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Whitney Simmons

8 months ago

CHIT CHAT GET READY WITH ME! My current everyday makeup routine while on vacation for the EXTREME GLOW lol
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lip pop
foundation in warm nude
foundation again in M55 lol
mixer drops for the GLOW in original
concealer in oat
cream bronzer in boni bae
cream blush in so natural
powder blush lol in crush
Girlactik matte bronzer in casablanca
did I not wear highlight I'm confused??
eyeshadow palette
it's a blendiful day to be alive
lip pencil in nude 1.0
lipstick in nude 1.5
lipstick in nude 2.5
setting spray all time fave
fruity pebble setting spray
outfit: lookbook coming next week with all of my outfits from cabo!!

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Ally Greven
Ally Greven 4 months ago
heyy!! what brush did you use for your cream bronzer?
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Glowingggg! So beautiful, Whit!
Natallie Pratta
Natallie Pratta 6 months ago
I know I’m late on the video but I’ve been in such a bad mental state and it made me so happy to hear that you’ve been there and you got through it. Thank you!
Karla Gutierrez
Karla Gutierrez 6 months ago
You made my trained of thought today changed. I was in a very dark and sad place right now since my grandma just passed! 😢 ur words of encouragement just made me feel like it’s gonna get better! Thank you for being you!
Finnicktheferret 6 months ago
You are so beautiful even without makeup! such a confident girl
hannah braunius
hannah braunius 6 months ago
What is the beauty blender your using?
Katie Williams
Katie Williams 6 months ago
Just know that you are a beacon of light to some people, just like Kim was to you!
Blanca Gavina
Blanca Gavina 7 months ago
Priya Moodlyar
Priya Moodlyar 7 months ago
what mascara did you look fab
Sophie C
Sophie C 7 months ago
Oof that really just made me tear up bc you cld not have explained it better , I am literally struggling with exactly that, worrying and fearing but that little portion of wisdom made me tear up in relief more then the fear I usually get around these topics. So thank you for this and possibly curing this same fear I’ve had and especially for your reminders of making every day a beautiful day to be alive cos I think we tend to forget to do just that. 💕💕
Brit V
Brit V 7 months ago
Literally just clicked on this to get my mind off of stuff, but your little speech about gratitude really lifted my spirits... also made me cry a little because I didn't expect a GRWM to go there lol, but thank you
Vanessa Young
Vanessa Young 7 months ago
OMG YOURE SO CUTE!!!! I love you so much and pls keep doing fluffy brows
Norma Barajas
Norma Barajas 7 months ago
Take apple cider vinegar it took Care of all my breakouts I swear ! I can even eat chocolate and not get a single pimple.
Jennifer Hinkle
Jennifer Hinkle 7 months ago
I fell behind on watching your videos and I'm just catching up now. But this video has made such an impact on me. This weekend I'm turning 23 and I thought this birthday was no big deal, just another birthday. I thought by this time in my life all my best birthdays have past and at this point I am just getting older. Thank you for reminding me that each birthday, each day is a blessing, God didn't put me on this earth just to let the years pass me by and get old.
Elizabeth Serino
Elizabeth Serino 8 months ago
I don’t think you realize the impact you have on us as subscribers but you talking so honestly all the time is incredible. I truly feel like your friend, I cheer you on from my side of the screen on Alive and when you talked about journaling I literally did for the first time in forever right before I watched this. For me it was a God Sighting but call it fate. Thank you Whitney. I hope to meet you someday. Ily 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Morgan Flynn
Morgan Flynn 8 months ago
I’m living for you! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed and giggled and smiled so dang much before! Great way to start the morning❤️
Hoo Me
Hoo Me 8 months ago
Try the new Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift mascara. Same style wand, better formula ❤️❤️
Ashley Michel
Ashley Michel 8 months ago
Love your make up routine! So natural looking! You look beautiful! Also, Where do you buy those hair clips?
Just Jessi
Just Jessi 8 months ago
You said your skin was inflamed but I thought it looked good like glowing ❤your gorgeous without the makeup anyway
Kali Krzanowicz
Kali Krzanowicz 8 months ago
The world NEEDS a Whit and Tati collab video ASAP! 😍
Autumn T
Autumn T 8 months ago
you are like the older sister I never had. Love ya Whitney thank you for sharing all of your insights so real and true.
Jillian Niceley
Jillian Niceley 8 months ago
Is there a hair tutorial with this hairstyle???
