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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

My complete room tour!!!
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Avandrewmeda H.
Avandrewmeda H. Year ago
Whitney: my style is farm house, but MODERN farmhouse Me: oh okay cute, yeah modern farmhouse Whitney: did I say it’s a MODERN farmhouse. me: yeah I get the vibe Whitney: change of plans, NOT modern farmhouse. Plot twist: it’s a modern farmhouse
Kathy Fit
Kathy Fit Year ago
Thos thread 🤣
K A M Y A Year ago
Oh sorry did you say MoDerN FarMhoUsE
LP Labella
LP Labella Year ago
44$ dollar towels I can't!
A.J. Year ago
Hating clutter, she is also a minimalist.
Poppy Year ago
Whitney Simmons shanty chic is what it’s called on Pinterest I believe :)
Veronica Mauri
Veronica Mauri 15 days ago
Can you link the square pillows on your bed? I neeeed them!
ukidancer15 Month ago
I still wish she would update the description with links to everything :( Anyone else still waiting a little over a year later?)
Mariah Schippel
Mariah Schippel 3 months ago
Where is that big leaner mirror from?! It's what I've been searching for.
Saira J
Saira J 3 months ago
Girl, it’s been almost a year. I need to know where that bed frame came from and the pillows and the rug!!
OhDamnYanet 3 months ago
where did you get both mirrors from????
OhDamnYanet 4 months ago
ahhh i wish you tagged where you got everything. like the round black mirror, the long black side mirror, couch???
Cierra Bleakly
Cierra Bleakly 4 months ago
where did you get your full length mirror?? I have been looking for that exact one for ages! Also, I seriously love you so much you're amazin sis!!
steph r
steph r 4 months ago
i strive to have this kind of interior design
steph r
steph r 4 months ago
eggshell white...oatmeal...all i'm hearing is white lmaooo but i'm here for it
Elyse Poulnot
Elyse Poulnot 5 months ago
Is the duvet cover from Cariloha to?!
liliana rodriguez
liliana rodriguez 5 months ago
Did she share the color of her walls???
Bridgett Smith
Bridgett Smith 6 months ago
Hi Whitney! I just bought that infinity mirror from CB2, and I was wondering if you just leaned yours against the wall, or anchored it? I’m having trouble hanging it up. Thank you! 💗
liliana rodriguez
liliana rodriguez 6 months ago
Could you share the bedroom color? Thank you
Francisca Roman
Francisca Roman 6 months ago
Can you please update the description?! Dying to know where everything is from😩🤩
Ali Hall
Ali Hall 6 months ago
Where are your throw pillows from??? love this room 💕
Cindia Diaz
Cindia Diaz 6 months ago
love the bedroom, where is the bed frame, headboard from??
Haley L Spurgeon
Haley L Spurgeon 7 months ago
Where did you get your cropped tank?
Ava Nguyen
Ava Nguyen 7 months ago
Ive been looking for this bed frame everywhere I cant find it :(
Heather Murphy
Heather Murphy 7 months ago
I love your videos, channel, vlog style. You inspired me to finally launch mine this weekend.
Raquel Morales
Raquel Morales 7 months ago
Whitney, where is your rug from??
Gabby Butkute
Gabby Butkute 7 months ago
do you have a link for your bed frame?!!?? I'm obsessed but can't find one like it
Jordan Diaz
Jordan Diaz 7 months ago
i need whit to link everything so bad still LOL! love you whitney
Bella 8 months ago
Please share the links 🥺🥺🥺
Annie G.
Annie G. 8 months ago
Whit what color are your walls?! They are the perfect white. I’m trying to paint my house to be clean and simple and there are so many shades of white!!
Amber M
Amber M 8 months ago
I love your videos! I’m actually looking to remodel my bedroom, you gave me so much inspiration thank you for sharing gorgeous.
mrs jones
mrs jones 8 months ago
She talk to much this is not a tour
nicole paramo
nicole paramo 8 months ago
Emma Avery
Emma Avery 8 months ago
Alright the real question, WHERE IS THIS RUG FROM!!!! help my girls 💖
Emily Russell
Emily Russell 9 months ago
Can you link your bed and bedside tables?
Arlyne Torres
Arlyne Torres 10 months ago
Where do you keep all your makeup!?
