ITSAAA ENGAGED Q&A!! Proposal and Wedding DEETS

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Whitney Simmons

4 months ago

Engaged, proposal and wedding planning Q&A!!!!
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Kiri N
Kiri N 19 hours ago
He looks like baby Marky Mark 😳😂🤪
Alice Addams
Alice Addams 9 days ago
We definitely need to get your friend to tell their side of the story at bowling lol. The debate will be over 🤣❤️❤️
Soha Salama
Soha Salama 11 days ago
Where are your tops from whitney?
Stacey Isherwood
Stacey Isherwood 13 days ago
Aw your proposal day is my birthday! 💖💖💖
Richelle Cardiel
Richelle Cardiel 13 days ago
Thank you so much for making this video... it is super helpful 😍
msbbdarling Month ago
Deana Hopeck
Deana Hopeck Month ago
also sis, you SO ARE a cryer. I see those little greens getting all watery every time you talk about something you love. One of my fav things about you
Deana Hopeck
Deana Hopeck Month ago
NEVER been so happy for another individual. This happiness on your face is heart warming. We want a love story vid, a making of the proposal vid, every second of the wedding vid. We want it allllll. Love you so much.
Colbi Maison
Colbi Maison Month ago
can someone plzzzz tell me where her top is from ugh:(
Katelyn Grace
Katelyn Grace Month ago
Your wedding series should be “Wedding Whitness” Play on words with Whitney, Fitness, and witness (cause your witnessing the preparation)👀👌🏼 lmao
Celina Bond- Dating Coach
Celina Bond- Dating Coach Month ago
where is your red top from? so gorgeous on you! that finance glow
Celina Bond- Dating Coach
Celina Bond- Dating Coach Month ago
YES! def bring up the topic of marriage early on so that your man knows that's what you're dating for. it won't scare off the right man for you
Marissa M
Marissa M Month ago
I love this!!! Also, where is that top from??? Xxx
Trisha Bee
Trisha Bee Month ago
You remind me of my daughter!!
Megan McClure
Megan McClure Month ago
Ashley Guerra
Ashley Guerra 2 months ago
The blouse! I need it!!!!!
Dominique Holmes
Dominique Holmes 2 months ago
I don’t want bridesmaids, but only because I don’t have any friends 😅
Alexandra Chilmaid
Alexandra Chilmaid 2 months ago
Does anybody have any idea where her shirt is from?? P.S. So happy for you Whit!!!
Magen Montez
Magen Montez 2 months ago
Wtf is up with eyebrows😂😂😂
Leona Hopes
Leona Hopes 2 months ago
Here since 2017 and just SO happy for you girl, you and him deserve it ALL! Much love and it‘ll all work out, you‘ll see! 🥰
Imogen Jenner
Imogen Jenner 2 months ago
How have I only just watched this😱 you two are so amazing and Whit your excitement makes me excited to follow you through this whole experience, it’s going to be the best time😍🤩 thank you for bringing us along and you look so happy I can’t contain how happy that makes me☺️🥳💖
Marisha Tucker
Marisha Tucker 2 months ago
Where did you get that CUTE!! Red blouse!!?? Please tell !!
Angie K
Angie K 2 months ago
I just came across your channel when I was researching how to care for fiddle leaf trees. I am hooked and subscribed! Your personality is contagious and you are so funny! 💕
gino capone
gino capone 2 months ago
be careful Whitney do some investigation on this guy first he looks a little Gay to me . some of these gay guy's marry nice girls to show there parents that there straight but at night they have there gay lovers. so just be careful girl. and ask him to see if he is catholic. he looks like he is in the new age.
Saaaimming 2 months ago
*I blacked out*
Kurchel Matte
Kurchel Matte 2 months ago
Love watching all your videos and used to enjoy your snaps. So happy for you! Please tell where you got that precious romper! Bet it’s a must have that I missed. Thanks for all the fun, tips and inspiration. You are a blessing.
Amanda Myers
Amanda Myers 2 months ago
You’re going to wear the ring THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. damnnnn right you better say what you want! Plus it takes the stress off the guy
Amanda Myers
Amanda Myers 2 months ago
You make me GEEEEK. I love it
Emma Hauser
Emma Hauser 2 months ago
wait but i need this shirt!!
Ashley Kincade
Ashley Kincade 2 months ago
At least you have a man who gets you what you want! I sent pictures of what I wanted to my now husband for years! Had them saved on Pinterest, he knew EXACTLY what I wanted. Then got me a ring that looks nothing like what I want because he thought what he got looked better than what I wanted. 🙃 still love him though.