Nicole Soto
Nicole Soto 8 months ago
I really needed that girl because this quarantine and social distancing has me depressive
Alexa Loeb
Alexa Loeb 8 months ago
Not an eyeliner gal either ;)
SuGaRlOvErCaNdY 8 months ago
i did not know she was 27 i thought she was like 24
Leslie Lou
Leslie Lou 8 months ago
Wow, very interesting video. Haven't seen you like this before. I think that's why I can watch you with my short attention span. Something was going on, b-day vibes. I love your positive attitude. Even if you are feeling a little down, you can talk yourself in to a upbeat mood. I do that sometimes. Fake it till you make it to a good mood. It's a beautiful day to be alive. Going to try a gratitude journal again
Noelle Ancona
Noelle Ancona 8 months ago
When Whit was starting to get choked up I started getting choked up 😭. Whitney you are that same ray of sunshine to so many people💙that follow you
Jasmine Bradford
Jasmine Bradford 8 months ago
You pull off fluffy brows sooooo well! Love them on you!
sara ullah
sara ullah 8 months ago
This is why I love you Whitney ❤️😭 you’re such a gem
Rachael M
Rachael M 8 months ago
My friends have noticed that I call everything "she" and I honestly wasn't sure why...JUST REALIZED IT WAS BECAUSE OF YOU lol :)
KenzieBell105 8 months ago
Okay wow. You really spoke to me there. Gunna watch this all the time now and start journaling
agustina lisa
agustina lisa 8 months ago
Girl I think we pretty much have the same skin haha. I have psoriasis too, the same white spots in my arms, dry spots, the whole deal. The same thing happened to me with the pill, not only did I feel more like myself when I stopped taking them but also got really bad hormonal acne on my chin and a bit on my forhead (never had acne before), Its been like 3 years and I still have the acne but havent been able to figure it out and clear my skin. It feels good knowing someone goes through the same shit as you, I just feel a bit less alone and missundertood. Thank you for sharing.
Hannah Loewenstein
Hannah Loewenstein 8 months ago
I struggled with similar acne for a long time and recently discovered spironolactone through my derm! Not that you need any sort of medication to make you beautiful but I understand the circumstances you’re in. I love you and think you’re beautiful with and without makeup :)
Jocelyne14forever 8 months ago
Capri Heart
Capri Heart 8 months ago
Totally adore you, living glowy make up, but no to fluffy brows. I love a full brow 🤷🏼‍♀️
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 8 months ago
I said in the video the fluffy brow haters would come out to voice their opinion 😂😂 welcome
Rumi Lilla
Rumi Lilla 8 months ago
Happy birthdaaaaay!
Anavey Haro
Anavey Haro 8 months ago
Whitney! Thank you so much for this video 💕 I’m so thankful for you. Love you so much , this video was everything I needed ! “I have not trimmed these little cuties in a long time” 😂😂 I’m dead !
Leah Stewart
Leah Stewart 8 months ago
Gosh! I just started tearing up when she started talking about everyday being a blessing and to keep pushing on! The last year has been so much of a struggle and I do journal but I always feel like I repeat the same thing over and over again. I have to say since following Whitney, I feel more motivated to get up and workout, put my makeup on and get out of the house.
Kristina Ledyard
Kristina Ledyard 8 months ago
Have you tried L’Oréal telescopic mascara??!? I been using it for like two years now I haven’t found anything better. Not super thickening but man so they make them look long!!!
Quinn Avery
Quinn Avery 8 months ago
Ugh! I just love how much you inspire me everyday!
Macy Freeman
Macy Freeman 8 months ago
Whitney, I love you so much! ❤️You are such an inspiration, thank you so much!! ❤️❤️😍
alexxcristinaa 8 months ago
I love you because you’re so damn authentic. So hard to come by but sooo refreshing. Please don’t change 💞
Ines Burnett
Ines Burnett 8 months ago
I tried the thankfulness and meditation and positivity and it lasted many years but landed me in suicidal thoughts. I recommend a prayer of humble need for Jesus as your savior. That was the one thing that COMPLETELY TURNED MY LIFE AROUND and now life (good and bad) is SERIOUSLY WORTH IT. Happiness is actually happy, sadness is not fun, but it isn’t alone anymore. Jesus is the way the truth and the light.
Namaste Kristen's Way
Namaste Kristen's Way 8 months ago
Loved your message today! I have been so inspired lately and really into journaling, meditation, and yoga and am thinking of sharing of USposts. Any suggestions or guidance for starting a USposts channel?
