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Whitney Simmons

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My current in-depth glowy complete nighttime skincare routine!!
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Sreya Saha
Sreya Saha 7 months ago
You are so beautiful girl... Much love from India.. 😍
Anie Correa
Anie Correa 7 months ago
Have you tried Rodan & Fields? Amazing
Jennifer Currie
Jennifer Currie 8 months ago
Do you have any recommendations for anti aging products?
Katie M. Turner
Katie M. Turner 11 months ago
I have watched this video so many times! Whit, your a golden soul 😋 you make me smile ! But this video is full of good info! Definitely going to try the toner! Also wanting to try out Tula products! Thanks for sharing!
Sarah Bullwinkel
Sarah Bullwinkel Year ago
"it might be a little bit extra, but honestly...when am i not????" hahahahha ILYYYYY
Gloria Cartagena
Gloria Cartagena Year ago
Ten thousand products later......... ta-da!
Elizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson Year ago
Gosh I love you girl! I feel like I haven’t watched one of your videos in forever & I had forgotten my love for you haha you make me laugh keep it up 🥰
CalebAndrea Zylstra
CalebAndrea Zylstra Year ago
“But when am I not” lol
Sagebryant#The Beast
Sagebryant#The Beast Year ago
I just want to make sure you are fully aware that you are just as beautiful without any makeup on as you are with it on.
Mireya Arias
Mireya Arias Year ago
Omg I got so happy you said you have sensitive skin! I do too and it’s so hard looking for good products that don’t make my skin more red, burn, or break out more. Thank you for this lol :)
Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson Year ago
Ummm listen linda why are you so amazing and why aren't there more people like you in the world?? lol luv you babe thanks for all you do
Norikat Year ago
Recent subscriber as of a few months ago so I’m going backwards watching videos and ohhhh my god I’m so glad I found you. Not only do I love you for you and your fitness tips but I also happen to have insanely dry skin & psoriasis. I’m SO thankful for your skincare routine vids and look forward to more in the future!! I’m definitely going to save up and slowly collect the products you use bc you look amazing and glowing! Anyway, much love and thank you for everything! 💕💕
Madeleine Adams
Madeleine Adams Year ago
Hey girl! Is there a reason you don’t self tan your face? Love your videos!🥰
lebasi0408 Year ago
I ❤ you!!! Super duper enjoyed this video!
Patricia Holman
Patricia Holman Year ago
"Tips and tricks with whit" ...YES, LOVE THAT!!! tell me all your tips and tricks! :)
Kayla Pingel
Kayla Pingel Year ago
why do you make me spend all my money at sephora :(
Light House
Light House Year ago
I love your routine!!! but must take the products down onto your neck and chest , you won't regret it, preserve that youthful neck and chest honey! BTW You're the best fitness vlogger ever!
Sophia De Pinto
Sophia De Pinto Year ago
NECKPHOBIA. lol dying because i feel the same way when i touch my neck. thought i was weird
Haylea Hoskins
Haylea Hoskins Year ago
Just used your code to purchase my first Tula order! I have found so much inspiration in your videos and you are truly the first person I have ever followed on every form of social media this religiously and the only one I have ever subscribed too. You truly have changed my outlook on my journey, as our stories have so many similarities. Thank you for being YOU girl. LOVE.
Kaylyn Shaw
Kaylyn Shaw Year ago
Your skin care routine made me so happy!! 😃
Amanda M.
Amanda M. Year ago
Ahhh. You're so amazing and love the geniue positive vibes you emit! I don't consider myself high maintenance at all, but I gave into the fabfit club! As so many others, I adore following your workout vids/routines and you're selling me on paying more attention to my skincare routine for day/night. And ahhh. Your postivity. It really helped me during a depressed year of a rollarcoaster of emotions. You're an amazing person and amazing woman of power!
Seth Brentano
Seth Brentano Year ago
I love how to put your hair lol😘
Seth Brentano
Seth Brentano Year ago
Sarah Freistat
Sarah Freistat Year ago
Hey Whitney! Love this video 🙌🏼 and love you! You’re so inspiring and always make me laugh. Anyways, I’d love to try the Tula Cleansing Oil but I can’t find it on the Tula website. Did they discontinue the product?