Stacy Lopez
Stacy Lopez 2 months ago
Congrats!!! I just got engaged too and yes it's absolutely like walking on clouds. You're lucky though, my fiance and I have a long distance relationship, me in Texas and him in England, we see eachother every few months (pandemic caused us to be apart 7 terrible months) and it's devastating not being with him all the time but I'm on top of the world knowing we'll be married and together soon. ♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇬🇧
Iki n
Iki n 2 months ago
Congratulations 🎉 Love this and been here since the start of your relationship with Stephen 🙋
sammywamie 2 months ago
Ok but who says mean things to Whit?!?! I also picked out my ring and I couldnt be HAPPIER! I am the one who has to wear it forever lol sooooo...
Kirpa K
Kirpa K 3 months ago
I really should be revising but this is so damn entertaining
Jennifer Casares
Jennifer Casares 3 months ago
Just I don't think not having bridesmaids is weird!!!!! All the power to what we want for our weddings 🤗
Olivia Bertrand
Olivia Bertrand 3 months ago
I love your ring! How many carets is it? (Asking for reference)
Bethany R.
Bethany R. 3 months ago
Girl. I went with my man to pick out my ring. He already knew what I wanted though kind of.... so we went to the clearance section and I saw a ring I liked and he was asked me abt the shape and I was like I like it how it is but wouldn’t mind more sparkle. Than the sales rep came around the counter and said “like this” and it was perfect and he said he already picked it out and had the sales rep hold it a week before we went to the store. So I knew what I liked and wanted but he beat me to it 🧡🔥
Morgan Collett
Morgan Collett 3 months ago
One of my best friends didnt want bridesmaids either, so not weird! And her wedding also had 4 groomsmen and 3 bridesmaids so again not weird! Its your day do what you want haha
Marina Smyres
Marina Smyres 3 months ago
I totally chose my own ring!! We wear it 24/7 it has to be perfect! Married 10 years :)
Mad&DadFitness 3 months ago
Hi! My name is Maddie and I just started a USposts channel with my dad! We would love any support! My dad is 67 and was a professional bodybuilder in the 80s and I was a professional cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers. We have a love for fitness and being goofy and dancing! Our channel is to prove that age is just a number and we hope to inspire others to workout and just have fun!! XO! Maddie
j43n 3 months ago
I remember when y'all started dating ah, I'm so emotional
Cheyenne.Appleton 3 months ago
My husband & I talked about getting married but nothing in detail, he did it all himself. We got engaged on a cruise ship in Mexico on the spiral steps in front of all of his family. He bought me a twisted band Vera Wang with sapphire diamonds. He literally did so good. I couldn’t be more happy 🥰
sweetie4ama 3 months ago
omg this is all so cute I am so excited to see what is coming all the wedding series :D congratulations again to you guys!!!
JessicaB. 3 months ago
I just LOVE this!!!
Hannah Paulsen
Hannah Paulsen 3 months ago
I started following you when you had 13k; yes, I remember that. WHAT A JOURNEY!!!
Tsax03 3 months ago
Congrats on your engagement! It sounds like you guys are going into marriage on the right foot! Girl, I used to take my engagement ring off when I was working out, showering, cleaning, anything with chemicals or sweat. Then one day while I was at the gym our house got broken into and my engagement ring was stolen. DO NOT TAKE IT OFF!!!! It is super durable and if it starts to lose it's shine just take it in to have them polish it up and it will look good as new.
Megan Christina
Megan Christina 3 months ago
Thanks, Whit. You boost my confidence a lot so thank you for you!
alexiajanee 3 months ago
I knew what my ring was going to look like, my boo asked me if I liked it, and that was his proposal. I know how you feel about being the center of attention when it comes to engagements too, I had a courthouse wedding and I'm glad I didnt have to walkdown an aisle with everyone like👀 Congrats to you two luv bugs. Enjoy these moments🤗🤗🤗
Dani Nicole
Dani Nicole 3 months ago
Girl! My husband proposed after we picked the ring out together! 👏🏼thank👏🏼you! I hate surprises and I’ve always felt weird because all my friends and family made me feel weird about it.
Angelina 3 months ago
Can I just say that 2020 tried to serve us all a platter of lemons and some of us LIKE OUR GIRL WHIT was just like “oh did you need some lemonade sweet cheeks?” Launching a new app, killin it with Tula, raising awareness re: BLM movement, selling awesome merchandise we all love (always sold out), and now engaged to her best friend with the ring of her dreams? You are an inspiration Queen! I am using your ALIVE app (week 2 day 6 sup) and I’m diggin it! Thank you so much for sharing your love and gifts with the world! We need you! You make such a difference darling! 👏🏻👏🏻 peace and love from so cal 🌈🌴☀️🌊❤️
NIda Rami
NIda Rami 3 months ago
you are so pretty, Stefan chose the one to marry u
NIda Rami
NIda Rami 3 months ago
did tell him that you know?