Presley Poesy
Presley Poesy 8 months ago
this one gave me chills whit!
Ellen Kehoe
Ellen Kehoe 8 months ago
I moved out west a few months ago with my fiancé, he’s in the military. He’s been gone a lot for training and I haven’t made any new friends out here yet. That being said, that you for the uplifting words, and thanks for being here! Your videos really help this girl out 💖💖💖
Audrey Moreland
Audrey Moreland 8 months ago
Ellen Kehoe isolation is a biatch girl! I don’t know if going out and making friends comes naturally to you or not. I’m pretty introverted myself, but no matter how uncomfortable it is we all need some connection! Good luck to you with all of the changes.
Sofie Jorgensen
Sofie Jorgensen 8 months ago
Someone do a heken-bob-count plz :-D
เติ้ล-ลิม ตากสิน
เติ้ล-ลิม ตากสิน 8 months ago
Pam P.
Pam P. 8 months ago
After turning 21, I also sort of stopped looking forward to my birthdays because it meant you're another year older. What really helped me changed my mindset is when my aunt told me to stop counting my life and age in years, but in days. It really makes everyday even more meaningful❤️
Adrianna DiGuglielmo
Adrianna DiGuglielmo 8 months ago
Also you posted this on March 5, my 29th bday... when is your birthday? Pisces friend!!
Adrianna DiGuglielmo
Adrianna DiGuglielmo 8 months ago
Whit, you are my Kim!
Kara Corey Fit Life
Kara Corey Fit Life 8 months ago
Needed this video today 🙏 thank you for the perspective, I'm going to pick up a journal.
Megan Carter
Megan Carter 8 months ago
"And by crazy, I mean go to dinner and then go night night." Hahaha this is a whole MOOD
Karina Mendoza
Karina Mendoza 8 months ago
Whit!! Since you love the fluffy brow look, I think you’d love laminating your brows!!🤍
Maria Maria
Maria Maria 8 months ago
SO fun
Olivia Ross
Olivia Ross 8 months ago
Okay um your brows are literally perfect WOW
Kaylee Moore
Kaylee Moore 8 months ago
You are so beautiful inside and out! Love your words of wisdom and perspective Whit. 🥰💕✨
Angelina 8 months ago
Happy birthday! :)
Gabriela Krysa
Gabriela Krysa 8 months ago
Sephora links don't work outside of the USA - can you please write the names of the products next to the links? 😩
Nikki Blackketter
Nikki Blackketter 8 months ago
Efi 8 months ago
I’m also turning 27 this year and time flies!! I need to be more positive towards growing old
Shannon McGrath
Shannon McGrath 8 months ago
thank you for that message, i really needed that
esmeralda 8 months ago
i love whit💕💕💕
nikkipandahat 8 months ago
Teared up a bit watching this... I lost my Dad to cancer in November just gone so I can very much understand feeling like you need to live and try enjoy every day that you have on this earth. Life is too short to not enjoy things, yes there will be days when you're sad but you need to appreciate all the little things that can make a day great. Im thankful for all the years I had with my Dad but I miss him every single day and I'm still struggling with his loss but I know he didn't want me to be sad (he told me to try not to be too sad) and he would want me to live every day to its fullest.
Tina Tsakiris
Tina Tsakiris 8 months ago
thanks for making all of us hormonal breakout victims feel less alone ilysm
Emily 8 months ago
I'm in a really bad state currently myself and I literally searched just for a video from you, cause even though I don't stop by a lot on YT, I always know you bring a lighter mood to me - and you just throw that little speech in there and speak out exactly what I had to hear👏 thank you Whitney 💕
Alexnadra Gross
Alexnadra Gross 8 months ago
you are such a light in this world! I LOVED this chit chat
Zelle C
Zelle C 8 months ago
I’m crying while eating my meal prep. Love you Whit 😭❤️
Lindsay Hernandez
Lindsay Hernandez 8 months ago
Love it!!!
