ITSAAA Q&A! My Plastic Surgery Experience, Birth Control, Marriage.. etc.

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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

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Olive B
Olive B 12 days ago
“I sucked him in” lol 😆
Evelyn Tsai
Evelyn Tsai Month ago
Angela Lane
Angela Lane Month ago
8:00 literally me😂
Macie Chapman
Macie Chapman Month ago
please do an updated fitness journey and where you are now and a new tanning routine!!
Amanda DeVecchi
Amanda DeVecchi 3 months ago
Hey Whitney, how did you get your post birth control acne under control? Did you change your diet at all or start taking certain supplements?
Caitlyn Clyne
Caitlyn Clyne 3 months ago
Waiting until marriage to move in together is the absolute best! Good for you sis! It’s so exciting to come home with your husband for the first time and start your married life together!
Naomi Sosa
Naomi Sosa 3 months ago
I love these q and a’s
Rebecca Dorsey
Rebecca Dorsey 4 months ago
What breed of dog is Navy? 😩😍 so cute!
Shanney Lynn Phares
Shanney Lynn Phares 5 months ago
ughhhh i love ya XOXOXO
scan1745 5 months ago
Alright. I support the whole "do what makes YOU happy" thang. But i feel hesitant to feel supportive when someone says "i got this cosmetic surgery for ME, not for what anyone else thinks," when the surgery involves changing your appearance to fit the mainstream. In my opinion, that implies that youre changing your appearance SO THAT no one makes fun of or bullies you anymore for that feature. Which seems exactly like giving into the bullying instead of remembering your inherent worth as a human and understanding that your value NEVER comes from what society has taught people (especially penis havers) to view women as mainstream beauty and sex objects. I am a female, and i love to feel beautiful, but my value has NOTHING to do with how other humans see me. And though i struggle with that, i strive to strengthen my mental health and self image, along with my mindset, so that i can go bald or lose my legs and STILL know how truly incredible and worthwhile I AM simply because i exist.
Perla Adame
Perla Adame 5 months ago
like watching you videos but your voice sounds like you got a cold all the time.
Katie Dunbrack
Katie Dunbrack 5 months ago
"The pill ruined my life" i feel that!! So so true made me so crazy haha
Mikayla Stewart
Mikayla Stewart 6 months ago
I could not imagine marrying someone I've never lived with 😬 I'm super hard to live with, would not trust that..seems like a huge risk. Glad it works for yalls tho
Alondra Zahar
Alondra Zahar 6 months ago
What do you use instead of the pill????
Paige Frankovich
Paige Frankovich 6 months ago
lol I literally have the opposite reaction to BC because I break out HORRIBLY on it and once I get off my face is like YAY! and clears up instantly lol Im always jealous of the women that say their skin was so clear on BC... girl I wish that was me....
Alley katt
Alley katt 6 months ago
i had an otoplasty too... best decision ever.
Brittany Marsh
Brittany Marsh 6 months ago
I died when you said you had to get your teeth pulled bc they were rotten. The frank realness is applaud!!
Kristin Manfredi
Kristin Manfredi 6 months ago
I had the horrible post pill acne and I am getting married soon. What did you do to clear it up?
Azuri Vazquez
Azuri Vazquez 7 months ago
Hi Whitney, I'm not sure you'll read this but I just found you and love everything about your channel. You're an inspiration in so many ways.. fitness, energy, positive happy attitude, and you're GORGEOUS!! I was so happy to find out you live SLC UT and I do too. So I wanted to know do you by any chance offer in person- personal training. I just think having you as a trainer would make me get my act together. You have the booty I can only dream of. Hope you get to read this and can reply! If not just keep up the great work and keep slaying as you always do! BTW I think your nickname should be sunshine!
Elaine Liu
Elaine Liu 7 months ago
I lost a friend after telling her my decision to get plastic surgery. People really do think they can tell others what they can do with their bodies. Love you btw!
zehar zeher
zehar zeher 7 months ago
Beautiful lady
Lily Kovacevic
Lily Kovacevic 7 months ago
Loved it!
rachl8400 7 months ago
As someone who is in school for dietetics I'm always thinking...WHO THE HELL IS DOING KETO ITS TRASH
MsLadyofshalotte 7 months ago
I can't believe I haven't watched this channel since 2016! Jeessshhh
nikayla fleming
nikayla fleming 7 months ago
What kind of dogs are Nazy and Indigo!?
Cassie Winfrey
Cassie Winfrey 8 months ago
I love keto :)
Natalie Dempsey
Natalie Dempsey 8 months ago
I love the sweatpants with the super cute top💜😂
Sarah Nelson
Sarah Nelson 8 months ago
What kind of dog do you have? Navy is so cute!! 💕💕
Erina Rajbhandari
Erina Rajbhandari 8 months ago
Hi Whitney, your videos are adorable and always on point. do you do the edits yourself or do you get help?
