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Whitney Simmons

15 days ago

VLOGGING! A day in the life... back and biceps workout, Gymshark early Black Friday deals and more xx
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Lauren Murphy
Lauren Murphy 5 hours ago
You should try taking melatonin gummies! I get them from the grocery store. (Normal melatonin doesn’t do anything for me, but the gummies are amazing) I have an anxious mind and I cant get it to shut off some nights. It helps me sleep throughout the night. It’s amazing!!
Alyssa Sushoreba
Alyssa Sushoreba 8 hours ago
Ok but your back core muscles...😵
Alice B
Alice B 11 hours ago
That squeeze at the bottom of a curl tip is life changing
Tracy Campanella
Tracy Campanella 11 hours ago
Whit, I have anxiety and depression. I understand. Big hugs, girl ❤
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith Day ago
Yes! I totally miss those try-ons to show us the latest
Afedo Cámate pofavo
Afedo Cámate pofavo Day ago
I freakin. Love you!! Your so effortlessly funny 😅🥰😘
Sophie Day ago
your bathroom towel bar gives me severe it falling? LOLOL.
Rebecca Lando
Rebecca Lando 2 days ago
1111 on your stove vibes 🤤😍
Autumn Smart
Autumn Smart 2 days ago
The hidden annoyance when Stefan highjacked the video :')
Brooklyn Jones
Brooklyn Jones 2 days ago
This is the first video I watched on your channel and I love you!!!!!
Amie Pereyra
Amie Pereyra 3 days ago
🤦🏼‍♀️Girl the FUNK is REAL. 🤷🏼‍♀️We can’t see it. 🤷🏼‍♀️We can’t explain it. But we all FEEEEEEL IT DEEPLY. Ugh. Right there with you!💕🧡 But your videos brighten my day and motivate me to be kinder to myself! You’re the BEST please don’t ever stop posting!💕🧡
Andrine's Dream
Andrine's Dream 3 days ago
Where did you buy all of your gym equiptment?
Hannah Heilpern
Hannah Heilpern 3 days ago
Thank you for always being so positive and honest about mental health 💜
Georgiana Wickenden
Georgiana Wickenden 4 days ago
Always go to bed with amazing thoughts and u will wake up brighter ! Ty for being real !!!
Claire Francis
Claire Francis 4 days ago
Am I the only one who has been watching Whit for years but still has no idea where she lives? Is she from Utah?
renuja thapa
renuja thapa 4 days ago
Hi how much weight do u lift I mean how many kilogs maximum?
Cassandra Elmore-Sweet
Cassandra Elmore-Sweet 5 days ago
Awh!!! Your home gym! You look so giddy and happy to be explaining a move in your own space without anyone else around to worry about. Love this energy
Sara M
Sara M 5 days ago
Seasonal depression is a real thing. Just know you're not crazy. Love ya!
Jorden Jorgenson
Jorden Jorgenson 5 days ago
Yay home gym!! Would love to see more lights up in there to brighten things up and make it look crisp and fresh
Tracy Ragland
Tracy Ragland 5 days ago
I see the new home gym! 🙈👀🙈 lol looks so good ;)
J 6 days ago
Are you training in your new gym you built in this video?
Izzy Larkins
Izzy Larkins 6 days ago
That ROBE😍😍 I’m instantly cozy hahahah
Mackenzie Wilkie
Mackenzie Wilkie 6 days ago
Stephen calling you an angel made my heart melt🥰
SarahW_ Fitness
SarahW_ Fitness 6 days ago
Please link your squat rack and cable machine!!!!!
Livia Hosegrove
Livia Hosegrove 6 days ago
We would LOVE if you did more Gymshark reviews 🥺🥺
Ivy Mills
Ivy Mills 6 days ago
Why no Trader Joe’s?
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith 6 days ago
Did anyone else notice that she never elaborated on the “I don’t shop at Trader Joe’s anymore”?
Laila S
Laila S 3 days ago
@Tracy Ragland "RIGHT 😂😂😫 they don’t have enough gluten and dairy free options 😭" She commented that last week when someone asked her why
Tracy Ragland
Tracy Ragland 5 days ago
Right? She was obsessed with it now I wanna know why
Michelle Brooks
Michelle Brooks 6 days ago
Whit I'm sorry you're sad but your skin looks so damn good
Jedi Bunny
Jedi Bunny 7 days ago
Today I realised Whitney is left-handed which made me feel illogically happy... but there are only 10% of us out here!