Sandra Rayo Orozco
Sandra Rayo Orozco 10 months ago
Whitney can you please link your bedroom set. Thank you in advance! 😁
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez 10 months ago
Love that bed frame 😍😍 its like a modern, zen, rustic look
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez 10 months ago
Whitney "farmhouse" is rustic style. I tell you cuz i dig rustic and when I type it on Pinterest barn doors and such pop up ^.^
Wolfie 11 months ago
Where did you get those nightstands they’re amazing my girlfriend had been eyeing them and want to surprise her with a couple 😊😌
Shelby Harris
Shelby Harris 11 months ago
Please tell me how you sleep on white sheets and white pillows without self tanner transferring !!!!
Chelsea Freeman
Chelsea Freeman 11 months ago
Are you still going to link the items? 😭
Natalie Rivera
Natalie Rivera 11 months ago
Where’s your rugs & mirrors from?
April Brown
April Brown 11 months ago
What are the names of the leaves on your bathroom counter. They are my favorite and I want to find some. Also please do a video on advice on how to be tidy and clutter free!
Kaitlyn Field
Kaitlyn Field Year ago
Leslie Lou
Leslie Lou Year ago
The door! lol Love the simple sanctuary!
Camille Karnasty
Camille Karnasty Year ago
Where are the woven rug and pillows from?
meli94ish Year ago
Where did you get the frameless floor mirror from?
Raquel Figueroa
Raquel Figueroa Year ago
Hi can you still link the items? Please
Kayla Pingel
Kayla Pingel Year ago
When are the links coming though
Sable Schroff
Sable Schroff Year ago
Just saw this vid! It’s perfect! Need links to all the things!!!! 🚨 🚨 🚨
Vanessab Year ago
We need a closet tour !! 🥰
susana rylander
susana rylander Year ago
Where did you get the bathroom two mirrors?
susana rylander
susana rylander Year ago
You just crack me up!
Janette Castillo
Janette Castillo Year ago
Kudos on no TV in the room. Cute bedroom very Zen. Where did you get the round mirrors? Love them.
K Adler
K Adler Year ago
Thanks for the Cariloha discount. Just bought some much needed sheets and towels!
spooks Year ago
Im in love with that mirror, pleeeeeease link!
Yelena 15
Yelena 15 Year ago
First time viewing your video. I love your room! I need to check out the sheets from that company. Can you please do a makeup tutorial with your look? I'm particularly curious what lip color you're wearing and what brow products. Ever since going blonde I'm struggling with what brow color to go with. I have cooler brows that are quite dark so I always wore ABH Granite but now is too harsh against my newly died blonde hair. I love how your eyebrows are dark, cool-toned but still go well with blonde hair, Please let me know what you're using. Please and thank you! Cannot wait to binge watch your videos! I love your esthetic!
Ashley Valdez
Ashley Valdez Year ago
Honey! Happen to your arm?!
Jocelyn Mendoza
Jocelyn Mendoza Year ago
Can you provide a link for the large mirror? It's so pretty! It's taken me 18.5 million years to find one too.
Shai C.
Shai C. Year ago
Why do I feel like Whit is always going to freestyle when she starts speaking in a rhythm. Haha. I love it though! Always great videos. 💪🏽💖🔥
Karen VanFleet
Karen VanFleet Year ago
Cariloha is one of my favorite brands! I have their sheets for my bed but I think my most favorite thing is the socks! They are sooo nice!
M Tac
M Tac Year ago
Lea Zheng
Lea Zheng Year ago
My girl .My fav color is also Blue.I smiled when I heard it.Subscribed right away.Loving a netrual vibe for the house.
Angel Tucker
Angel Tucker Year ago
we need a full house tour :) your room gave me some inspiration to my new apartment and I would love to see what you did in the living room and kitchen
Sierra Rae
Sierra Rae Year ago
Where did you get your bed? 😍
Kristen Hiskes
Kristen Hiskes Year ago
Where did you get the fiddle leaf figs from?
