forward ever, backward never.
maria gryffindor
maria gryffindor 11 months ago
Make more hiit pleazeee!
Alissa Jones
Alissa Jones Year ago
You would be soooo good at those real time workout with me videos. I clicked on this thinking that you were going to take us through the whole 15 min workout. I love the explanation of the movements, but I can’t workout in real time while watching this. Do you have any videos where people can follow the workout?
mayra t
mayra t Year ago
Hey where can I find like a timer or song that have a 30 seconds interval timer ? Anyone knows? Because I wanna make sure I do 30 seconds
Just Ana
Just Ana Year ago
So when does the workout start and when does it stop? Theres no time stop? Wtffff
Stephanie L.
Stephanie L. Year ago
Thank you Whit for this hot fire flames abs workout I will for sure do this again it def will whitt me back in shape! 💪😁
Jules Weng
Jules Weng Year ago
Anyone done this Over a longer period of time ? How are the results ?
Manasi Mahajan
Manasi Mahajan Year ago
Hey Whitney, Are all your workouts effective for weight loss? I'm trying to avoid overpriced personal training sessions because I've realised that I can find all of these workouts online and I honestly love your videos.
17716 Mia
17716 Mia Year ago
I wanna say thank you so much so so much for you video, because of you and your workout I’m literally crying it’s been 5yrs since I have worked out and really never seen results and it’s been overly 4 months I’m seeing so much definitions and change... thank you thank you, you’re my biggest inspiration! GOD BLESS YOU! ♥️
Bikini Fit
Bikini Fit Year ago
Love it! I'm going to do it :)
Macharmza Year ago
Thank you Whitney for murdering me 😓
Maddie Myers
Maddie Myers Year ago
For HIIT you should say “Welcome to HIIT with Whit”
Travel Mama Anna Von
Travel Mama Anna Von Year ago
You don't even do the HIIT 15 minutes in this. You just talk about it for 15 mins
Nixie ~ ♡ ~
Nixie ~ ♡ ~ Year ago
Thank you ❤😊✨
habeeb habeebuddin
habeeb habeebuddin Year ago
how many calories does this awsome workout burn?
cami p
cami p Year ago
This circuit is part of my lacrosse conditioning , like its harddddd
NATURALLY LaMonica Year ago
WHITNEY! Girl! I almost died doing this but it was AWESOME 👏🏽 🔥🔥 now back to catching my breath ♥️
alexandra Year ago
This killed me 😩 and I totally looked at this and thought “ok, easy enough for some HIIT”. I totally just ate my own words and died.
Adriana Titz
Adriana Titz Year ago
I died after this, wow I’m out of shape 😰
Kayla Kinard
Kayla Kinard Year ago
This workout tho....no joke! I cant remember the last time I sweated like this. Whitney you finna make fit and fine in no time!!!
Chana Deutsch
Chana Deutsch Year ago
I need more videos like this
Alyssa Ruppe
Alyssa Ruppe Year ago
she reminds me of tessa brooks idk whyyy ❤️😍🥰
Jemaris Newman
Jemaris Newman Year ago
Girl! That just kicked my but! Great workout!!!
Adylene Facio
Adylene Facio Year ago
Should you do this before or after lifting weights ?
Lorie Estrada
Lorie Estrada Year ago
I’m loving the fluffy brows!!
Tiffany Year ago
that HIIT pun at the beginning was so cute omg you're adorable i can't handle it
Lara Rice
Lara Rice Year ago
I did this and almost died but in the end it was so worth it and made me feel so happy about myself so thank you Whitney
_evie_ruiz 22
_evie_ruiz 22 Year ago
Thank you Whitt ❤️🔥🔥
Ally Rose
Ally Rose Year ago
All 30 seconds Lateral jumps Half burpee High knees Ski jumps Star jumps Repeat
Rosey Year ago
High knees are a pain for me, I have big boobs and.. Well you know the deal 😂😂
Eva Berberian
Eva Berberian Year ago
what sneakers are those?