Allison Green
Allison Green 8 months ago
Awe it's refreshing that living together is for marriage. We waited to co-habitate as well. Being on the other end of things..... it's not glamorous to live together. You've made the right decision!
M1ssalyss 8 months ago
your eyebrows look so good omg
Savanna Pewitt
Savanna Pewitt 8 months ago
Your pups are so cute. What breed are they?
Cassandra Poole
Cassandra Poole 8 months ago
What type of contraception do you use now?
Cassandra Poole
Cassandra Poole 8 months ago
What type of contraception do you use now?
CalebAndrea Zylstra
CalebAndrea Zylstra 9 months ago
Do you do the rythm method?
Healthy Honey
Healthy Honey 9 months ago
You are so fun to watch!!!! So inspiring for me starting my channel
Nachelle Angelo
Nachelle Angelo 9 months ago
The pill did the SAME thing to me!!! I honestly almost lost my mind, almost left my husband, and then thought about taking my life. I came of the pill and it was like all of it was just pulled off me!
Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott 9 months ago
Navy’s face 😍 Such a cute face!
Jenna Sais Quois
Jenna Sais Quois 9 months ago
Your hair color and makeup are so perfectly synchronized 😍😍
Amanda 9 months ago
Birth control alternatives guys? Everyone says they stopped taking it.
DearDiary Confessions
DearDiary Confessions 9 months ago
You are glowing in this video girl💜😇
Shelsie Argudo
Shelsie Argudo 9 months ago
I used to get called Dumbo too 😭😭😭😂😂😂 girl we on the same boat. I knew you were gonna say it 😂
Cara Harmer
Cara Harmer 9 months ago
Lizélle de Jager Pietersen LimitLiz Tv
Lizélle de Jager Pietersen LimitLiz Tv 10 months ago
Love the way she talks!
Michelle Boudreau
Michelle Boudreau 10 months ago
I've been wanting to stop taking the pill for a while now, what do you guys prefer as an alternative?
Sera Akdogan
Sera Akdogan 10 months ago
Where is your necklace from? Love it 😍
Amber Allen
Amber Allen 10 months ago
I just found your channel for workouts and came across this video.. GIRLLLL! I am so glad I did. I related every single word about the ears! I let it run my life, I always super glue my ears back if I have to wear my hair up and even then it's so obvious and I just break down. Every time I look in the mirror I just pull them back with my hands and imagine how I'd look if they didn't stick out. I tried to get them done in high school but insurance denied me and it costs $5000 straight out. So thank you so much for sharing that, that story was an automatic subscribe from me! It's nice seeing beautiful ladies that admit they have/had imperfections like me and not just like "I woke up like thisss"
Sierra Fazekas
Sierra Fazekas 10 months ago
I was Dumbo too... Sadface lol
Diana Salazar
Diana Salazar 10 months ago
I haven't watched Whitney's videos in a Loooong time and watching this I immediately notice that her face looks very different I mean did she get fillers on her cheeks or something? She's so beautiful 😍 but definitely looks a little more aged!....
L 10 months ago
Talking about birth control is SO important!! It's so bad. I was on for 5 years, after a month off of them I dropped weight and I feel 100% like myself again.
Sarah Willey
Sarah Willey 10 months ago
Where is this shirt from 😍
grace olsson
grace olsson 10 months ago
How do you look exactly like Caroline Flack in this vid
Calligo Blue
Calligo Blue 10 months ago
That's a great pet peve. I feel the same! lol
CrazyGirlistic 10 months ago
I feel like not myself after quitting the pill :/ regret it
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez 10 months ago
2020 more Q & A please
Les Beauty
Les Beauty 10 months ago
omg you are always so positive !! love it!! yes I followed your advice and I started my own youtube channel come subscribe please it will mean the world to me!!! XOXO
li vin
li vin 11 months ago
Kenisha Hammond
Kenisha Hammond 11 months ago
Such a pretty girl!
Celia Cavalli
Celia Cavalli 11 months ago
We wanna see the dogsssss!!!
Natalie W
Natalie W 11 months ago
I feel that post birth control acne life !! Been off the pill for 3 months and my skin is a nightmare. I never had acne in highschool, college, ever. Now I’m 25 with the worst skin lol
marlee kitchen
marlee kitchen 11 months ago
Can you still get the scholarship if you’re not yet in college? I’m a senior in high school
marlee kitchen
marlee kitchen 11 months ago
Queen is almost at 2 milly!!
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds 11 months ago
“Okay Nike”😂😂
Nicole Kehew
Nicole Kehew 11 months ago
I got off birth control, my husband deployed, I moved, and I changed my diet to sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free.... I started to lose my hair because it put my body in shock. :(
dynamicskys1 11 months ago
The pulling up the top every second 😣
Sarah Hurley
Sarah Hurley 11 months ago
Are you absolutely sure Navy isn’t a person? Because those eyes are looking into the depths of my soul
Shereen Rodrigues
Shereen Rodrigues 11 months ago
Hey Whit, love your channel. Random question - where did you get that cute sweater? I love it!
