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11 months ago

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10-15 warm up of choice
incline treadmill walking, stairmaster, etc.
8 single-arm emphasis lat pulldown into 5 lat pulldowns
12 cable kayak rows (using straight bar attachment)
10 underhand high to low row (using straight bar attachment)
15 cable face pulls using rope attachment
12 barbell or dumbbell bicep curls
12 high to low bent over row
10 single arm bent over dumbbell row each arm
5 SINGLE ARM BICEP CURL with static hold on other arm
5 SINGLE ARM BICEP CURL with static hold on other arm

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Cierra Harris
Cierra Harris 24 days ago
I miss your workout videos on USposts ♥️💗 bring them back!
The Johnson Crew
The Johnson Crew 2 months ago
Just love ya!!! 💕💕 love this workout!! Thanks for all you do!! 😃👏🏼💪🏼
Megan 2 months ago
I have some studio leggings in my size but they stretch a bit too much… you can see everything so I can’t wear them yet
Houa Lor
Houa Lor 4 months ago
Love your detailed workout videos Whitney!!!! I really appreciate you going into depth with the muscle that is being worked. Keep it up! I appreciate you!
Houa Lor
Houa Lor 4 months ago
Love your detailed workout videos Whitney!!!! I really appreciate you going into depth with the muscle that is being worked. Keep it up! I appreciate you!
Gabriela Quinones
Gabriela Quinones 5 months ago
this workout was amazing !! Thank you so much for it
Brea Hewitt
Brea Hewitt 5 months ago
This is my first proper gym workout since gyms have opened back up..... currently dead! 🤪
Kraft Thisile
Kraft Thisile 6 months ago
Your form sucks. Fake fitness trainer.
Amy Perez
Amy Perez 6 months ago
next video can you say how heavy the number of weights your doing so i can do the same
Katy H.
Katy H. 7 months ago
15 kg each arm?? 😳 wooow
Janelle Caguimbal
Janelle Caguimbal 7 months ago
Love how detailed and informational this workout video is!!! Thank you, Whit!
cait 8 months ago
i was so scared her boobies was gonna pop out lol
Shelby York
Shelby York 9 months ago
Ain't NOTHING getting me more hype on a Saturday morning than coffee & Fit Tips with Whit
Androsity15 9 months ago
What days should I do what? One thing I struggle on is just knowing information like that. Like, routine wise. One day legs, next day abs, next arms and back ect. What would you suggest?? I reeeaaallly need to get serious about abs 🙄 For a while I was mainly just doing legs and glutes with minimal arms and abs. But I know you're not supposed to do that. What would you suggest for a well rounded schedule?? I'm looking to strengthen and tone my abs and build my glute muscles and thighs.
Alex Thomson
Alex Thomson 9 months ago
lesley Perry
lesley Perry 9 months ago
Tweak those face pulls whit aka athlean x.....just a suggestion xxx
ststst 9 months ago
I love you so much!!!! Keep these videos going girl. I learn something new (more than one thing most times) and I’m loving it!
Howard Dodge
Howard Dodge 9 months ago
I love the color of your leggings whitney simmons
CandidlyOpinionated 9 months ago
Just wanted to let you know, I was looking into that pepper spray, and I found that a lot of reviews say it malfunctions on spray and just sputters and drips, or breaks very easily. Maybe test yours out to make sure it’s working properly? I mean imagine if you’re in a situation where you really need it and it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Just trying to look out for a fellow human :)
liveitorganicbeauty 9 months ago
What self tanners are you currently using??😊
heaterbeater cheater
heaterbeater cheater 9 months ago
Just finished this workout, it was greatttt!!!
Megha Rana
Megha Rana 10 months ago
Does this workout give you broad shoulders because I heard latt pull downs make your shoulders more broad.
Janet Tea
Janet Tea 10 months ago
i love you whitney.. your videos look so good i just wanted to ask what camera and lens are you using.. THANKS
morgan moss
morgan moss 10 months ago
I just started working out regularly about a month ago!! I’m so glad I recently stumbled upon your videos. I love your positivity and real ness!!!
no just no
no just no 10 months ago
Can you please do fake waist+ back and bicept
Daniela Anggita
Daniela Anggita 10 months ago
Giiirrl i love your workouts!!! Just did this one feels amazing
Mmina Maclang
Mmina Maclang 10 months ago
I love your personality, and your workouts have been a great help for me. Because of your instruction, I dont get intimidated coming back to the gym after how many years and just picking up some weights. Wish you'd do more of these. I love them.
Babe Willis
Babe Willis 10 months ago
Just found you and....... get ready for every video to have a thumbs up!!! I love your energy and positivity 💕💕
Stephanie Walp
Stephanie Walp 10 months ago
My back is on 🔥. Thanks for an amazing workout!!!
Mallory Brisson
Mallory Brisson 10 months ago
Thank you for posting these workout videos...I love them! I found your channel about 2 weeks ago, and have used some of your routines. I’ve been going to the gym for a year now, and these workouts are making things exciting again!
