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Whitney Simmons

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VLOGMAS IS HERE... WHITMAS DAY 3! Making my old and unhealthy full day of eating healthier.
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Chicken in instant pot
Spaghetti Squash Recipe

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Erin Thelander
Erin Thelander Month ago
Who else ran with the egg white and spinach train with Whitney back in the day? Cuz I sure did!! 😂
Sam H
Sam H Month ago
Where did you get your top?!😍
Stephanie Borges-Ferreira
Stephanie Borges-Ferreira 2 months ago
I love your videos, your so funny 😆
May Shan Fang
May Shan Fang 3 months ago
How is her old food unhealthy?
S K 5 months ago
your skin is gloooooooooooooooooooowing !
Madalyn Reed
Madalyn Reed 6 months ago
The AMOUNT of CINNAMON!!!😂😂😂 you do you boo♥️😂👏
Lauren Soranno
Lauren Soranno 7 months ago
The amount of cinnamon in those oats in unlawful babe 🤪
Alexia Woods
Alexia Woods 7 months ago
What do you feed your pups?
Addisen Carruega
Addisen Carruega 7 months ago
I don’t think she realized the cream cheese was lox (salmon) flavored Lolol
Gabriella Jayne
Gabriella Jayne 7 months ago
Weird question but where are your plates and bowls from?! I love them!!
Natalie Minassian
Natalie Minassian 7 months ago
Your eyes and makeup look so pretty!!!😍
Kyra Serbedya
Kyra Serbedya 8 months ago
Where do you get your plates and bowls?
Megz G
Megz G 9 months ago
ok but how come when i eat like this and feel good and satusfied , I gain fat on my stomach and have to go back down to less food ???
Teana Pacheco
Teana Pacheco 9 months ago
I can’t eat spaghetti sauce. Acid reflux reasons. I want a white sauce to make with the spaghetti squash. Where can I find a healthy take on white sauce?
DURTYMAX LML 9 months ago
How long do you cook your chicken in the instapot? Awesome video!
Liem Tran
Liem Tran 9 months ago
Whitney, try the vegan Italian sausage from Trader Joe’s! It is so good and I can’t tell it’s vegan
bigred 9 months ago
You are admitting " vegan sausage " taste like shit😂😂😂😂😂
Natalie L
Natalie L 10 months ago
I don't get why Americans are obsessed with cinnamon? It's the worst spice
Michelle UK
Michelle UK 10 months ago
You have truly inspired me to focus on fuelling my body better, thank you xxxxx 🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘
Mary Koehler
Mary Koehler 10 months ago
Thank you for being an inspiration to me!!! 💕 much love gorgeous..
Andrina Yago
Andrina Yago 10 months ago
angela 10 months ago
I don’t think it was unhealthy in the past. You ate according to your goals at that time in your life, and now you eat according to health. That’s actually a perfect balance and action plan for fat loss altogether. You are doing amazing ❤️
sophiaparissis 10 months ago
Loving it!! Where are your dishes and gorgeous Tupperware from!???
featherhead181 10 months ago
Make an instant pot video!
Allie Summers
Allie Summers 10 months ago
Can you do a video of where you get all your cute Bikinis?? 😍😍
Abigail Ruschaupt
Abigail Ruschaupt 10 months ago
Trader Joe’s makes the best frozen turkey meatballs they’re always my go to!
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez 10 months ago
P.s. banza chickpea > spaghetti squash
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez 10 months ago
Wow u used to eat A LOT of chicken. Honestly reminds me of me when I first started my journey (and still on the road) i would eat like 8 or 10z of chicken a day to reach my calorie and protein limit and i eventually got so tired of the taste that I decided to start spending those extra bucks on protein powder. Now the only time I eat chicken is if im out and want it. And most of my protein is from plants and powder with like less than a quarter from fish or chicken alone. So i can strongly relate to previous you. I still weigh my ingredients though from ptsd of major over eating and undereating w.out knowing i was till i started keeping track of my intake
LuvliePrincess 10 months ago
Hey Whit! Love your videos ... I have an instapot myself but I am not so savy in the kitchen! I am scared to use my instapot haha :/ but it’s time to put my big girls pants on and learn how to use it. I was hoping you can make a videos with a few of your favorite recipes for an instapot? Thank you
Peyton P.
Peyton P. 10 months ago
The Gardein meatless meatballs are amazing! My carnivore cousin even loves them.
Tash Pilcher
Tash Pilcher 11 months ago
The YOLK is totally the best part
Mascha Eleonora
Mascha Eleonora 11 months ago
How was your old food unhealthy.. thats what I eat in a healhy day h not that I eat that unhealthy, but your seems to be just healthy. Well that was a lot of times “healthy” in 2 sentences.. hahahahaha
Taylor Buchwald
Taylor Buchwald 11 months ago
I loved this video! It’s awesome to see someone so influential like you go back and see how much you’ve grown. It gives me the hope in thinking I am growing too. Also really curious, do you still proportion your food or do you eat until you’re full?