Marlene_who_cares 8 months ago
All I needed 🙌🏼🤍💞 thank you for your beautiful words 🥰
Irma Perez
Irma Perez 8 months ago
When you’re in the middle of putting foundation on and she says she’s gonna use her born this way foundation in warm nude... and that’s exactly what you’re using too 😂
Maddie Hofer
Maddie Hofer 8 months ago
Girl I've been STRUGGLING with my mental health lately and this video is honestly what I needed. I've been wanting to get back into my gratitude journal and I will be for sure doing that now! ❤️
verenafitandfun 8 months ago
Shawna Thadsamany
Shawna Thadsamany 8 months ago
Ahhh omg it was my golden birthday too! I didn't realize we had the same exact birthday til just now. Happy belated birthday! 🥰
Brittany Fitch
Brittany Fitch 8 months ago
The best mascara is Lancôme Monsieur Big!
kt_rvs 8 months ago
🎶boys...boys...boys🎶 HBD baybee!!! 💛💛💛💛
Alabama Girl
Alabama Girl 8 months ago
Your hair at the end 😍😭
Miranda *
Miranda * 8 months ago
Your internal glow up is strong in this one
Ana Finke
Ana Finke 8 months ago
Whitney GIRL!! Your eyeshadow looks BOMB!!
Julianaum. 8 months ago
I love that you do what you want with your make up! Let the fluffy brow haters say what they want 😂
linh huynh
linh huynh 8 months ago
Hair tutorial on the waves please. Looking fire 🔥 Whitney. Happy birthday.
Pepper Nichole
Pepper Nichole 8 months ago
My 27th golden birthday is this year( this month-March) too! Happy dang birthday beautiful soul! Love your channel and happy to have your impact in my life. I’m going to try this journaling business!
kelsey rodgers
kelsey rodgers 8 months ago
Does anyone remember what shoes Whitney likes for lifting. I feel like she mentioned them in a video not too long ago, and I can’t find it!
kelsey rodgers
kelsey rodgers 8 months ago
Efi thank you for your response! I know she wears converses on those days, but I’m thinking about the other days
Efi 8 months ago
kelsey rodgers I’m not sure if this is what your looking for but she wears converse when she does squats and leg workouts :o
Alina Tovar
Alina Tovar 8 months ago
Love you outfit and confidence 🤍🤍🤍 I’m so happy you’re feeling good again!
Priscilla Solberg
Priscilla Solberg 8 months ago
You’re awesome! Hope you had a great birthday😁 love a fluffy brow 😉
April Brown
April Brown 8 months ago
Whitney! I also recently got off birth control and I have some resources for you! Please look up some podcast from DR Jolene Brighten! And her website has tons of great resources, and stuff about acne too. Also Alisa Vitti has an amazing book called in the flow! And her app is so cool! Definitly check out both of their sites, look at their podcasts, and buy their books
Agnesa Kajmolli
Agnesa Kajmolli 8 months ago
Holy hecken bob dewy is an understatement for that shine 😂 you’re beautiful though ❤️
cindysadork 8 months ago
Happy Birthday you beautiful betch!
Kristen Shamy
Kristen Shamy 8 months ago
Please make more GRWM videos. I really needed this one. Thank you Love you GURL ❤️🙏🏼😍
ddmand386 8 months ago
We need a video on how you maintain your brows. I have been growing mine out for a year and not a lot of progress 😕 Thanks for the positivity. It's refreshing!
Katrina Lynn
Katrina Lynn 8 months ago
I havent trimmed or plucked my eyebrows in yearrsss im 23 and the last time I had a minimal waxing done was for prom... and yes my eyebrows havent grown!?! UGH I want fluffy brows
Negin Imtiyaz
Negin Imtiyaz 8 months ago
No hate girl, but u look super oily at the end... 🤭
jacqueline nguyen
jacqueline nguyen 8 months ago
Whitney is absolutely gorgeous!🤩
Kelsey 8 months ago
Ugh I feel you so hard. I’ve gained so much weight because when I don’t have work or school, I just lay in bed. I don’t feel joy and haven’t all year.
Βαρβαρα Προβατιδου
Βαρβαρα Προβατιδου 8 months ago
Why are you filming on a bath tab???
Katie Guberman
Katie Guberman 8 months ago
My first video I watched on your channel was your self tanning video and who knew it would literally help lead me to a whole new fitness and health journey, I got sucked into your channel and have been changing my life style since
Meghan Fraze
Meghan Fraze 8 months ago
Girl how are you gonna get me all teared up from a bathtub? Lol
JEYRI GAVILANEZ 8 months ago
work queen
Berna E.
Berna E. 8 months ago
I used to look forward to my birthdays when I was a child, but I’ve been feeling the same way as you as I’ve been getting older.
S VL 8 months ago
Happy Birthday!!!!
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