F michaud
F michaud 7 days ago
1:44 It used to stress my mom when I used scissors with my left hand, because I’m left handed...Now I see it!!
ashpalmer62 7 days ago
Luv ur home gym
Andrine's Dream
Andrine's Dream 7 days ago
I love watching Gymshark try-on's! Me personally have to do research on items I consider buying, hehe. Hope I'm not the only one! 😅🙈
marcos gomes
marcos gomes 7 days ago
Clarina Bowers
Clarina Bowers 7 days ago
GO ON VACATION SISTER ❤️❤️ you deserve it, helps the mental health 😂😂
Julie Caird
Julie Caird 7 days ago
Where did you get your bench? I am looking for one just like that one for my home gym.
MachineGunKeri 7 days ago
I literally LOVE that your room was a mess! I am so tired of all these perfect influencers. Girl we are busy and we are sometimes having lows and rooms get messy. It’s real life and I love you for that. Thank you Whit for brightening my day ❤️🥰
Katie Lewis
Katie Lewis 8 days ago
What deodorant is she using I can’t find it anywhere !??
Alejandra Chavez
Alejandra Chavez 8 days ago
Do you mix the pump in with the pre workout?
Nedjie Thompson
Nedjie Thompson 8 days ago
We miss the big hauls! yours are my fav
Teressa Moeller
Teressa Moeller 8 days ago
Girl, you so funny. I just love your personality!
Alexandra Hawk
Alexandra Hawk 8 days ago
POV. You’re here realizing this is the new home gym and we didn’t even know it.
Mary B
Mary B 8 days ago
Totally unrelated but, does she anyone know what song she used during her workout? PS HUGE fan and subscriber right here!!😍😍
victoria pittman
victoria pittman 8 days ago
You and steph are soooo cute 😩❤️
my kids are smarter than yours
my kids are smarter than yours 8 days ago
Hormones hun. Hormones.
Melini Kitekei'aho
Melini Kitekei'aho 8 days ago
Okay, you were fricken hilarious in the vlog😂😂😂💀💀
Laura Stern
Laura Stern 8 days ago
LOVE the workout. Obsessed with the home gym! What are the wraps you’re using?
Lynn Mcfatter
Lynn Mcfatter 8 days ago
OMG 😂 is it just me or does Stephen seem SOOO much more energetic & ecstatic since Whit said yes!? 😄 I love the energy in your videos from both of you!! ❤️
Doina Neculcea
Doina Neculcea 8 days ago
I love that you don’t hide behind this perceived perfect life. We love and appreciate a queen who is not afraid to let us know that although every day is a blessing, not every day will be a good one.
Chris L.
Chris L. 8 days ago
I definitely want to see those review Gymshark videos back, the squat-proof/sweat theory + our favorite girl= 100% believable
Leah Joyner
Leah Joyner 8 days ago
Danielle Rola
Danielle Rola 8 days ago
Please bring back the hauls! I loved watching them!
Madison Neal
Madison Neal 8 days ago
I love how relatable you are. 💕
Jess T
Jess T 8 days ago
UM EXCUSE ME. Ima need a home gym tour IMMEDIATELY
Mackenzie Dean
Mackenzie Dean 8 days ago
The black adapt seamless are only showing as 20% off! Did I miss them being 50%?? ☹️
Christie Williams
Christie Williams 8 days ago
Wait a sec, did you make a home gym????
Dianna Claire
Dianna Claire 8 days ago
Miss your workout videos!! Please upload some soon
Lucy Rose Burns
Lucy Rose Burns 8 days ago
You gorgeous little pea whit xx
Shannon Kearney
Shannon Kearney 8 days ago
I have started eating oats because of you, please don’t change I’ve just gotten used to it 😭😭😂😂
Dorina M
Dorina M 8 days ago
I loved the try-on-hauls!! Please make an at home gym tour as well! I'm interested in what to consider when buying this stuff. :)
Hayle’s World
Hayle’s World 8 days ago
All the gymshark sets look amazing on you🥰
Megan Tucker
Megan Tucker 8 days ago
bring back the gymshark try ons!!! i love them
Eve Autym
Eve Autym 8 days ago
I need to gain weight. I weigh 90 pounds and I am 5 foot 1. I try excersizing to build muscle it often helps but every now and again I loose the weight. I wanna try Protein powder but I have never tried any thing of that sort. I'm not new to working out but I am new to what not to do and what to do when it comes to trying new things like this. What do you suggest I do?
Ms. Autumne-Jae, TheHairstylingPodcaster
Ms. Autumne-Jae, TheHairstylingPodcaster 8 days ago
Honestly. Whenever I have a shitty day, I turn to Whit. Honest to God. Even if I've seen the video. She's just perfect!
