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Whitney Simmons

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Wear and testing makeup for fitness, working out and an active lifestyle! Try on, wear test and seeing if it's sweat proof.
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Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor Month ago
I feel like the bareminerals powder foundation probably Performs just as well as the fitcover
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova 4 months ago
Revlon colorstay liquid foundation is sweatproof. I use it for roller derby. 😁
Shauna Bass
Shauna Bass 4 months ago
Do you still use any of these products?
Say0n Lavigne
Say0n Lavigne 5 months ago
She has beautiful dimples
Bianca Macias
Bianca Macias 6 months ago
Hi! What setting spray did you use?! Thank you for this video, I was debating on buying FitCover so all these review videos helped! I have Oily skin so I’ve been debating on what would be best
Jeannette Tracer
Jeannette Tracer 11 months ago
I just saw this video and wanted to let you know I just ordered it. I go to the gym AFTER work. (I am a paralegal) I have been looking for a make up that I can wear but to work AND not have it run down my face at the gym. So, THANK YOU for doing this review. Plus, I am so happy that it is NOT that expensive. FYI, I purchased both the foundation in Cameo Glow AND the Mascara. I can not wait for it to arrive.
magical_kim 11 months ago
I don't wear make up to the gym because I seem to literally only sweat from the face and I don't see the point because it streaks and I look like a complete weirdo, but there's a girl who goes to my gym who gets proper done up-hair, make up, fake lashes the works-she looks fabulous but I'm like Giiiiiiiiiirl! What sorcery is this?! How do you keep it on?! TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS!
Emma Ocean
Emma Ocean Year ago
I need to know where the foundation brush it ssooooooooo cute! Help?!?!
hanna Allen odonnell
hanna Allen odonnell Year ago
ughh i so appreciate this review and i have really wanted to try fit cover for a while now but wasn't sure about the whole powder thing (my skin is very dry also) and i have never heard of fit make up and i think it will much better suited for my skin
Samantha H.
Samantha H. Year ago
Do you still use either of these?
Veee BeeKayy
Veee BeeKayy Year ago
Them: why do you wear makeup to the gym? Me: Yes.
Kirsten's Beauty Bar
Kirsten's Beauty Bar Year ago
Do you have a self tanning routine?
Nicole Markiewicz
Nicole Markiewicz Year ago
How do you wipe sweat from your face if you’re wearing makeup?!
Fitcover Year ago
Hi Nicole! We normally recommend just tapping dry than wiping ;)
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson Year ago
aw, the star shaped mirror! :)
Courtney Eckhoff
Courtney Eckhoff Year ago
I love my fitcover, will check the other one too! p.s....use an illuminating primer under it and it lasts all day without looking dry and patchy🥰
Fitcover Year ago
Yay! Glad to read your comment here, Courtney!
Brittny B
Brittny B Year ago
First video of yours I have watched! I love how positive and encouraging you are! What do you do that you find helps your psoriasis? I’ve been dealing with it for 10 years.. always open to tips and tricks! 😊
Jill Rose
Jill Rose Year ago
i cant wear makeup to the gym i have to wipe all the sweat off constantly it wouldnt end well if i put anything on my skin😂
Madeleine Dacey
Madeleine Dacey Year ago
I really don't get the hate about wearing makeup to the gym. It makes me feel so much more confident and happy. If my acne scars are shining through on my red face it makes me feel insecure and distracts me and going to the gym is about feeling good about yourself!
Naomi Blackerby
Naomi Blackerby Year ago
Would love to see you try those drops that waterproof your make up that ulta sells to see that you think 🤔 thanks for this video, I was considering the fit cover until I saw this, I have dry skin too
Kay Year ago
I go to the gym after work and then work some more, so I end up wearing makeup to the gym just cause that’s life. Thanks for the makeup review for sweaty girls living and loving life!
Julie Year ago
Wearing makeup to the gym is a little bit too much. You're pores are open because of the sweat and makeup will get trapped in there resulting in breakouts. And idk why anyone would do it tbh
Slav V.