Danie S.
Danie S. 10 months ago
What's in my gymbag please🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Isabelle Flores
Isabelle Flores 10 months ago
Ronja Sebastian
Ronja Sebastian 10 months ago
Epicccc!!!! Hot fire flames 🔥 Love this 🙌🙌🙌🙌💗💗💗💗
Skylier Hill
Skylier Hill 10 months ago
Ooo-wee did this one today. Back is on 🔥
Elle S
Elle S 10 months ago
10:06 so cute
Krysta Adkins
Krysta Adkins 10 months ago
You help me so much. Please don't stop making these videos. You have taught me so much. And I've lost 3.5 inches in a month and two weeks because of you! I do everything you do!! It's like a workout program for free for woman that really want to teach themselves, because no one else will teach us lol 😂
Rina Ordonez
Rina Ordonez 10 months ago
I’m liking this workout! I will try it tomorrow! ... love your dogs 🐶 ❤️
chelzhi 10 months ago
U might not able to see my message but i am going through a break up, and i was like... let me watch Whiney for my workout, and girl u make me smile and forget abt seeing sad...
Gabriela Mata
Gabriela Mata 10 months ago
Love the kind of videos! Go Whit! 💪🏽
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez 10 months ago
Wow..i think iv never seen such a deep spine till now...you have such a deep spine muscle
Stefanie Rossouw
Stefanie Rossouw 11 months ago
This had me shore for almost a week! I love trying your workouts, I see so much progress and change with your help! Thank Whitney! 🙏🤗
Rachel Ansell
Rachel Ansell 11 months ago
You constantly keep me laughing and I follow your workouts religiously ! Thankyou so much
Rachael Santoyo
Rachael Santoyo 11 months ago
Which camera do you use, Whit? You always look stunning, and the clarity is amazing. :)
Zoe Nallick
Zoe Nallick 11 months ago
2:35 (8) (4 sets) 3:45 (5) 4:26 (superset) (12) 5:19 (10) (3 sets) 5:53 (15) (3 sets) 7:37 (12) (3 sets) 8:28 (superset) (12) 9:13 (10) (3 sets) 9:49 (5) (5) (2sets)
Morganr3id 11 months ago
Vero Mandujano
Vero Mandujano 11 months ago
I’m curious what do you use to listen to music while working out? AirPods ?? I wanna know your opinion ☺️💕💕💕
Luca Zanetti
Luca Zanetti 11 months ago
I recently got knee surgery I have gained weight and I need a personal trainer for 3 week to help me get back in track I will pay u $3,400 for ur work $immon, would u be interested?
Victoria Cooke
Victoria Cooke 11 months ago
Whit!!!! I need to know if the studio leggings are worth buying !!!! i love the energy+ leggings cuz i feel like they flatter me best and i need to know if you think the studio leggings are worth my money, will they keep my tummy in as much as the energy+ ?!?!!? please help
Skye Avalon
Skye Avalon 11 months ago
loving your whitmas workout videos. appreciate the thoroughness
Mackenzie Morris
Mackenzie Morris 11 months ago
push day workout pleaseee
Toni N.
Toni N. 11 months ago
this video is SUPER helpful. love the details and tips you give, thank you!! cant wait for the gym later today!
Antonia Ngai
Antonia Ngai 11 months ago
had this video in my watch later and finally watched it omg i missed watching youuuuuuu
Nadiya Karalash
Nadiya Karalash 11 months ago
The ending ❤️ lol
Nadia Rae
Nadia Rae 11 months ago
i love that just watching your videos gives me the motivation i need to go to the gym.
Kyla Hogan
Kyla Hogan 11 months ago
WHITTTT, your back in the kayak rows 😍 you look AMAZING!
Anna Kelly
Anna Kelly 11 months ago
I would love to see more beginner dumbbell only workouts with this detailed description!
Haley Amsel
Haley Amsel 11 months ago
Thank You Whitt!!! 💞 1 - 2:33 & 3:38 2 - 4:17 & 5:06 3 - 6:10 4 - 7:17 5 - 8:15 & 9:09 6 - 9:40
parisa ars
parisa ars 11 months ago
Do more of theseeee
alyssa quintero
alyssa quintero 11 months ago
I love how you include the workout deets in the description box 😭😍 you are a real life saver, girl!
Brittany Hall
Brittany Hall 11 months ago
Love this workout! I cant wait to try it😁
Aisyah Shah Idil
Aisyah Shah Idil 11 months ago
Is she arching her back too much? For e.g. in the static dumbell exercise. 10:14
Katie Delphine
Katie Delphine 11 months ago
Girl, that is not messy! Try having a 6 and a 4 year old. I could write the definition of messy. Great workout, I’m going to use this one 🤩
Vivi Castaneda
Vivi Castaneda 11 months ago
I love your workouts! They are so easy to follow as a beginner! You are awesome lol! For someone who is in the heavier side would you recommend doing these type of workouts with cardio or doing cardio first then after loosing pounds starting to do these workouts? Appreciate any feedback :)
Nicole Paulk
Nicole Paulk 11 months ago
do you also take alani nu protein or bcaa?