Jennifer Velasco - REALTOR
Jennifer Velasco - REALTOR Year ago
Love these , can we have more hit workouts. Love them
dazygg12 Year ago
Hey Whitney what a good exercise for abs if you have a Herniated disc ? Thanks 😘😘
Rachel Ansell
Rachel Ansell Year ago
This was SO hard! Loved this workout!! Thankyou
Latricia Year ago
Kicking my butt today girl thank you
Lioness Vanessa
Lioness Vanessa Year ago
Where did you get your shoes from?
LaToya Mal
LaToya Mal Year ago
New to your page thanks to Red Table Talk can't wait to see what your page teaches me.
Ana T
Ana T Year ago
Any suggestions for people that have ankle problems? Jumping makes my ankles hurt.
Gina Resendez
Gina Resendez Year ago
This is awesome workout and so easy! post more please. Excercise for sliming things at home please :)
Kelis Ashman
Kelis Ashman Year ago
I was watching a vid of u from 3 years ago wow hard work pays of proud of u❤♥️❤♥️
Netty Banfield
Netty Banfield Year ago
This was so useful that’s Whit you legend🤘🏽
Ashli Cruthers
Ashli Cruthers Year ago
Do you continue to do isolated lifting after your hiit circuit?
Sam Lace
Sam Lace Year ago
How do you know which workouts to do 🏋️‍♀️?
Yesi Boy
Yesi Boy Year ago
Love you Whitney!!! I have been doing all your workouts lately and they are killer and I love them. Thank you so much.
Kristin Nance
Kristin Nance Year ago
I know I am SOOOOOO late with this comment but what shoes are those?!? I’m looking for a good pair!!
ashes castillo
ashes castillo Year ago
More hiit workouts please! 😭😭😭😭
Creative Bloggers
Creative Bloggers Year ago
which music you used for video
mama_rhi Year ago
Girl. It’s been a while since doing one of your workouts + for some reason I decided to start with this one....I. Am. Deceased. 😅 but it was so good!
Kainaat Zulfiqar Ali Shallwani
Kainaat Zulfiqar Ali Shallwani Year ago
Hey, Whitney. I just started this workout today and I absolutely loved it. I did two sets of the ab circuit and I want to know exactly how effective the ab circuit is in terms of results? Has anyone tried it and seen results yet?
Mehriban Year ago
I did it yesterday and today I have bad back pain. Is it normal or I did something wrong? When can I be back to workout again? Is it ok to workout when I have back pain? I will be happy if you answer.
Angel Greathouse
Angel Greathouse Year ago
Girl you need to do a cover at Arnold Classic next year! I'd love a chance to see you there! 💪😎💚
Christina M. Stefano
Christina M. Stefano Year ago
Anyone know how many cals this burns? Keeping track of my activity and calories 😁
Marni Benefield
Marni Benefield Year ago
I just did this and tbh wtf. I’m going to feel the shit out of this tomorrow
Kelly Beth Mcgrath
Kelly Beth Mcgrath Year ago
Me first round: Oh this was kind of fun. Second round: My throat is bleeding. There is blood in my throat! 😂
Kelly Beth Mcgrath
Kelly Beth Mcgrath Year ago
Why can’t I see you on my Snapchat anymore 😭
Lauren Franks
Lauren Franks Year ago
Where did you get your shoes from? There really cute!
DreamingOfLouis Year ago
I think they're called *nike air vapormax flyknit 2* :)x
Viviana Zapien
Viviana Zapien Year ago
I might feel like quitting while doing the workout, but in the end, I'm glad I kept going!! Thanks Whit!!
Rachel Carper
Rachel Carper Year ago
this is SUCH a good workout! I love how you think and the way you make workouts your own/different.
shalini singh
shalini singh Year ago
Genna Hoeven
Genna Hoeven Year ago
Loved this workout. Thank you for boosting my confidence 😊💓
Srashti Parsai
Srashti Parsai Year ago
I am doing exercise from last one year at home only but why i cannot get rid out of my belly fat , will you pls tell me what can be the reason behind that ??