Samantha miller
Samantha miller 8 days ago
MISS WHITNEY! you cant hit us with a workout in the home gym.. and not give us details of the home gym!! ok love u
Mariana Umana
Mariana Umana 9 days ago
am I the only one confused that we are just finding out about the home gym, I need to know it all hahaha
Nicolette Harrison
Nicolette Harrison 9 days ago
Where is the sweatshirt from that you wore at the end of the video? 😍 love it
R Menton
R Menton 9 days ago
What is that stand you used to put plates on the barbell?? I NEED something like this for my home gym!! And PLEASE home gym tour PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :)
Erika Torres
Erika Torres 9 days ago
i mss your try ons girl!
Kati Castorena
Kati Castorena 9 days ago
Wait does anyone know what size she gets her leggings ?
collin featherston
collin featherston 9 days ago
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!!
Brittany Samples
Brittany Samples 9 days ago
Where did this gym come from 🤯
Andrea Villasenor
Andrea Villasenor 9 days ago
Anyone know where her robe is from?? It looks so cozy!!
Daniella Faziani
Daniella Faziani 9 days ago
Girllll I miss your workout vids!!! This gave me so much inspiration 💕❤️😍😻
Shae Mcafee
Shae Mcafee 9 days ago
“Here’s why I’ll never stop eating oatmeal, bc I enjoy it, thas it” hahahahaha you tell em queen
Magda Witker
Magda Witker 9 days ago
BRING HAULSSSS BACKKKKK 🤩🤩✨💫💫💫💫 My heart deles empty without them 😭❤️❤️❤️😭❤️
Kaylee Gooch
Kaylee Gooch 9 days ago
Can you do a grocery hall?! Or maybe a what’s in my kitchen?! So I have some new ideas on what to eat?! Thanks to you and the Alice app, my mental has got gotten so much better’ and I’ve lost 20 POUNDS THE LOST TWO MONTHS 😭 But not only that, thanks to you. I don’t feel guilty eating foods that I want to eat!! 😭🥰❤️
Rachel Marcoux
Rachel Marcoux 9 days ago
Okay if that’s an at home gym you have set up.... I NEED all the damn details girl WHAT
Mimi'sworld 8 days ago
And now we know...
Summer Shen
Summer Shen 9 days ago
Teenage Confessions
Teenage Confessions 9 days ago
I absolutely love your videos
Ashlynne Adams
Ashlynne Adams 10 days ago
You seriously inspired me to get into fitness years ago - I ADORE YOU
Hanna McKanry
Hanna McKanry 10 days ago
Why don't you shop at Trader Joe's anymore?
BriahnaNicole 10 days ago
Whit to a top: “What are you?” 😂❤️
Jesse Chandler
Jesse Chandler 10 days ago
WHITNEY! Why have you not done a video of your new home gym! 😍😍
Bella 10 days ago
15:12 HAD ME DYING!! 😂😂😂
Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin 10 days ago
your arms look BOMBBB and the rest of you is also bomb, but just wanted to say yours arms are lookin' good. also you and Stephan's love is just beautiful. thank you for being a wonderful human Whitney!!
Mia Burns
Mia Burns 10 days ago
This might have been my favorite vlog on the planet!!! obsessed with you whitney 💕💕
Lupe 10 days ago
how you always so gorgeous! also that robe looks like i could just melt in it, don’t think i’d ever take it off haha
Fran Land
Fran Land 10 days ago
Can someone tell me what's her size
Cathie Vo
Cathie Vo 9 days ago
Megan Zwart
Megan Zwart 10 days ago
I eat oatmeal every day for breakfast too and my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy lol. I'm like, I actually enjoy it 😁 I like the consistency thing about it too!
Katie D'Allessandro
Katie D'Allessandro 10 days ago
peep the home gym😚
Monzerrat Salazar
Monzerrat Salazar 10 days ago
you’re literally cutest human being EVER
Amanda Wilson
Amanda Wilson 10 days ago
i miss the youtube workouts!
Taryn Brand
Taryn Brand 10 days ago
Omg! Your gym is literally all my hopes and dreams! It's perfect!
Angeline Lapke
Angeline Lapke 10 days ago
More home gym workouts on youtube please 😍 and yes to gymshark clothing hauls! Maybe non-gym outfits!!! loved your last lookbook 🤞💕
Kay Hanson
Kay Hanson 10 days ago
GIRL, those shoulders are POPPIN’! I see you! 👀🖤
Kasi Miller
Kasi Miller 10 days ago
What is the name of your cable machine? I'm looking for one just like it!
Dallace LaDawn
Dallace LaDawn 10 days ago
Love your videos and your bright spirit!
Maiken Solem
Maiken Solem 10 days ago
Such a ray of sunshine!
Adela Mujanovic
Adela Mujanovic 10 days ago
GIRL how dare you not tell us where the robe is from :/
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 10 days ago
OMG YOUR HOME GYM!!! ahhhh it looks so good!!
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