Bikini Sarah
Bikini Sarah 11 months ago
i really love this style of voice over
Simone van Es
Simone van Es 11 months ago
What size do you wear for the sportsbra?
Ko2020 ko
Ko2020 ko 11 months ago
Your channel has been subscribed successfully I am talking to you on the forum❤✌
Laura Ling
Laura Ling 11 months ago
Love your workout videos Whitney ✨
Karen Morgan
Karen Morgan 11 months ago
Wow incredible! Why didn’t you advise to wrap presents before this masterpiece?! 🥰😭🤣
Lindsey Eberhart
Lindsey Eberhart 11 months ago
Love this!
Stephanie Spires
Stephanie Spires 11 months ago
Just make sure you don’t lock your elbow joint at the end with the tricep activation. Have good control and know how much triceps is too much. Work in rehab and have seen injuries due to locked out joints.
Stephanie Spires
Stephanie Spires 11 months ago
Love the workout otherwise!
cheyanne robey
cheyanne robey 11 months ago
"Navy, please stop yelling at me"
Brina Bugalski
Brina Bugalski 11 months ago
Love the IG vids but missed the work out vids on the channel. Loving Whitmas as usual!
Lexi De Leon
Lexi De Leon 11 months ago
Did this today and it crushed me. loved every second
Sharon Peckham
Sharon Peckham 11 months ago
Samantha Mullins
Samantha Mullins 11 months ago
I need one of those pepper sprays that has the extra included!
Lauren Gregerson
Lauren Gregerson 11 months ago
Loved this in depth description!! I love your workout videos on Instagram but sometimes the description is needed for clarity ☺️ love your channel, love your workouts, and love you!!!!! ❤️
Lauryn Johnson
Lauryn Johnson 11 months ago
love this video!!! it's so nice to see an in depth video on something other than legs -- they're great but i luv some upper body
Kelsey Bisset
Kelsey Bisset 11 months ago
4 emphasises on each side... love it
Leanne Odell
Leanne Odell 11 months ago
Gonna be checking out that detailed workout playlist to make 2020 my year of great fitness. Love this and hope to see lots more detailed workouts with a weekly routine.
anqi wu
anqi wu 11 months ago
Studio legging wanted now 😝
Kayla Capps
Kayla Capps 11 months ago
I have not been able to do that good of a workout to target my lats and biceps in a long time! This workout KILLED my arms!
bethelight Lolo
bethelight Lolo 11 months ago
Is your nail color funny bunny?!?
Macie Herrlin
Macie Herrlin 11 months ago
Your workouts are my fav!!!!!
Tracy Ragland
Tracy Ragland 11 months ago
Hey Whit!! When u first started working out did you plan out your workout before? I’m asking cuz I go to the gym and get sidetracked and never go back Love ya💖
Klara Heikinheimo
Klara Heikinheimo 11 months ago
why does lat-pulldowns target my forearm and not my back?
Katrina Blain
Katrina Blain 11 months ago
Can we see a chest based push workout please? I have been HATING chest lately so anything new and funky fresh would be greatly appreciated!
Gurvir Bains
Gurvir Bains 11 months ago
So excited to do this at the gym tonight! Thank you!! 🥰🥰
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 11 months ago
your room is still prettier than mine lol ❤️
sabrina khomari
sabrina khomari 11 months ago
Im back from the gym , just did the workout , it was amaaaziiiing ! My biceps are on fiiireeee girl 🏋️‍♀️
Desi Nicole
Desi Nicole 11 months ago
What are those white sneakers?! Love them
Courtney M.
Courtney M. 11 months ago
How do you stay lean alllll year?!?!?! BTW that pink looks great on you
Yahli Michaelovich
Yahli Michaelovich 11 months ago
Some day you'll be old and ugly and your body will mean nothing. You need to find something else that makes you unique.
Nzi 28
Nzi 28 11 months ago
I love your workout videos. You explain things well and your workouts are easy to do
elizabeth peralta
elizabeth peralta 11 months ago
Omg navy at 10:06 😂😂😂😍😍😍
Allysun Frye
Allysun Frye 11 months ago
for anyone wondering what sports bra shes wearing its from lululemon and its called Ebb to Street Bra 2
Todd Smith
Todd Smith 11 months ago
The dog really humanizes you
Becca Franke
Becca Franke 11 months ago
WHIT!!! You look AMAZING in this vid ! I feel like I’ve been sleeping on your leanness 😍 I see them abs..not to mention those leggings are fire. One more thing, I’m jealous of how full your natural girls are with being lean. Keep being a rockstar ⭐️
Zelda Truong
Zelda Truong 11 months ago
sis I love this workout omg
Anaisabel S
Anaisabel S 11 months ago
Does anyone know what kind of dogs she has.
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