Slav V. Year ago
I wear make up to the gym! I love your personality--you are so funny!
Infinite Year ago
Love your bushy non IG brows
Infinite Year ago
You’re gorgeous without makeup!!
Tiffany Billotte
Tiffany Billotte Year ago
This is Heidi's sister right?
Holly Stier
Holly Stier Year ago
Hey cutie ! What setting spray did you use with the powder ? You look GORG
Emmie Johnson
Emmie Johnson Year ago
I rectivated my Facebook to follow you but I don't do social media because the negativity. You are amazing and people just be kind. She is living her authentic self, who can say that for themselves. Thats the best way to be. If you live true to who you are, that's the happiest way to be. Stay kind💚love ya Whit!!
Kassandra Oliva
Kassandra Oliva Year ago
My problem is finding makeup I can wear at the gym that won't clog my pores... Any suggestions?
Sarah Holcomb
Sarah Holcomb Year ago
Yessssss with the Jeffree Star mirror!!!
Tracy P
Tracy P Year ago
Unfortunately no shade range for dark skinned girls! Would have been a nice option for the gym...
Malisa Kenney
Malisa Kenney Year ago
Is that a jeffree star mirror girl I had no idea!!!!!!!!!!! lol yassss love u
Em Montuori
Em Montuori Year ago
Clinique has an entire line for fitness. They have multiple products
Leslie Mejia
Leslie Mejia Year ago
Why does your voice sound so squeaky/: ?
Hunter_Rose Year ago
hi whitney, love your videos and your personality, just noticed in this video your teeth standing out abit more in some bits, are they your natural teeth? lovely by the way.
Rebecca Stoczko
Rebecca Stoczko Year ago
Can you do a brow tutorial?! What do you do to keep them so perfect?
zappykappy Year ago
What setting sprays do you use?
Kierstyn Hartzell
Kierstyn Hartzell Year ago
what do you use to whiten your teeth?!!
Jenna Gudinas
Jenna Gudinas Year ago
😂😂😂😂 GIRRRLLL I LOVE YOU! Yaass!!!
Hilda Year ago
Watching this video while I am doing my night time skincare routine :) Love you Whit!
Lisbeth Lopez
Lisbeth Lopez Year ago
I wear makeup to the gym too 😍 gives me that extra boost of confidence 😌😎
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez Year ago
Need a brow routine please!!😍😍 They’re looking extra extra 🔥
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez Year ago
Me tooooo!! Lol 😂 Sorry but I do wear makeup to the gym lol not always but doo lol and proud of it!!😜
Fitcover Year ago
You don't have to be sorry, Kitty! Nothing wrong with that :) Be you!
Alisha Son
Alisha Son Year ago
I’m a nurse and I sweat all the time running around the floor. I tell myself I’m sparkling but let’s be real 😂 but NOT wearing makeup isn’t an option for me lol I find patients respond better to people who look put together haha thanks for the review Whitney! Love love love all your videos!
Katherine Darr
Katherine Darr Year ago
What lighting do you use??
Afshan Tayyab
Afshan Tayyab Year ago
I wear makeup at the Gym because Gym and makeup are love of my Life. Btw whitney i love your highlighter 💕
Jessica Clements
Jessica Clements Year ago
I love you 😂💜
Tricia Korkowski
Tricia Korkowski Year ago
When you use a BB cream, how do you apply it? With you fingertips or a brush? Thank girl. Love and am inspired from you ❤️
Mercedes Jacobs
Mercedes Jacobs Year ago
That red set..🤭 whennn does it releasee😍😍😍😍
Karely Castillo
Karely Castillo Year ago
Okay WOW. Beautiful bare skin 😍
Lace Year ago
Love this! Just what I needed. Also... You wearing invisalign braces in the post leg day clip? 🦷 You soooooo cute 💗 fave
Fatima Bibi Hoosen
Fatima Bibi Hoosen Year ago
I wear makeup to the gym 😏 I like it to look unnoticeable but when I'm dabbing my face on my towel, it's noticeable 🤣 I sweat like a MOFO 😕
nomi Year ago
You know the rollers that you use to relax your muscles? I cannottt find one that's good for me, and I really need to find a good one because I have horribly tense hamstrings. Do you have any recommendations?