Samantha Stutz
Samantha Stutz Year ago
Any recommendations for different cleansing oils? .. the Tula one that you use, and I have been using too is no longer on their site??
Danielle Bain
Danielle Bain Year ago
Just got my yearly check up at my Derm! I have eczema super bad on my face/arms and it has gotten out of control! I feel ya on the dry skin girl. Thanks for sharing your routine!
Clinique Chloé - Botox Montréal
Clinique Chloé - Botox Montréal Year ago
Wow ! Such a beautiful video 💗💕
Julia Year ago
I wated for the Linda after listen ☹☹😂 and at 6:33 it finally came 😂
Isabelle Bowling
Isabelle Bowling Year ago
Who else just loves that personality 😂 She is a mooooood!!
ANNE HILL Year ago
have you noticed a difference in your skin since using the 0.5 retinol ?(:
Michelle Reed
Michelle Reed Year ago
what tarte foundation would you recommend to stay all day and not cake up or dry you out. I have dry skin as well ;/ but i am going to get the tarte face oil to help foundation stay on nicer.
J Marie
J Marie Year ago
How can you wash oils from the oil cleanser off with water? Water and oil don’t mix. Usually it’s taken off with a damp washcloth. I’m assuming there are other ingredients in that besides oil. 🤔
LaserSkinBeauty RN
LaserSkinBeauty RN Year ago
Would you please post your outfits you wear!! I love what appears to be a pj top! Its adorable :)
Mallorie Sengmany
Mallorie Sengmany Year ago
I just coming here to say EVERYTIME this video pops up on my feed. I read MY NIGHTMARE SKIN CARE ROUTINE.
Lauren Casey
Lauren Casey Year ago
Neck phobia???? Please explain.. lmao
Eric Silva
Eric Silva Year ago
Ayness Lee
Ayness Lee Year ago
Lol Whit you are way too cute sometimes!!
Liz Edmond
Liz Edmond Year ago
Love ya so much!
SkyeBellezza Year ago
That was the most entertaining tutorial I’ve ever watched LOL you’re the besttttttt!
Sarah Katelyne
Sarah Katelyne Year ago
I love your energy! 😍
Mycah Ray
Mycah Ray Year ago
So I ordered the Tula Discovery kit. I got the cleanser, toner, face serum, and day&night cream. I have very dry and sensitive skin. I’ve been using all 4 every night and most mornings for a week now. I feel as if my skin is softer and I don’t have any breakouts on my face, which I did before I started. So that’s good! But the day and night cream does sting, especially in my most sensitive areas. And I still have the dry patch above my lip that I’ve been struggling with for years. I also don’t find the moisturizer very moisturizing.. I’m still using Aveeno lotion with it to feel less dry. Hoping I’ll notice better results after a month. I do really like the cleanser, toner, and serum though! No irritation and very cleansing! Also smells great.
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez Year ago
I always wash my face in the shower!!
Claire S
Claire S Year ago
Check out the Marula Oil made by The Ordinary! Way less expensive and SO so good!
Taisha Johnson
Taisha Johnson Year ago
You’re using a rose quartz roller not a jade roller. Jade is green rose quartz is pink and they also have amethyst (purple) ones.
Riiaxx95 Year ago
You portrayed my feelings about washing my face in the sink EXACTLY. I just don’t understand it! 😭😂😂
Carli Kitchell
Carli Kitchell Year ago
Speaking of night time I needed some new sheets and I remembered that time you talked passionately about cariloha sheets and I ordered them and I LOVE THEM THANK YOU BLESS YOU
loventaemin Year ago
Whitney!! $70 for that tiny tube of retinol? NO!
Rosemary Relta
Rosemary Relta Year ago
That’s sooo many products.
Haels Year ago
You’re hilarious!