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith 3 months ago
Hey girl! I've been watching you since you first started. I've watched you grow up into such an Amazing Beautiful inside and out Person!!! I am so proud of you and for you! You are like our Modern Day Fairy Tale Princess. Keep being YOU! I love you!!!!!!!!! :-*
Michelle Holland
Michelle Holland 3 months ago
I helped my husband with my engagement ring too - I’m the one who is wearing it every day! You should definitely not feel bad about helping your fiancé make sure it was exactly what you wanted. Congratulations!
Lisa Judkins
Lisa Judkins 3 months ago
I was the first one to say I love you to my fiance then he said it and said he was going to say it at the same time I did but was scared I would leave because it was only a week into us dating .. 6 yrs later he is still my best friend and soulmate.. I picked my own ring out 😊
Lisa Judkins
Lisa Judkins 3 months ago
Me and my fiance are home bodies as well.. We either order dinner or cook and we watch Netflix and cuddle .. That's our date night..
Heather Tracy
Heather Tracy 3 months ago
I’m sooooo excited to follow your wedding journey 😍😍😍 your relationship is so much like mine so it totally brings me back to when I got engaged and married. Also, you’re just the best! I love your personality
Tiffany To
Tiffany To 3 months ago
Omg you guys are toooo damn cute!! You really do light up when Stephan is around. Love how you both lit up when Greg says "yes" hahahhaha
Elora Haagsma
Elora Haagsma 3 months ago
I’m so happy for you both!! Congratulations ❤️❤️
Stephana Johnson
Stephana Johnson 3 months ago
I’m so excited for you guys! I have been watching you for years and still remember the day you talked about seeing a hot guy in the gym. Congratulations Whitney As far as the ring, my boyfriend took me to see what style/size I preferred in February and funny story... they texted me about his payment plan a month ago 🤦🏼‍♀️😹 either way him bringing me along was such a special and exciting moment for the both of us. Still waiting for him to pop the question but when it happens I know it’ll be magical :)
tiiiff333 3 months ago
From the beginning!! So happy for you!
Alyssa Mercer
Alyssa Mercer 3 months ago
please make an editors cut with Stephen of the engagement
Colbi Maison
Colbi Maison 3 months ago
Plzzzzz reply where your top is from 😭
Cassondra S
Cassondra S 3 months ago
My husband(8 years married now) and I got engaged after 2 months of dating so he obviously didn't really know what I liked! After we were married for 1 year he took me to the Jewelry store and let me pick out a new engagement ring AND band so I got exactly what I wanted and 8 years of marriage later I still LOVE my rings! It's something you have to look at everyday it's important that you love it. However I still have my originals bc obviously I love them for sentimental reasons! He tried really hard and I appreciated that so much!
elizabeth 3 months ago
I remember you checking him out at the gym.. 😝 I am genuinely happy for y'all! ❤️
Lizette Valdovinos
Lizette Valdovinos 3 months ago
Our engagement story is so similar. I let me fiancé know what I wanted in the ring process and I’m so happy because I got what I wanted.
Sarah Klose
Sarah Klose 3 months ago
I just got married back in March right before the shut down. You don't need to have bridesmaids if you don't feel like having them. I only wanted my sister and my husbands brother up there with us but I did lose the battle and had 3 up next to me and 5 were next to my husband. It didn't look weird but stick to what feels right to you. Don't let others influence you, stick to what feels right for you :) I recommend checking out BHLDN dresses! and 100% agree that you should be involved in the ring process! I did the exact same thing and its the most perfect ring that i want to wear for the rest of my life! Love you girl! Your videos always bring light to my day :)
Val Elle
Val Elle 3 months ago
I’m a wedding planner and I love when couples don’t have a bridal party! If you do have a bridal party, they don’t have to be even!
Christie Martinez
Christie Martinez 3 months ago
Congratulations!!! Could you please tell me where you got your necklace? Thank you, lysm!
Vanessa c
Vanessa c 3 months ago
wow whit I'm so happy for you & Stephen!!!
Eva Cameron
Eva Cameron 3 months ago
The happiness is real. SHINE GIRL SHINE! And Stefan, you are putting every other man to shame!! Haha
BlueberrySweetie 3 months ago
Ong I've been with you through the whole time I've seen you happy and sad and now I'm so happy for you I can see you blossom like flower can feel the love from you guys yous are lucky to have each other ❤
sarahi carmona
sarahi carmona 3 months ago
My husband got on his knee started asking "Do you.. ahh I know your going to say yes" and put the ring on my finger 😆 he was so nervous
Katherine Baker
Katherine Baker 3 months ago
LOL I'm a Pisces too! And I hear you in this 100%. I picked out my ring AND I planned my proposal. My man in introverted and awkward's adorkable and I love it, but I needed to step in and make sure it went well for both of us. Everything turned out perfect. Oregon coast ( my home state) with my closest family. No regrets. You go girl! guys name is Steven, slightly different, but still funny I think.