Taylor Buchwald
Taylor Buchwald 11 months ago
Also, where’s your dessert?!
Ally Reed
Ally Reed 11 months ago
U already eat really healthy but I noticed you using the garlic salt and a much healthier alternative for your heart is regular garlic powder and Himalayan salt or sea salt. The salt they use in that one is not healthy and actually pretty bad for your heart
Ally Reed
Ally Reed 11 months ago
You're just so gorgeous Whit
rebeccaelaine 11 months ago
where are your plates and bowls from 😍
Mariel Luna Hinojosa
Mariel Luna Hinojosa 11 months ago
Whit! I remember seeing your videos since 2016 and I remember your full of day of eating vids! You’ve grown so much! Im so happy ive been following since the beginning 😊 youre the best!!!💓💓💓
Ashley Lowe
Ashley Lowe 11 months ago
More please
Tiffany Bouah
Tiffany Bouah 11 months ago
I love this girl so much!!!! Such an inspiration for my fitness journey :)
Helen Fritze
Helen Fritze 11 months ago
I remember how complicated i used to make meal glad we're all trying to make better choices about health vs just calories and mono eating! LOL Thanks Whitney! ❤
Kim Nicole Keeton
Kim Nicole Keeton 11 months ago
I need those bowls.. my food is always sliding off the plate
Josie 11 months ago
Gardein meatballs are yummy!
Brittaney Walsh
Brittaney Walsh 11 months ago
*goes to buy popcorners literally 4 boxes worth* Love you whit
Kyle Christensen
Kyle Christensen 11 months ago
Have you ever cooked chicken with salsa in the instant pot?
Serenity Canales
Serenity Canales 11 months ago
how come he doesn’t help you cook? 🥺
Toni Bouselli
Toni Bouselli 11 months ago
I’m so behind on Whitmas so I’m just seeing this BUT for the meatballs (if you feel like putting extra effort in) you could probably squish them up and add your own seasonings to them to give them more flavor and then roll them back up ☺️
S J Finley
S J Finley 11 months ago
I love cream of wheat and hate oatmeal. Ironically it's a blank space for all kinds of toppings just like oatmeal.
Laura P
Laura P 11 months ago
So many of those beyond meat “meats” are horrible for you and have so much crap in them. There’s nothing wrong with eating red meat. Just get free range, no gmo and filler free.
Liz Nelson
Liz Nelson 11 months ago
My jaw dropped when I saw how much cinnamon you put in your oatmeal 😂
Shayla Rice
Shayla Rice 11 months ago
Also HOLLA AT STEPH his interjections are goldddd
Shayla Rice
Shayla Rice 11 months ago
I LOVE garlic. I never follow how much garlic a recipe says. You measure garlic with your heart!!!
Vanessa 11 months ago
What's wrong with your dogs
Kyra Miller
Kyra Miller 11 months ago
They now sell the IMPOSSIBLE ground plant based meat in Wegmans!! I highly reccomend! We love the Beyond Meat but the Impossible meat is soooo much better !!
Jordan Beekley
Jordan Beekley 11 months ago
I make meatballs with ground turkey! Yummy!
Amanda Pollard
Amanda Pollard 11 months ago
Grrrrrlllll what swimsuit are you wearing in this thumbnail?? I need it in my life! Love your vids, and especially love Whitmas!!
Acupoftee 11 months ago
Are you going vegan ?
Angelique Moreno
Angelique Moreno 11 months ago
Oooo love this, other than the plant based meatballs, so extra uber healthy!!!
Genessa Ewart-Yan
Genessa Ewart-Yan 11 months ago
Where are your stunning queen dinner bowls from?!
Natalie Bray
Natalie Bray 11 months ago
You should try the meatless meatballs from Trader Joe’s! I believe the package is $3.99 and they’re so yummy! They taste just how normal meatballs would taste, love your fit tips Whit! Thank you for always being inspiring!
Piper Shaw
Piper Shaw 11 months ago
If you live by an aldi they have Italian vegan meatballs in the freezer section and we love them in our house!
amber jones
amber jones 11 months ago
Turkey meatballs, girl! Cutting down on the red meat and tbh they’re waayyy better (more moist ew) than beef meatballs. Game changer.
Emily Green
Emily Green 11 months ago
Stefan's reaction SPAGHETTI SQUASH enthusiasm XD love it
RanndiMarie01 11 months ago
Beyond meat does have a distinct flavor! I do enjoy them, but there is for sure a distinct flavor! 😆
Cherie Calloo
Cherie Calloo 11 months ago
The scholarship giveaway is simply awesome!! Thank you soo much!❤ Just wanted to share my joy with you-I got into Stanford, my dream college and I'm just sooo happy, and by the way somewhere in my application I mentioned watching Whitney Simmons' fitness vlogs😂💪. Love you Whit❤
Claire Amundson
Claire Amundson 11 months ago
Try the plant based meatballs from Gardein! They’re so good!