Kitteh Year ago
Hey, Whitney. Have you tried indoor top-rope rock climbing? I feel like you’d really enjoy it!
Farhiya A
Farhiya A Year ago
You’re so pretty and fun.
MissAdoreFashion Year ago
Something about the way you talk about the products you use makes me want to buy all of them. My bank account hates you rn
Stephana Johnson
Stephana Johnson Year ago
Whittttney can you do like an intro into being vegetarian. Your go to meals and maybe more of the reasons you made the switch and how you kept yourself on track :)
olivia young
olivia young Year ago
Honestly whenever I pass over one of your Instagram post and it says “it’s a good day to be alive” it makes me smile!
Nicole Andrews
Nicole Andrews Year ago
Okay I’ve never heard not to wash your wash in the shower 😱😱 what’s that about?!
Kaitlin Manley
Kaitlin Manley Year ago
I love you so much whit, you make my life lmao 💜💜💜
Saameh Sanaaee
Saameh Sanaaee Year ago
I just saw 11 minutes of beautiful!
Kayla Kasprzyk
Kayla Kasprzyk Year ago
i am obsessed with that toner! i cant live without it
Erin Elizabeth
Erin Elizabeth Year ago
whit you are so hilarious and make my day!! love love loveee your content !!
Brittany Kerns
Brittany Kerns Year ago
You without makeup🥰🥰
Alex Cuebas
Alex Cuebas Year ago
Girl, you are so BEAUTIFUL. Love your makeup lewks but living for bare-faced Whit!
Catarina Fitensity Workouts
Catarina Fitensity Workouts Year ago
neckphobia? LOL wtf
Lauren Sanders
Lauren Sanders Year ago
I wish I had your skin!! 😍
Christina Graziano
Christina Graziano Year ago
Why do people say you shouldn’t wash your face in the shower? I don’t see the problem with it 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
monika vilardo
monika vilardo Year ago
I think that is a rose quartz roller, but both rose quartz and jade are beneficial
Amanda Mangum
Amanda Mangum Year ago
LOL. I feel ya with the water all around the sink! Bugs me too. :)
Chrystle James
Chrystle James Year ago
Where did you get that cute pj in the end of the video? Also skin care is sssoooo important!!!! I love your fur babies!!! @chrystle_chik instagram
Jessica Vuong
Jessica Vuong Year ago
I am doing a bit of research and I am finding that most people suggest not to use an AHA (toner) with Retin in the same night care routine. Apparently it can cause irritation with you mix Retin with an acid.
R Year ago
Am I the only one who thought she’d say “it’s a beautiful night to be alive” no? ok
angel baha
angel baha Year ago
You are pretty and beautiful 😍 without makeup 😱😍😍😍
Amanda Tomecko
Amanda Tomecko Year ago
Lmao I hate touching my neck so much too 😂😭 love you beauty!! So tempted to try Tula 😬
Maria Gamez
Maria Gamez Year ago
Idk why this made me want to put on makeup and then take it off and do a skincare routine. lol
Dorie Reiter
Dorie Reiter Year ago
I really want to get a retinol but can’t justify spending $65. Anyone have any recommendations for a more affordable product?
Dorie Reiter
Dorie Reiter Year ago
Maegan Vidal thank you!
M Vidal
M Vidal Year ago
Try Differin Gel. It is marketed towards acne suffers, but the active ingredient is .1 percent adapalene, which is a retinoid. A retinoid is far more potent than a retinol; Even though they sound identical, retinols and retinoids have major differences. I would encourage you to read upon them. Differin Gel will cost you $20 plus or minus for .5 ounces I believe. Yes, that is still a bit costly, but again it is adapalene, a retinoid, and with the exception being Differin Gel, a first of it's kind, you cannot buy retinoids over they counter, only through a dermatologist or health care provider.
Compass & Coastline: Coastal Travel Blog
Compass & Coastline: Coastal Travel Blog Year ago
One of my favorite videos 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Kylie Wilson
Kylie Wilson Year ago
Hey girl 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ really needed this video going to buy skin care on Tuesday 💃🏽 sending heaps more support and love your way girl ❤️🌸🦋🙏
Derica Simon
Derica Simon Year ago
Your so cute love the video
Ally235G Year ago
I looked up the prices of only two products and they were both over $60 each! Girl that's a huge skincare budget!