Alexis Nodine
Alexis Nodine 3 months ago
I hadn't watched your videos in a while and forgot how much I love your personality/energy omg
Tara W
Tara W 3 months ago
my husband and i designed my engagement ring together. people hated on me, but like why would he pick out something i’m going to wear forever? 🤔 but now i have an engagement ring i LOVE and get compliments on all the time
Melody De Frias
Melody De Frias 3 months ago
congrats whitney so happy for you!!!
M S 3 months ago
I really respect that you guys talked about marriage years before becoming engaged. There's this weird idea that women who want to talk about marriage before the man decides to propose to them are desperate, but that's absurd. The decision of who you spend the rest of your life with is up to BOTH partners, and the conversation is important to have many times. My fiancé and I talked about marriage maybe 6 months into our relationship as well, and we always knew that was the direction we were headed in as long as things kept working, and here we are.
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 3 months ago
Can’t wait for the wedding series and of course the wedding 👰 🤩
Quita 3 months ago
Emma Gordon
Emma Gordon 3 months ago
Did anyone else think they were already living together?
Daisy Holderman
Daisy Holderman 3 months ago
I've loved watching your journey together
Ogechi Charis
Ogechi Charis 3 months ago
Congratulations, may the Lord bless your beautiful union.
Priscilla Solberg
Priscilla Solberg 3 months ago
Haha, I live in Wyoming and I’ll bet he came to this very town cross the border to get the fireworks, we have multiple shops open year round! That’s cool! I’m so happy for you both! Congratulations 🎊🎉
haleyg0534 3 months ago
what does stephen do for a living
Red Center Media
Red Center Media 3 months ago
Excuse me, Missy. I think you have a couple of caterpillars where your eyebrows should be. 🐛🐛 😛
sabrina bruk
sabrina bruk 3 months ago
im so excited for the wedding dresses omg ur gonna look so stunning
Ashley Maryellen
Ashley Maryellen 3 months ago
You sound just like me with the ring lol. I’ve been obsessively looking at rings and I found THE ONE. It took forever but I wanted to make sure it was something I would love and wouldn’t have to upgrade. I forwarded all that info to my boyfriend so now it’s just a waiting game lol.
Ashley Sok
Ashley Sok 3 months ago
Going to be such a beautiful bride 😍. Yes I remember the story when you met Stephan 😂😂😂 I legit picked out my own ring we walked by and it was in the window and I told him that’s the one 🥰
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie 3 months ago
I picked out my exact ring sooooooo no idea why people care what or how y'all picked your ring. Like you said a man cant read our minds. I am very picky and not a jewelry person SO I found ONE ring that I liked.. buuuuuut now I want a different one hahaha.
Taylor M
Taylor M 3 months ago
This makes my heart so happy! Congrats to you both :)
felicity4beauty 3 months ago
Marry your best friend...that is the best advice I have heard, took, and given. 💗💗💗
suzzete ortiz
suzzete ortiz 3 months ago
yankee marshal
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 3 months ago
My mom has never loved her ring either. So you best believe I'll be involved when it comes to mine! Thanks for sharing your story, makes me feel less of an outcast for going against the traditional "surprise" ring 💗 p.s. I don't want bridesmaids either. So not too weird, or we're both weird 🤷😂
Nicole Manthei
Nicole Manthei 3 months ago
When you move to Hawaii there is a quarantine process for animals! My boyfriends dad couldn’t take their family dog when he was young because of the process :(
Sincerely Miss Sarah
Sincerely Miss Sarah 3 months ago
I was watching this like- this girl is actually me. I was laughing because this is exactly how I tell a story, and I hit that subscribe so fast! I am also waiting on a proposal and am on high suspicious alert. LOVE THIS
Cici 3 months ago
"tell a man what you want" that part! they definitely do not read minds, even if you hint it, they won't get it. You have to tell them.
Silvia Ciobanu
Silvia Ciobanu 3 months ago
I also knew after 6 months that he was the one and only and didn't care about anyone else. It just felt like I've known him forever from the first dates already and we had that best friend feeling all the time. 6 years later, we got engaged. And YES PLEASE SPEAK WITH EACH OTHER! We talked about our feelings regarding marriage and kids from like first months because those are deal breakers! And we looked at rings together: that's the ring you'll wear every day for the rest of your life, you NEED to have a say in what it looks like. So I had to let him know that I prefer yellow gold, this shape, this size, hate that other type etc. So now my ring is literally my dream ring!
Julia Beauchamp
Julia Beauchamp 3 months ago
Every Pisces felt it when she said, “I’m a frustrated crier”
Jonathan Collings
Jonathan Collings 3 months ago
What’s going on with those eyebrows...
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