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds Year ago
FINALLY, well can we actually have a house tour please hahaha
Layla Maice
Layla Maice Year ago
Does that succulent planter have a hole for the water on the bottom? If they cant drain and the water sits theyll get root rot and die. Also only water em once a week lol sorry of you already knew that
Clarice Jones
Clarice Jones Year ago
Girl modern rustic is what you lookin for
Tristan Whalen
Tristan Whalen Year ago
Hey Whit, is your makeup in this vid from your new makeup line? I love this look! ALSO I've always wanted the chic farmhouse look too but I never thought about the barn door, I love that!
Kristina Remy
Kristina Remy Year ago
When do we get to see the rest of the house?!
Sophie Hann
Sophie Hann Year ago
you’re my favourite person ever
Bassant Saad
Bassant Saad Year ago
I really love u so much &love your nature Your fan from egypt❤️
alexiajanee Year ago
This screams serenity and elegance. I ♥️ it, may i come by for a nap?🤣🐶😘😘
Cheryl Raley
Cheryl Raley Year ago
Where can I get the wall art you have for your bedroom? I love it!
joannedelara Year ago
Yes please! Link theemmm all! I totally love your room!!! Everything in it! Esp the barn door! Hahahaha
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez Year ago
Same!!! lol My TV lives in my living room lol 😂 not on my bedroom lol
Reb Per
Reb Per Year ago
I have a bed with this type of bedframe/step thing, and let me tell you, hitting the shins still happens 10 years on xd
Reb Per
Reb Per Year ago
carson kerekes Its just part of my bed, i think my parents got it from ikea but its over 10yrs old now so idk if they still sell it
carson kerekes
carson kerekes Year ago
Reb Per where did you get yours? Hers is thousands of dollars
Carly Ann
Carly Ann Year ago
do you have a link to this bed?
Amiiine Bnr
Amiiine Bnr Year ago
Why are you moving like you're rapping ??!!!
Keri Stewart
Keri Stewart Year ago
What happened to linking everything 😩😭
Sara Sofia
Sara Sofia Year ago
I love simplistic
J.S. Year ago
Btw Where is your wardrobe?? 😱🤭
I love you
tarnesh88 Year ago
Where is the full length mirror from
Irina Year ago
Aww Whitney you make me laugh EVERY single time. I'm having a blast watching you being you haha ❤️
Jenna Louise
Jenna Louise Year ago
How do you own like nothing?! Please do a video on minimalism or how you organize your house
Alyssa Renae
Alyssa Renae Year ago
I love the accent wall! Its so cute, I wouldn't be talented enough to create it but definitely adorable! I always run into a corner counter and like stab my I hate running into stuff !
Ashley Barbee
Ashley Barbee Year ago
Sorry if I missed it, but where did you get the frameless floor mirror? I haven't been able to find anything like this. Thanks!
Nicole Schultz
Nicole Schultz Year ago
Whitney, where did you find the round mirror?
Sydney Farrar
Sydney Farrar Year ago
Can you link your rug?? LOVE IT and can't find a beige rug anywhere like that
Candy Rose
Candy Rose Year ago
Where is the long matte black floor mirror from?
Grace B
Grace B Year ago
Okay where are your joggers from???? I have been wanting to invest in joggers but can never find the style i want
Seannie F
Seannie F Year ago
You're so funny. You chill me out so bad. This video was a mental massage.
Jordyn Kent
Jordyn Kent Year ago
Could you reupdate the bio with the links!! I've checked back in on the video 5 or 6 times since you posted bc I'm dying to know where that rug came from!
Chill Dog
Chill Dog Year ago
Where did you get the mirror
K. Tschida
K. Tschida Year ago
Where is the rug from!?!?! 😍😍
hartlei's vanity
hartlei's vanity Year ago
your hair color>>>
Ioana Stoica
Ioana Stoica Year ago
I love your energetic personality and your motivation for the gym! I have had my USposts for over a year now and took some time off! I would love it if you guys checked it out!
Elizabeth Year ago
You could hide the lamp cords with something reflective like a small flat mirror or something
JHG India
JHG India Year ago
Every one hates clutter,.
Mae M.
Mae M. Year ago
succulents DONT DO WELL in bathrooms. It’s too humid for them.
anniecrtz Year ago
Blue rooms usually cause depression and the blues.
Jessica Rumbach
Jessica Rumbach Year ago
weird questions. 1. where is your top from? 2. what kind of bra did you wear with it? or is it a sports bra?
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