Samantha Gilbert
Samantha Gilbert 11 months ago
Whitney!! Where did you get your necklace?! I absolutely love it, it’s so unique! Love watching your videos, you’re definitely one of my inspirations! Xo
Angela Fonseca
Angela Fonseca 11 months ago
Sam Gilbert I think it was custom made. She usually puts info about it in the description.
taylor 11 months ago
What was the issues you faced while on birth control? Why do you feel better being off of it!?
Heather Tracy
Heather Tracy 11 months ago
Oh god... post BC acne is a nightmare.
Margot Ochoa
Margot Ochoa 11 months ago
Merry Christmas Whit🎄☃️
Alanda Carlisle
Alanda Carlisle 11 months ago
Whitney, is there anywhere that still has your palettes for sell? I didn’t get a chance to scoop it up and I’m heart broken! 😭
Julissa DC
Julissa DC 11 months ago
Leaving birth control meant 2 months with a headache, seriously those pills ruin your life
Anna McLeod
Anna McLeod 11 months ago
Where are your earrings from??
Yesenia Rojas
Yesenia Rojas 11 months ago
Girl I love you so much I hate you 😂 swear you make me want to work on myself! You’re to good 😩❤️
B Davies
B Davies 11 months ago
Yuuuup live in Salt Lake area too and the dating life has me like 😩🙄😂 But I do try really hard despite all the crap around haha
Amun Adil
Amun Adil 11 months ago
I love you 😍
theronika 11 months ago
It say $2.500 in your video, but you're saying $25.000 so that's weird
Vices 11 months ago
omg I love you. I mean I follow you since idk a looong time, love all your videos, and I always thought you are cool and funny and beautiful and everything (and love how much you love your dogs and passionate about everything) but after you spoke honestly about your plastic surgery and why people are talking about anybody's body, giiiiirl THANK YOU ♥
Terren D
Terren D 11 months ago
How do I get me a Navy or indigo? =)
Toya OutLoud
Toya OutLoud 11 months ago
Is it weird that I love the sound of her voice she’s so cute and genuine lol
Justine Vistarini
Justine Vistarini 11 months ago
Where is your necklace from? Its beautiful!
loren sherwin
loren sherwin 11 months ago
Your positivity and advice has such an impact on me ❤️ Have a great Xmas 😘
Mireya Cisneros
Mireya Cisneros 11 months ago
Good for you!! A lot of people think me and my boyfriend are so weird for not moving in together before marriage. But it’s a promise we made. And I’m surprised cuz you know usually Americans move in together. So good for you!!! Do it traditional way haa.
Bianca Hernandez
Bianca Hernandez 11 months ago
Im so excited for this scholarship giveaway. Best of luck to myself and everyone else who applied! Let’s go ladiessss ❤️
foevsar21 11 months ago
This giveaway is so amazing!
Alexis 11 months ago
At age 30, the after pill acne is depressing
Vanessa Gomez
Vanessa Gomez 11 months ago
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii whit when does the giveaway close??
Margie Corzantes
Margie Corzantes 11 months ago
What would I do if she never started her USposts channel… Life would just be a little empty… Thank goodness she did♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Olivia Baur
Olivia Baur 11 months ago
Thank you for sharing about waiting until marriage until you and your BF are married. You are really the only secular vlogger I watch and it was really cool to hear you say that. My boyfriend and I are also waiting until we are married to live together and it was nice to hear other people are too!
Yennni G
Yennni G 11 months ago
Omg! The driving in the sun literally same I hate it sooo much 😭🤣
Medine Rexhepi
Medine Rexhepi 11 months ago
Pleaseeeee do a video about you’re journey getting off birth control!!!
McKenna Kuzma
McKenna Kuzma 11 months ago
Best giveaway ever! You are the best Whit! This scholarship would be a blessing. Crossing my fingers
Melissa Claasen
Melissa Claasen 11 months ago
I really respect you for making the decision to only move in together after you get married♥️my husband and I did the same and it was the best decision honestly☺️
Emilia Bedilia
Emilia Bedilia 11 months ago
Okay sometimes I think we’re the same. 😂😂 the driving into the sun. The. Worst. I literally switched jobs because my drive home every day was angled directly at the sun.
Victoria Dabney
Victoria Dabney 11 months ago
You should do a worst first dates video!!!
Jennifer Kusch
Jennifer Kusch 11 months ago
we need a play-by-play of the first date with stefan. give the people what they need!!!
Rachael M
Rachael M 11 months ago
I love that you are offering this scholarship! I am back in school to become a veterinarian... I did my 4 year animal biology degree but now I have 4 more years to complete! Definitely entered. Thank you so much :)
Nayelly Rodriguez
Nayelly Rodriguez 11 months ago
Yessssss definitely applies for that scholarship 😩🥰
Morgan Swisegood
Morgan Swisegood 11 months ago
I love that your values about marriage and waiting to move in. It’s refreshing ❤️
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