Kelly Morazan
Kelly Morazan Year ago
Ally235G right!!! Lol I try to find high-end skin care products at Marshall’s but still a little too pricey
Honiroze Year ago
How long does it take and how many products I lost count
Becky Gonzalez
Becky Gonzalez Year ago
Lmao “how do you wash your face at the sink? It’s a disaster!” 💀💀
Melissa Claasen
Melissa Claasen Year ago
You are so beautiful, I always look forward to watching your vids☺️
Brandy Lindsley
Brandy Lindsley Year ago
This video really got me thinking about some retinol cream.... might have to take a little looksie into that one lol 😁
xX iNeekoXx
xX iNeekoXx Year ago
We're on the same page 💛 give or take a few days haha we will survive ! 😝
lividwonder Year ago
Been wanting to try Tula because you swear by it and I trust anything you trust! Been scared to make the switch because of the Ole Hendrickson face wash I use and you also use Ole! Gotta try Tula and the Ole toner! Love you Whit! 💕✨
Samantha Year ago
OG follower here 👋🏽 hey girl HAY! Just stopped in to say I’m so happy to see you so happy and glowy on camera! I remember when you first started out & would be full cake all the time & would probably never do a video like this. Love seeing you step out of your comfort zone & the confidence in the skin you’re in! 😘😘
April B
April B Year ago
Rayleen Hudswell
Rayleen Hudswell Year ago
Loved this video :) thanks for sharing! ❤
Megan A
Megan A Year ago
can somebody PLEASE give me a recommendation for a bomb body moisturizer?? ❤️ Ya girl is tryna be glowy and hydrated, does anyone know if the Brazilian bum bum cream from Sephora is good?
Ivy Louise
Ivy Louise Year ago
wait... you're not suppose to wash your face in the shower? someone explain to me the theory PLEASE lol
Jocelyn Lensing
Jocelyn Lensing Year ago
Nobody: Whitney: Listen
Marykelly Santos
Marykelly Santos Year ago
You always look pretty
Mycah Ray
Mycah Ray Year ago
Alright girl you got me! Just ordered the try out kit of Tula products! I’ve got super dry skin, patches, and blemishes here and there... hoping it’s as good for me as it is for you!
Siobhan Sully
Siobhan Sully Year ago
Any skin experts here... just a thought popped into my head watching this...curious to know if applying lots of different product to your skin at once, does your skin feel the benefit of each product fully or do they counter-act one another? This is nothing against Whitney, i love her
Val Williams
Val Williams Year ago
Hey!! I'm like super passionate about korean skincare and they are ALL about this technique or layering different products BUT YES! You do have to be careful with the products you use and look at the ingredients~ some work well with each other but can end up reacting (negatively) with others. Eg~ you must NEVER mix vitamin C or even salicylic products with AHA(alpha hydroxy acid) products, but AHA + BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) = miracle for acne prone skin. Or Hyaluronic acid + retinol = super soft skin and prevents wrinkles. Sooooo you do have to be careful layering products esp cross lines even within a brand, or esp between brands.
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Year ago
Angela Z
Angela Z Year ago
Loved this one!
Jacqueline Aragon
Jacqueline Aragon Year ago
I literally live for u
R&R Year ago
I love putting my jade roller in the fridge. Wish I had the money to buy all these products 😭
R&R Year ago
I was thinking of trying that toner but was also skeptical as you, but now hearing your review I have to try it!
Carina Oliveira
Carina Oliveira Year ago
You’re awesome love it ❤️, which vitamin c do you use again?
F I Year ago
What other Tula products would you recommend?
Jorden Ez
Jorden Ez Year ago
I love you with my whole heart Whit 😍❤️ my favvvv
Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones Year ago
You are so cute girl! I have really oily skin, but I still like to watch you videos.
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