Beth Garsea
Beth Garsea Year ago
Isesther Year ago
your skin is glowing even without the makeup
mia raja
mia raja Year ago
Yesssss love this video! Also ur makeup less skin is BEAUTIFUL wow
laura lynch
laura lynch Year ago
Gorgeous skin
Haleyjo Year ago
If you want to wear makeup to the gym, then damn it, you wear it. Some people got nothing better to do then tell others what to do. Ha!
Fitcover Year ago
Kennedy Vanderzalm
Kennedy Vanderzalm Year ago
YASSS thank you for slaying the non-makeup wearing haters!! I LIKE WEARING MY MAKEUP TO THE GYM. It does not affect my workout at all so I don't bother taking it off! MIND YA BUSINESS
Emma Weir
Emma Weir Year ago
did you use setting spray at all for either of them?
Karina M
Karina M Year ago
Your gym makeup looks so amazing!!!! It looks better than my birthday night super glam make up attempt lol!! LOVE IT!
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer Year ago
Thank you Whitney, for helping Nikki and talking to her cuz she really scared me, the way she was feeling 😱
Ellery Chancellor Crews
Ellery Chancellor Crews Year ago
Would LOVE to see a Gymshark try on/review with some of the other lines (true texture, pro perform, time out knit, illusion, efflux, asymmetric, etc) 💕😁
Jami Sowers
Jami Sowers Year ago
I searched the USposts channel and couldn't find anything about it, but do you have any recommendations for hair ties/styles to reduce breakage for girls who workout regularly? When I workout almost everyday and throw my hair into a ponytail I notice a lot of breakage around my forehead and I think it's from wearing my hair up during my workouts every day. Any tips/advice would be great!
Supermega_megan Year ago
I’ve been waiting for someone to make a video like this forever now !!!😭❤️
annaliesemarieee Year ago
Whitney you’re so freaking cute !!!😍
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer Year ago
Please let me know Whitney, I’m very concerned about Nikki k?
Theresa V
Theresa V Year ago
I always wear makeup to the gym! Why does anyone care??? I don't know, but hey do. I have been asked many times "YOU WEAR MAKEUP TO THE GYM!???" Annoying!!!! Thanks for the tips girl!. I'm always looking to try something new.
Kitty Coon
Kitty Coon Year ago
Have you tried sweat cosmetics? I used the translucent powder and have considered trying the foundation!
Life With Elyse
Life With Elyse Year ago
During the week I wear makeup to the gym because I go to the gym right after work, but on the weekends, I don't because I don't like the feel of it when it mixes with sweat. But Listen Linda, you do you boo! People always have something to say so, let them talk and do you! xoxo
Viviana N
Viviana N Year ago
I don't wear makeup cause my face gets sweaty and it looks so nasttyyy like I'm melting 😢 i love the honesty in this video
M Crook
M Crook Year ago
First off- I love you. So happy for all the good that has come your way!! Second- can you tell me about your nails? I’ve been searching for that color/look and am failingggggg Third- thank you for just being you and sharing all your positivity 👏🏼😘👏🏼
Kenzie Jones
Kenzie Jones Year ago
You should try the new elf sport brand. It's supposed to be an affordable gym makeup! 💕💕💕
BlueBrain Bethany
BlueBrain Bethany Year ago
I go to the gym to feel GOOD about myself and for ME time! I want to feel extremely confident and hot, for myself!! So I also wear makeup to the gym! :)
DiscoverTheMonkey Year ago
Could you do a video about the best workout bras? 😍 please and thank you! I love your videos, and you make me want to take up going to the gym again
Salma Year ago
Hey, whit when is coming back the green shade on the camo collection of Gymshark? Love u!!!!!!