Claire Ferrari
Claire Ferrari 11 months ago
why don’t you season your food :(
Lindsay Schroer
Lindsay Schroer 11 months ago
The color of your robe is sooo pretty on you!!
초성 11 months ago
Very nice body
Meagan A
Meagan A 11 months ago
My husband would not let me watch this without him! Lol We ADORE Whitmas 💚💚💚💚
TaylorSwiftGleek 11 months ago
Love to see her adding in plant based products
Mrs Squishbeans
Mrs Squishbeans 11 months ago
”still in my robe” & you’re makeup is like you’re going out to a party.. yeah. “Still in my robe”... sure... I believe you... it’s like you never did a full face of makeup before filming it. Nah.. you woke up like that?
Patty Meza
Patty Meza 11 months ago
Hi Whitney! I was wondering what is the deadline for the scholarship giveaway? Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :)
bbycakes73 11 months ago
Please post a video on how to set up for squats and deadlifts!! Just switched gyms and will be using a squat rack for the first time, super intimidated and don’t want to look silly putting weight on wrong for deadlifts. My last gym only had smith machines!
Blair Waldorf-Bass
Blair Waldorf-Bass 11 months ago
I have to eat low carb and the beginning bagel looked AMAZING but i can’t have it 🙃
Layla Darby
Layla Darby 11 months ago
You are looking stunning Whit. ❤️
Linden McKay
Linden McKay 11 months ago
love how you are doing these videos! so inspiring! so many peeps struggle with food and exposing it and learning how to go about it in a healthy way is so encouraging to see influencers do. Keep it up!!!:)
Emma Calabrese
Emma Calabrese 11 months ago
Oh my gosh Whitney you are the most wholesome USpostsr I’ve ever watched
Krysta Fitch
Krysta Fitch 11 months ago
Girl where’d you get that necklace you always wear? I’m in lovvveee. With your videos too, not just necklace, lol. I need it!!!
Cassidy Early
Cassidy Early 11 months ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t like garlic salt? I love garlic and I love salt but garlic salt tastes funky to me! I always use garlic Powder or minced garlic and sea salt or PH salt
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham 11 months ago
Isn’t it freaking cray what we used to do before we knew better 😂
Heather Halstead
Heather Halstead 11 months ago
I can’t find that salsa at my Trader Joe’s :(
M.Hads 11 months ago
Love when you bring Stephen in! It’s cute when you two interact!
Katie Crisp
Katie Crisp 11 months ago
you should try the frozen steel cut oats from trader joes :)
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres 11 months ago
i’d love to see a video where you explain how you cook your chicken in the instant pot! maybe just a video of just instant pot meals :)
Ashanti 11 months ago
Try the Gardein meatless meatballs (can literally find the anywhere), or the trader joe ones. They are my absolute favorite 😋💕
meganckerns 11 months ago
Try making bird balls by mudhustler instead. They use ground turkey and chicken!
Jennifer Mastoris
Jennifer Mastoris 11 months ago
Whitney! Try the Gardein meatballs! They’re delicious!!!!
F I 11 months ago
Amanda V
Amanda V 11 months ago
I read beyond meat has horrible ingredients from was it the food babe or just ingredients lady 🤔 maybe do turkey or pork sausage meatballs if you’re trying to reduce your red meat?? Love your lunch idea!
Jennifer Mastoris
Jennifer Mastoris 11 months ago
Stefan is so funny! HOLA SPAGHETTI SQUASH! lol
Felicia W
Felicia W Year ago
I’m literally going to copy those meals straight off. Looked sooo good!
Haily Lister
Haily Lister Year ago
Why not turkey meatballs🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Samantha Thompson
Samantha Thompson Year ago
Are you vegetarian/dairy free? Or just trying to reduce meat/dairy consumption? Just curious!
Victoria Year ago
Trader Joe’s vegan cream cheese is so much better! And Kite Hill
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller Year ago
What are the ingredients for the plant based meatballs/
Annie Paulson
Annie Paulson Year ago
We make our oats almost the same way. I literally have the same stevia and do four drops in a square formation 😆
Jessica D
Jessica D Year ago
Loving the plant based items! Great job!!
Niki Malecki
Niki Malecki Year ago
Gardein’s meatless meatballs are pretty good!
Beth Hallock
Beth Hallock Year ago
Beyond meat def has a particular smell.
Radtastic Year ago
Whitney you should try to make meatballs with Lightlife Gimme Lean Beef! I used the same recipe as you and added a cup of cooked quinoa and it was so good! I don't like beyond meat lol
ve ad
ve ad Year ago
love you Whit
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