Zoe Lewington
Zoe Lewington Year ago
How come you wear makeup to the gym? 💕💕
Priscella Shek
Priscella Shek Year ago
what is the name of the shoe you're wearing?(-:
theshelbyovecka Year ago
Hi whit, beginner here, you talk a lot throughout this video about proper form but don’t really go into what proper form is ... pls help 😘😘
Cassie King
Cassie King Year ago
the only thing I was able to say after this workout was holy shit whit
minxymoo232 Year ago
Is there really any way to get "in shape"?
Maddie Schofield
Maddie Schofield Year ago
What foundation are you wearing in this vid?? hot fire
Aniniji Year ago
I find it easier if the workout is real time and you can follow along!
Beth Smith
Beth Smith Year ago
DreamingOfLouis Year ago
they're called *nike air vapormax flyknit 2* :)x
Rachal Humphrey
Rachal Humphrey Year ago
Omg your eyelashes look bomb!!! 😎
Morgan Thompson
Morgan Thompson Year ago
Just sayin, the last exercise toe thouches was not the easiest. Lol I cannot even touch my toes and this one had me silently crying
Abigail Garrow
Abigail Garrow Year ago
Great circuit but I really love it when she formats her HIIT workouts so we can follow along with her...
Jennifer Kopf
Jennifer Kopf Year ago
Soooo this could be a silly question but are you supposed to do this and then a full weight workout after?
Sam Year ago
Can you please do a real time at home workout?!?? I think a lot of people would like that cuz I just love the motivation that gives. ❤️
Tracy Ragland
Tracy Ragland Year ago
It’s like she read my mind ❤️😊🙌
Erica Deardorff
Erica Deardorff Year ago
Great work out Whitney!! Just finished it!...and I definitely worked up a sweat 😁 I love the half burpee you did and man those star jumps killed me!!
Matilda Iwanson
Matilda Iwanson Year ago
I’m in love with that sweater you are wearing in the talk through, where is it from?😍 such a flattering color on you girl!!
Bethan’s Beauty
Bethan’s Beauty Year ago
I find doing the toe touches hurts my neck is there something I’m doing wrong xxx
Lauren Gallagher
Lauren Gallagher Year ago
What type of weight training did you do before this?
Paige Wilkerson
Paige Wilkerson Year ago
Thankkk you for this! I workout from home and this is perfect for this busy momma of two! ❤️
Kayla-May David
Kayla-May David Year ago
Where is that hoodie from? 😍👌🏽
Josie Buresh
Josie Buresh Year ago
what brand and name and stuff are your shoes??!
DreamingOfLouis Year ago
*nike air vapormax flyknit 2* I thinkkkk
Deanie Bartolay
Deanie Bartolay Year ago
Love HIIT too because it doesnt take much time and it is intense hehe
Sabrina Firlej
Sabrina Firlej Year ago
Can u do a video so we can follow along to you.
Paula Mae Rupert
Paula Mae Rupert Year ago
Whitney, love all your videos! I need to lose weight and want to live a healthier lifestyle. I have not worked out in awhile and so I thought about starting out with 3 days a week of some sort or full body workout. Which would be better for me, to do workouts like this or HIIT with weights? And you are SO gorgeous!! Thanks Whit!
Angelina Perez
Angelina Perez Year ago
I’m assuming this is after your workout? I’m doing a back and bicep today and will try this at the end just was asking what’s more beneficial. Before or after? Thanks for all your workouts! I have a lot of fun with them and refer them to friends!
Jenna Cooley
Jenna Cooley Year ago
Those shoes tho 😍 which ones are they?
DreamingOfLouis Year ago
I think they're called *nike air vapormax flyknit 2* x
Bears World
Bears World Year ago
Why do you look so good working out, I look horrendous 😂❤️
Hangin With The Hughes
Hangin With The Hughes Year ago
I’ve done this circuit every single day for the past 7 days and TODAY was the first time I’ve been able to do it 100% without takin a breather!😅 🙌🏻
Terka Drabek
Terka Drabek Month ago
Aune Kambonde
Aune Kambonde Year ago
you're such a motivation Whit , love your videos
moose 65
moose 65 Year ago
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