Charlotte Thomas
Charlotte Thomas Year ago
The fit makeup foundation looks sooo nice, but their shade range is just beige, beige and more beige. We need to be better than this in 2019!
Jen Garalde
Jen Garalde Year ago
This is the best makeup test video I’ve ever watched. Your reactions are everything 😂💛
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer Year ago
Whitney? Did Nikki get a hold of you??? Please let me know k?
No One
No One Year ago
Honestly, if you have enough time to notice what other women are wearing on their faces, you're not working out hard enough 😂 unless she just came out of the club at 4 am and has neon colors or glitter all over her face, how do you even get close enough and long enough to see her makeup?! And if the girl is able to go to the gym right after a night out, good on her.👏🏻
Lily Castillo
Lily Castillo Year ago
Can you please do a review on thrive cosmetics!! Saw that you use their CC cream :)
bekah trimble
bekah trimble Year ago
I JUST THOUGHT OF A GREAT VIDEO IDEA!! I would love to see a what I eat in a day- like everything- how many times to you go to the fridge and look for something when you’re bored, you’re cravings in the exact moment when you are craving it! I want to know your thoughts durning the day about the food you choose to eat! Like getting really real about food! Love youuu
Meghan Shebakesandlifts
Meghan Shebakesandlifts Year ago
I wear makeup too and pretty much do it for myself ❤️
Kirby Lyons
Kirby Lyons Year ago
A video on how to reduce pains at the gym would be very useful such a avoiding lower back pain and especially shin splints as I get them most times I’m running! 😩 Does anyone recommend the best running trainers to avoid shin splints please?? 🙏🏼😘
Leah Raynes
Leah Raynes Year ago
would anyone be kind enough to follow my new fitness related Instagram account I’ve made, still unsure where I’m going with it but would love to help motivate and inspire other people just like myself😅😋 @leahsfitnessjourney_
Maggi Sellers
Maggi Sellers Year ago
I believe ELF may have a new active brand! Am I correct????
Kirsten van Gelderen
Kirsten van Gelderen Year ago
Fit makeup is Iulia Danilova's (fit.with.iulia) brand right? 😊 That tint seems like a must try!
Savannah Koff
Savannah Koff Year ago
Please try & review Covergirl’s new active line!!
Ginnsay Year ago
When is the red set ur wearing dropping??!
Josey ReAnne
Josey ReAnne Year ago
Tip for the mascara: leave it open for a few hours to solidify it and dry it out a little. Won’t splatter as much
Capri'sBookIsland Year ago
That fit mascara is HOT FIRE FLAMES 🔥 😛💞
Gry Kristensen
Gry Kristensen Year ago
Hey Whitney... Im a New supscriber from Denmark and i just started to workout in the gym. I saw one of your old video's and you said that you linked your workout in the describsion boks... why doesn't you do that anymore?
Alicia Vazquez
Alicia Vazquez Year ago
Hey whit! What band are you using on your Apple Watch?
Ashley Marie Gomez
Ashley Marie Gomez Year ago
Do you have a video on self tanning?
Chanda Breiz
Chanda Breiz Year ago
So glad I found you today. You are such an inspiration. Can’t wait to watch more videos and incorporate some of your workouts to my routine. Gotta get them gains 😊
KK H Year ago
Luvvvvv you so much !!
Katie Vandergriff
Katie Vandergriff Year ago
You’re so freaking fabulous.
Alison Navarro
Alison Navarro Year ago
Could you try any of the fitness makeups that you could get at ulta? I'm pretty sure Clinique does one but I'm not sure who else does. If its just Clinique ignore me lol
Amber Michelle
Amber Michelle Year ago
Does anyone know what foundation brush this is? 😊
One day at a Time
One day at a Time Year ago
Never without makeup
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